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New Children’s Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

October 2012

Board Book Title Author Blay, Amy. Are bees spotty? : Blay, Amy. Are pears purple? : Brown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight moon / Cousins, Lucy. With love from Maisy / Gulbis, Stephen. Numbers / Litchfield, Jo. Beach / Litchfield, Jo. Holiday / Watt, Fiona. That's not my dolly-- / The Puffin Mother Goose bedtime rhymes / Early Reader Author Clifford, Jack D. Coe, Catherine. Coe, Catherine. Corderoy, Tracey.

Title Dragon rock / Rocky rodeo / Wild West walk /


Series Magic game adventures

Hide and seek / Mr Birdsnest and the house Donaldson. next door / Little gems The snake who came to Donaldson. stay / Little gems Guillain, Adam. The three Frilly Goats Fluff / Oxford reading tree. Stage 8, Hunt, Roderick. What was it like? / More stories Lulu and the hedgehog in the McKay, Hilary. rain / Southgate, Vera. Puss in boots / Southgate, Vera. Rapunzel / Ladybird tales Southgate, Vera. Rumpelstiltskin / Southgate, Vera. Sleeping Beauty / Ladybird tales Snow White and the seven Southgate, Vera. dwarfs / The elves and the shoemakSouthgate, Vera. er / Southgate, Vera. The enormous turnip / Southgate, Vera. The magic porridge pot /

Picture Book Author Benjamin, A. H. Brown, Alan James. Campbell, Rod. Carle, Eric. Child,Lauren. De Souza, Michael.

Title Hens don't crow! / Never lie on a lion / Dear Zoo / Slowly, slowly, slowly said We completely must go to London / Rastamouse and the crucial plan /

De Souza, Mi-

Rastamouse and the doubleRoom on the broom sound Donaldson. book / Donaldson. Superworm / Doyle, Malachy. Too noisy / The elephant who was Elliot, Rachel. scared / Elliot, Rachel. The hippo who was happy / Elliot, Rachel. The tiger who was angry / Elliot, Rachel. The zebra who was sad / Freeman, Tor. Gliori, Debi. Goodhart, Pippa.

Showtime for Billie and CoWhat's the time, Mr Wolf? / Just imagine /

Handford, Mar- Where's Wally? / Hart, Caryl. Horacek, Petr.

Don't put your pants on your Butterfly, butterfly /

Inkpen, Mick. Kelly, Mij.

Oh no Wibbly Pig, not a rabA bed of your own /

Knapman, Timo- The friendliest ballerina / Knapman, Timo- The pirate who said please / Leblanc, Catherine. Will you still love me if ...? /


Loughrey, Anita. Loughrey, Anita. McBratney, Sam. Murray, Alison, Percy, J. P. Rodriguez, Beatrice. Sharratt, Nick. Shaskan, Trisha Speed. Smallman, Steve. Stephens, Helen. Tullet, Herve. Webster, Genevieve. Wickings, Ruth. Willis-Crowley, Kate.

Mouse's summer muddle / Owl's winter rescue / Guess how much I love you here, there and everywhere / Hickory dickory dog / Can you guess what I am?. The fishing trip / Fancy dress Christmas / Honestly, Red Riding Hood was rotten! : Listen up, pup! / How to hide a lion / Press here / Da monstrous fib / Pop-up : Jack and Jill / Why is the sky blue? /


Story Book Author


Almond, David. Andreae, Giles. Ardagh, Philip. Barnes, Emma. Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam.

The boy who swam with piraIt wasn't me / The Grunts in trouble / Wolfie / Brutus the Hound of Horror / Beast quest Elko Lord of the Sea / Beast quest

Blade, Adam.

Flaymar the Scorched

Beast quest

Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam. Blade, Adam.

Serpio the Slithering ShadTarrok the Blood Spike / Tauron the Pounding Fury /

Beast quest Beast quest Beast quest

Cleverley, Steve. Dr. Strangeglove /


Moshi Monsters : Monstrous

Cleverley, Steve. The ultimate Moshling collec- Moshi Monsters DiTerlizzi, Tony. The field guide / The Spiderwick chronicles Dunbar, Fiona. Raven hearts / Kitty Slade series Gardner, Sally. Maggot moon / Handford, Mar- The great picture hunt! / Higgins, Chris. My funny family / Hurn, Roger. Hurn, Roger.

The beast of Hangman's The scream team /

Where's Wally?

Hurn, Roger. Landy, Derek. Lee, Tony. Lemke, Donald B. Lovegrove, James. Lowe, Dave. Mars, Jimmy. Maryon, Kate. Nesbit, E. Paver, Michelle. Pichon, Liz.

Things that go bump in the night / Kingdom of the wicked / Skulduggery Pleasant The adventure of the missing Sherlock Holmes, the Baker detective / Street Irregulars The awakening /

The black phone / My hamster is a genius / Alien in my belly button / A sea of stars / Five children & It / Gods and warriors / Genius ideas (mostly) / Tom Gates Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy TinPilkey, Dav. kletrousers / Rock, Jonathan. Out of bounds / Septimus Heap, wizard apSage, Angie. Darke / prentice Service, Pamela F. Alien encounter / Simpson, Craig. Rogue predator / Walliams, David. Ratburger / Wilson,Jacqueline. Four children and It /

Teenage Fiction Author Title Carter, Ally. Heist society / Carter, Ally. Uncommon criminals / Cass, Kiera. The selection / Clare, Cassandra. City of lost souls / Edginton, Ian. The recruit : Green, John. The fault in our stars / Harrison, Cora. Debutantes / James, Melody. Stupid cupid / Lingard, Joan. What Holly did / Mochizuki, Jun. Pandora hearts : Murail, MarieAude. My brother Simple / Myers, Benjamin J. A crystal horseman / Myers, Benjamin J. The spiral horizon / Patrick, Cat. Revived / Philbin, Joanna. Take the stage / Phillips, Dee. Joyride / Redwine, C. J. Defiance / Roth, Veronica. Insurgent / Sakurakoji, Kanoko. Black bird : Scarrow, Alex. City of shadows / Serle, Rebecca. When you were mine / Sheldon, Dyan. Tall, thin and blonde /

Series A heist society novel

The mortal instruments

The bad Tuesdays The bad Tuesdays

The courier's daughter trilogy

Shojo Beat manga TimeRiders

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New Children's Books - October 2012  
New Children's Books - October 2012  

A list of new children's fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent library stock in October 2012. You can reserve these titles at any Stoke-on-T...