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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

January 2014

Arts and Crafts Author Crouse, William W. Cumberbatch, Jane. Davis, Bob. Drinan, Becky. Elliott, Sam. Evelagh, Tessa. Forster, Carolyn. Gibbs, Elika. Grant, Jason. Gunn Birgirsdottir. Haxell, Kate. Hollahan, Lee. Koh, Me Ra. Lobut, Adeline. Meldrum, Carol. Nicol, Gloria. Occleshaw, Jenny. Peacock, Rebecca. Picarello, Julkie. Saether, Nina Granlund. Stokoe, Susie. Stokoe, Susie.

Title The art deco poster. Pure style : Digital wedding photography for dummies. The wedding dress : How to use, adapt and design knitting patterns. 600 decorating tips & finishing touches : Jelly roll scraps. Practical princess perfect wardrobe : A place called home. Quick Icelandic knits. Me and more sewing : How to use, adapt and design sewing patterns. Your child in pictures : 50 thrifty lampshades : Knit your own boyfriend. Making candles : Made for you : Make & mend : Patterns in polymer : Making cushions & pillows : Silk painting : Step-by-step silk painting & batik project book : Mollie Makes woodland friends : A little course in ... crochet.

Biography Author Brittain, Vera. Castle, Malcolm. Christmas, Jane. Corrigan, Kelly. Croydon, Helen. Jones, Liz. Joseph, Claudia. Kurtz, Irma. Lewis, Rosie. Mackenzie, Tom H. Reeve, Dominic. Smith, Claire Bidwell. Tarleton, Carmen Blandin. Wainwright, Robert.

Business, Economics and Law Author Bridge, Rachel. Bright, Jim. Clayton, Mike. Collis, Jill. Cotton, David. Elad, Joel. Francke, Ann. Genco, Stephen. I'Anson, Jeremy. Koch, Richard. Manser, Martin. Parker, Geoffrey. Pettinger, Richard. Sherratt, Sona. Syrett, Michel.

Title Testament of youth. Great bales of fire : And then there were nuns : Glitter and glue : Screw the fairytale : Girl least likely to : Kate : the making of a Princess My life in agony : Trapped : The last foundling : Beneath the blue sky : The rules of inheritance. Overcome : Sheila : Queen of England, almost Wherever you are : the Military Wives

Title Starting a home business for dummies. Brilliant graduate CV. How to manage a great project : Business research : Managing difficult people in a week. LinkedIn for dummies. Management : Neuromarketing for dummies. Total job search. The 80/20 principle and 92 other powerful laws of nature. Difficult conversations in a week. Operations management for dummies. Business studies for dummies. The top 50 management dilemmas : Managing talent : Principles of marketing :

Computing Author Baig, Edward C. Bair, Amy Lupold. Carlson, Jeff. Cheshire, Jim. Gookin, Dan. Henderson, Ed. Muir, Nancy. Muir, Nancy. Nicoll, Leslie H. Pollock, Peter. Rich, Jason. Rosenzweig, Gary. Taylor, Allen G.

Title iPhone for dummies. Blogging for dummies. The iPad air & iPad mini pocket guide. My Surface 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for dummies. CSS3 for dummies. iPad for seniors for dummies. Kindle Fire HDX for dummies. Kindle Paperwhite for dummies. Web hosting for dummies. iPad and iPhone tips and tricks. My iPad mini. SQL for dummies.

Crime Author Begg, Paul. Bulstrode, Mark. Crosby, Molly Caldwell. Greene, Robert W. Lasdun, James. O'Mahoney, Bernard. St. Germain, Justin. Steenkamp, Jacques. Tebbutt, Judith.

Title Jack the Ripper : Fast Eddie : The great pearl heist : The sting man : Give me everything you have : Fog on the Tyne : Son of a gun. No more heroes. A long walk home :

Education and Careers Author Brown, Tony. Cowley, Sue. Johnston, Jane. Roffey, Sue. Smith, Daniel. Young, Johnnie.

Food and Drink Author Bakes, Molly. Barker, Alex. Bartholomew, Rachel. Bell, Annie. Deacon, Katie. Graimes, Nicola. Hewson, Sherrie. Kay, Ann. Lawrence, Felicity. McAuley, Jo. Olson, Anna. Paul, Gill. Paul, Gill. Skipper, Joy. Skipper, Joy. Whitehart, Jacqueline.

