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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

May 2014

Arts and Crafts Author Boerens, Trice. Clavi, Camille. Erhorn, Hanna Charlotte. Hardy, Emma. Johns, Susie. Lilley, Kate. Muir, Sally. O'Porter, Dawn. Shaw, Mandy. Taylor, Laura Jane. Taylor, Will. Tennant, Ellie. Walton, Stewart. Winch, Jill.

Title Two-hour cross-stitch Simple crochet motifs Knitting with giant needles My first sewing machine book Flowers to knit and crochet. Recycled crafting for kids Knit your own pet. This old thing : Stitch with love. Quiltopedia Bright bazaar Design bloggers at home Practical folk art Drawing flowers Making it! Contemporary wedding crafts. Designer cross stitch projects

Biography Author Argent, James. Barber, Lynn. Brooks-Dutton, Benjamin. Cuddihy, Mikey. Dowling, Timothy. Earl, Rae. Glass, Cathy. Gordon, Bryony. Grayshon, Jane. Hammond, Izzy. Handleigh-Adams, Rose. Hanson, Neil. Henshaw, Sarah. Janmohamed, Shelina Zahra. Keenan, Brigid. MacCracken, Mary. MacLean, David S. Penlington, Nathan. Plume, Jane. Rosenfelt, David. Stafford, Ed. Stibbe, Nina. Townley, Lincoln.

Title Living it Arg. A curious career. It's not raining, daddy, it's happy. A conversation about happiness : How to be a husband. My madder fatter teenage diary : Daddy's little princess. The wrong knickers : Goodbye pink room. Someone to watch over me. Another time, another place. The inn at the top. The bookshop that floated away. Love in a headscarf : Packing up : Lovey. The answer to the riddle is me. The boy in the book. Please don't cry : The Puppy Express : Naked and marooned : Love, Nina : The hunger.

Business, Economics and Law Author Abdullah, Daud Vicary. Armstrong, Michael. Bootle, R. P. Catmull, Edwin E. Conway, Ed. Griffith, Susan. Kwarteng, Kwasi. Lewis, Michael. McCormick, John. Piketty, Thomas. Schaefer, Scot. Watkins, Michael.

Title Islamic finance : How to be an even better manager : The trouble with Europe : Creativity, Inc : The summit : Work your way around the world. War and gold : Flash boys : cracking the money code Understanding the European Union : Capital in the twenty-first century. The roadside MBA : The first 90 days :

Computing Author Hattersley, Rosemary. Vandome, Nick.

Title Hudl for dummies. A parent's guide to the iPad.

Crime Author Appignanesi, Lisa. Clarkson, Wensley. Knight, Michelle. Lindhout, Amanda. Needham, Kerry. O'Connor, Sean. Thomas, David.

Title Trials of passion : Cocaine confidential : Finding me : A house in the sky : Ben : missing since 1991 Handsome brute : the true story of a ladykiller Beggars, cheats and forgers.

Education and Careers Author Beeley, Kirstine. Beeley, Kirstine. Bryce-Clegg, Alistair. Carey, John. Denby, Neil. Oussoren, Ragnhild A. Environment and Nature Author Kerridge, Richard. Westwood, Brett. Barkham, Patrick.

Title Creative role play in the early years. Early years display : Continuous provision in the early years : The unexpected professor : Learning to teach. Write dance in the early years.

Title Cold blood : adventures with reptiles Tweet of the day : a year of Britain's birds Badgerlands : the twilight world of Britain's most enigmatic animal

Food and Drink Author Bell, Annie. Berry, Steve. Chiappa, Michela. Corrett, Natasha. D'Acampo, Gino. Dobson, Ross. Godbold, Georgie. Hay, Donna. Hunt, Tom. Innes, Jocasta. Jenne, Gerhard. Jones, Anna. Kennedy, Jane. Lawson, Nigella. Lewis, Barry. Lewis, Sara. Madden, Maryanne. Marber, Ian. Quinn, Hayden. Rawlins, Amanda. Rivron, Monica. Singh, Tony. Spencer, Mimi. Taggart, Caroline. Tapper, Daniel. Witt, Suzi. Zissman, Luisa.

