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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

September 2012

Adventure Author Coonts, Stephen. Reilly, Matthew. Ryan, Chris. Crime Author Adams, Guy. Allan, Barbara. Allen, Robin. Barnard, Robert. Beck, Jessica. Beck, Jessica. Best, G.M. Billingham, Mark. Black, Tony. Bolton, S. J. Bond, Michael. Bondurant, Matt. Brett, Simon. Casey, Elizabeth Lynn. Cleeves, Ann. Connolly, Sheila. Cookman, Lesley. Cooper, Susan Rogers. Craig, James. Davis, Krista. Dean, Anna. Dunnett, Kaitlyn.

Title The sea witch. Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves. Osama.


Title Series The army of Doctor Moreau. Antiques bizarre. A trash 'n' treasures mystery Poppy Markham, culinary Stick a fork in it. cop Rogue's gallery. Powdered peril. A donut shop mystery Tragic toppings. A Donut Shop mystery Wuthering Heights revisited. Sleepyhead. Murder mile. Now you see me. Monsieur Pamplemousse Lawless. The corpse on the court.

A Fethering mystery

Reap What you sew. The glass room. Bitter harvest. Murder in Steeple Martin.

Southern sewing circle A Vera Stanhope mystery An orchard mystery The Libby Sarjeant series

Dead weight. Buckingham Palace blues. The diva haunts the house. A place of confinement. Scotched.

The E.J. Pugh mysteries An Inspector Carlyle novel A domestic diva mystery The Dido Kent series A Liss MacCrimon mystery

Eccles, Marjorie. Ellis, Kate. Ellis, Kate. Estleman, Loren D.

After Clare. The cadaver game. The blood pit. Burning midnight.

Evans, Geraldine. Ferris, Monica. Forester, C. S. Fossum, Karin. Fossum, Karin. Fox, Kathryn. Gardner, John. George, Elizabeth. George, Elizabeth.

All the lonely people. Threadbare. The Pursued. The caller. The water's edge. Cold grave. The return of Moriarty. Believing the lie. Deception on his mind. In pursuit of the proper sinGeorge, Elizabeth. ner. George, Elizabeth. A traitor to memory. Goldberg, Lee. Mr. Monk on patrol. Gordon-Smith, Dolores. Off the record. Grant, Barry. Hambly, Barbara. Hambly, Barbara.

Sherlock Holmes and the Dead and buried. Ran away.

Harris, Charlaine. Hill, Casey. Hoffman, Cara. Horowitz, Anthony. Hutton, Ewart. Hutton, Ewart.

A fool and his honey. Torn. So much pretty. The house of silk. Good people. Good people.

Jaffarian, Sue Ann. Baited blood. Jennings, Maureen. Night's child. Keller, Julia. A killing in the hills. Kelly, Sofie. Copycat killing. Kepler, Lars. The nightmare.

Wesley Peterson series Wesley Peterson series An Amos Walker Novel A Rafferty and Llewellyn mystery A Needlecraft mystery

An Inspector Sejer mystery

An Inspector Lynley mystery ; An Inspector Lynley mystery ;

A Benjamin January novel A Benjamin January novel An Aurora Teagarden mystery ;

A Glyn Capaldi mystery Glyn Capaldi mystery A Madison Rose vampire mystery The Murdoch mysteries A magical cats mystery


Mind over murder.

Konrath, Joe. Kurland, Michael.

Cherry bomb. The trials of Quintilian.

Leon, Donna. Lewis, Jonathan. Logan,Kylie.

Beastly things. Into dust. Button Holed. The cases of Chase and DeLupoff, Richard A. lacroix. MacBride, Stuart. Birthdays for the dead. Mankell, Henning. Sidetracked. Mayes, Casey. A deadly row. McIntosh, Pat. The fourth crow. McKinlay, Jenn. Death by the dozen. Miloszewski, Zygmunt. A grain of truth. Neville, Stuart. Stolen souls. Nickson, Chris.

Come the fear.

Penny, Louise.

The beautiful mystery.

Perry, Anne. Price, Joanna. Purser, Ann. Ramsay, Caro. Randisi, Robert J. Ripley, Mike. Robb, J. D. Robb, J. D. Robb, J. D. Robb, J.D. Rowson, Pauline.

