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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

May 2013

Adventure Author Hamilton, Donald. Higgins, Jack. Higgins, Jack. Household, Geoffrey. McNab, Andy. McNab, Andy. Mills, Kyle. Monroe, Aly.

Title The removers. Night of the fox. The President's daughter. A time to kill. Last light. Liberation day. Robert Ludlum's The utopia experiment. Black bear.

Crime Author Title Albert, Susan Wit- The darling dahlias and the tig. confederate rose. Allen, Robin. Bale, Mary. Barrett, Lorna. Bates, Quentin. Beaton, M.C. Black, Helen. Blake, Robin. Bonnot, XavierMarie. Brady,Jacklyn. Brooks, Kevin. Burke, James Lee. Charteris, Leslie. Charteris, Leslie.

Stick a fork in it. Threads of treason. Murder on the half shelf. Chilled to the bone. Hiss and hers. Dark spaces. Dark waters.

Charteris, Leslie. Colfer, Eoin. Cutler, Judith. Davis, Lindsey.

The Saint versus Scotland Screwed. Guilt edged. The ides of April.

Series A Matt Helm novel A Sean Dillon novel

A Nick Stone novel A Nick Stone novel A Covert-One novel A Peter Cotton novel

Series Darling Dahlias Mysteries Poppy Markham, culinary cop ; A Booktown mystery Agatha Raisin

A Commandant de Palma investigation A piece of cake mystery

The voice of the spirits. Cake on a hot tin roof. Wrapped in white. Cadillac jukebox. A Dave Robicheaux novel The Saint and Mr Teal. The Saint meets his match.

A Lina Townend mystery Falco ; the new generation

Fanning, Diane. Fraser, Sara. Galbraith, Gillian. Glasby, Edmund. Granger, Ann. Greenwood, Kerry. Greenwood, Kerry. Greenwood, Kerry. Greenwood, Kerry. Harrison, Cora. Heley, Veronica. Holt, Jonathan. Hunter, Alan. Hunter, Alan. Jance, J.A. Keller, Julia. Kent, Christobel. Kernick,Simon. Knightly, Robert. Kurland, Michael. La Plante, Lynda. Lees, Lonni. Lehane, Dennis. MacBain, Bruce. Magson, Adrian. Malekos, Matthew. Mark, David. Masterton, Graham. McGowan, Claire. Morrell, David. Myers, Amy.

Twisted reason. A Lucinda Pierce mystery The drowned ones. The road to hell. An Alice Rice mystery The Dyrysgol horror and other stories. An Inspector Benjamin Ross A particular eye for villainy. mystery A Miss Phryne Fisher mysFlying too high. tery Miss Phryne Fisher investigates. A Phryne Fisher mystery A Miss Phryne Fisher mysMurder on the ballarat train. tery Unnatural habits. A Phryne Fisher Mystery Scales of retribution. Murder with mercy. An Ellie Quicke mystery The abomination. Gently where the roads go. Gently with the innocents. Failure to appear. J.P. Beaumont Novel ; A killing in the hills. A darkness descending. Ultimatum. Bodies in winter. Victorian villaniny. A face in the crowd. The mosaic murder. Live by night. Roman games. An Inspector Lucas Rocco Death on the Pont Noir. mystery ; Peroxide homicide. Original skin. White bones. The lost. Murder as a fine art. Classic mistake.

Jack Colby, car detective

Parker, Robert B. Parker, Robert B. Peterson, Mark. Pinborough, Sarah. Randisi, Robert J. Rozan, S. J.

Night passage. Trouble in Paradise. A place of blood and bone.

The Jesse Stone mysteries ; A Jesse Stone mystery

Mayhem. You make me feel so dead. A 'Rat Pack' mystery Bad blood. A Bill Smith novel Sidney Chambers and the Runcie, James. perils of the night. Russell, Leigh. Dead end. A double death on the Black Scott, A.D. Isle. A Roger the Chapman mysSedley, Kate. The Christmas wassail. tery Sefton, Maggie. Deadly politics. Sennen, Mark. Touch. Sherez, Stav. Eleven days. Stabenow, Dana. Breakup. A Kate Shugak investigation ; Stark, Richard. Parker. Thomson, Lesley. The detective's daughter. The Hennessey and Yellich Turnbull, Peter. Aftermath. series Verner, Gerald. Noose for a lady. Yrsa Sigurardottir. Someone to watch over me. Family Saga Author Court, Dilly. Doughty, Anne. Hamilton, Ruth. Jacobs, Anna. McInnes, Betty. Rivers, Carol.

