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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

November 2012

Arts and Crafts Author Ang, Tom. Barber, Barrington. Barber, Barrington. Bell, Carolyn. Bestley, Russell. Drew, Sarah. Ellis, Cassandra. Fiell, Charlotte. Forster, Carolyn. Gregory, Noel. Harding, Sally. Harrold, Debbie. Henderson, Rachel. Hrachovec, Anna. Hrachovec, Anna. Karon, Karen. Keen, Sarah. Lee, Julia. Meredith, Kevin. Mowat, Katie. Nerjordet, Arne. Newton, William. Patel, Aneeta. Pierce, Val. Rosen, Katarina. Smith, Duncan. Sorrell, Katherine. Stanfield, Lesley. Taylor, Peter E. Wallis, Susanna. Warner, Kara Gott. Worobiec, Tony.

Title Digital photography : Perspective & composition. The fundamentals of oil painting : Creative Christmas tree decorations : The art of punk. Hair accessories. Quilt love : Masterpieces of British design. Sew jelly roll quilts & gifts. Painting with oils. Crochet step by step. We knit you a merry Christmas : Animal hats : Super-scary mochimochi. Teeny-tiny mochimochi : Chain maille : Knitted Noah's ark : British coins market values 2012. 52 photographic projects : Grannies, Inc. guide to knitting : Easter knits. Painting with watercolours. Knitty gritty : Crocheted granny squares. Bright young things : Animals. Retro home. 75 knitted floral blocks. Calligraphy for greetings cards and scrapbooking. Needle felties. A year of Afghans. Creative photography ideas using Adobe Photoshop : The art book : Knitting masterclass : A little course in knitting.

Biography Author Cunningham, Tessa. Faiers, Sam. Frary, Mark. Jane, Rebecca. Jenner, Kris. Maas, Jane. O'Reilly, Judith. Pozzo di Borgo, Philippe. Putnam, Anne. Renton, Tina. Roth, Marco. Rusbridger, Alan. Watson, Casey. Weaver, Pam.

Title Take me home. Living life the Essex way : Aiming high : The real lady detective agency : Kris Jenner-- and all things Kardashian. Mad women : A year of doing good : A second wind. Navel gazing : You can't hide : The scientists : Play it again : Too hurt to stay : Bath times and nursery rhymes : Confessions of a fashionista.

Business, Economics and Law Author Bailey, Gary. Bennie, David. Bunn, David. Christian, Susanne. Clayton, Mike. Deeks, Sarah. Elliot, Jay. Farley, Jeremy. Garden, Chris. Gygi, Craig. Horner, David. Jones, Rob. Juniper, Tony. Marsh, David. O'Keeffe, Niamh. Porterfield, Amy. Pryce, Vicky. Sproston, Roger. Surridge, Malcolm. Surridge, Malcolm. Tobin, Lucy. Vickerstaff, Beverly. Williams, John. Wolfe, Mike. Zimmerman, Jan.

Title Succeed under pressure. A straightforward guide to small claims and the county court. Wills and probate. Top jobs : The yes/no book : Understand tax for small businesses. Leading Apple with Steve Jobs : Understanding and using the British legal system. Employee to entrepreneur : Six Sigma for dummies. Accounting for non-accountants. Business : What has nature ever done for us? : Managing personal bankruptcy : Lead your team in your first 100 days. Facebook marketing all-in-one for dummies. Greekonomics : Guide to letting property : AQA AS business studies. AQA business studies for A2. Ausperity : Financial accounting. Screw work, let's play : Debt advice handbook. Social media marketing all-in-one for dummies. Blackstone's EU treaties & legislation, 20122013. Blackstone's statutes on criminal law 20122013. Blackstone's statutes on property law, 20122013. Black's law dictionary.

Computing Author Bowden, Mark. Brookshear, J. Glenn. Carlson, Jeff. Felker, Donn. Foxall, James D. Gatenby, James. Goldstein, Neal. Gunter, Sherry Kinkoph. Gunter, Sherry Kinkoph. Harvell, Ben. Johnson, Steve. Karch, Marziah. McFedries, Paul. Miller, Michael. Miser, Brad. Mueller, John. Rand-Hendriksen, Morten. Rosenzweig, Gary. Vandome, Nick. Weisman, Steve.

Crime Author Begg, Paul. Bilton, Michael. Oates, Jonathan.

Title Worm : Computer science : Photoshop Elements 11. Android application development for dummies. Sams teach yourself Visual Basic 2012 in 24 hours. Social networking for the older generation. iPad application development for dummies. Teach yourself visually laptops. Laptops simplified. Teach yourself visually Facebook. Brilliant Microsoft Windows 8. Android tablets made simple. Teach yourself visually Windows 8. Computer basics : My iPhone. Windows 8 for dummies quick reference. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Expression Web 4 in 24 Hours. My iPad. Windows 8 in easy steps. 50 ways to protect your identity in a digital age : Sams teach yourself Windows Phone 7 application development in 24 hours.

