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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

March 2012

Adventure Author Cussler, Clive. Cussler, Clive. Higgins, Jack. Higgins, Jack.

Title The thief. White death. Confessional. The White House connection.

Series An Isaac Bell adventure A Kurt Austin adventure : the NUMA files

Sean Dillon

Lustbader, Eric Robert Ludlum's The Bourne A Jason Bourne novel Pattinson, James. The liberators. Sutherland, Grant. The hawks of London. The decipherer's chronicles Crime Author Aames Avery. Barnard, Robert. Battison, Patti. Beaton, M. C. Beaton, M. C.

Title Lost and fondue. A mansion and its murder. The dead do speak. As the pig turns. Death of a sweep.

Beaton, M.C. Bolin, Janet. Brandreth, Gyles Daubeney. Brightwell, Emily. Brody, Frances. Burke, John. Campbell, Karen. Carter, Chris. Christer, Sam. Clark, Cassandra. Clark, Cassandra. Clark, Cassandra. Conant, Susan.

Death of a kingfisher. Dire threads. Oscar Wilde and the Vatican murders. Mrs Jeffries forges ahead. Murder in the afternoon. Fear by instalments. Proof of life. The night stalker. The Turin Shroud secret. A parliament of spies. The law of angels. The law of angels. Brute strength.

Series A cheese shop mystery

Agatha Raisin The Hamish Macbeth series A Hamish Macbeth murder mystery Threadville mystery

A Kate Shackleton mystery

An Abbess of Meaux mystery An Abbess of Meaux mystery An Abbess of Meaux mystery

Conant, Susan. Cooper, Susan Rogers. Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Cutler, Judith.

Brute strength : Full circle.

An E. J. Pugh mystery

Cruel and unusual.

Scarpetta series

Scarpetta series The Lina Townend series A Lord Francis Powerscourt Dickinson, David. Death in a scarlet coat. murder mystery Duncker, Patricia. The strange case of the composer and his judge. Easter, Patrick. The river of fire. Eastland, Sam. Siberian red. Ellis, Robert. Murder season. Estleman, Loren Ferris, Monica. Giuttari, Michele. Gray, Alex. Hall, Tarquin. Hammond, Gerald. Harris, Charlaine. Hayes, Steve. Higashino, Keigo. Hill, Suzette A. Hoffman, Cara. Holt, Hazel. Holt, Hazel. Hutton, Ewart. Jardine, Quintin. Jennings, Maureen.

Unnatural exposure. Guilt trip.

Infernal angels. An Amos Walker Novel Threadbare. A Needlecraft mystery The black rose Of Florence. A pound of flesh. The case of the man who died laughing : The fingers of one foot. Real murders. Cast a deadly shadow. The devotion of suspect X. Bones in high places : So much pretty. Gone away. The cruellest month. Good people. Grievous angel. Under the dragon's tail.

Kellerman, Faye. Blood games. Lazenby, Norman. Death at Duncan House. Leon, Donna. Drawing conclusions. Lewis, Roy. An uncertain sound. Lewis, Roy. Goddess of death. Mankell, Henning. The troubled man. Martin, Andrew. The Somme stations. Masters, Priscilla. Frozen Charlotte.

An Aurora Teagarden mystery

A Sheila Malory mystery A Sheila Malory mystery Glyn Capaldi mystery Bob Skinner series Murdoch mysteries A Peter Decker & Rina Lazarus thriller

An Arnold Landon mystery A Kurt Wallander thriller Jim Stringer, steam detective A Martha Gunn mystery

McCaul, Kathleen. Murder in the ashram. Meier, Leslie. English tea murder. Moody, Mary. Nesbo, Jo.

A killing in antiques. Phantom.

Nickson, Chris. O'Donovan, Gerard. Penny, Mark. Pepper, Andrew.

The constant lovers. Dublin dead. Revenge of the red square. Bloody winter.

Perry, Anne. Persson, Leif G. W. Raichev, R. T. Robb, J. D. Robb, J. D. Robb, J. D. Rowson, Pauline. Russell, Kirk.

Acceptable loss. Between summer's longing and winter's end. The murder of Gonzago. Purity in death. Reunion in death. Seduction in death. A killing coast. Counterfeit road.