Midnight at Marble Arch. Eeny meeny miny moe. The wild wood enquiry. The blood of crows. It was a very bad year. Angel touch. Survivor in death. Origin in death. Celebrity in death. Delusion in death. Death lies beneath.

Simon, Clea. True grey. Stashower, Daniel. The Houdini specter. Talley, Marcia Dutton. A quiet death.

A Raven's nest bookstore A Jacqueline Jack" Daniels mystery" A Commissario Brunetti novel A button box mystery

A Kurt Wallander mystery A mystery by the numbers A cupcake bakery mystery

A Richard Nottingham mystery The Chief Inspector A Commander Thomas Pitt novel A Kate Linton mystery An Ivy Beasley mystery A 'Rat Pack' mystery

An Eve Dallas investigation An Eve Dallas investigation A DI Andy Horton mystery A Dulcie Schwartz feline mystery The Harry Houdini mysteries The Hannah Ives mysteries series

Tope, Rebecca. Turnbull, Peter. Upson, Nicola. Verner, Gerald. Willeford, Charles Ray.

Fear in the Cotswolds. Deliver us from evil. Fear in the sunlight. The angel.

A Hennessey and Yellich mystery

Miami blues.

Winson,Lois. Death by killer mop doll. Winspear, Jacqueline. Elegy for Eddie. Winspear, Jacqueline. A lesson in secrets. Family Saga Author Title Andrews, Lyn. Beyond a misty shore. Dean, Ellie. There'll be blue skies. Groves, Annie. My sweet Valentine. Hamilton, Ruth. Mulligan's Yard. Hamilton, Ruth. The Bells of Scotland Road. Harris, Rosie. A brighter dawn. Jacobs, Anna. Elm Tree Road. Jeffrey, Elizabeth. Mollie on the shore. Rivers, Carol. A sister's shame. Rivers, Carol. In the bleak midwinter. Thornton, Margaret. Time goes by.

An Anastasia Pollack crafting mystery A Maisie Dobbs novel A Maisie Dobbs novel

Fantasy Author Adrian, Chris. Brooks, Terry. Daniells, Cory. Garner, Alan. Goodkind, Terry. Grossman, Lev. Harris, Joanne, Jacka, Benedict. Kay, Guy Gavriel. Keyes, J. Gregory. Lloyd, Tom. Powers, Tim. Saintcrow, Lilith. Spalding, Nick. Swallow, James. Thurman, Rob. Weeks, Brent.

Title The children's hospital. Wards of Faerie. Exile. Boneland. The omen machine. The magician king. Runemarks. Taken. The lions of Al-Rassan. Lord of souls. The Dusk Watchman. Hide me among the graves. The iron wyrm affair. Cornerstone. Fear to tread. Madhouse. The blinding knife.

Series The dark legacy of Shannara The outcast chronicles A Richard and Kahlan novel

An Alex Verus novel An Elder Scrolls novel The twilight reign Bannon and Clare The Horus heresy Lightbringer series

General Author Abani, Chris. Albom, Mitch. Alliott, Catherine. Allison, Dorothy. Archer, Jeffrey. Austen, Jane. Austen, Jane. Austen, Jane. Bagshawe, Louise. Ballantyne, Lisa. Barden, Jenny. Barnard, Frank. Baron, Alexander. Beard, Richard. Benson, Peter. Berry, Anne. Bloome, Indigo. Blower, Neil. Bohjalian, Chris. Boyd, Hilary. Braden, Gregg. Bronte, Charlotte. Brooke, Amanada. Burgess, Anthony. Candlish, Louise. Canter, Jon. Carlson, Amanda. Carroll, Claudia. Carter, Chris L.

Title Graceland. The time keeper. A rural affair. Bastard out of Carolina. The sins of the father. Emma. Northanger Abbey. Persuasion. Destiny. The guilty one. Mistress of the sea. A time for heroes. There's no home. Lazarus is dead : Isabel's skin. The adoption. Destined to play. Shell shock : Sandcastle girls. Thursdays in the park. Entanglement : Shirley. Yesterday's sun. A clockwork orange. The day you saved my life. Worth. Full blooded. A very accidental love story. Stepping on the cracks.


