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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

June 2012

Adventure Author Brown, Dale.

Title Executive intent.


Cussler, Clive.

The storm.

A Kurt Austin adventure : the

Landsborough, Lustbader, Eric Van. Lynn, Matthew. Rucka, Greg. Shepherd, Bob. Smith, Wilbur A. Wood, Tom.

Renegade legionnaire. Robert Ludlum's The bourne imperative: Ice force. Alpha. The good jihadist. Eagle in the sky. The enemy.

Crime Author Adams, Charles Warren. Adams, Jane. Bates, Quentin.



The Notting Hill Mystery. Resolutions. Cold comfort.

A Rina Martin mystery

Beaton, M.C.

Agatha Raisin and the curi-

Billingham, Britton, Vicky. Castillo, Linda.

Death message. Stone of vengeance. Gone missing.

Collings, MiDevil's plague. Collins, Max Allan. The first quarry. Connelly, Michael. The black ice. Never apologise, never exCraig, James. plain. Crais, Robert. Free fall. Crais, Robert. Indigo slam. Creed, Adam. Death in the Sun. De Giovanni, Maurizio. I will have vengeance. Dean, Jason. The wrong man.

The DI Tom Thorne series Kate Burkholder

An Inspector Carlyle novel An Elvis Cole novel An Elvis Cole novel A D.I Staffe investigation

Duffy, Margaret. Corpse in waiting. Ellis, Kate.

The shining skull.

Fitzgerald, Flint, Shamini. Fluke, Joanne.

The namesake. A curious Indian cadaver. Cinamon roll murder.

Futrelle, Gorman, Ed. Gregory, Susanna. Hammond, Gerald. Hannah, Mari. Harrison, Cora.

The chase of the golden Bad moon rising.

A Patrick Gillard and Ingrid Langley mystery A Wesley Peterson murder mystery An Alec Blume novel Inspector Singh investigates

A Sam McCain mystery

Murder by the book. The unkindest cut. The murder wall. Eye of the law.

Harrod-Eagles, Kill my darling. Hauxwell, Annie. In her blood. Henry, James. Hill, Antonio. Hunter, Alan.

Fatal Frost. The summer of dead toys. Gently through the mill.

Ison, Graham. Hardcastle's frustration. James, Peter. Not dead yet. Jennings, Maureen. Except the dying. Jones, Tobias. White death. Kava, Alex. Hotwire. Kelly, Sofie. Sleight of paw. Kent, Christobel. The dead season. Kepler, Lars. The hypnotist. Knight, Bernard. According to the evidence. Knight, Bernard. Dead in the dog.

A D.S Jack Frost investigation

A Hardcastle and Marriott A Roy Grace novel Murdoch mysteries Maggie O'Dell series A Sandro Cellini mystery

La Plante, Backlash. Lee, Amanda. Thread reckoning. An embroidery mystery Martin, Andrew. The Baghdad Railway Club. Jim Stringer Masterton, Gra- The red hotel.

A Sisey Sawyer mystery

McCreet, Mina, Denise. Nickson, Chris. Norman, Hilary. Quigley, Sheila. Ramsay, Danielle. Rankin, Ian. Rankin, Ian. Rendell, Ruth.

The thieves' labyrinth. The dead hour. Cold, cruel winter. Hell. Nowhere man. Vanishing point. Black and blue. The impossible dead. The vault.

The Sam Becket mysteries

A DI Jack Brady novel Inspector Rebus

An Inspector Wexford novel A Chief Inspector Wexford Rendell, Ruth. The vault. mystery Rohmer, Sax. The return of Dr Fu-Manchu. Fu Manchu Rowe, RoseA Libertus mystery of Roman mary. A whispering of spies. Britain Sidney Chambers and the Runcie, James. shadow of death. The Grantchester mysteries Ryan, Geraldine. Curtain call. A prequel to the Roma sub Saylor, Steven. Seven wonders. Rosa series Sheridan, Sara. Brighton Belle. A Mirabelle Bevan mystery Simpson, Ian. Murder on page one. Stashower, Dan- The Dime Museum murders. The Harry Houdini mysteries Stashower, Dan- The floating lady murder. Stuart, Donald. The white friar.

The Harry Houdini mysteries

Tremayne, Pe-

A Sister Fidelma mystery A Christopher Marlowe mystery The Harry Vicary series

Behold a pale horse.