Schirach, FerdiShepherd, Lynn.

Guilt. Tom-All-Alone's.

A Lucy Stone mystery A Lucy St. Elmo antiques The Richard Nottingham mystery

An Inspector William Monk

In death novels In death novels A DI Horton mystery The Ben Raveneau series

Spencer, Sally. Fatal quest : St. James, Dorothy. Flowerbed of state. Staincliffe, Cath. Witness.

A Chief Inspector Woodend A White house gardener mystery

Varesi, Valerio. Verner,Gerald. Webster, Jason. Wells, Shirley.

The dark valley. Mr Budd again. Or the bull kills you. Shades of evil.

A Commissario Soneri mys-

Winspear, Yrsa Sigurardottir. Mina, Denise. Muller, Marcia. Trow, M. J.

The mapping of love and A Maisie Dobbs mystery The day is dark. The end of the wasp season. City of whispers. Maxwell's island.

Family Saga Author Title Andrews, Lyn. Beyond a misty shore. Andrews, Lyn. To love and to cherish. Baxter, Lily. We'll meet again. Baxter, Lily. We'll meet again. Brellend, Kay. The family. Brellend, Kay. The family. Brown, Benita. I'll be seeing you. Court, Dilly. A mother's trust. Dickinson, Margaret. Jenny's war. Dickinson, Margaret. Sons and daughters. Evans, Pamela. Whispers in the town. Flynn, Katie. First love, last love. Groves, Annie. My sweet Valentine. Hampson, June. A mother's journey. King, Catherine. The orphan child. Page, Lynda. A bitter legacy. Phillips, Niki. The Liffey flows on by. Wood, Valerie. The harbour girl.


Fantasy Author Title Aaron, Rachel. The legend of Eli Monpress. Bennett, Robert Jackson. The troupe. Brogden, James. The Narrows. Chima, Cinda Williams. The Gray Wolf throne. Cook, Glen. A path to coldness of heart. Cooper, Elspeth. Songs of the earth. Donaldson, Stephen R. The runes of the Earth. Feist, Raymond Hanover, M.L.N. Lowe, Helen. Martin, Gail. McNeill, Graham. Mead, Richelle. Mitchell, Sandy. Pratchett, Terry. Sullivan, Michael J.


Seven Realms Dread empire The wild hunt The last chronicles of Thomas Covenant

A crown imperilled. Darker angels. The heir of night. The dread. The chapter's due. Shadow heir. The emperor's finest. Men at arms.

Black Sun's daughter The Wall of Night The fallen kings cycle A novel of the Ultramarines Dark swan Ciaphas Cain A Discworld novel

Heir of Novron.

The Riyria revelations

General Author Addison, Corban. Addison, Corban. Adiga, Aravind.

Title Series A walk across the sun. A walk across the sun. Last man in tower. The case of the missing boyAlexander, Nick. friend. Andrews, Virginia. Into the darkness. Archer, Jeffrey. The sins of the father. The Clifton chronicles ; Auel, Jean M. The plains of passage. Earth's children ; Bakker, Gerbrand. The detour. Banks, Russell. Lost memory of skin. Barrera, Alberto. The sickness. Lord Dover and other lost Bennett, Arnold. stories. Benson, Peter. Berry, Anne. Boukhobza, Chochana. Boyd, William.

Two cows and a vanful of The water children. The third day. Waiting for sunrise.

Braddon, Mary Lady Audley's secret. Oxford world's classics Burgess, Anthony. Byrne. Vintage classics Burns, Christopher. A division of the light. Caldwell, Lucy. The meeting point. Cartwright, Justin. Other people's money. Cassidy, Yvonne. What might have been me. Cercas, Javier. The anatomy of a moment. Cheong, Colin. The stolen child. Child, Catriona. Trackman. Cobbold, Marika. Drowning Rose. The summer of living dangerCohen, Julie. ously. Cohen, Leah Hager. The grief of others. Cohen, Tamar. The mistress's revenge. Cole, Teju. Open city. Conlon-McKenna, A taste for love. Conlon-McKenna, Three women.