Title The camping cookbook. The great British tuck shop. Simple Italian : Honestly Healthy for life : Pronto! : Fired up vegetarian : Sugar wobblies. Fresh and light : The natural cook : The pauper's cookbook. The Konditor and Cook book of cakes. A modern way to eat : One dish, two ways : Nigella summer. Dinner's on! : Gluten-free & easy. The slow cooker vegetarian cookbook. Eat your way to lower cholesterol : Dish it up : 500 cake decorating motifs : The caravan cookbook : Tasty. Fast cook : A slice of Britain. Food unwrapped. Pretty Witty Cakes book of sugarcraft characters. Wicked cupcakes!. Single serves; cook solo with style Mediterranean cookbook :

Health and Psychology Author Adam, David. Baxendale, Sallie. Biggs, Victoria. Callahan, Roger. Canfield, Jack. Davis, William. Denoris, Jon. Grylls, Bear. Hasson, Gill. Hoffman, Alice. Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos. Jenner, Paul. Lorig, Kate. Lowe, Sharron. Marsh, Richard. McCartney, Jane. McKeown, Greg. McNab, Andy. Mowbray, Nicole. Muquit, Charlotte. O'Regan, Fintan J. Peer, Marisa. Sigman, Aric. Souter, Keith M. Sturgess, Stephen. Verburgh, Kris. Virtue, Doreen. Vlachonis, Vicky. Wallace, Ian.

Title The man who couldn't stop : Coping with memory problems. Caged in chaos : Tapping the healer within : The key to living the law of attraction : Wheat belly : The pop-up gym : Your life - train for it. Emotional intelligence : Survival lessons. The third metric : Beat your irritable bowel syndrome in seven simple steps. Living a healthy life with chronic conditions : The mind makeover : Locked in : Stop overeating : Essentialism : The good psychopath's guide to success. Sweet nothing. The allergy-free baby & toddler book : ADHD : You can be younger. The body wars : Understanding and dealing with heart disease. Yoga meditation : The food hourglass : Angel dreams : The body doesn't lie : The complete A to Z dictionary of dreams :

History Author Benson, Richard. Binckes, Robin. Clarke, Stephen. Cooper, Stephen. Gourevitch, Philip. Hill, Christian. Hollingsworth, Mary. Lewis, Damien. MacGibbon, David. Martin, Mike. Porter, Linda. Rappaport, Helen. Roberts, Alan. Roberts, Andrew. Sackville-West, Robert. Trumpington, Jean. White, Jerry. Yousafzai, Malala.

Title The valley : The Great Trek uncut : Dirty Bertie : Agincourt. You hide that you hate me and I hide that I know : Combat camera : The Borgias : Zero six bravo : Elizabeth Woodville : An intimate war : Crown of thistles : Four sisters : Buxton through time. Holy fox : The disinherited : Coming up trumps : Zeppelin nights : I am Malala :

Holidays and Travel Author Atkins, William. Bao, Sandra. Bonetto, Cristian. Boyle, Emma. Brash, Celeste. Dowdell, Harry. Edwards, Nick. Griffin, Brendon. Hodges, Kate. Hugo-Bader, Jacek. Humphreys, Andrew. Meyer, Jacy. Mill, Katharine. Mitchell, Laurence. Moore, Tim. Shore, Robert. Spencer, Brian. Start, Daniel. Stewart, Chris. Zimmerman, Karla.

Title The moor : lives, landscape, literature Washington, Oregon & the Pacific Northwest. Southern Italy. The rough guide to Australia. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island. Cycling in the Yorkshire Dales : The rough guide to the USA. The rough guide to Scotland. Little London : child-friendly days out Kolyma diaries : Top 10 Marrakech. Prague. Explore Bruges. Suffolk : Gironimo! : Bang in the middle : Short walks in the Peak District : Wild swimming, hidden beaches : The last days of the bus club. Canada. Bradshaw's continental railway guide. Portugal. Explore Bali : Eastern USA. Western USA.

Home and Garden Author Birch, Anna. Blackiston, Howland. Bowen, James. Cheshire, Gerard. Collins, Sophie. Curley, Louise. Evelegh, Tessa. Hendy, Jenny. James, Matt. Mattinson, Pippa. Ott, Steve. Owen, Amanda. Pearson, Philippa. Retzlaff, Mandy. Strauss, Rachelle. Strauss, Rachelle. Walling, Philip. Waring, Claire. Music Author Albertine, Viv. Bartlett, Karen. Cavalera, Max. Diekman, Diane. Diekman, Diane. Ellen, Mark. Rhys, Gruff. Wood, Jo.