Trow, M.J. Witch hammer. Turnbull, Peter. Deep cover. Walters, Minette. The ice house. Walters, Minette. The scold's bridle. Walters, Minette. The sculptress. Wambaugh, Jo- Hollywood hills. Winspear,

A lesson in secrets.

A Maisie Dobbs mystery

Family Saga Author Brellend, Kay. Davis, Margaret Thomson. Hampson, June. Jacobs, Anna. Jacobs, Anna. Lightfoot, Freda. Murray, Annie. Murray, Annie. Staples, Mary Jane. Williams, Dee. Wood, Valerie. Woods, Janet.

Nurse Anna's war. The flower girls. Homecoming girls. Straw in the wind.

Fantasy Author


Title The street.


The breadmakers saga. A mother's journey. Elm Tree Road. Jessie. The promise. Chocolate girls. Family of women.

Grimwood, Jon The fallen blade. Hamilton, Laurell Kiss the dead. Hanover, M. L. N. Killing rites. Hanover, M. L. N. Vicious Grace. Hoffman, Paul. The last four things. Holm, Chris F. Dead harvest. Irvine, Ian. Vengeance. Jacka, Benedict. Fated. Moon, Elizabeth. Echoes of betrayal. Sanders, Rob. Legion of the damned. Tolkien, J. R. R. The hobbit.

Series The assassini ;

The black sun's daughter ; The black sun's daughter ; The collector ; The tainted realm ; Alex Verus novels ; Paladin's legacy ; A Space Marine battles novel

General Author Adiga, Aravind. Ahern, Cecelia.

Title Series Between the assassinations. The time of my life.

Alcott, Louisa

Little women.

Allen, Charlotte Amis, Martin.

Where is the baby. Lionel Asbo.

Ammaniti, Nicco- Me and you. Barnard, Frank. A time for heroes. Barry, Sebastian. On Canaan's side. Benaron, Naomi. Running the rift. Benoit, Michel. The silence of Gethsemane. Binet, Laurent. HHhH. Byrne, Tanya. Heart-shaped bruise. Carey, Peter. The chemistry of tears. Carrere, Emman- A Russian novel. Carriger, Gail. Timeless. Chamberlain, Di- The good father. Cloke, Nicci. Someday find me. Cloyed, Debo- The summer we came to life. Cobbold, Marika. A rival creation. Cobbold, Marika. Frozen music. Court, Dilly. The ladys maid. Crummey, Michael. Galore. Derting, Kimberly. The last echo. DeWitt, Patrick. The Sisters brothers. Dickens,

A tale of two cities.


Hard times.


Oliver Twist.

Donnelly, Gabri- The Little women letters. Donnelly, Gabri- The Little women letters.

The parasol protectorate ;

Douglas,Louise. The secrets between us. Drummond, Kathleen. Mad about the boy. Du Maurier, Eaves, Will. Edric, Robert. Fagan, Jenni. Falco, Edward.

Rebecca. This is paradise. The London satyr. The Panopticon. The family Corleone.

Feehan, ChrisFenwick, Liz. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. Foer, Jonathan Safran. Forster, Kate. Forsyth, Anne.

Darkest at dawn : The Cornish house.

Fowles, John. Fox, Victoria. Frank, Jacquelyn. Frank, Jacquelyn. Frank, Jacquelyn. Funder, Anna. Gale, Patrick. Gartside, Mark. Green, Giselle. Greene, Graham. Grenville, Kate. Groff, Lauren. Hadley, Tessa. Haigh, Jennifer. Hall, Emylia. Halverson, Sere Prince.

Dark Carpathian series

The great Gatsby. Extremely loud and incredibly close. The perfect location. The baker's daughter. The French lieutenant's woman. Vintage classics Temptation island. Damien.

Nightwalkers series


Nightwalkers series

Noah. All that I am : A perfectly good man. What will survive. Falling for you.

Nightwalkers series

The end of the affair. Sarah Thornhill. Arcadia. The London train. Faith. The book of summers.

Vintage classics

The underside of joy.

Harper, Karen. Return to grace. Harrington, Laura. Alice Bliss. Harris, Shelley. Jubilee. HattemerThe history of history : Hickey, Christine Dwyer. The cold eye of heaven. Hill, Melissa. The charm bracelet. Hislop, Victoria. The thread. Hollinghurst, Huth, Angela. Irving, John.

The stranger's child. Land girls. In one person.