Penguin English library

Avalon trilogy

Penguin English library

Jessica McClain

Cazotte, Jacques. The devil in love. Chabon, Michael. Telegraph avenue. Chattam, Maxime. Carnage. The perks of being a wallChbosky, Stephen. flower. Clarke, Stephen. The merde factor. Cole, Martina. The faithless. Collier, Catrin. Bobby's girl. Collins, Jackie. The power trip. Collins, Jackie. Lovers and gamblers. Collins, Jackie. American star. Collins, Jackie. Rock star. Connolly, J. J. Viva la madness. Conran, Shirley. Lace. Court, Dilly. The ladys maid. Darby, Katy. The unpierced heart. Davies, Martin. The year after. De la Mare, Walter. The return. Deveraux, Jude. Scarlet nights. Dickens, Charles. The old curiosity shop. Douglas, Anne. The handkerchief tree. Douglas, Robert. Duenas, Maria. Eliot,George. Endicott, Marina. Enfield, Lizzie. Faulks, Sebastian. Flynn, Katie. Follett, Ken. Franklin, Miles. Gainham, Sarah.

Penguin English library

Last dance at the wrecker's The seamstress. Silas Marner. The little shadows. Uncoupled. A possible life. A sixpenny Christmas. Winter of the world. The century My brilliant career. Virago modern classics Night falls on the city.

Garvis Graves, Genova, Lisa. Gideon, Melanie. Godden, Rumer. Goodman, Carol. Gough, Julian.

On the island. Still Alice. Wife 22. The river. Water witch. Jude in London.

Virago modern classics

Graeme-Evans, Po-The island house. Gray, Richard. The demon road : Hamilton, Ruth. That Liverpool girl. Harding, Georgina. The painter of silence. Hartshorne, Pamela. Time's echo. Harvey, Jonathan. All she wants. Hay, Elizabeth. Alone in the classroom. Heller, Mandasue. Lost angel. Hemmings, Kaui Hart. The descendants. Higgins, Kristan. Too good to be true. Hilburn, Lynda. Hill, Susan. Hoeg, Peter. Hood, Evelyn. Hotakainen, Kari. Howe, Katherine. Hughes, Anita. Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren. Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Ivey, Eowyn. Jackson, Vina. Jacobson, Howard. James, E. L. Jennings, Amanda. Johnson, Denis.

Blood therapy. The woman in black. The elephant keepers' children. Return to Prior's Ford. The human part. The house of velvet and glass. The beach holiday.

Kismet Knight, vampire psychologist

The fox in the attic. When you were older. The snow child. Eighty days blue. Zoo time. Fifty shades of grey. Sworn secret. Train dreams.

The fifty shades trilogy

Jones, Sadie.

The uninvited guests. The illicit happiness of other Joseph, Manu. people. Joss, Morag. Across the bridge. Kane, Stacia. Chasing magic. Kaye, Erin. Second time around. Keane, Jessie. Nameless. Keane, Jessie. Playing dead. Kelby, N. M. White truffles in winter. Kelly, Cathy. The house on Willow Street. Kelly, Cathy. Always and forever. Kelly, Cathy. Someone like you. Kelly, Cathy. The house on Willow Street. Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Acheron. Keyes, Marian. Mystery of Mercy Close. Keyes, Marian. Angels. Keyes, Marian. Rachel's holiday. Keyes, Marian. The other side of the story. Keyes, Marian. Last chance saloon. Keyes, Marian. Anybody out there?. Keyes, Marian. Sushi for beginners. Keyes, Marian. This charming man. Kiefer, Christian. The infinite tides. Koomson, Dorothy. The rose petal beach. Larson, Nathan. The nervous system. Law, Catherine. The September garden. Lehmann, Rosamond. Invitation to the waltz. Lennox, Judith. The turning point. Lewis, Susan. Losing you. Lightfoot, Freda. My lady deceiver. Lowe, Sherrie. Song of the Phoenix. Lyon, Suzanne. A heart for any fate.