Cook. Gloria. Dane, Lauren. Darby, Katy. Dastgir, Rosie. Dastgir, Rosie. Davies, Caitlin. Davy, Nelle. Defoe, Gideon.

A Dorrie Resterick historical saga A bound by magick novel

Never let go. Heart of darkness. The whores' asylum. A small fortune. A small fortune. The ghost of Lily Painter. The legacy of Eden. The pirates! : The pirates! in an adventure Defoe, Gideon. with Moby Dick. The pirates! in an adventure Defoe, Gideon. with scientists. Dickens, Charles. Oliver Twist. Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. The language of flowers. Eames, Andrea. The white shadow. Edwards, Kim. The lake of dreams. Emerald city and other stoEgan, Jennifer. ries. Endicott, Marina. The little shadows : Faulks, Sebastian. Birdsong. Vintage classics Feehan, Christine. Lair of the lion. Fforde, Katie. Recipe for love. Fforde, Katie. Summer of love. Fiore, Rosie. Babies in waiting. Flynn, Katie. The runaway. Hotel on the corner of bitter Ford, Jamie. and sweet. Forster, Margaret. Shadow baby. Fox, Essie. The somnambulist. Franck, Julia. The blind side of the heart. Fullerton, Jean. Hold on to hope. Gale, Patrick. A perfectly good man. Garlock, Dorothy. Come a little closer. Gilbert, Francis. The last day of term. Gillies, Andrea. The white lie. Grange, Amanda. Wickham's Diary.

Graves, Robert. Green, Hilary.

Sergeant Lamb of the Ninth. Daughters of war. The Leonora trilogy

Green, Matthew. Memoirs of an imaginary Greenslade, Groves, Annie. Hall, Emylia. Harding, Georgina. Harrison, Elizabeth. Harvey, Samantha. Hemmings, Kaui Hart. Highmore, Julie. Hill, Suzette A. Hill, Suzette A. Jackson, Lisa. Jacobs, Anna. James, Eloisa. Jenkins, Robin. Johnson, Kate. Jones, Christina. Jones, Susanna.

Shelter. My sweet valentine. The book of summers. Painter of silence. Corridors of healing. All is song.

Jones, Wendy. Joyce, James.

The descendants. The birthday. Bone idle. Bones in the belfry. Strangers. Winds of change. The duke is mine. The cone-gatherers. The UnTied kingdom. Never can say goodbye. When nights were cold. The thoughts and happenings of Wilfred Price, purveyor of superior funerals. Dubliners.

Judd, Alan.

A breed of heroes.

Judd, Alan. Kasischke, Laura. Kay, I. J. Kelly Cathy. Kennedy, Douglas. Kent, Trilby. Kesey, Roy.

Uncommon enemy. The raising. Mountains of the Moon. The house on Willow Street.

Krentz, Jayne

In too deep.

A Charles Thoroughgood A Charles Thoroughgood novel

The moment. Smoke portrait. Pacazo. The secret dreamworld of a Kinsella, Sophie. shopaholic. Arcane Society novels

Lamb, Victoria. Lanchester, John. Lane, Harriet. Levine, Sara. Levithan, David. Lewis, Susan. Lewycka, Marina. Lewycka, Marina. Lim, Catherine. Lim, Catherine. Lim, Catherine. Long, Kate. Lovering, Jane. Low, Shari.

The queen's secret. Capital. Alys, always. Treasure Island!!!. The lover's dictionary : Losing you. Various pets alive and dead. Various pets alive and dead. Miss Seetoh in the world. The song of Silver Frond. The teardrop story woman. Before she was mine. Please don't stop the music. Friday night with the girls. The secret life of Laura Palmer.

Lynch, Jennifer. Macdonald, Malcolm. Strange music.

Macomber, Deb- 1225 Christmas Tree Lane. Mandery, Evan J. Q : Nine uses for an exManning, Sarra. boyfriend. Marr, Melissa. Graveminder. Masters, Ben. Noughties. Matar, Hisham. In the country of men. McCleen, Grace. The Land of Decoration. McCoy, Ken. Hope Street. McEwen, Helena. Invisible river. McNeal, Tom. To be sung underwater. Meekings, Sam. The book of crows. Miller, Zoe. Rival passions. Moning, Karen Marie. Shadowfever. Moore, Brian. I am Mary Dunne. Morgan, Deborah. Disappearing home. Murray, Annie. My daughter, my mother. Murray, Annie. My daughter, my mother.