Title The best of daughters. For many a long day A Liverpool song. Yew Tree Gardens. The longest journey Cockney orphan.


Fantasy Author Feist, Raymond E. Ford, Richard. Furey, Maggie. Gemmell, Stella. King, Stephen. Mieville, China. Ward, Michael J.

General Author Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. Alderman, Naomi. Aridjis, Chloe. Ashour, Radwa. Aslam, Nadeem. Azzam, Fadi. Beaton, M. C.

Title Magician's end. Herald of the storm. Exodus of the Xandim. The city. The drawing of the three. Railsea. The legion of shadow. The mammoth book of dark magic.

Chronicles of the Xandim ; The dark tower ; DestinyQuest ;



Americanah. The liars' gospel. Asunder. Spectres. The blind man's garden. Sarmada. Deirdre & Desire.

The six sisters ;

The girl in the flammable Bender, Aimee. Benmalek, Anouar. Abduction. Blake, Evie. Valentina on the edge. Bodden, Marlen Bragg, Melvyn. Britton, Fern. Brook, Rhidian. Brunt, Carol Rifka. Byers, Sam.


The wedding gift. Grace and Mary. The holiday home. The aftermath. Tell the wolves I'm home. Idiopathy.

Carlson, Amanda. Hot blooded. Carr, Amelia. The secret she kept. Chabon, Michael. Telegraph Avenue. Chamberlain, Diane. The lost daughter. Clanchy, Kate, Meeting the English. Connelly, Victoria. Wish you were here. Conran, Shirley. The revenge. Cook, Thomas H. The crime of Julian Wells. Costello, Jane. The wish list. Dean, Rebecca. Wallis. Derting, Kimberly. Dead silence. Douglas, Donna. The Nightingale sisters. Doyle, Roddy. The guts. Dugdall, Ruth. The woman before me. Ellis, Alice Thom- The inn at the edge of the as. world. Evans, Harriet. Not without you. Feehan, Christine. Dark peril. Fellowes, Mave. Chaplin and company. Fenwick, Liz. The Cornish house. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The great Gatsby. Fitzpatrick, Kylie. The silver thread. Flanery, Patrick. Fallen land. Billy Lynn's long halftime Fountain, Ben. walk. Fox, Savanna. The Dirty Girls Book Club. Gaskell, Elizabeth. Mary Barton. Geraghty, Ciara. Lifesaving for beginners. Gill, Elizabeth. Dragon's field. Goodwin, Rosie. Home front girls. Graham, JoAnne. Lacey's house. Green, Hilary. Passions of war. Hadley, Tessa. Clever girl. Haig, Matt. The humans. Hamilton-Paterson, James. Under the radar.

Jessica McClain ;

A Carpathian novel

The Leonora saga

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. Hill, Melissa. Hill, Melissa. Hosseini, Khaled. Issa Al-Saqr, Mahdi. Izzo, Kim.

Kate's progress. The charm bracelet. The guest list. And the mountains echoed.

East winds, west winds. My life in black and white. The emergence of Judy TayJackson, Angela. lor. James,Amanda. A stitch in time. Jewell, Lisa. Before I met you. An enormously English monJones, Christina. soon wedding. Kazan, Philip. Appetite. Keane, Jessie. Nameless. Keane, Mary Beth. Fever. Kelly, Cathy. The honey queen. Kenyon, Sherrilyn. The curse. Kimberling, Brian. Snapper. Kingsolver, Barbara. The Lacuna : Kingsolver, Barbara. The poisonwood bible. Kinsella, Sophie. I've got your number. Knausgard, Karl Ove. A man in love. Koomson, Dorothy. The Ice Cream Girls. Lalwani, Nikita. The village. Ley, Rosanna. Bay of secrets. Lightfoot, Freda. My lady deceiver. Lokko, Lesley Naa Norle. Little white lies. Lokko, Lesley. Little white lies. Loveday, Chrissie. Cornish killing. Ma, Jian. The dark road. Macomber,Debbie. Any Sunday. Matthews, Beryl. A debt from the past. Maxwell,Marie. Gracie. McCann, Colum. TransAtlantic.

