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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

August 2011

Adventure Title Author Barrington, James. Manhunt. Buchan, John. Greenmantle. Buchan, John. The 39 steps. Cornwell, Bernard. Scoundrel. Cornwell, Bernard. Sea lord. Cornwell, Bernard. Stormchild. Dietrich, William. The Rosetta key. Falconer, Duncan. Pirate. Forsyth, Frederick. The fourth protocol. Forsyth, Frederick. The shepherd. Gardner, John. For special services. Gardner, John. Licence renewed. Higgins, Jack. Angel of death. Lynn, Matthew. Shadow force. Sabatini, Rafael. The sea hawk. Silva, Daniel. Portrait of a spy.


An Ethan Gage adventure

James Bond 007 A Sean Dillon thriller

A Gabriel Allon thriller

Crime Author Arnaldur Indriason. Atkinson, Kate. Bainbridge, Beryl. Bax, Roger.


Outrage. Case histories. The girl in the polka-dot dress. Blueprint for murder. Agatha Raisin and the busy Beaton, M. C. body. Beaton, M. C. Death of a chimney sweep. Beaufort, Simon. The bloodstained throne. Black, Benjamin. Elegy for April. Bola no, Roberto. The skating rink. Box, C. J. Out of range. Blotto, Twinks and the roBrett, Simon. dents of riviera. Bruce, Alison. The calling. Burke, James Lee. The glass rainbow. Butcher, Jim. Dead beat. Butcher, Jim. Death masks. Butcher, Jim. Fool moon. Butcher, Jim. Ghost story. Butcher, Jim. Grave peril. Butcher, Jim. Storm front. Butcher, Jim. Summer knight. Cain, James M. Serenade. Camilleri, Andrea. The wings of the sphinx. Carl, JoAnna. The chocolate pirate plot. Colitto, Alfredo. Inquisition. Connelly, Michael. The reversal.


Crime classics The Agatha Raisin series The Hamish Macbeth series Quirke Dublin mysteries

Joe Pickett novels

Dave Robicheaux novels The Dresden files The Dresden files The Dresden files The Dresden files The Dresden files The Dresden files The Dresden files An Inspector Montalbano mystery A chocoholic mystery

Cutler, Judith. Dunn, Carola. Ellroy, James. Ellroy, James. Ellroy, James. Ellroy, James. Emery, Anne. Evans, Geraldine. Ewan, Chris. Farmer, Philip Jose. Fearn, John Russell. Ferraris, Zo e. Fossum, Karin. Fossum, Karin.

Guilty pleasures. Die laughing. L.A. confidential. The big nowhere. The black dahlia. White jazz. Cecilian vespers. Death dance. The good thief's guide to Venice.

A Lina Townend mystery A Daisy Dalrymple mystery

A Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery

The peerless peer.

The further adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Spider Morgan's secret. City of veils. Bad intentions. The caller. Crooked letter, crooked letter. Cast a blue shadow. Separate from the world.

An Amish country mystery An Amish country mystery

Franklin, Tom. Gaus, Paul L. Gaus, Paul L. Gazan, SisselJo. Dinosaur feathers. Goddard, Robert. Hand in glove. Goodhind, J. G. Murder by mudpack. Gorman, Ed. Stranglehold. Gregory, Susanna. Mystery in the minster. Gregory, Susanna. The killer of pilgrims : Gregson, J. M. In vino veritas. Gregson, J.M. Die happy. Griffiths, Elly. The house at Sea's End. Gunn, Elizabeth. Kissing Arizona. Guttridge, Peter. City of dreadful night. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. Body line.