The Dower House trilogy ; a Felix Breit novel A Cedar Cove novel

A MacKayla Lane novel

Naughton, Bill. Niven, John. Norman, Charity. O'Brien, Edna. O'Carroll, Brendan. O'Carroll, Brendan. O'Carroll, Brendan. O'Donnell, Lisa. Oliver, Lauren. Olsen, Gregg. O'Reilly, Paddy. Osmond, Hazel. PalmerParini, Jay. Parkin, Gaile. Pearse, Lesley. Pearse, Lesley. Pearse, Lesley. Pearse, Lesley. Pearse, Lesley. Pearse, Lesley. Pearse, Lesley. Perlman, Elliot. Pickering, Paul. Picoult, Jodi. Quinn, Anthony. Radish, Kris. Rash, Ron. Rayner, Sarah. Reid, Brenda. Reilly, Martina. Rhodes, Dan.

Alfie. The second coming. Freeing Grace. Saints and sinners. Mammy.

Mrs Browne trilogy

The chisellers.

Mrs Browne trilogy

The granny. The death of bees. Pandemonium. Victim six. The fine colour of rust. Who's afraid of Mr Wolfe?.

Mrs Browne trilogy

Infidelity. The passages of Herman Melville.. When hoopoes go to heavCharlie. Faith. Father unknown. Hope. Remember me. Secrets. Till we meet again. The street sweeper. Over the rainbow. Lone wolf. Half of the human race. Tuesday night miracles : The cove. The two week wait. The house of dust and dreams. Even better than the real thing?. This is life.

Rich, Roberta. The midwife of Venice. Roberts, Bethan. My policeman. Rowell, Rainbow. Attachments. Roy, Anuradha. The folded earth. Sanderson, Jane. Netherwood. Sapphire. The kid. Schmitt, EricEmmanuel. Noah's child. Schulman, Helen. This beautiful life. Schwartz, Adam. A stranger on the planet : Sepetys, Ruta. Between shades of gray. Shaw, Rebecca. A village deception. Showalter, Gena. The darkest seduction. Lords of the Underworld Shreve, Anita. Rescue. Simon, Rachel. The story of Beautiful Girl. Sinclair, Elizabeth. Hawks mountain. Steel, Danielle. Betrayal. Steel,Danielle. Legacy. Steinbeck, John. Cannery Row. Steinbeck, John. East of Eden. Steinbeck, John. The pearl. Steinbeck, John. The red pony. Stimson, Tess. The wife who ran away. Tabucchi, Antonio. Pereira maintains. The Marrowbone Marble Taylor, M. Glenn. Company : Thomas, Rosie. The Kashmir shawl. Thompson, E. V. Lewin's Mead. Torres, Justin. We the animals. Townsend, Sue. Adrian Mole : Townsend, Sue. Adrian Mole : The growing pains of Adrian Townsend, Sue. Mole. The lost diaries of Adrian Townsend, Sue. Mole, 1999-2001. The woman who went to bed Townsend, Sue. for a year. Townsend, Sue.

True confessions of Adrian Albert Mole, Margaret Hilda

Urquhart, Jane. Vann, David. Ward, J. R.

Sanctuary line. Caribou island. Lover mine.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood novel ;

Wareham, Warner, Helen. Warner, Helen. Welfare, Sue. Williams, Mark.

Never coming home. IOU. RSVP. One night only. The furness secret. The homecoming of Samuel Wingfield, Jenny. Lake. Winter, Kathleen. Annabel. Wood, Benjamin. The Bellwether revivals. Wright, Kim. Love in mid air. Graphic Novel Author Aaron, Jason.

Title Wolverine vs. the X-Men.



American nightmares.

The stand ;

Bendis, Brian MiCarey, Mike. Englehart, Steve. Gaiman, Neil. Gischler, Victor. King, Stephen. Mignola, Michael.

