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New Non-Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

December 2011

Arts and Crafts Author Ahlburg, Sussie. Campbell, Marc. Capon, Robin. Dillon, Susan. Drake, Tricia. Klein, Renate. Miller, Genevieve. Montgomerie, Claire. Nolan, Clare.

Title Photograph your own art & craft. Digital photography for the over 50s. First steps in drawing. The fundamentals of fashion management. Welcoming home baby. Drawing portraits. Vampire knits. Knitopedia. Making a house your home.

Biography Author Blake, Ashley. Browne, Marie. Hanson, Michele. Hohn, Donovan. Phillips, Caryl.

Title Shining bright lights in dark places. Narrow minds. What the grown-ups were doing. Moby-duck. Colour me English.

Business, Economics and Law Author Bien, Melanie. Evans, Vaughan. Feierstein, Mitch. Genders, David B. Haigh, Jo. Hoffman, Reid. Kitchen, Graham M. Martin, Jacqueline. Napoleoni, Loretta. Nasar, Sylvia. Surridge, Malcolm. Templar, Richard. Vass, Jane. Wade, Peter. Wood, Frank.

Title Renting out your property for dummies. The Financial Times essential guide to writing a business plan. Planet Ponzi. The Daily Telegraph tax guide 2011. The Financial Times guide to finance for non-financial managers. The start-up of you. Check your tax. OCR law for AS. Maonomics. Grand pursuit. AQA business studies for AS. The rules of wealth. Daily Mail tax guide 2011/2012. Conveyancing. Frank Wood's business accounting 1. Words and phrases legally defined

Computing Author Baichtal, John. Ballew, Joli. Carlson, Jeff. Dorman, Scott. Felder, Lynda. Lynch, Richard. Myer, Tom. Rutledge, Patrice-Anne. Wang, Wally. Education and Careers Author Daniel, Alastair K. Hillier, Yvonne. Wearmouth, Janice. Food and Drink Author Dam, Annie. Day-Lewis, Tamasin. Hashimoto, Reiko. Kendrick, Pippa. Keyes, Marian. MacLeod, Paula. Makhonko, Elena.

Title Hack this. Mac computing for the over 50s. Photoshop Elements 10 for Windows and Mac OS X. Sams teach yourself Visual C# 2010 in 24 hours : Writing for the web : The Adobe Photoshop layers book. Mac basics. Sams teach yourself Google+ in 10 minutes. Office 2010 for dummies.

Title Storytelling across the primary curriculum. Reflective teaching in further and adult education. Special educational needs.

Title Cake style. Irresistible : Hashi. The intolerant gourmet. Saved by cake. Celebration cake pops. The food and cooking of Russia & Poland. Cooking class Indian. Cooking class Thai.

Health and Psychology Author Brady, Lindsay A. Cody, Joshua. Coleman, Nick.

Stone, Gene.

Title As the pendulum swings. [sic]. The train in the night : Children and young people's nursing practice and health. Delavier's stretching anatomy. How to improve your memory for study. PCOS and your fertility : Seize the day : Be your own personality coach. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger : Psychology AS for AQA (A). Beat the blues before they beat you : Revive! : Beat stress with CBT. Is that all there is? : Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis : The pain management handbook : Coping with stomach ulcers. The secrets of people who never get sick.

History Author Casely-Hayford, Gus. Farage, Nigel. Faulkner, Neil. Fletcher, Catherine. Frankopan, Peter. Gombrich, E. H. Gower, Jon. Hollingsworth, Mary. Kelsey, Harry. Lee, Peter. Parritt, B. A. H. Read, Piers Paul. Rehak, David. Stoneman, Richard. Titchmarsh, Alan. Willis, Sam.