The downside ghosts

Dark-Hunter world A Walsh family novel A Walsh family novel

A Walsh family novel

A Dewey Decimal novel

Virago modern classics

Macdonald, MalThe Dower House trilogy ; a colm. The Dower House. Felix Breit novel MacIntyre, Linden. Why men lie. MacNeice, Louis. Roundabout way. Macomber, Debbie. 1105 Yakima Street. Cedar Cove Mankell, Henning. The shadow girls. Maredyth, Joan M. Dance on the head of a pin. Markovits, Benja- Childish loves. Mars-Jones, Adam. Cedilla. Martel, Yann. Life of Pi. Mason, Paul. Rare Earth. Matthews, Sadie. Fire after dark. McCall Smith, Alex- The uncommon appeal of ander. clouds. McCleen, Grace. The Land of Decoration. McEwan, Ian. Sweet tooth. McGuire, Jamie. Beautiful disaster. Meek, James. The heart broke in. Miller, Emma. Miriam's heart. Monroe, Mary Alice. Sweetgrass. Moore, Alison. The lighthouse. Morecambe, Eric. Stella. Morgan, Louise. Blood and feathers. Morgan, North. Exit through the wound. Mylet, James. Lex. Neale, Derek. The book of guardians. Neill, Chloe. Neilson, Mark.

Biting cold. A strange inheritance. Between a mother and her child. Fen.

Noble, Elizabeth. North, Freya. Norton, Ashley Prentice. The chocolate money. Nye, Robert. The late Mr Shakespeare. Oates, Joyce Carol. Mudwoman.

An Isabel Dalhousie novel

Salt modern fiction A Chicagoland Vampires

Parkin, Gaile. Pellegrino, Nicky. Perrotta, Tom. Phillips, Arthur. Pierce, Gabriella. Powers, Kevin. Pym, Barbara. Reid, Brenda. Rich, Roberta. Richardson, Samuel. Richell, Hannah. Ridgard, Sarah. Ringwald, Molly. Roberts, Nora. Robins, Patricia.

When hoopoes go to heaven. When in Rome. The leftovers. The tragedy of Arthur. 666 Park Avenue. The yellow birds. An academic question. Heavenly's child. The midwife of Venice.

Pamela, or, Virtue rewarded. Penguin English library Secrets of the tides. Seldom seen. When it happens to you : Chasing fire. Forsaken. The confessions of Henrietta Rubenhold, Hallie. Mistress of my fate. Lightfoot Sands, Lynsay. Born to bite. An Argeneau vampire novel Schlink, Bernhard. Summer lies. Scott, Lawrence. Light falling on bamboo. Shakespeare, L. M. The messenger. Shalvis, Jill. Lucky in love. A Lucky Harbor novel ; Shaw, Bernard. An unsocial socialist. Shaw, Bernard. Love among the artists. Shaw, Rebecca. A village in jeopardy. Shomer, Enid. The twelve rooms of the Nile. Singh, Nalini. Caressed by ice. The Psy-Changeling series Singh, Nalini. Mine to possess. Psy-Changeling series Smith, Kevin. Jammy dodger. Smith, Roger. Tycoonery. Smith, Zadie. NW. Soobramanien, Na- Genie and Paul.

Spalding, Nick. Love... from both sides. Staincliffe, Cath. Split second. Staples, Mary Jane. Love for a soldier. Steel, Danielle. Southern lights. Stevens, Amanda. The restorer. Tan, Twan Eng. The garden of evening mists. Templeton, Edith. Gordon. Thorne, Nicola. The holly tree. Tissington, Sally. Crocodile on the carousel. Toksvig, Sandi. Valentine Grey. Towles, Amor. Rules of civility. Trenow, Liz. The last telegram. Trigiani, Adriana. The shoemaker's wife. Trollope, Anthony. Framley Parsonage. The chronicles of Barsetshire Vaughn, Carrie. Kitty steals the show. Vukelic, AnneWaters, Sarah. Webb, Sarah. Weiner, Jennifer. Wharton, William. Wiggs, Susan. Yallop, Jacqueline.

The butterflies are free. Tipping the velvet. The shoestring club. Then came you. Birdy. The winter lodge. Obedience.

Virago modern classics

Graphic Novel Author Barber, John. Huston, Charlie. Irvine, Alexander. Lynch, Brian. Morrison, Grant. Nguyen, Hoang. Ostrander, John. Smith, Kevin. Wagner, John. Wolfman, Marv. Historical Author Aitcheson, James. Cameron, Christian. Chadwick, Elizabeth. Donoghue, Emma. Jackson, Douglas. Jovy, Alexander. Low, Robert. Murphy,Theresa. Norfolk, Lawrence. Riches, Anthony. Roberts, Judson. Roberts, Judson. Roberts, Judson. Stachniak, Eva. Swift, Deborah. Tillyard, S. K. Tremain, Rose. Unsworth, Barry. Wilson, A. N. Young, Robyn.