Death of Spider-Man prelAftermath. Return to Jurassic Park. Brief lives. Curse of the mutants. Cycle of the werewolf. Lost and gone forever.

Ultimate comics Spider-Man ; X-Men legacy Classic Jurassic Park ; The Sandman ; X-Men

Morgan, Richard Crysis. Rogers, John. First encounters. Williams, Rob. Fear itself.

Witchfinder ;

Dungeons & dragons ; Ghost Rider

Historical Author Betts, Charlotte. Bilyeau, Nancy. Black, Samuel. Blake, Richard. Bullough, Tom.

Title The apothecary's daughter. The crown. The ground is burning. The sword of Damascus. Konstantin.

Clark, Stuart. The sensorium of God. Clements, Jonathan. Swords and ashes. Davis, Lindsey. Master and God. De Jong, Eleanor. Delilah. Donoghue, Emma. The sealed letter. Forrester, James. The roots of betrayal. Goldsworthy, Adrian. Beat the drums slowly. Golightly, Walton. Shaka the Great : Gregory, Philippa. The lady of the rivers. Gregory, Philippa. The red queen. Griggs, T. D. Distant thunder. Heyer, Georgette. The corinthian. Jacq, Christian. The beloved of Isis. The evolution of inanimate Karlinsky, Harry. objects : Low, Robert. The lion at bay. Stachniak, Eva. The winter palace. Thompson, E. V. The vagrant king. Wilcox, John. The war of the Dragon Lady.


The sky's dark labyrinth trilogy ; Spartacus

The cousins' war The cousins' war ;

The Mozart series ;

The kingdom series

A Simon Fonthill novel

Romance Author

Title Series Enticed by his forgotten lovBanks, Maya. er. Barrett, Gail. High-risk reunion. Capus, Alex. Leon and Louise. Carlisle, Kate. How to seduce a billionaire. Celmer, Michelle. Much more than a mistress. Daniels, B.J. Rustled. The soldier's secret daughDees, Cindy. ter. Dees, Cindy. The spy's secret family. Douglas, Julia. Closer!. Dunlop, Barbara. An after-hours affair. Dunn, Carola. My Lord Winter. Ferrarella, Marie. Special agent's perfect covFerrarella, Marie. The last first kiss. Fielding, Liz. Prisoner of the heart. The firebrand who unlocked Fraser, Anne. his heart. Gibson, Rachel. Nothing but trouble. Graham, Lynne. A deal at the alter. Graham, Lynne. Roccanti's marriage revenge. Hall, Connie. The beholder. When chocolate is not Harrington, Nina. enough.... Holroyd, Sheila. Wish you were here?. Klasky, Mindy. The daddy dance. LaBrecque, Jen- Northern fascination. Leigh, Jo. Choose me. Macomber, Deb- A mother's wish. Macomber, Deb- The Manning sisters. Marriage at the cowboy's Major, Ann. Mallery, Susan. Only his. Milburne, Melanie. Deserving of his diamonds. Palmer, Diana. Wyoming touch.

A fool's gold romance Bitter heart ;

Reclaiming his pregnant widRadley, Tessa. ow. Ramsay, Eileen. Love changes everything. Sarapuk, Susan. Love and chance. Shalvis, Jill. Head over heels. A Lucky Harbor novel ; Sinclair, Kira. Bring it on. Stuart, Anne. Shameless. House of Rohan ; Tarling, Moyra. Finally a family. Templeton, Karen. Husband under construction. Thayer, Patricia. Tall, dark, Texas ranger. Vanak, Bonnie. The shadow wolf. Warner, Kaki. Open country. Blood rose trilogy Wilkins, Gina. A home for the M.D.. Woods, Serenity. Bohemian rhapsody. Claimed by the Italian. Holiday fantasy. Science Fiction Author Title Baggott, Julianna. Pure. Budrys, Algis. Rogue moon. David, Pete. Blind man's bluff. Gonzales, Tony. Templar one. Harper, Steven. The Doomsday Vault. Herbert, Brian. Sisterhood of Dune. Hunt, Stephen. From the deep of the dark. Luceno, James. Darth Plagueis. MacLeod, Ken. Intrusion. McAuley, Paul. In the mouth of the whale. Meaney, John. Transmission. Tidhar, Lavie. The great game. Ward, Dayton. What judgments come.