Title The really useful maths book : How to survive your first year in teaching. Emergent science : Special needs in the early years : The three Rs : 100 completely new ideas for managing behaviour. Learning to teach using ICT in the secondary school :

Title Chocolate. The perfect egg cookbook : Mindful eating : Low carb cookbook. Push pop cakes. Super fresh juices & smoothies : Nana's kitchen : 500 dessert recipes : Not on the label : Winter warmers. Back to baking : Eat yourself to energy : Eat yourself thin : The Paleo diet made easy : Gluten-free meals. The complete 5:2 recipe book. 500 20-minute recipes : Lift your mood with power foods : 200 5:2 diet recipes. Skinny suppers : Russian, Polish & German cooking :

Health and Psychology Author Anand, Anjum. Apovian, Caroline M. Ball, Pamela. Blair, Linda. Bonetti, Benjamin. Borg, James. Brosh, Allie. Buckley, Julia. Butler, Gillian. Cash, Adam. Cheyette, Chris. Clough, Joseph. Cohn, Marjorie Nolan. Collins-Donnelly, Kate. Collins-Donnelly, Kate. Curtis, Valerie. David, Lee. DeFigio, Dan. Djokovic, Novak. Dowden, Angela. Du Cane, Hilary. Dyer, Wayne W. Feldman, Robert S. Geddes, Linda. Gibson, Tyrese. Glass, Steve. Goldman, Linda. Gournay, Kevin. Groome, David. Hadfield, Sue. Hamilton, Christopher. Hare, Jenny. Harvie, Michelle. Hay, Louise L. Hayman, Suzie. Hegarty, John.

Title Eat right for your body type : The overnight diet : 10,000 dreams interpreted. The key to calm. How to change your life : Mind power : Hyperbole and a half : The fat burn revolution. Psychology : Psychology for dummies. Carbs and cals : Be your potential : Overcoming binge eating for dummies. Starving the anger gremlin : Starving the anxiety gremlin : Don't look, don't touch : Using CBT in general practice. Beating sugar addiction for dummies. Serve to win : The pocket guide to vitamins. Living gluten-free for dummies. I can see clearly now. Development across the life span. Bumpology. Manology : Kinesiology for dummies. Life and loss : Coping with schizophrenia. An introduction to cognitive psychology : How to be assertive in any situation. How to deal with adversity. How to forgive and move on. The 2 day diet. You can heal your heart : Live a life of no regrets. Hegarty on creativity :

Heimowitz, Colette. Hyman, Mark. Jones, Caroline. Kaku, Michio. Kuyken, W. Lissenden, Hilary. Loguidice, Christina T. Maitland, Sara. Markman, Arthur B. Massey, Alexandra. Meadows, Guy. Menzies, Janet. Montross, Christine. O'Brien, Dominic. Pagano, Joan. Pastor, Joan. Petrucci, Kellyann. Quinn, Patricia O. Rubenfeld, Jed. Ryan, Frank. Scott, Elizabeth Anne. Sharma, Rajendra. Simmons, Jane. Smith, Stewart. Twaddle, Kevin. Wax, Ruby. Weller, Stella. West, Zita. Williams, Chris.

The new Atkins made easy : The blood sugar solution 10-day detox diet. The best diet for you!. The future of the mind : Collaborative case conceptualization : The complete guide to boxing fitness : Cancer nutrition and recipes for dummies. How to be alone. Smart change : Beat depression fast : Sleep well every night : Five two for a new you : Falling into the fire : How to develop a brilliant memory week by week : Strength training : Success as an introvert for dummies. Paleo workouts for dummies. Putting on the brakes : The triple package : Willpower for dummies. 8 keys to stress management : Live longer, live younger : CBT for beginners. Navy Seal weight training : Life on a line : Sane new world : Complete yoga workbook : Fertility & conception : Write all over your bathroom mirror : The day-by-day pregnancy book.

History Author Bates, Stephen. Boyd, Douglas. Castner, Brian. Fraser, Flora. Gilbert, Adrian. Graham-Campbell, James. Hey, David. Hillier, Bevis. MacLean, Rory. Massie, Robert K. Phillips, Charles. Rex, Peter. Robertson, Geoffrey. Shapira, Anita. Stewart, Graham. Summers, Anthony. Williams, Gareth. Holidays and Travel Author Barrie, David. Bell, Gertrude Lowthian. Berry, Oliver. Berry, Oliver. Bing, Alison. Brissenden, Connie. Clare, Horatio. Clark, Gregor. Dragicevich, Peter. Fiennes, Ranulph. Hardy, Paula. Kelly, Lorraine. Maxwell, Virginia.

Title Penny loaves and butter cheap : Lionheart : The long walk : Princesses : the six daughters of George III The blood of Avalon : The Viking world. A history of the Peak District moors. The virgin's baby : Berlin : city of imagination Nicholas and Alexandra. Kings & Queens of ancient Britain : Hereward. Stephen Ward was innocent, ok : Israel : Bang! : The secret worlds of Stephen Ward : Vikings : life and legend

Title Sextant : Persian pictures : Discover Europe : Devon & Cornwall. Pocket Venice : Top 10 Vancouver & Victoria. Down to the sea in ships. Sicily. Wales. Cold : The Italian lakes. Lorraine Kelly's Scotland. Florence & Tuscany. European city breaks. Hudson's historic houses & gardens :

Home and Garden Author Brown, Kathleen. Dillon, Jayne. Holden, Wendy. Mort, Norm. Perdeaux, Anne. Seymour, John. Windrow, Martin. Music Author Gordon, Robert. Kovarsky, Jerry. Evans, Bill. Bacharach, Burt. Easlea, Daryl. Houston, Cissy. Wall, Mick. Rutherford, Mike. Thorn, Tracey. Daniels, Neil. Loewenstein, Rupert. Paranormal Author Carter, Chris. Eason, Cassandra. Eason, Cassandra. Greenwood, Susan. Guillermo, Jorge. Lommel, Pim van. Mendoza, Staci. Morningstar, Sally. Rogerson, Barnaby.

