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New Children’sFiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

March 2011

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On the farm.

Grindley, Sally.

Crazy chameleons.

Grindley, Sally. Grindley, Sally.

Kung fu kangaroos. Pesky sharks!

Usborne first reading. Level Orchard colour crunchies ; Ark adventures Orchard colour crunchies ; Ark adventures

Grindley, Sally.

Playful penguins!

Grindley, Sally. Smith, Ian.

Too-slow tortoises! Prickly ballroom.

Orchard colour crunchies : Ark adventures Orchard colour crunchies ; Ark adventures

Board Book Author Archer, Mandy. Cabrera, Jane. Cabrera, Jane. Donaldson.

Title Series Busy building site. A Ladybird lift-the-flap book Old MacDonald had a farm. One, two, buckle my shoe. Rabbit's nap.

Fox, Mem.

Ten little fingers and ten little

Freedman, Frost, Lulu. Gravett, Emily. Helmore, Jim. Helmore, Jim. Hill, Eric. Hill, Eric. Lyes, Lucy. Lyes, Lucy. Lyes, Lucy. McGee, Marni. Munro, Fiona. Munro, Fiona. Patricelli, Leslie.

My special bedtime bear. Little Honey. The odd egg. Just for you. Time for bed. Spot's first colours. Spot's noisy car. This little kitten. This little monster. This little puppy. Messy me! Whose baby? Whose hat? In the bath.


Smelly Bill stinks again.

Shields, Gillian. Don't let the aliens get my Shoshan, Beth. My Mum!. Watt, Fiona. Puppies. Baby beep! beep! Baby pets! Hello, Thomas. Noisy pets. Peekaboo, Peter! Peppa and the big train. Peppa's first pet. Tractor. Usborne noisy numbers

Ladybird touch-and-feel Ladybird touch-and-feel Ladybird touch-and-feel

Thomas & friends Peter Rabbit Peppa Pig Peppa Pig DK baby touch and feel

Early Reader Author Bently, Peter, Bently, Peter. Birney, Betty G. Blyton, Enid. Blyton, Enid. Bradman, Tom. Bradman, Tom.

Title Stage fright. Teacher screecher. My pet show panic! Here comes Noddy again! Hurrah for little Noddy. Blast off!. Crash course.

Space school Space school

Dahl, Michael. Impey, Rose.

Zombie in the library. In trouble with Mrs McFee.

Return to the Library of Nipper McFee

Impey, Rose.

In trouble with Primrose

Nipper McFee

McKay, Hilary.

Lulu and the duck in the

Simon, Fran-

Horrid Henry reads a book.

Simon, Fran-

Runaway duckling.

Simon, Fran-

Where are my lambs?

Series Vampire school Vampire school Humphrey's tiny tales

Horrid Henry

Picture Book Author Title Bedford, David. Mole's babies. Benjamin, Bergman, Mara. Bonwill, Ann. Broad, Michael.

My two grandads. Oliver and the noisy baby. Bug and Bear. Beautiful Buttercup.

Brooks, Felicity. Brush your teeth, Max and Brooks, Felicity. Take turns, Max and Millie. Brown, Ruth. Monkey's friends.


Forget-Me-Not Usborne toddler books Usborne toddler books

Butler, M. Chris- Hot cross bunny! Casey, Dawn. More, more, more! Chapman, Ja-

Stan and Mabel.

Church, Caroline Nutmeg says yum. Foreman, MiFox, Diane. French, Vivian. French, Vivian. French, Vivian. French, Vivian. Garner, Lynne. Gravett, Emily.

Fortunately, unfortunately. Delivery man Stan. Bubble trouble. Spells and showers. The daisy disaster. The missing mice. Dog did it!. Wolf won't bite!.

Hendra, Sue. Inkpen, Chloe.

Norman, the slug with the Where is Binky Boo?

Inkpen, Mick. Jarman, Julia.

Rollo and Ruff and the little When baby lost bunny.

Kimura, Ken. Lodge, Jo. Martin, Ruth, McGee, Marni.

999 tadpoles find a new Ready, steady, go, Mr Croc. Mr Croc Rainy-day duckling. Bumble.


Naughty Nina.

Sparkle Street Sparkle Street Sparkle Street Sparkle Street

Zoe and Beans

Mitton, Tony. Aliens love smelly jelly. Piper, Sophie. I love my mum. Rickards,Lynne . Jacob O'Reilly wants a pet. Rose, Nick. Myro and the bush fire. Smallman, Icky little duckling. Smith, Lane. It's a book!. Sollinger, Emily. Olivia cooks up a surprise. Sperring, Mark. Captain Buckleboots on the Spinelli, Jerry . I can be anything. Stansbie, Walsh, Joanna. Weston, Carrie. Willis, Jeanne. Willis, Jeanne.