Star Trek ; New frontier The clockwork empire The schools of Dune ; Star Wars

Ragnarok ; The bookman histories Star Trek. Vanguard ;

Spine Chiller Author Title Armstrong, Kelley. Frostbitten. Bestwick, Simon. The faceless. Edric, Robert. The devil's beat.

Series Women of the otherworld

Hamilton, Laurell Blood noir.

An Anita Blake vampire

Hamilton, Laurell The harlequin. Herbert, James. Fluke. Hutson, Shaun. Stolen angels. Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Fantasy lover. King, Stephen. Dreamcatcher. King, Stephen. Insomnia. Ransom, Christopher. The people next door. Rice, Anne. The tale of the body thief. A book of home improvements.

Anita Blake, vampire hunter

Thriller Author Anderson, Geraint. Barton, Beverly. Bateman, Colin. Beckett, Simon. Brown, Sandra. Chisholm, Alex. Clark, Marcia. Coben, Harlan. Dawson, Adrian.

Just business. Don't cry. Turbulent priests. The calling of the grave. Lethal. Banana pier. Guilt by association. Miracle cure. Sequence.

Deveney, CatheDobbs, Michael. Dobbs, Michael. Dobbs, Michael. Drvenkar, Zoran.

Kiss the bullet. The edge of madness. The Lords' day. The sentimental traitor. Sorry.


Dark-Hunter world ;


A Harry Jones thriller A Harry Jones novel

Flynn, Vince. Forrester, James. Freeman, Brian. Funaro, Gregory. Gimenez, Mark. Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Grisham, John. Harkaway, Nick. Harper, Tom.

Consent to kill. The roots of betrayal. Spilled blood. The sculptor. The colour of law. The Brethren. The client. The king of torts. The partner. The rainmaker. The runaway jury. Angelmaker. Secrets of the dead.

Harvey, Michael T. We all fall down. Harvey, Michael T. We all fall down. Hemingway, Sean A. Tomb of Alexander. Hewson, David. Carnival for the dead. Howard, Linda. Prey. Jackson, David. The helper.

A Michael Kelly PI investigation A Michael Kelly PI investigation

Johnstone, Doug- Hit and run. Judd, Alan. Legacy. Kellerman, Faye. Blood games. La Plante, Lynda. Cold blood. La Plante, Lynda. The little one. Lansdale, Joe R. Edge of dark water. Lief, Katia. Five days to die. Ludlow, Jack. A bitter field. Lutz, John. Mister X. Marklund, Liza. Prime time. McGrath, Melanie. White heat. McNab, Andy. Firewall. Palmer, Michael. Oath of office.

A Peter Decker and Rina Quick reads

The roads to war series ;

A Nick Stone thriller

Pastor, Ben. Liar moon. Patterson, James. 11th hour. Pavone, Chris. The expats. Pearl, Matthew. The technologists. Pyper, Andrew. The guardians. Robards, Karen. Shattered. Russell, Craig. A fear of dark water. Ryan, William. The bloody meadow. Shaber, Sarah R. Louise's gamble. Shepherd, Lloyd. The English monster. Smith, Anna. To tell the truth. Spiegelman, Pe- Thick as thieves. Spindler, Erica. Watch me die. Steinhauer, Olen. An American spy. Wakling, Christo- The devil's mask. Williams, Amanda Kyle. The stranger you seek. Gideon's corpse. Western Author Brand, Max. Brandvold, Peter. Clifton, Eugene. Compton, Ralph. Cook, Will. del Mar, James. Dunlap, Phil. George, Michael D. Leslie, Frank. Parnham, I.J. Williams.

Title The untamed. Rogue lawmen : Take the Oregon trail. The last manhunt. Apache ambush. Badlands bounty. Cotton's War. The venom of Valko. Revenge at Hatchet Creek. Bleached bones in the dust. Fool's play.

The Women's Murder Club

The Jan Fabel novels The Louise Pearlie series

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