The Honey Driver mysteries The chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew

A Lambert and Hook mystery A Lambert and Hook mystery The Sarah Burke series

A Bill Slider mystery

Higashino, Keigo. The devotion of suspect X. Hill, Casey. Taboo. Holt, Anne. 1222 Jeffries, Roderic. Murder, Majorcan style. Jungstedt, Mari. The dead of summer. Kelly, Jim. Death watch. Kent, Graeme. Devil-devil. King, Laurie R. The god of the hive. Le Carre, John. A murder of quality. Levin, Ira. A kiss before dying. Lewis, Jonathan. Into darkness. Lovesey, Peter. Stagestruck. Macdonald, Ross. Black money. Marks, Howard. Sympathy for the devil. McDermid, Val. Trick of the dark. McGilloway, Brian. The rising. McIntosh, Pat. The counterfeit madam. McKay, Shirley. Time & tide. Morris, Roger. The cleansing flames. Falconer and the death of Morson, Ian. kings. Mosley, Walter. When the thrill is gone. Nesbo, Jo. The leopard. Nickson, Chris. Cold, cruel winter. O'Brien, Martin. Blood counts. O'Donovan, Gerard. Dublin dead. O'Johnston, Linda. Feline fatale. Parker, I. J. The Masuda affair. Penny, Louise. The cruellest month. Purser, Ann. Threats at three. Rees, Matt. Mozart's last aria.

A Sister Conchita and Sergeant Kella mystery Modern classics

A Peter Diamond mystery

Inspector Devlin series A Hew Cullen mystery A Master William Falconer mystery A Leonid McGill mystery

A Kendra Ballantyne pet sitter mystery A Sugawara Akitada novel

Rendell, Ruth. The vault. Ridpath, Michael. 66 north. Robb, J. D. Conspiracy in death. Robb, J. D. Holiday in death. Robb, J. D. Loyalty in death. Robb, J.D. Time of death. Robinson, Peter. Before the poison. Rowson, Pauline. Footsteps on the shore. Sanderson, Mark. The whispering gallery. Sj owall, Maj. The man on the balcony. Sniegoski, Tom. Where angels fear to tread. Stanley, J. B. Black beans & vice. Trent, Gayle. Murder takes the cake. Tubb, E. C. To dream again. Tyler, L. C. The herring in the library. Verner, Gerald. The seven lamps. Vichi, Marco. Death in August. Wagner, Jan Costin. Silence. Walsh, Jill Paton. The Attenbury emeralds. Washburn , Livia J. The pumpkin muffin murder. Yrsa Sigurardottir. The day is dark. Zouroudi, Anne. The doctor of Thessaly. Zouroudi, Anne. The Lady of Sorrows. Zouroudi, Anne. The messenger of Athens. Hill of bones. The best American noir of the century.

A Chief Inspector Wexford mystery Fire & ice In death novels In death series In death novels Eve Dallas

An Andy Horton mystery

A Martin Beck novel A Remy Chandler novel A Supper Club mystery A Daphne Martin mystery

A Lord Peter Wimsey mystery A fresh-baked mystery : with recipes

The mysteries of the Greek detective The mysteries of the Greek detective The mysteries of the Greek detective

Family Saga Title Author Bradshaw, Rita. Forever yours. Flynn, Katie. Christmas wishes. Hamilton, Ruth. That Liverpool girl. Harris, Rosie. A brighter dawn. Harris, Rosie. The price of love. Sole, Linda. All my sins. Stirling, Jessica. A corner of the heart. Thompson, E. V. Ruddlemoor. Thompson, Grace. Goodbye to dreams. Thornton, Margaret. Time goes by. Weaver, Pam. There's always tomorrow.


The Retallick saga

Fantasy Title Author Adrian, Chris. The great night. Anderson, Kevin J. The key to creation. Anderson, Kevin J. The map of all things. Britain, Kristen. Blackveil. Britain, Kristen. Blackveil. Brooks, Terry. Bearers of the black staff. Brust, Steven. Tiassa. Buchanan, Col. Stands a shadow. Cooper, Elspeth. Songs of the earth. Horwood, William. Awakening. Howard, Jona- Johannes Cabal the detecthan L. tive. Lachlan, M. D. Fenrir. Larke, Glenda. Stormlord's exile. Lebbon, Tim. Echo City. McCaffrey, Anne. Dragon's time. McGuire, M. T. Few are chosen. McIntosh, Fiona. King's wrath. Mi eville, China. King Rat. Looking for Jake and other Mi eville, China. stories. Mi eville, China. Un Lun Dun. Miller, Karen. The reluctant mage. Newton, Mark Charan. City of ruin. Newton, Mark Charan. The book of transformations. Sanderson, Brandon. The way of kings. Sanderson, Brandon. The way of kings. Sprunk, Jon. Shadow's lure. Sykes, Sam. Black halo. Ring of fire III.


