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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

June 2013

Beginning to Read Author


Allyn, Virginia. Bright, J. E.

The three little pigs. Brain freeze!.

Budgell, Gill.

Kim's joke.

Budgell, Gill.

The run-away game. The sly fox and the little red Ross, Mandy. hen : Steele-Morgan, Town Mouse and Country Alexandra. Mouse. The gingerbread man. The three little pigs. Board Book Author Cousins, Lucy. Cousins,Lucy. Cousins,Lucy. Donaldson, Julia. Gravett,Emily. Picture Book Author Allan, Nicholas. Bradbury, Lynne J. Donaldson, Julia. Donaldson, Julia.

Title Country animals. Maisy's first 123. Maisy's first colours.

Series Read it yourself with Ladybird. Level 2 DC Super Friends Espresso Education phonics. Level 5 Espresso Education phonics. Level 5 Ladybird first favourite tales Read it yourself with Ladybird. Level 2 Read it yourself. Level 2 Ladybird first favourite tales


Stick Man's first words. Blue chameleon.

Title The royal nappy. Ziggy Zegunda earns her stripes.


The princess and the wizard. Wake up do, Lydia Lou. Baggy Brown and the royal baby. Little Red Riding Hood.

Inkpen, Mick. Jay, Alison. Morpurg,Michael . Beauty and the beast. Simmons, Anthea. The best, best baby!. The Pontypandy pioneers.

Fireman Sam

Story Book Author Banks, Rosie.

Title Dolphin Bay. Amelia Jane gets into trouBlyton, Enid. ble!. Caldecott, Elen. The great ice-cream heist. Cassidy. Coco Caramel. Cole, Stephen. Magic ink. Courtenay, Lucy. The clumsy monkey. Courtenay, Lucy. The potty penguin. Delaney, Joseph, Alice. Fine, Anne. How brave is that?. Higgins, Chris. My funny family gets bigger. Frankie vs the Pirate PillagLampard, Frank. ers. Lindgren, Astrid. Pippi goes aboard. McCombie,Kare Meres, Jonathan. Mulligan, Andy. Priestley, Chris. Russell, Rachel Renee. Shan, Darren. Shaw, Hannah. SiSparkes, Ali.

Series Secret kingdom

The chocolate box girls Animal antics Animal antics

The Butterfields

The year of big dreams. May require batteries. The boy with two heads. Battle of the monster X-bot. Holiday heartbreak. Hagurosan. Stan Stinky.

Horrid Henry's nightmare. Out of this world. My brother's famous bottom Strong, Jeremy. gets crowned!.

Dork diaries

Teenage Fiction Author


Curham, SiShipwrecked. Curley, Marianne. Hidden. Green, Caroline. Hold your breath. Gutteridge, Alex. Last chance angel. Kishimoto, Masashi. Naruto : Mafi, Tahereh. Shatter me. Miller, Lauren. Parallel. Pierce, Tamora. Terrier. Roth, Veronica. Divergent. Weatherly, Lee. Angel. Whyman, Matt. The Savages. Zadoff, Allen. Boy Nobody. Angelini, Jose-


Series Shipwrecked ;

Beka Cooper trilogy ;

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New childrens books - June 2013  

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