Title The edible flower garden : Jessi-cat : Haatchi and Little B. Dogs on wheels : A family guide to keeping chickens. The new self-sufficient gardener. The owl who liked sitting on Caesar.

Title Respect yourself : Stax Records and the soul explosion Keyboard for dummies. Banjo for dummies. Anyone who had a heart : Without frontiers : the life and music of Peter Gabriel Remembering Whitney. Lou Reed : Living years. Bedsit disco queen : Killers : the origins of Iron Maiden A prince among Stones :

Title Science and the near-death experience : Crystals for health : Crystals for love & relationships : The encyclopaedia of magic & witchcraft : Sibyls. Consciousness beyond life : The art of palm reading : Moon magic : Rogerson's book of numbers. Raphael's astronomical ephemeris of the planets' places for 2014 :

Poetry, Drama and Writing Author Adams, Douglas. Barker, Juliet. Cuthbertson, Guy. Dunton-Downer, Leslie. Ellis, Samantha. Hughes, Gerald. Hughes-Hallett, Lucy. Lodge, David. Manhire, Bill. Miles, Barry. Norman, Barry. Wilson, Andrew.

Religion and Philosophy Author Adcock, William. Cornwell, John. Cotterell, Arthur. Lincoln, Andrew T. O'Reilly, Bill. Telford, William.

Title The meaning of liff. The Brontes. Wilfred Owen. Essential Shakespeare handbook. How to be a heroine : or what I've learned from reading too much Ted and I : The pike : Lives in writing. Selected poems. William Burroughs : See you in the morning. Mad girl's love song : Tommy rot : WWI poetry they didn't let you read

Title How to be a shaman : The dark box : confession in the Catholic Church The illustrated A-Z of classic mythology : Born of a virgin : Killing Jesus : The New Testament : Islam in the modern world.

Science and Technology Author Abbott, Paul. Abbott, Paul. Abbott, Paul. Anderson, Alan. Chown, Marcus. Dinwiddie, Robert. Goldie, Sophie. Hand, D. J. Matson, Michael. Miller, Ben. Susskind, Leonard.

Society and Politics Author Aslan, Reza. Bennetts, Marc. Benyahia, Sarah Casey. Borg, James. Eagleton, Terry. Gaskarth, Jamie. Heywood, Andrew. Hill, George Alexander. Matras, Yaron. Neustatter, Angela. Prioleau, Betsy. Watkins, C. S.

Title Algebra : Calculus : Trigonometry : Business statistics for dummies. What a wonderful world : A little course in ... astronomy. Mathematics. The improbability principle. Inorganic chemistry for dummies. It's not rocket science. Quantum mechanics. A neutron walks into a bar .. : AS-Level chemistry :

Title How to win a cosmic war : Kicking the Kremlin : Media studies : Body language : Culture and the death of God. British foreign policy. Politics. Go spy the land. I met lucky people : A home for the heart : Swoon : The undiscovered country : Slavery and the British country house.

Sport, Hobbies and Games Author Calvin, Mike. Carson, Mike. Ford, Martin. Haigh, Gideon. Purden, Richard. White, John.

Title Family : The manager : The practical guide to salt-water fishing : Ashes to Ashes : Faithful through and through. The indoor climbing manual.

Stage and Screen Author Fowler, Christopher. Humphries, Patrick. Lloyd, Emily. Morse, Laila. Rhodes, Richard. Roeg, Nicolas. Sachs, Andrew. Sallis, Peter.

Title Film freak. Top of the Pops : Wish I was there. Just a Mo : Hedy's folly : The world is ever changing. I know nothing : Summer wine and other stories :

War and Military Author Atkinson, Rick. Beatty, Jack. Bolitho, Hector. Christopherson, Stanley. Clark, Christopher M. Connelly, Mark. Lomax, Eric. Moorhouse, Paul. Starns, Penny. Stourton, Edward. Walker, Robyn. Wilkinson, Roni.

Title The guns at last light : The lost history of 1914 : Finest of the Few : Englishman at war. The sleepwalkers : how Europe went to war in 1914 Reaching for the stars : The railway man. The Great War in portraits. Oceans apart : stories of overseas evacuees Cruel crossing : escaping Hitler across the Pyrenees The women who spied for Britain : The Great War illustrated 1914 : The origins of the First World War :

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New adult non-fiction books - January 2014  
New adult non-fiction books - January 2014  

A list of new adult non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries in January 2014. These titles are available to request from your loc...