Legends of Shannara A Vlad Talto novel

A Hyddenworld novel


Fisherman's children Legends of the red sun Legends of the red sun The stormlight archive

General Author Adams, Max. Addison, Amanda. Adriani, Susan. Alliott, Catherine. Andrews, V. C. Austen, Jane. Auster, Paul. Auster, Paul. Avis, Penny. Baker, Nicholson. Baker, Nicholson. Baker, Sam. Baldacci, David. Barnes, Julian. Barr, Emily.

Title Right and glory.


Laura's handmade life. The truth about Mr Darcy. A rural affair. Delia's heart. Lady Susan. Oracle night. The book of illusions : Alex.

The Delia series The art of the novella

Never mind the botox

Room temperature. Vox. To my best friends. One summer. The sense of an ending. The first wife. Two cows and a vanful of smoke. The water children. Daniel's beetles. What women want.

Benson, Peter. Berry, Anne. Bianchi, Tony. Blake, Fanny. Block, Stefan Merrill. The storm at the door. Bowden, Oliver. Assassin's creed : The congress of rough ridBoyne, John. ers. Briggs, Patricia. Blood bound. Briggs, Patricia. Moon called. Britton, Fern. New beginnings. Brownlee, Nick. Snakepit. Brunker, Amanda. Champagne secrets. Bryant, Sarah. Serendipity. Buchan, John. A lost lady of old years : Bulgakov, Mikhail. The fatal eggs.

The Mercy Thompson novels

Butler, John. The tenderloin. Carriger, Gail. Heartless. The parasol protectorate Carroll, Steven. The gift of speed. Cast, P. C. Goddess of the sea. Goddess summoning series Cast, P. C. Goddess of Troy. Chand, Meira. A different sky. Church, Anthea. Sleeping With Mozart. Clark, George Makana. The raw man. Clarke, Stephen. A brief history of the future. Cobbold, Marika. Drowning Rose. Cohen, Tamar. The mistress's revenge. Collier, Catrin. Bobby's girl. Conaghan, Brian. The boy who made it rain. Connell, D. J. Sherry Cracker gets normal. Connelly, Victoria. The perfect hero. Conrad, Joseph. The secret agent. Cook, Thomas H. The last talk with Lola Faye. Crouch, Katie. Men & dogs. Davidson, Mary Janice. Undead and undermined. Davidson, MaryJanice. Undead and unfinished. De la Cruz, Melissa. Witches of the East. Dean, Louise. The old romantic. Delahunt, Meaghan. To the island. Deveraux, Jude. Days of gold. Diamond, Lucy. The beach cafe. Douglas, Louise. The secrets between us. Dumas, Alexandre. The three musketeers. Duncker, Patricia. The deadly space between. I'll never get out of this world Earle, Steve. alive.

Edric, Robert. Erpenbeck, Jenny. Faulkner, William. Feeny, Penny. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. France, Miranda. Francis, Richard. Fredericks, L. R. Freud, Esther. Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn.

Salvage. Visitation. Sanctuary. That summer in Ischia. Tender is the night. Hill Farm. The old spring. Farundell. Lucky break. Cranford. In the sea there are crocodiles. The cure.