Title Robots in disguise. Broken quarantine. Ianto's tomb. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Barry Sonnenfeld's dinosaurs vs aliens. Sisters at war. The Republic goes to war. Kevin Smith's The Bionic Man : Judge Dredd : Return of the burglar.

Title The splintered kingdom.

Series Wolverine Dungeons & dragons. Dark sun

Carbon Grey Star Wars. Clone Wars



Poseidon's spear. Lady of the English. Slammerkin. Avenger of Rome. I am Cyrus : Crowbone. McFeeley's rebellion. John Saturnall's feast. Fortress of spears. Dragons from the sea. Viking warrior. The road to vengeance. The winter palace. The gilded lily. Tides of war. Merivel. The quality of mercy. The potter's hand. Renegade.

Virago modern classics

Empire ; The Strongbow saga The Strongbow saga The Strongbow saga

Romance Author Title Series Anderson, Caroline. The valtieri baby. Anderson, Sarah M. A man of privilege. Armstrong, Lindsay. When only diamonds will do. Ashby, Teresa. Ruth's war. Ashford, Lucy. The captain's courtesan. Bagwell, Stella. His Texas baby. Banks, Leanne. The princess and the outlaw. Banks, Maya. Undone by her tender touch. Barnes, Miranda. A promise for tomorrow. Beaton, M. C. Perfecting Fiona. The school for manners Beaton, M. C. Enlightening Delilah. The school for manners Boyle, Elizabeth. Lord Langley is back in town. The highlander's stolen Brisbin, Terri. touch. Carlyle, Liz. The bride wore pearls. Cassidy. Rancher under cover. Chamberlain, Diane. Keeper of the light. His last chance at redempConder,Michelle. tion. Cowan, Debra. Whirlwind cowboy. Craven, Sara. The price of retribution. DeNosky, Kathie. His marriage to remember. Ellis, Lucy. Ferrarella, Marie. Fielding, Liz. Fraser, Anne. Galton, Della. Gibson, Rachel. Green, Christina. Green,Abby. Greene, Jennifer.

The man she shouldn't Cavanaugh rules. Conflict of hearts. Her motherhood wish. Keeping secrets. Crazy on you. Sea music. One night with the enemy. Little matchmakers.

The hidden heart of Rico Hardy, Kate. Rossi. Hardy, Kate. Once a playboy.... Harris, Liz. The road back. Revelations of the night beHarris, Lynne Ray. fore. When beauty tamed the James, Eloisa. beast. James, Eloisa. The ugly duchess. James, Eloisa. The ugly duchess. Jeffries,Sabrina. To wed a wild lord. Jenkinson, Noelene. Wombat Creek. Lessons from a scandalous Jordan, Sophie. bride. Forgotten princesses King, Lucy. Krentz, Jayne Ann. Lawrence, Kim. Lee,Miranda. Lennox, Marion. Lewis, Jennifer.

The couple behind the headLegacy. Santiago's command. Contract with consequences. Her outback rescuer. The cinderella act.

MacAllister, Mallery, Susan. Marinelli, Carol. Marton, Dana. Marton,Sandra. McCabe, Helen. McPhee, Margaret.

Tall, dark & reckless. The million-dollar catch. Banished to the harem. Spy hard : The dangerous Jacob Wilde. Highway of fear. His mask of retribution.

Meier, Susan. Morey,Trish.

The tycoon's secret daughThe sheikh's last gamble.

Mortimer, Carole.

Mistress to the Mediterrane-

Moundson, Marga- My secret love. Neil, Joanna. Tamed by her brooding boss. O'Brien, Anne. Marriage under siege. The bachelor, the baby and Pade, Victoria. the beauty. Power, Elizabeth. A delicious deception. Reece, Colleen L. Whispers in the wilderness. Frontier brides ;

Roberts, Nora. Robins, Denise. Shalvis, Jill. Shaw, Chantelle. Summers, Cara.

Falling for Rachel. To love is to live. At last. The Greek's acquisition. No holds barred.

ThomasThompson, Vicki Lewis. Vanak, Bonnie. Webb, Debra. Webb, Debra.

Guardian of the night.