McEwan, Ian. Sweet tooth. McGrath, Patrick. Constance. From Notting Hill to New McNamara, Ali. York -- actually. McQueen, Alison. Under the jewelled sky. The position of Peggy HarMerrick, Leonard. per. Monaghan, Alan. The soldier's farewell. Montefiore, Santa. The summer house. Morton, Kate. The secret keeper. Newman,Stella. Leftovers. Nichols, Mary. The girl on the beach. If you're reading this I'm alNicoll, Andrew. ready dead. Niedermann, Timothy P. Wall of dust. Pakeman, Louise. The waiting game. Punti, Jordi. Lost luggage. Quick, Amanda. Rash, Ron. Rawle, Graham. Richards, Jess. Riley, Lucinda. Rivas, Manuel, Rodriguez, Deborah. Rogerson,Cynthia. Roit, S. Sallis, Susan. Salter, James. Schami, Rafik. Schami, Rafik.

The mystery woman. The cove. The card. Cooking with bones. The girl on the cliff. All is silence. The little coffee shop of Kabul. If I touched the earth. Grimalkin Manor. Learning to dance. All that is. Damascus nights. The calligrapher's secret.

A ladies of Lantern Street novel

Sherlock, Alison. Shreve, Anita. Shriver, Lionel. Sloss, Aria Beth. Soffer, Jessica, Stagg, Julia. Staincliffe, Cath. Stedman, M. L. Stewart, Mariah. Stewart, Mariah. Stimson, Tess. Straub, Emma. Swarup, Vikas. Syson, Lydia. Tate, June. Taylor, Patrick. Theroux, Marcel. Thirkell, Angela. Thomas, Ruth. Toon, Paige. Trout, Nick. Vowler, Tom. Wallace, Danny. Wallace, Rosie. Wallace, Wendy. Ward, J. R. Wright, Katrina.

The desperate wife's survival plan. Light on snow. Big brother. Autobiography of us. Tomorrow there will be apricots. The Parisian's return. Blink of an eye. The light between oceans. Coming home. Hometown girl. The lying game. Laura Lamont's life in picThe accidental apprentice. A world between us. Her father's daughter. An Irish country girl. Strange bodies. Wild strawberries. The home corner. The longest holiday. The patron saint of lost dogs. What lies within. Charlotte Street. The trouble with keeping mum. The painted bridge. Lover at last. Lallie.

Younes, Iman Hu- Wild mulberries. Ziervogel, Meike. Magda. Graphic Novel Author Barber, John. Gillen, Kieron. Mills, Pat. Moore, Alan.

Title Robots in disguise ; Believe. Marshal Law. DC Universe.

Series Transformers Iron Man

Historical Author Andrews, Lyn. Blake, Richard. Collins, Courtney. Davies, J. D. Doherty, Gordon.

Title The Queen's promise. The ghosts of Athens. The burial. The lion of midnight. Legionary. Legionary : Viper of the Doherty, Gordon. North. Druon, Maurice. The iron king. Dunant, Sarah. Blood & beauty. Harrison, Kathryn. Enchantments. Loupas, Elizabeth. The second duchess. Lynch, Paul. Red sky in morning. Mantel, Hilary. Bring up the bodies. Potzsch, Oliver. The beggar king. Riches, Anthony. The leopard sword. Russell, Sean. A ship of war. Scarrow, Simon. Sword & scimitar. Severin, Timothy. The book of dreams. Stewart, Mary. The crystal cave. Swift, Deborah. The gilded lily. Tremain, Rose. Restoration. Venmore-Rowland, Henry. The last Caesar. Wilcox, John. Fire across the veldt. Wilson, A. N. The potter's hand. Young, Robyn. Brethren. Young, Robyn. Crusade. Young, Robyn. Requiem :


The accursed kings ;

A hangman's daughter tale Empire ;

Saxon ; Merlin trilogy ;

A Simon Fonthill novel The Brethren trilogy ; The Brethren trilogy ; The Brethren trilogy

Romance Author Banks, Maya. Banks, Maya. Beaton, M.C. Childs, Lisa. Day, Zuri. Dees, Cindy. DeNosky, Kathy. Fielding, Liz. Gates, Olivia. Graham, Lynne. Harris, Liz. Hauf, Michelle.