Oxford world's classics

Geda, Fabio. Genn, Rachel. Gholson, Christien. A fish trapped inside the wind. Gibbons, Stella. Cold Comfort Farm. Penguin essentials Gilman, Laura Paranormal science invesitiAnne. Hard magic. gations Glazebrook, Olivia. The trouble with Alice. Golden, Christopher. Waking nightmares. Goodman, Carol. Incubus. Gran, Sara. City of the dead. Grant, Mira. Deadline. Hardach, Sophie. The registrar's manual for detecting forced marriages. Hardie, Titania. The House of the Wind. Harris, Jane. The observations. Secrets and lies Hastings, Regan. Visions of magic. An awakening novel Headley, Maria Dahvana. Queen of Kings. Heinesen, William. Mother Pleiades. Heller, Joseph. Catch-22. Hesse, Hermann. Steppenwolf. Hilderbrand, Elin. The island.

Hill, Melissa. Hill, Susan. Hodder, Mark. Hodgkinson, Amanda. Humphreys, Helen. Hunt, Rebecca. Hustvedt, Siri. Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Ione, Larissa. Jacob, Clare. Jensen, Carsten. Jewell, Lisa. Johnson, Rachel. Jordan, Toni. Joseph, Manu. Joso, Jayne. Kassabova, Kapka. Katsu, Alma. Kay, Jackie. Keane, Jessie. Kelk, Lindsey. Kelly, Richard. Kenneally, Christy. Kennedy, Thomas E. Kerouac, Jack. Khan, Almas. Kilkerr, Justine. Kureishi, Hanif.

Something from Tiffany's. The small hand : The curious case of the clockwork man. 22 Britannia Road. The reinvention of love. Mr Chartwell. The summer without men. The hardest part of love. Sin undone. Ophelia in pieces.

A demonica novel

We, the drowned. After the party. Shire hell. Fall girl. Serious men. Perfect architect. Villa Pacifica. The taker. Trumpet. Playing dead. The single girl's to-do list. The possessions of Doctor Forrest. The betrayed. In the company of angels. On the road : Poppadom preach. Advice for strays. Intimacy.

Peter Diamond series Secrets and lies

LaPlante, Alice. Larkin, Mary A. Ledgard, J. M. Leigh, Lora. Leith, Prue. Leoni, Giulio. Long, Kate. Lope, Manuel de. Lorrimer, Claire. Lorrimer, Claire. Lorrimer, Claire.

Turn of mind. Suspicious minds. Submergence. Navarro's promise. The gardener. The crusade of darkness. Mothers and daughters.

The wrong blood. The dynasty. The shadow falls. The wilderling. A method actor's guide to MacNeil, Kevin. Jekyll and Hyde. Macomber, Debbie. A season of angels. Macomber, Debbie. A turn in the road. Makkai, Rebecca. The borrower. Mann, George. Marr, Melissa. Mawer, Simon. Maxwell, William. McAfee, Annalena. McDougall, Sophia. McLeod, Charles. McLynn, Pauline. McLynn, Pauline. McNeal, Tom. McPartlin, Anna. Meekings, Sam.

The immorality engine. Graveminder. Mendel's dwarf. So long, see you tomorrow. The spoiler. Savage city. American Weather. The time is now. The time is now. To be sung underwater. The truth will out. The book of crows.

Rochford trilogy

A Newbury & Hobbes investigation

Vintage classics

Miller, Kei. The last Warner woman. Miller, Sue. The Lake Shore Limited. Milne, Kevin Alan. Sweet misfortune. Misra, Jaishree. A scandalous secret. Monaghan, Alan. The soldier's return. Montefiore, Santa. The house by the sea. Morgan, Alexis. The darkness beyond. Morgan, Clare. A book for all and none. Morris, Kate. Seven days one summer. Mylet, James. Lex. Nicoll, Andrew. Love and death of Catrina. Nobbs, David. It had to be you. Norman, Charity. Freeing Grace. Nunn, Judy. Pacific. O'Brien, Fiona. Without him. Oksanen, Sofi. Purge. Oliver, Lauren. Delirium. Oyeyemi, Helen. Mr Fox. Palahniuk, Chuck. Tell-all. Pearce, Kate. Pearse, Lesley. Pellegrino, Nicky. Perry, Tasmina. Peterson, Alice. Phinn, Gervase. Powell, Jim. Price, Katie. Priest, Cherie. Priest, Christopher.