Title Get the vet : Building beehives for dummies. The world according to Bob : Garden wildlife manual : Why does my dog do that? : The cut flower patch : The patch : the big allotment challenge Beautiful borders. The urban gardener. The happy puppy handbook : Home-grown vegetable manual. The Yorkshire shepherdess : Small space, big ideas. One hundred and four horses : Grow you own vegetables. Crops in pots. Counting sheep : Haynes bee manual :

Title Clothes, clothes, clothes, music, music, music, boys, boys, boys. Dusty : My bloody roots : Twentieth century drifter : Live fast, love hard : Rock stars stole my life! : American interior : It's only rock 'n' roll :

Paranormal Author Horsley, Pea. Lilly, Sue. White, Suzanne. Poetry, Drama and Writing Author Egremont, Max. Holden, Anthony.

Science and Technology Author Bellos, Alex. Butterworth, Jon. Dartnell, Lewis. Hinton, Perry R. Pratchett, Terry. Sterling, Mary Jane. Society and Politics Author Browne, Ken. Debord, Guy. Taylor, Astra. Coleman, John C. Tough, Paul. Cosslett, Rhiannon Lucy. Todd, Selina. Anderson, Paul. Smith, Harry Leslie. Hobsbawm, E. J. Northup, Solomon. Torday, Jane. More, Thomas. Chomsky, Noam. Ford, Robert Anthony. King, Melanie. Milne, Seumas.

Title The animal communicator's guide through life, loss and love. The crystal healing bible : The new Chinese astrology.

Title Some desperate glory. Poems that make grown men cry : Don't bring me no rocking chair :

Title Alex through the looking-glass : Smashing physics. The knowledge : Statistics explained. Judgement day. Trigonometry for dummies.

Title Sociology for A2 AQA. Society of the spectacle. The people's platform : Why won't my teenager talk to me?. How children succeed : The vagenda. The people : Mods : the new religion A letter from Harry : Fractured times : Twelve years a slave. Dearest Jane... : Utopia. Power systems : Revolt on the right : Secrets in a dead fish : The enemy within : the secret war against the miners

Stage and Screen Author Ackroyd, Peter. Callahan, Dan. Collins, Michelle. Eyman, Scott. Front, Rebecca. Goodall, Nigel. Guffey, Ensley F. Kasson, John F. Lowe, Rob. Sellers, Robert. War and Military Author Ashdown, Paddy. Bailey, Roderick. Burnham, Karyn.

Butcher, Tim. Carter, Eric. Davis, Wes. Dedio, Gunnar. Deighton, Len. Edsel, Robert M. Fischer, Erica. Harris, Arthur Travers. Jacobsen, Annie. Johnson, George Johnny. Lyman, Robert. Mayo, Jonathan. Middlebrook, Martin. Morris, Rob. Moss, W. Stanley. Sheldon, Jack. Stewart, Jules. Tarrant, Chris. Van Emden, Richard. Van Emden, Richard. Webster, Jason.

Title Charlie Chaplin. Vanessa : a life of Vanessa Redgrave Michelle Collins : John Wayne : Curious : Benedict Cumberbatch : Wanna cook? : the complete, unofficial guide to Breaking Bad The little girl who fought the Great Depression : Love life. What fresh lunacy is this? :

Title The cruel victory : Target : Italy The courage of cowards : The trigger : a journey through the land and legend of the teenager who led the world to war Force Benedict. The Ariadne objective : The Great War diary : Blood, tears and folly : Monuments Men : Over the ocean : Bomber Harris. Operation Paperclip : The last British Dambuster : Into the jaws of death : D-Day minute by minute. The Bomber Command war diaries, 19391945. Untold valor : Ill met by moonlight. The German Army on the Western Front, 1915. The Kaiser's mission to Kabul : Dad's war. Meeting the enemy : Tommy's war : The spy with 29 names : To end all wars :

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New adult nonfiction may 2014  

A list of adult non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' shelves in May 2014. You can request these titles by popping into your...

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