Jackson, Joshi- A grown-up kind of pretty. Jewell, Lisa. The making of us. Kennedy, Douglas. The woman in the fifth. Kenyon, Sher- Born of silence. Kleypas, Lisa. Rainshadow Road. Knausgard, Karl Ove. A death in the family. Kowalski, David. The company of the dead. The secret book of sacred Krol, Torsten. Langdale, Kay. Her giant octopus moment. Langdale, Kay. Her giant octopus moment. Leroux, Gaston. The phantom of the opera. Ley, Rosanna. The villa. Leyshon, Nell. The colour of milk. Lokko, Lesley. An absolute deception. Lynch, Jim. Truth like the sun. Magrs, Paul. 666 Charing Cross Road. Marinelli, Carol. Putting Alice back together. Matthews, Beryl. A new day. May, Stephen. Life! Death! Prizes!.

A League novel ;

My struggle ;

Oxford world's classics

McCarthy, Morgan. The other half of me. McCrone, Guy. Wax fruit. McEwan, Ian. Enduring love. Vintage classics McMorris, Kristina. Every time we say goodbye. Miller, Emma. Courting Ruth. Monaghan, Alan. The soldier's farewell. Moore, Liz. Heft. Morgenstern, Erin. The night circus : Mosse, Kate. Labyrinth. Moyes, Jojo. Me before you. Novak, Brenda. In seconds. The bulletproof trilogy ; Park, David. The light of Amsterdam. Parks, Tim. The server. Pierce, Richard. Dead men. Plane, Nigel. The daughters of Carrawburgh. Portier, Bruno. This flawless place between. Reece, Colleen L. Silence in the sage. Richards, Jess. Snake ropes. Riley, Gwendoline. Opposed positions. Roberts, Michele. Ignorance. Robertson, Wendy. An Englishwoman in France. Rosnay, Tatiana de. The house I loved. Roy-Bhattacharya, Joydeep. The watch. Argeneau vampire seSands, Lynsay. Vampires are forever. ries Schwartz, John Burnham. Northwest corner. Seaward, Belinda. The beautiful truth. Segal, Francesca. The innocents. Sherlock, Alison. The desperate bride's diet club. Shipstead, Maggie. Seating arrangements. Shipstead, Maggie. Seating arrangements.

Shulman, Alexandra. Can We Still be Friends. Smith, Dodie. I capture the castle. Stagg, Julia. The Parisian's return. Staley, Deborah Grace. A home for Christmas. Steel, Danielle. Hotel Vendome. Steel, Danielle. Matters of the heart. Steinbeck, John. Of mice and men. Tate, June. Their guilty pleasures. Thomas, Scarlett. Going out. Toews, Miriam. Irma Voth. Trigiani, Adriana. The shoemaker's wife. Wallace, Danny. Charlotte Street. Ward, Jesmyn. Salvage the bones. Wareham, Warner, Sylvia Townsend. Welsh, Irvine. Woodman, Cathy. Woods, Karen. Wright, Pippa.

An Angel Ridge novel ;

Never coming home. Lolly Willowes. Ecstasy : The sweetest thing. Bagheads. Unsuitable men.

Zinovieff, Sofka. The house on Paradise Ziolkowski, Zito, V. M.

Vintage classics

Wichita. The return man.

Zitwer, Barbara The J.M. Barrie Ladies'

Virago modern classics

Graphic Novel Author Abnett, Dan. Allie, Scott. Gaiman, Neil. Johnson, Mike. O'Donnell, Peter.

Title Heroes for hire. The dark side. World's end. Star Trek : Live bait.

Series Fear itself Star Wars. Jedi ; Sandman ; Modesty Blaise

Simpsons comics confidenHistorical Author Berridge, A. L. Billington, Rachel. Borodale, Jane. Bradshaw, Gillian. Clements, Rory. Clothier, Meg.

Title Into the valley of death. Maria and the admiral. The knot. London in chains. Traitor. The girl king.

Cornwell, Ber-

Death of kings.

Cornwell, Ber-

Sharpe's battle :


Cornwell, Ber-

Sharpe's company :


Cornwell, Ber-

Sharpe's enemy :


Cornwell, Ber-

Sharpe's escape :



Cornwell, BerSharpe's gold : Dickason, Christie. The noble assassin. O'Connell, John. Baskerville. Ransley, Peter. Cromwell's blessing. Scott, M.C. Rome : Sidebottom, Harry. The Caspian gates.