Blood of the rose. Belle. The Villa Girls. Private lives. Monday to Friday man. The little village school. The breaking of eggs. The come-back girl. Bloodshot.

Fugue for a darkening island. The day Aberystwyth stood Pryce, Malcolm. still. Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich. Eugene Onegin.


The Tudor vampire chronicles

Cheshire Red reports

Pym, Barbara. Rachman, Tom. Reiken, Frederick. Rich, Simon. Roberts, Nora. Robertson, Denise. Robertson, James. Rossetti, Denise. Rowen, Michelle. Rubenhold, Hallie.

Civil to strangers. The imperfectionists. Day for night. Elliot Allagash. The search. The stars burn on. And the land lay still. The lone warrior. Nightshade. Mistress of my fate : Foolish lessons in life and love.

Rudge, Penny. Ruiz Zafon, Carlos. The midnight palace. Samson, Polly. Out of the picture. Sanders, Annie. Famous last words. Instructions for bringing up Sanders, Annie. Scarlett. Sandlin, Tim. Western swing. Schine, CathThe three Weissmanns of leen. Westport. See, Lisa. Dreams of Joy. Sem-Sandberg, Steve, The emperor of lies. Seymour, Gerald. The dealer and the dead. Shafak, Elif. The forty rules of love. Shapiro, Elena Mauli. 13, rue Therese : Shreve, Susan. The lovely shoes. Simon, Rachel. The story of Beautiful Girl. Simons, Jake Wallis. The English German girl. Simpson, Mona. My Hollywood. Singh, Nalini. Play of passion.

Psy-Changeling series

Smith, Penny.

Summer holiday.

Somerville, The shape of her. Sparks, Nicholas. Safe haven. St. Aubyn, EdSteel, Danielle.

At last. Family ties.

Tennant, Emma. Confessions of a sugar Tessaro, KathToews, Miriam. Toon, Paige. Towles, Amor. Trigell, Jonathan. Trueba, David.

The debutante. Irma Voth. Baby be mine. Rules of civility. Genus. Learning to lose.

Unsworth, Emma Hungry, the stars and everyVida, Vendela. The lovers. Wallace, David The pale king : Wallace, Yolanda. Rum spring. Walsh, Helen. Go to sleep. Ward, Katie. Girl reading. Waugh, Evelyn. Brideshead revisited : Weiner, Jennifer. In her shoes. Wellington,

99 coffins :

Whitehouse, Bed. Wieringa, Tommy. Caesarion. Williams, Polly. It happened one summer. Wingfield, Jenny. The homecoming of Samuel Wong, David. John dies @ the end. Wood, Summer. Wrecker. Woodward, Woolf, Virginia. Young, Louisa. Zama, Farahad.

Nourishment. Jacob's room. My dear I wanted to tell you. The wedding wallah.


The sandbox. Many bloody returns. On the hunt.

Penguin essentials

Graphic Novel Author Aaron, Jason. Barber, John. Bendis, Brian Michael. Jurgens, Dan. Knaak, Richard A.

Title Captain America. Rising storm.

Series Ultimate comics Transformers

Spider-man : Time masters :

Ultimate comics

Shadow wing :

World of warcraft

Historical Title Author Ackroyd, Peter. The death of King Arthur : Allende, Isabel. Island beneath the sea. Brown, Nick. The siege. Chadwick, Elizabeth. Lady of the English. Cornwell, Bernard. Enemy of God : Cornwell, Bernard. The winter king : David, Saul. Hart of Empire. De Jong, Eleanor. Delilah. Donald, Angus. King's man. Duncker, Patricia. James Miranda Barry. Fabbri, Robert. Tribune of Rome. Fiorato, Marina. Daughter of Siena. Follett, Ken. A place called freedom. Hearn, Lian. Blossoms and shadows. Heyer, Georgette. False colours.