Title Series Never love a Highlander. Seduction of a Highland lass. Animating Maria. The princess predicament. Diamond dreams. A billionaire's redemption. In the rancher's arms. The temp and the tycoon. Temporarily his princess. The sheikh's prize. A dangerous heart. This wicked magic. The matchmaker's happy Jump, Shirley. ending. The lady who broke the Kaye, Marguerite. rules. Castonbury Park Kennedy, Elle. Special forces rendezvous. MacLean, Carol. Return to Barradale. MacLean, Julianne. Captured by the Highlander. MacLean, Julianne. Claimed by the Highlander. Macomber, Debbie. Dakota born. Macomber, Debbie. Dakota home. Mann, Catherine. Playing for keeps. McCabe, Amanda. A stranger at Castonbury. Castonbury Park Mckenna, Lindsay. The wrangler. McQuiston, Jennifer. What happens in Scotland. Meier, Susan. A father for her triplets. Innocent in the Regency ballMerrill, Christine. room. Milburne, Melanie. His final bargain. Mounsdon, Margaret. Love triumphant. Palmer, Diana. Courageous. Pappano, Marilyn. Copper Lake confidential.

Parker, Victoria. Power, Elizabeth. Probst, Jennifer. Roberts, Nora. Sala, Sharon. Selmi, Habib. Stephens, Susan. Svenne, Jasmina. Udy, Susan. Warner, Kaki. Whiddon, Karen. Wilde, Lori.

Princess in the iron mask. A Greek escape. The marriage mistake. The fall of Shane MacKade. Til death. A Rebel Ridge novel The scents of Marie-Claire. Diamond in the desert. Forget-me-not. Dangerous legacy. Colorado dawn. The wolf prince. Crash landing.

Science Fiction Author Abnett, Dan. Howey, Hugh. Howey, Hugh. Smythe, J. P.

Title Know no fear : Shift. Wool. The machine.


Spine Chiller Author Armstrong, Kelley. Armstrong, Kelley. Boyne, John. Hannah, Sophie. Harris, Charlaine.

Title Dime store magic. Industrial magic. This house is haunted. The orphan choir. Dead ever after.

Series Women of the otherworld Women of the otherworld

Lovecraft, H. P.

The Dunwich horror and oth- Red classics

Masterton, GraMoore, Syd. Myerson, Julie. Percy, Benjamin. Perry, S. D. Rickman, Philip. Shirley, John.

Community. Witch hunt. The quickening. Red moon. Zero hour. The chalice. Resident evil: Retribution.

Resident evil ; Resident evil

Thriller Author Beukes, Lauren. Billingham, Mark. Brown, Dan. Cole, Martina. Daly, Paula. Donovan, Michael. Falconer, Duncan. Gross, Andrew. Hart, Erin. Jackson, Lisa. Jordan, Will, Kanon, Joseph. Katzenbach, John. Kosmatka, Ted. Leather, Stephen. Lutz, John. Marklund, Liza. McKenzie, Sophie. Moffat, G. J. Ohlsson, Kristina. Polansky, Daniel. Roslund, Anders.

Title The shining girls. Rush of blood. Inferno. The life. Just what kind of mother are you?. Behind closed doors. Assassin. No way back. The book of Killowen. Cold blooded. Sacrifice. Istanbul passage : What comes next. Prophet of bones. Nightshade. Single white female. Lifetime. Close my eyes. Protection. Silenced. Tomorrow the killing. Two soldiers.

Swierczynski, Talty, Stephan. Voss, Louise.

Point & shoot. Black Irish. All fall down.

Western Author Bainbridge, Colin. Cole, Jackson. DuRey, Will. Frazee, Steve. Hayes, Ralph. Lomax, Bliss. Masero, Tony. Mitchell, Greg. Tyrell, Chuck.

Title Guns of wrath. Texas fists. In the high Bitterroots. Tower of rocks. Ford revenge. The lost buckaroo. Jake Rains. Breakout. A man called Breed.


An Eddie Flynn novel

A Jack Nightingale novel An Annika Bengtzon novel

Low Town

A Charlie Hardie thriller

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New adult fiction may 2013  

A list of new adult fiction books added to Stoke on Trent Libraries in June 2013. You can request these titles from your local library or by...

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