Title The lost kingdoms of Africa. Flying free. Apocalypse : Our man in Rome : The First Crusade : A little history of the world. Story of Wales. The Borgia chronicles. Philip of Spain, King of England : Blair's just war : Chinese hordes and human waves : The Dreyfus affair. Hitler's English girlfriend : A traveller's history of Athens. When I was a nipper : The glorious first of June :

Davies, Ruth. Delavier, Frederic. Hancock, Jonathan. Harris, Colette. Hennezel, Marie de. Jenner, Paul. Joseph, Stephen. Lawton, Jean-Marc. Leahy, Robert L. Lipman, Frank. Palmer, Stephen. Rice-Oxley, Mark. Saibil, Fredric G. Shone, Neville. Smith, Tom.

Holidays and Travel Author Chare, Sara. Espsater, Anna Maria. Joly, Dom. Moore, Tim. Shufflebotham, George. Wilkinson, Alec.

Home and Garden Author Croom, Alexandra. Orlean, Susan. Robinson, James. Seely, Jack. Music Author Dunford, Robyn. Heylin, Clinton. Marley, Bob. Strong, M. C. Wheaton, R. J.

Title Sri Lanka handbook. Colombia handbook. The dark tourist : You are awful (but I like you) : River Manifold walks : The ice balloon. 101 best campsites by the beach. 101 best campsites for children. 101 best campsites for fishing. 101 best campsites for nature lovers. Australia. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Ireland. The rough guide to Oman. The rough guide to Puerto Rico. Time Out Berlin. Time Out Florence. Ultimate food journeys :

Title Running the Roman home. Rin Tin Tin : The Larry diaries : Warrior :

Title Bohemian rhapsodies : All the mad men : Plain and simple wisdom from 56 Hope Road. The great folk discography : Portishead's Dummy.

Paranormal Author Heathcote-James, Emma.

Poetry, Drama and Writing Author Christie, Agatha. Frensham, Raymond G. McGough, Roger. Richardson, Ruth. Religion and Philosophy Author Butler, Tom. Byrne, Lorna. Cox, Gary. Dalai Lama. De Botton, Alain. Trigilio, John. Science and Technology Author Couper, Heather.

Title After death communication. Raphael's astronomical ephemeris of the planets' places for 2012 :

Title The mousetrap and seven other plays. Break into screenwriting. That awkward age. Dickens and the workhouse :

Title Religion and public life : A message of hope from the angels. The existentialist's guide to death, the universe, and nothingness. My spiritual journey : Religion for atheists : Catholicism for dummies.

Stewart, Ian.

Title The story of astronomy : Seventeen equations that changed the world :

Society and Politics Author Dabhoiwala, Faramerz. Draitser, Emil. Gittings, John. Hogg, Michael A. Oltermann, Philip. Oppenheimer, Paul. Rogers, Wendy Stainton.

Title The origins of sex : Stalin's Romeo spy : The glorious art of peace : Social psychology. Keeping up with the Germans : Machiavelli : Social psychology.

Sport, Hobbies and Games Author Arnold, Peter. Cowen, Rob. Morin, Pierre. Pearson, Harry. Smyth, Rob. Watson, Paul. Wellington, Chrissie.

Title The complete encyclopedia of cricket. Skimming stones and other ways of being wild. Pool techniques and tricks. Slipless in Settle. Jumpers for goalposts : Up Pohnpei. Chrissie Wellington :

Stage and Screen Author Barfe, Louis. Fox, Michael J. MacLaine, Shirley. McLean, Andrea. Williams, Philip Martin.

Title The trials and triumphs of Les Dawson. Always looking up : I'm over all that : Confessions of a good girl : Wired to the moon.

War and Military Author Beatty, Jack. Birstein, Vadim J. Bishop, Patrick. Cowles, Virginia. Fyans, Peter. Gorle, Richmond. Stille, Mark. Thomas, Vicky. Warren, Alan.

Title The lost history of 1914 : SMERSH : Target Tirpitz : Looking for trouble. Captivity, slavery and survival as a Far East POW. The quiet gunner at war. Tora! Tora! Tora! : The Naga queen : Burma, 1942 :

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New Adult Non-Fiction Books December 2011  

A list of new adult non-fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in December 2011. You can reserve these titles by contacting...

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