The warlord chronicles The warlord chronicles

The Outlaw chronicles


Iliffe, Glyn. The armour of Achilles. Jecks,Michael. King's gold. Kristian, Giles. Odin's wolves. Low, Robert. The lion wakes. Mercer, Patrick. Red runs the Helmand. Pike, Helen. The harlot's press. Pope, Dudley. Governor Ramage RN. Quinn, Kate. Daughters of Rome. Ransley, Peter. Plague child. Saylor, Steven. Empire. Saylor, Steven. Roma. Scarrow, Simon. The Legion. Sidebottom, Harry. The caspian gates. Stanford Smith, M. Sea of troubles. Stockwin, Julian. Conquest. Stockwin, Julian. Victory. Turner, Lucille. Gioconda. Whitaker, Will. The king's diamond. Wilde, James. Hereward.

A Raven adventure The kingdom series

Tom Neave trilogy

A Nicholas Talbot adventure

Romance Author Title Series Adams, Jennie. Daycare mum to wife. Allen, Louise. Ravished by the rake. Andrews, Amy. Just one last night--. Ashley, Anne. Miss in a man's world. Bagwell, Stella. The deputy's lost and found. Bagwell, Stella. The deputy's lost and found. Balogh, Mary. The secret mistress. Mistress couplet Beacon, Eliza- Rebellious rake, innocent beth. governess. Beacon, Eliza- The rake of Hollowhurst Casbeth. tle. Berry, Amanda. L A Cinderella. Bliss, Karina. What the librarian did. Boyle, Elizabeth. Lord Langley is back in town. Braun, Jackie. Mr Right there all along.

Brisbin, Terri.

The mercenary's bride. Captain Corcoran's hoyden Burrows, Annie. bride. The millionaire meets his Carlisle. Kate. match. Cassidy. Wanted: bodyguard. Castle, Kendra Leigh. Renegade angel. Chase, Loretta. Silk is for seduction. Child, Maureen. Cinderella & the CEO. Child, Maureen. Lonergan's secrets. Doctor : diamond in the Clark, Lucy. rough. Clark, Lucy. Wedding on the baby ward. Cornelison, Beth. The prodigal bride. Cornick, Nicola. Whisper of a scandal. Cowan, Debra. Whirlwind bride. Crews, Caitlin. The replacement wife. Cunningham, Fay. Deception. Foley, Gaelen. Devil takes a bride. Foley, Gaelen. Lord of fire. Foley, Gaelen. Lord of ice. Fraser, Anne. Daredevil, doctor... dad!. The playboy of Harley Fraser, Anne. Street : Fulford, Joanna. His counterfeit condesa. George, Catherine. Under the Brazillian sun. Rescued by the brooding tyGordon, Lucy. coon. Grady, Robyn. Bargaining for baby. Graham, Lynne. Bride for real. Graham, Lynne. Jess's promise. Harper, Fiona. Swept off her stilettos. Herries, Anne. Bought for the harem.

Knights miscellany series Knights miscellany series Knights miscellany series St Piran's

Herries, Anne. Hunter, Madeline. Iding, Laura. James, Beth. James, Julia. Justiss, Julia. King, Lucy. Krentz., Jayne Ann. Landon, Juliet. Lane, Elizabeth. Laurens, Stephanie. Lawrence, Kim. Lee,Miranda. Lennox, Marion. Lennox, Marion. Lindsey , Johanna. Lowe, Fiona. Lowe, Fiona. Marlowe, Deb. Marton, Sandra. Marton, Sandra.

Her dark and dangerous lord. Sinful in satin. Cedar Bluff's most eligible bachelor. The audacious highwayman. From dirt to diamonds. From waif to gentleman's wife. The crown affair. The waiting game. Slave princess. The horseman's bride. Tangled reins. A Spanish awakening. Not a marrying man. Abby and the bachelor cop. Misty and the single dad.

That perfect someone. Career girl in the country. Single dad's triple trouble. How to marry a rake. Not for sale. The ice prince. Midwife, mother... Italian's McArthur, Fiona. wife. Merrill, Christine. Lady Drusilla's road to ruin. Michaels,Kasey. Suddenly a bride. Miles, Cassie. Mountain midwife. Miles, Cassie. Mountain midwife. Morey, Trish. Fiancee for one night.

