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New Children’s Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

June 2011

Beginning to Read Author Title Series Doyle, Malachy. Brer Rabbit and the well. Leapfrog world tales Read with Biff, Chip and KipRider, Cynthia. Trapped! per. First stories. Level 5 Wade, Barrie. Blackbeard's end. Hopscotch adventures Board Book Author Davies, Benji. Brown, Jo. Brown, Jo. Davies, Benji.

Title Series Let's go and play! Alfie's amazing farm. Millie's amazing garden. Fun on the farm. Dot and Dash out and Dodd, Emma. about. Donaldson, Julia. One mole digging a hole. Freedman, Dinosaurs love underClaire. pants. Gardner, Charlie. First words. DK flaptastic Garson, Sarah. One, two, cockatoo!. Goldhawk, Emma. Hey diddle diddle. Gosney, Joy. Busy day. Gosney, Joy. Busy home. Gosney, Joy. Busy machines. Gosney, Joy. Busy toys. Greenwell, Jessica. Noisy farm. Winnie-the-Pooh touch Grey, Andrew. and feel. Stripy Horse touch and Helmore, Jim. feel. Inkpen, Mick. Is it bedtime Wibbly Pig? Land, Fiona. Beep! Beep!

Munro, Fiona. Ross, Mandy. Sirett, Dawn. Sirett, Dawn. Vase, Catherine. Watt, Fiona. Watt, Fiona.

Whose house. Peekaboo baby! Baby faces! Baby peekaboo!. I love you Daddy! That's not my tractor. Usborne hide-and-seek bunnies. Humpty Dumpty! Meet the Piplings! Waybuloo The really useful engines! Usborne first picture 123. Usborne first picture ABC..

Early Reader Author Title Bradman, Tony. Robinson Crusoe. Dahl, Michael. Inkfoot. Dahl, Michael. Rats on the page. The book that ate my Dahl, Michael. brother. Dahl, Michael. The sea of lost books. Dahl, Michael. The vampire chapter. French, Vivian. The kitten with no name. Gardner, Sally. Sleeping Beauty.

Series The greatest adventures in the world Return to the Library of Doom Return to the Library of Doom Return to the Library of Doom Return to the Library of Doom Return to the Library of Doom

Graves, Sue. Hunt, Roderick. Hunt, Roderick. Hunt, Roderick. Impey, Rose.

Fizz pop! Quick! Quick! The moon jet.

The red coat. In trouble with PC Poodle. Orchard Colour Crunchies In trouble with Susie Impey, Rose. Soapsuds. Orchard Colour Crunchies Mongredien, Sue. Truffle's secret hideaway. Simon, Francesca. Barnyard hullabaloo. Early reader Simon, Francesca. Billy the Kid goes wild. Early reader Simon, Fran- Horrid Henry's car jourcesca. ney. Early reader Picture Book Author Askew, Amanda. Askew, Amanda. Byrne, Richard. Casey, Dawn. Cousins, Lucy. Dale, Penny.

Title Cinderella. Sleeping beauty. Millicent and Meer. Don't wake the Beastie! Yummy. Dinosaur dig.


Donaldson. Rhyming Rabbit. Gravett, Emily. Blue chameleon. Halligan, Troubletops and the new Katherine. baby. Hart, Caryl. How to grow a dinosaur. Hubery, Julia. A little fairy magic. Hubery, Julia. Bye-bye, little bird. King, Stephen Michael. You. We're roaming in the rainKrebs, Laurie. forest. Landa, Norbert. The slurpy burpy bear. Oram, Hiawyn. My friend Fred. Parker-Rees, Lenny Leopard's jungle Guy. dance. Rayner, Catherine. Solomon Crocodile. Seuss, Oh, the places you'll go! Shakira. Dora the explorer in-- World School Day adventure. Sheridan, Sara. I'm me! Simmons, Anthea. Share!. Stileman, Kali. Peely Wally. Walker, Anna. I love my mum. Webster, Sheryl. Tinysaurus. Thomas and the shortcut. Thomas & friends

Story Book Author Title Arena, Felice. Farticus Maximus. Bartram, Simon. Clone chaos. Ravira : the ruler of the Blade, Adam. Underworld. Blade, Adam. Blyton, Enid. Briggs, Andy. Burgis, Stephanie.