The noisy noisy farm. The perfect hug. Bravo, Boris! Stomp! The tale of Georgie Grub.


Elephant Joe is a knight.

Wormell, Chris- Scruffy Bear and the six Yates, Louise.

Frank and Teddy make Fireman Sam : Happy Easter, Peter.

10 minute tales

Postman Pat special delivery 10 minute tales Reptile rampage. Dinosaur king Scrambler's best idea. Snug! Tangled. Read-aloud storybooks

Story Book Author Title Aitken, Amber. Perfect match. Anderson, R.J . Arrow.

Series The Cupid Company

Anderson, Sor- The Clumsies make a mess Ashley, Bernard. Aftershock. Barker, Dominic. How to catch a criminal. Barlow, Steve. Vampire hunter. Barlow, Steve. Zombie hunter.

Max and Molly's guide to iHorror iHorror

Beresford, Elisa- The Wombles go round the Birney, Betty .

School according to Hum-

Black, James . Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam.

Robin Hood vs the plague Balisk the Water Snake. Bloodboar the Buried Doom. Call to war. Hecton the Body Snatcher. Koron, jaws of death. Kronus the Clawed Menace.

Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam. Bruel, Nick. Burchett, J. . Cabot, Meg.

Ravira, ruler of the underTorno the Hurricane Dragon. Bad Kitty gets a bath. Desert danger. Blast from the past.

Beast quest Beast quest

Carter, Alex.

The case of the poisoned

The Mayfair mysteries

Carter, Alex. Cole, Stephen.

The case of the ruby neckThe sabre-tooth secret.

The Mayfair mysteries Astrosaurs

Corderoy, Freaky funfair!. Courtenay, Lucy. The singing sheep. D'Lacey, Chris. Fire World. Doherty, Berlie. Treason. Doyle, Malachy. The jaws of death.

Beast quest Beast quest The chronicles of Avantia Beast quest Beast quest Beast quest

Wild Rescue Allie Finkle's rules for girls

The Grunt and the Grouch Animal antics


Eastham, Ruth. The memory cage. Ewart, FranForward, Toby. Foxley, Janet. Funnell, Pippa. Gallo, Tina. Garrett, Sarah . Gates, Susan. Gatward, David.

There's a hamster in my Dragonborn. The Flaxfield quartet Muncle Trogg. Tilly's pony tails. Olivia and the school carnival. Jo Kelly, time traveller. Zilombo. The cave.

Gleitzman, Mor- Grace. Goddard, Clive. Grant,Michael . Graves, Ed. Gregg, Stacy.

Fintan Fedora, the world's The call. Bat attack. Liberty and the dream ride.

Harrison, MiThe 13 secrets. Hutchison, Barry. The crowmaster. Jackson, Steve. Curse of the mummy.

The magnificent 12 Creepy creatures Pony club secrets

Invisible fiends Fighting fantasy

Kaplan, Arie. Kay, Elizabeth.

Shadow Guy and Gamma Lost in the desert.

Disney Club Penguin

Kemp, Anna. Kinney, Jeff.

Fantastic Frankie and the Dog days.

MacDonald, Master, Irfan . Mayhew, Jon.

Kiss. A beautiful lie. The demon collector.

McAllister, An-

The double life of Cora Parry.


Amber and the hot pepper

Stella etc.

McDonald, McKain, Kelly.

Judy Moody, girl detective. Amy and Amber.

Pony Camp diaries

Diary of a wimpy kid

McKenzie,Sophi Hunted. The medusa project Meadows, Daisy. Florence the Friendship Fairy. Rainbow Magic Mercer, Sien-

Take two.

My sister the vampire

Mould, Chris. Pip and the wood witch Murray, Tamsyn. Tour troubles.

A spindlewood tale Stunt Bunny

Nadin, Joanna. Spies, Dad, Big Lauren & Newbery, Linda. Very brave dog. Noel, Alyson. Radiance.

Barney the boat dog A Riley Bloom novel

Oldfield, PamOwen, Laura. Perera, Anna.

Factory girl. Winnie takes the plunge. The glass collector.

Plaisted, Caro- Book bonanza. Richards, Justin. Death riders. Rising, Janet. Stables S.O.S..