Mortimer, Carole. Neil, Joanna.

Taming the last St Claire. Becoming Dr Bellini's bride. There's something about a Oliver, Anne. rebel.... Reid, Michelle. After their vows. Roberts, Alison. The tortured rebel. Roberts, Nora. Without a trace. Robins, Denise. Dark corridor. Sarapuk, Susan. Within these walls. Shaw, Chantelle. After the Greek affair. Simmons, Deborah. Glory and the rake. Spencer-Smith, Shelia. Silvergarth. Steffen, Sandra. A bride until midnight. Steffen, Sandra. A bride until midnight. Strom, Abigail. Winning the right brother. Styles, Michelle. To marry a matchmaker. Tarling, Moyra. Marry in haste. Thomas, Mavis. Sunburst. ThomasSundstrom. Golden vampire. Villiers, Gillian. A promise for tomorrow. Australia's maverick millionWay, Margaret. aire. Way, Margaret. Her outback commander. In the Australian billionaire's Way, Margaret. arms. Weber, Tawny. Feels like the first time. Whitiker, Gail. Brushed by scandal. Yates, Maisey. The highest price to pay. Brides for billionaires. Summer sins.

Science Fiction Author Title Abnett, Dan. Horus rising : Alderman, Naomi. Borrowed time. Banks, Iain. Surface detail. Bennett, Christopher L. Watching the clock. Brown, Eric. The kings of eternity. David, Peter. Dark of the moon. Goss, James. Dead of winter. Gregory, David. The last Christian. Kelleher, Pat. The ironclad prophecy. Linaker, Mike. Firestreak. Mann, George. Paradox lost. McCormack, Una. The way through the woods. Mi eville, China. Perdido Street Station. Miller, Karen. Siege. Morris, Jonathan. Touched by an angel. Palmer, Philip. Hell ship. Sawyer, Robert J. Wonder. Simak, Clifford D. City. Somers, Jeff. The final evolution. Short Stories Author Black, Robin. Boyle, T. Coraghessan. Doctorow, E. L. Nooteboom, Cees. Toibin, Colm.

Series The Horus heresy


No man's world

Doctor Who

The WWW trilogy

Title Series If I loved you, I would tell you this. Wild child. All the time in the world. Foxes and other stories. The empty family. The Penguin book of English short stories.

Spine Chiller Author Armstrong, Kelley. Armstrong, Kelley. Emson, Thomas. Hill, Joe. Irvine, Alexander. Kenyon, Sherrilyn. King, Stephen. King, Stephen. King, Stephen. King, Stephen.



Haunted :

Women of the otherworld

Waking the witch.

Women of the otherworld

Pariah. Horns. John Winchester's journal.


Retribution. A Dark-Hunter novel Full dark, no stars. Gerald's game. IT. Rose Madder. The girl who loved Tom King, Stephen. Gordon. Koontz, Dean R. Odd Thomas. Levin, Ira. Rosemary's baby. Masterton, Graham. Mirror. Masterton, Graham. Petrified. Masterton, Graham. The pariah. Ransom, Christopher. The people next door. Ryan, Carrie. The dark and hollow places. Warren, Kaaron. Mistification.

Thriller Author Title Series Ashley, Mark. Seizures. Bass, Jefferson. The bone yard. Bateman, Colin. Dr. Yes. Brokaw, Charles. The Temple Mount code. Brookmyre, Christopher. Where the bodies are buried. Burke, Alafair. Long gone. Carter, Philip. Altar of bones. Casey, Jane. The reckoning. Christopher, Paul. The Templar cross. Coe, Amanda. What they do in the dark. Collins, Michael. Midnight in a perfect life. Cooper, Natasha, Face of the devil. Coulter, Catherine. Split second. An FBI thriller Crace, Jim. All that follows. Cussler, Clive. The Kingdom. Dietrich, William. Blood of the Reich. Dryden, Alex. The blind spy. Eden, Cynthia. Deadly heat. Enger, Thomas. Burned. Fleming, James. Rising blood. Follett, Ken. The man from St Petersburg. Fraser, Anthea. Shifting sands. Gaiman, Neil. American gods. Gardiner, Meg. The liar's lullaby. Jo Beckett series Gardner, Lisa. Love you more. Gerritsen, Tess. Call after midnight. Gerritsen, Tess. The silent girl. Rizzoli and Isles