Title Jack the Ripper : Wicked beyond belief : John Christie of Rillington Place :

Education and Careers Author Beeley, Kirstine. Beeley, Kirstine. Beeley, Kirstine. Hatton, Sue. Jones, Jane. Food and Drink Author Amos, Laura. Bailey, Christine. Baljekar, Mridula. Bowers, Sharon. Colwin, Laurie. Cotter, Denis. Dukan, Pierre. Farrow, Joanna. Flower, Sarah. Gwynne, Lulu. McKenna, Clodagh. Peacock, Diana. Ramsay, Gordon. Schwartz, Leticia Moreinos. Taylor, Genevieve. Vijayakar, Sunil. White, Carolyn. Wright, Sophie. Zinczenko, David.

Title 50 fantastic things to do with paint. 50 fantastic things to do with squidgy stuff. 50 fantastic things to do with a water tray. Next steps in supporting people with autistic spectrum conditions : Modern foreign languages, 5-11 :

Title The Dessert Deli. The top 100 finger foods for babies & toddlers : Ultimate curry lover's cookbook : Sweet Christmas : Home cooking : Wild garlic, gooseberries - and me. The complete Dukan cookbook. Fish. The everyday halogen oven cookbook : Style me vintage : Clodagh's kitchen diaries : Soups for your slow cooker : Gordon Ramsay's healthy appetite. Cook Brazilian : Marshmallow magic. 200 healthy curries. Seasonal cupcake characters. Cook on a shoestring. The 8-hour diet : Everyday British : The ASK Italian cookbook :

Health and Psychology Author Angart, Leo. Bee, Peta. Boniwell, Ilona. Bradley, Lloyd. Campbell, Charlie. Conley, Rosemary. Davis, William. Fong, Kevin. Foxcroft, Louise. Freeman, Jane. Fuhrman, Joel. Geddes, Linda. Henry, Karl. Jackson, Jeannette. Jenner, Paul. Kirkham, Sara. Laurent, Su. Marieb, Elaine Nicpon. Nicholls, Carolyn. Nicholson, John. Pennington, Adrian. Sanders, Diana. Shah, Priya. Sills, Charlotte. Stutz, Phil. Wiseman, Richard.

Title Improve your eyesight naturally : The food swap diet : Positive psychology in a nutshell : The rough guide to men's health. Scapegoat : The FAB diet. Wheat belly : Extremes : Calories and corsets : How to eat well when you have cancer. Super immunity : Bumpology : Bums, tums & bingo wings : The drop zone diet. How to be happier. Cholesterol : Your premature baby. Essentials of human anatomy & physiology. The posture workbook : The meat fix : The student guide to counselling & psychotherapy approaches. Cognitive behavioural therapy : Testicular cancer : An introduction to Gestalt. The tools : Rip it up : Black's student medical dictionary.

History Author Applebaum, Anne. Campbell, Alastair. Cohen, David. Davenport-Hines, R. P. T. Few, Janet. Ganesh, Janan. Glenny, Misha. Lev, Elizabeth. Mangan, Anna May. Moore, Wendy. Murphy, Paul Thomas. Norwich, John Julius. Preston, Paul. Robinson, Mary. Sebestyen, Victor. Stewart, Graham. Storey, Neil R.

Music Author Murs, Olly. Ramli, Nik A. Scott-Irvine, Henry. Tolinski, Brad. White, Danny.

Title Iron Curtain : The Alastair Campbell diaries : Bringing them up royal : An English affair : Coffers, clysters, comfrey and coifs : The age of Osborne. The Balkans, 1804-2012 : Tigress of Forli : Me and mine : How to create the perfect wife. Shooting Victoria : A history of England in 100 places : The Spanish holocaust : Everybody matters : Revolution 1989 : Bang! : The little book of Great Britain. Belfast taxi.

Title Happy days. Donna Summer : Procol Harum : Light & shade : Will-i-am :

Paranormal Author Bainton, Roy. Dyson, Jeremy. Gillett, Roy. Lambert, Mary. Melchizede, Drunvalo. Rosney, Mark. Sandford, Christopher. Thompson, Gerry.

Title The mammoth book of unexplained phenomena : The haunted book. The secret language of astrology : Living with less : Mayan Ouroboros : A beginner's guide to paranormal investigation. Houdini and Conan Doyle. The guide to Chinese horoscopes.