Science Fiction Author Allston, Aaron. Barrowman, John. Beckett, Chris. Cadigan, Pat. Cox, Greg. Dick, Philip K. George, David R., Lore, Pittacus. McNeill, Graham. Miller, John Jackson. Priest, Christopher. Shiel, M. P. Tubb, E.C. Wells, H. G.

A Lucky Harbor novel ;

Cowboys like us. The covert wolf. Colby law. The equalisers.

Title Mercy kill. Exodus code. Dark Eden. Synners. The Dark Knight rises. Total recall. Raise the dawn. The rise of nine. Priests of Mars. Lost tribe of the Sith story collection. The islanders. The purple cloud. Tomorrow. The war of the worlds.

Series Star Wars. X-Wing Torchwood ; SF masterworks

Star Trek. Typhon Pact Lorien legacies ; Warhammer 40,000 Star Wars ; Penguin classics SF masterworks

Spine Chiller Author Dunmore, Helen. Evans, Justin. Hayes, Steve. Herbert, James. Novak, Chase. Thriller Author Armstrong, Harry. Bagshawe, Tilly. Barton, Beverly. Bauer, Belinda. Blake, Adam. Bolano, Roberto. Boyne, John. Brackman, Lisa. Brooks, Charlie. Brown, Sandra. Browne, Robert Gregory. Cain, Tom. Carver, Tania. Child, Lee. Child, Lee. Cole, Martina. Connolly, John. Conrad, Patrick. Corbin, Julie. Crais, Robert. Dean, A. M.

Title The greatcoat. The white devil : Children of the dark. Ash. Breed.


Title Pawn's gambit. Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the dark. Dead by nightfall. Finders keepers. The demon code. The Third Reich. Next of kin. Day of the dead. Switch. Low pressure. The paradise prophecy. Carver. Choked. A wanted man. The affair. The life. The wrath of angels. No sale. Do me no harm. Hostage. The lost library.

A Jack Reacher novel A Jack Reacher thriller

Dolan, Harry. Dugdall, Ruth. Faye, Lyndsay. Francis, Felix.

Very bad men. The sacrificial man. The gods of Gotham. Bloodline.

Freveletti, Jamie. Gardner, John.

Robert Ludlum's the janus No deals, Mr Bond.

Golemon, David Legacy : Gordon Sinclair, John. Seventy times seven. Grace, Tom. The liberty intrigue. Grindle, Lucretia W. The lost daughter. Grisham, John. The litigators. Hallinan, Timothy. The fear artist. Hewson, David. Carnival for the dead. Hjorth, Michael. Sebastian Bergman. Jahn, Ryan David. Low life. Jordan, Will. Redemption. Kinnings, Max. Baptism. Larsson, Asa. The black path. Lindsay, Jeffry P. Double Dexter : Locke, Attica. The cutting season. McCarry, Charles. Old boys. McDermid, Val. The vanishing point. McNab, Andy. Remote control. Meyer, Deon. Devil's peak. Meyer, Deon. Trackers. Needham, Jake. Killing Plato. Ohlsson, Kristina. Silenced. Patterson, James. Now you see her. Patterson, James. Kill Alex Cross. Reichs, Kathy.

Deja dead.

Schirach, Ferdi-

The Collini case.

James Bond

A Poke Rafferty thriller

A Temperance Brennan nov-

Shepherd, Lloyd. Slaughter, Karin. Smith, Mark Allen. Stacey, Lyndon. Stevens, Chevy. Thomason, Dustin. Tolkien, Simon. Voss, Louise. White, Stephen. Williams, Amanda Kyle. Western Author Adams,Clifton. Bowers, Terrell L. Cole, Jackson. Dalmas, Rick. DuRey, William. Irwin, Alan. Johnstone, J. A.

The English monster. Fallen. The Inquisitor. No holds barred. Never knowing. 12-21. The inheritance. Killing Cupid. In the line of fire.

The Inspector Trave series

Stranger in the room.

Title The desperado. No quarter at Devil's Fork. Riders of the Rimrock trail. Count the dead. The Drummond brand. The long hunt. Hard luck money.

Johnstone, William A good day to die. MacDonald, William Colt. Powder smoke. McNulty, Thomas. Showdown at Snakebite Randisi,Robert J. Crow bait. Stone, Emmett. Wells, Lee E.

A Daniel Whelan mystery

Last reckoning of the PresidThe tall Texan.

The Loner Savage Texas

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