The dagger of doom. The magic folk collection. Tarzan :


Beast Quest Beast quest. Master your destiny

The unladylike adventures of A most improper magick. Kat Stephenson Molly Moon and the Byng, Georgia. morphing mystery. Skabatty and the great Calvert, Phil. adventure. Cassidy. Strike a pose, Daizy Star. Coats, Lucy. The beasts in the jar. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The dolphin's message. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The dragon's teeth. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The fire breather. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The flying horse. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The harp of death. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The hero's spear. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The magic head. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The monster in the maze. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The one-eyed giant. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The sailor snatchers. Greek beasts and heroes ; Coats, Lucy. The silver chariot. Greek beasts and heroes ; The curse of the pony Cole, Babette. vampires. Fetlocks Hall Cole, Stephen. Space kidnap!. Collins, Paul. Space pirates. Out of this world ; Spartan Collins, Paul. Web world. Out of this world : Spartan

Dahl, Michael. Inkfoot. The book that ate my Dahl, Michael. brother. Dahl, Roald. Matilda. Donbavand, Tommy. Hunger of the yeti. Disgusting Dave and the Eldridge, Jim. bucketful of vomit. Funnell, Pippa. Autumn glory : Gardner, Lyn. Olivia's first term. Graves, Ed. Rat panic. Grimstone, Undead Ed and the howlDavid. ing moon. Harrison, Jane Austen stole my Cora. boyfriend. Howe, Peter. Waggit forever. Hurn, Roger. Super storm. Hurn, Roger. The ice man. Hurn, Roger. The lost city. Hutchison, Barry. Fame. Jackson, Appointment with Steve. F.E.A.R.. Johnson, Jane. Goldseekers. Keaney, Brian. The magical detectives. Philippa Fisher and the Kessler, Liz. stone fairy's promise. Landy, Derek. Mortal coil. Lewis, Gill. Sky hawk. Livingstone, Ian. Armies of death. Magorian, Michelle. Back home. Magorian, Michelle. Goodnight Mister Tom.

Scream Street ;

Tilly's pony tails series Creepy creatures

Tribe Tribe Tribe Ben 10. Ultimate alien

McCaughrean, Geraldine. Monacello : McCaughrean, Geraldine. Pull out all the stops!. Mercer, Sienna. Lucky break. My sister the vampire The curse of the catastroMillett, Peter. phic cupcakes. Nimmo, Jenny. The secret kingdom. Nix, Garth. Troubletwisters. Nix, Garth. Troubletwisters. Peyton, K. M. Paradise house. Pierce, Nicola. Spirit of the Titanic. Ricky Ricotta's mighty roPilkey, Dav. bot : Reid, Sue. Give us the vote!. My true story Rose, Malcolm. Cyber terror. Jordan Stryker Sedgwick, Marcus. Magic and mayhem. Sparkes, Ali. Beetle blast. Sparkes, Ali. Crane fly crash. S.W.I.T.C.H. Stephens, John. The emerald atlas. The books of beginning Stine, R.L. When the ghost dog howls. Goosebumps : Horror Land Storrie, Paul D. Robin Hood : Graphic Universe Tan, Shaun. The red tree. Umansky, Kaye. Crash 'n' Bang. Tales from Witchway Wood Hooey Higgins and the big Voake, Steve. boat race. Wallace, Karen. Ghouls rule. West, J. A. C. Into the woods. Tribe ; West, J. A. C. Road rage. Tribe ; West, J. A. C. Zoo rescue. Tribe ; Weyn, Suzanne. Making the leap. Wildwood Stables ; Yeo, Matt. Where they live ; Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury :

Teenage Fiction Author


BlakleyCartwright, Red Riding Hood : Brewer, Heather. Tenth grade bleeds. Bushnell, Candace. Summer and the city : Chambers, Clare. Burning secrets. Chandler, Elizabeth. Evercrossed. CrossleyHolland, Kevin. Bracelet of bones. I know what you did last Duncan, Lois. summer. Gayle, Michelle. Pride & Premiership. Grant, Michael. Plague. Hawkins, Rachel. Raising demons. Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Invincible, Marr, Melissa. Darkest mercy. McKay, Hilary. Caddy's world. Murray, Tam- My so-called phantom syn. lovelife. Myers, Benjamin J. Blood alchemy. No el, Alyson. Night star. Showalter, Gena. Unravelled. Singleton, Sarah. The stranger. St. Crow, Lili. Defiance. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maximum Ride :


The chronicles of Vladimir Tod ; The Carrie diaries

A kissed by an angel novel

A Hex Hall novel A chronicles of Nick novel ; Wicked lovely

Afterlife The bad Tuesdays ;

The strange angels series Maximum Ride : the manga ;

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New Childrens Books June 2011  
New Childrens Books June 2011  

A list of new Children's Books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in June 2011. These books are available to request at