Religion and Philosophy Author Bell, Rob. Byrne, Lorna. Ceanadach, Siusaidh. Crossan, John Dominic. Hagen, Steve. Hellier, Benjamin. Hill, C. E. Johnson, Luke Timothy. Lawrence, Paul. Long, D. Stephen. Martin, Ralph. Muers, Rachel. Norman, Edward R. Norwich, John Julius. O'Hear, Anthony. Osho. Shortt, Rupert. Spencer, Nick. Wilson, Derek. Young, William P.

Title Velvet Elvis : A message of hope from the angels. A ceremony for every occasion : The power of parable : Buddhism is not what you think : The universal mission of the Church of Christ : Who chose the Gospels? : The New Testament : The Lion concise atlas of Bible history. Christian ethics : Will many be saved? : Modern theology : The Roman Catholic Church : The popes : Introducing Jesus : Osho. Christianophobia. Freedom and order : A brief history of the English Reformation. The shack :

Science and Technology Author Al-Khalili, Jim. Brooks, Michael. Hartston, William Roland. Levy, Joel. Scharf, Caleb A. Smith, Chris. Tammet, Daniel. Thompson, Mark. Wardhaugh, Benjamin.

Society and Politics Author Abrams, Fran. Bevir, Mark. Chomsky, Noam. Clarke, Bob. Cohen, Deborah. Ferguson, Niall. Freeland, Chrystia. Gray, John. Hayman, Suzie. Henderson, Mark. Herring, George C. Hinsliff, Gaby. Magnanti, Brooke Leigh. McNaughton, Neil. Mendez, Antonio J. Simms, Andrew. Smedley, Jenny. Watkins, C. S.

Title Quantum : Can we travel through time? : The things that nobody knows : Why? : Gravity's engines : The naked scientist : Thinking in numbers. A down to earth guide to the cosmos. Poor Robin's prophecies : Patrick Moore's yearbook of astronomy 2013.

Title Songs of innocence : Governance : How the world works. Armageddon : Family secrets : The great degeneration : The plutocrats : Why Mars and Venus collide. Have a happy family life. The geek manifesto : From colony to superpower : Half a wife : The sex myth : Edexcel government and politics for AS. Argo : Cancel the apocalypse : Soul mates : The undiscovered country : The Routledge history of slavery.

Sport, Hobbies and Games Author Barbira Freedman, Francoise. Brereton, Fabrice. Broad, Stuart. Doherty, Jim. Hawkes, Chris. Hodgkinson, Mark. Jones, Hugh. Knight, Julian. Knight, Tom. Lineker, Gary. Ponting, Ivan. Radnedge, Keir. Radnedge, Keir. Radnedge, Keir. Wade, Alex. Walsh, David.

Stage and Screen Author Croft, Ally. DeGeneres, Ellen. Du Beaumarche, Simon. Dynamo. Hidalgo, Pablo. Lovelace, Linda. Manford, Jason. Moore, Roger. Morse, Laila. Porter, Darwin. Porter, Darwin. Radcliffe, Mark. Robinson, Ben. Thornton, Billy Bob. Winkler, Peter L.

Title Teaching your baby to swim : Fabrice Muamba : My world in cricket. Golf : Winter sports records 2013. Andy Murray, champion : Marathons of the world. Cricket for dummies. London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games : Gary Lineker's football : George Best : World football records 2013. The complete encyclopedia of football. Olympic and world records. Amazing surfing stories. Seven deadly sins. 1001 golf holes you must play before you die. The Games :

Title The Lindsay Lohan story. Seriously... I'm kidding. The Stig : Nothing is impossible : Star Wars : Ordeal. Brung up proper. Bond on Bond : Just a mo. Inside Linda Lovelace's Deep throat : Elizabeth Taylor : Reelin' in the years : U.S.S. Enterprise : The Billy Bob tapes : Dennis Hopper :

War and Military Author Bass, Richard T. Booth, John S. Clark, Lloyd. Dyer, Geoff. Feigel, Lara. Gray, Jennie. Hayward, James. Johnson, David. Koren, Yehuda. Koskimaki, George E. Leckie, Robert. McKay, Sinclair. Nyiszli, Miklos. Pateman, Colin A. Price, Alfred. Thompson, Julian. Van Emden, Richard. Widders, Robert.

Title Exercise tiger : To the fallen : Kursk : The missing of the Somme. The love-charm of bombs : Major Cotterell at Arnhem : Double agent Snow. One soldier and Hitler, 1918 : Giants : Hell's highway : Helmet for my pillow. The secret listeners : Auschwitz : Goldfish caterpillars and guinea pigs : Spitfire : Desert victory. Boy soldiers of the Great War. Spitting on a soldier's grave :

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New Non-Fiction - November 2012  

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