Goddard, Robert. Gomez-Jurado, Juan. Grant, Andrew, Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Hill, Melissa. Hoag, Tami. Hogan, Chuck. Howell, Katherine. Hughes, Tristan. Hunt, Arlene. Ignatius, David. Janes, Diane. Johansen, Iris. Jones, Chris Morgan. Kane, Andrea. Kray, Roberta. Kray, Roberta. Leather, Stephen. Leather, Stephen. Levene, Louise. MacDonald, Patricia J. McClure, Ken. McDermott, Andy.

Take no farewell. The traitor's emblem. Die twice. The broker. The last juror. The testament. The truth about you. A thin dark line. Devils in exile. Cold justice. Eye Lake. Blood money. Bloodmoney. Why don't you come for me?. Quinn. An agent of deceit. The girl who disappeared twice. Broken home. Broken home. Fair game. Fair game. Ghastly business. Cast into doubt. Lost causes. Empire of gold.

The Dr Steven Dunbar series

McGee, James. Rebellion. McGowan, Kathleen. The poet prince. Meade, Glenn. The second messiah. Meyer, Deon. Thirteen hours. Mills, Mark. House of the hanged. Moffat, G. J. Blindside. Mosby, Steve. Black flowers. Myerson, Julie. Then. Nicol, Mike. Black heart. Patchett, Ann. State of wonder. Patterson, James. Now you see her. Patterson, James. The jester. Reich, Christopher. Rules of betrayal. Reichs, Kathy. Bare bones. Reichs, Kathy. Deadly decisions. Reichs, Kathy. Death du jour. Reichs, Kathy. Deja dead. Reichs, Kathy. Fatal voyage. Reichs, Kathy. Grave secrets. Reichs, Kathy. Rimington, Stella. Robertson, Imogen. Robinson, Ray. Rollins, James. Ryan, Chris.

Spider bones. Rip tide. Island of bones. Forgetting Zoe. Amazonia. Blackout :

A Temperance Brennan novel

Ryan, Chris. Firefight. Ryan, Chris. Strike back. Ryan, Chris. The Increment. Ryan, Chris. Ultimate weapon. Sandford, John. Storm prey. Scottoline, Lisa. Think twice. Slaughter, Karin. Blindsighted. Slaughter, Karin. Faithless. Slaughter, Karin. Indelible. Slaughter, Karin. Kisscut. Slaughter, Karin. Triptych. Smith, Dan. Dark horizons. Smith, Michael Marshall. Killer move. Smith, Tom Rob. Agent 6. Spindler, Erica. Watch me die. Stevens, Chevy. Still missing. Stross, Charles. Rule 34. Stuart, Sebastian. To the manor dead. Swierczynski, Duane. Fun and games. Theorin, Johan. The quarry. Toro, Guillermo del. The fall. Vance, Lee. The garden of betrayal. White, Michael C. Beautiful assassin.

A Lucas Davenport Thriller

A Janet's Planet Mystery

The strain trilogy

Western Author Black, Rory. Champlin, Tim. Cunnigham, Chet. Hoffman, Lee. Hogan, Ray. Martin, Hugh. Mitchell, Greg. Parker, Robert B.

Title Iron Eyes is dead. The blaze of noon.

A black horse western

Wade's war. Wild riders. Range feud. Vengeance rides the river. Murdering Wells.

Appaloosa. The Black Mountain DutchRitchie, Steve. man. Rushgrove, Ted. Doc Dryden, gunslinger. Winters, Logan. Smuggler's gulch. Young, M.C. Silent woman showdown.

A black horse western

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New Fiction Books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries August 2011  

A list of new books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in August 2011. All these titles are available to request from your nearest Sto...