My story

Brownies Doctor Who The pony whisperer

Rundell, Kathe- The girl savage. Russell, Christo- The warrior sheep go West. Saunders, Kate. Magicalamity. Scarrow, Alex. The doomsday code. Silberberg, Alan. Milo and the restart button. Skell, Elliot. Neversuch House. Smailes, Gary. Arnhem. Smailes, Gary. Hastings. Small, Charlie. The hawk's nest. Smith, Oli. System wipe. Sparkes, Ali . Grasshopper glitch. Stead, ReStine, R.L . Stone, Rex.

Battle books Battle books The Charlie Small journals Doctor Who S.W.I.T.C.H

When you reach me. Slappy New Year. Goosebumps Horrorland Snatched by the dawn thief. Dinosaur Cove

Strong, Jeremy. Cartoon Kid. Swindells, Ure, Jean. Webb, Holly. Webb, Holly.

Time Riders

Blackout. Fizzypop. Mousemagic. Rascal's sleepover fun.

Laugh your socks off with

Frankie Foster My naughty little puppy

Webb, Holly. Webb, Holly. Webb, Holly.

Rose and the silver ghost. Smudge the stolen kitten. The witch's kitten.

Westwood, Weyn, Suzanne. Whybrow, Ian. Willis, Jeanne. Wilson, Anna.

Ministry of pandemonium. Stealing the prize. Meerkat madness. Togas and treasure. Monkey business.

Wilson, Jacque- Lily alone. Woods, Titania. Power play. Zucker, Jonny. Speed machine. idate a bad boy!

Teenage Author


Molly's magic

Wildwood Stables The Goffins

Glitterwings Academy iCarly


Anderson, Lau- Forge. Aoyama, Gosho. Case closed.

Case closed

Armstrong, Kel- The awakening. Bennett, Sophia. Sequins, stars & spotlights.

The darkest powers trilogy Threads


Artichoke hearts.

Brewer, Heather. Eighth grade bites.

The chronicles of Vladimir

Brewer, Heather. Ninth grade slays. Buxton, J. P. Heartless dark.

The chronicles of Vladimir

Carmody, Iso-


The Obernewtyn chronicles

Carter, Ally.

Don't judge a girl by her

Cary, Kate. Cassidy, Anne.

Reckoning. Heart burn.

Chambers, Clarke, Cat .

The kissing game. Entangled.

Cremer, Andrea Nightshade. De la Cruz, Bloody Valentine. Deegan, Denise. And by the way--. Devlin, Ivy. Low red moon.

A Blue bloods novella A butterfly novel

Drinkwater, Ebner, Abra. Ebner, Abra. Edwards, Eve. Grant, K. M. Hale, Nick. Hale, Nick. Hand, Cynthia .

Suffragette. Book of love. Book of revenge. The Queen's lady. Belle's song. Close range. The edge. Unearthly.

My story Knight angels Knight angels Spinebreakers

Haptie, CharHolder, Nancy. Hopkins, Cathy. Horton, Ben. James, Mia. Jarvis, Robin.

The Ice Angel. The cursed ones. Paparazzi princess. The Judas code. By midnight. Dancing Jax.

Striker Striker

A crusade novel Million dollar mates Monster Republic A Ravenwood mystery

Jinks, Catherine. The abused werewolf rescue Jobling, Curtis. Werewolf : Jones, Carrie. Entice. Jordan, Sophie . Firelight. Kagawa, Julie. The iron king. The Iron Fey Kennen, Ally. Quarry. Kubo, Tite. Bleach. Lowell, Sophia. Foreign exchange. Glee

Lowell, Sophia. Glee. McNab, Andy. Terminal velocity. Meredith, Amy. Fever.

Dropzone Dark touch series

Muchamore, Neill, Chloe. Oliver, Jana G. Oppel, Kenneth.

Grey wolves. Hexbound. Forsaken. Half brother.

Henderson's Boys Dark Elite series The demon trappers



A maximum ride thriller


Witch and wizard.

Pike, ChristoChain letter. Prue, Sally. Ice maiden. Rayburn, Tricia . Siren. Rennison, Fab confessions of Georgia Scarrow, Simon. Gladiator: Showalter,


Smith, L. J. Smith, L. J. Smith, L. J.

Midnight. Bloodlust. Heart of valour.

Stiefvater, Lament. Taylor, G.P . Dust blood. Tiernan, Cate. Immortal beloved. Vincent, Rachel. My soul to save. Vizzini, Ned. It's kind of a funny story. White, Kiersten . Paranormalcy. Yovanoff,

The replacement.

The vampire diaries. The reThe vampire diaries

Vampyre labyrinth Soul screamers

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New Childrens' Books March 2011  

A list of new children's books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in March 2011.

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