Warner, Sylvia Whitworth, V. M. Whyte, Jack. Zaydan, Yusuf.

Virago modern classics

The corner that held them. The bone thief. Rebel. Azazeel.

Tom Neave trilogy ; Warrior of Rome

The Bravehearts chronicles

Romance Author Banks, Maya. Blake, Jennifer. Brooks, Helen. Butler, ChrisCassidy, Carla. Colter,Cara. Cornick, Nicola. Cox, Maggie. Douglas, Julia. Graham, Heather. Gregory, Kay. Hoffmann, Kate. Holmes, Valerie. Hunter, Kelly. Jackson,Kate. James, Elle. Kleypas, Lisa. Krinard, Susan. Krinard, Susan. Lane, Soraya. Leclaire, Day.

Title Wanted by her lost love. Seduced by grace. In the Italian's sights.


Welcome home, Bobby Cowboy's triplet trouble. Battle for the soldier's heart. The navy seal's bride Notorious. A devilishly dark deal. The showman's girl. Strangers in paradise. A perfect arrangement. Not just friends. Teresa's treasure. Cracking the dating code. Second chance. Deadly reckoning. Secrets of a summer night. Bride of the wolf. Luck of the wolf. Back in the soldier's arms. Nothing short of perfect.

Karen Foley

The Wallflowers Nocturne

Loveday, Chris- Dare to love. MacKay, Sue. Surgeon in a wedding dress. Macomber, Deb- The Manning brides. Marsh, Nicola. Interview with the daredevil. McCuaig, Catriona. Victorian summer. Monroe,Lucy. Heart of a desert warrior. Morey,Jennifer. Lawman's perfect surrender. Cowboy Fever

Mortimer,Carole. Pregnant by the billionaire. Quinn, Julia. A night like this. Roberts, Nora. Waiting for Nick. Skye, Christina. A home by the sea. Whitiker, Gail. Improper Miss Darling. Wylie, Trish. New York's finest rebel. Yates, Maisey. A royal world apart. Science Fiction Author Title

Mistress:Pregnant by the The Smythe-Smith quartet ;

Series The lost fleet : Beyond the frontier

Campbell, Jack. Invincible. Do androids dream of elecDick, Philip K. tric sheep?. McNeill, Graham. Ultramarines : Ward, Dayton. That which divides. Star Trek The mammoth book of Nebula Awards SF. The mammoth book of

Spine Chiller Author Duncan, Glen. Duncan, Glen. Forbeck, Matt. Grey, S. L.

Title Talulla rising. The last werewolf. Carpathia. The mall.


Hambly, Barba-

The magistrates of hell.

The James Asher vampire

Harris, Char-

Dead reckoning.

Sookie Stackhouse

Harris, Char-

Dead until dark.

Sookie Stackhouse

Harris, CharDeadlocked. Herbert, James. Domain. Herbert, James. Others. Jess-Cooke, The boy who could see deCarolyn. mons.

True blood novels

Kenyon, Sher-

Dark side of the moon.

Dark-Hunter world series ;

Kenyon, Sher-

Devil may cry.

Dark-Hunter world series ;

Kenyon, SherKoontz, Dean R.

The dream hunter. Dark-Hunter world series ; The dead town. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein ; The white people and other Machen, Arthur. weird stories. Penguin classics Priest, Cherie. Four and twenty blackbirds. An Eden Moore story Simmons, Wayne. Fever.

Thriller Author Abbott, Jeff. Berenson, Alex. Box, C. J.

Title The last minute. The shadow patrol. Cold wind.

Brodrick, Wil-

The day of the lie.

Brodrick, Wil-

The day of the lie.

Brookmyre, Brown, Graham. Clark, Marcia. Cordy, Michael. Crawford, Dean. Deaver, Jeff. Dymott, Elanor. Ellory, R. J. Flynn, Gillian. Harris, Robert. Jackson, Lisa. Jackson, Lisa. Johansen, Iris.

When the devil drives. Doomsday. Guilt by degrees. The colour of death. Immortal. The broken window. A Lincoln Rhyme thriller Every contact leaves a trace. A dark and broken heart. Gone girl. The fear index. Devious. Hot blooded. What doesn't kill you.

Kenneally, Kernick, Simon. Kernick, Simon. Knight, Ali.

The betrayed. Siege. The murder exchange. Wink murder.


John Gallan

Maberry, Jona- Assassin's code. A Joe Ledger novel Margolin, Phillip. Capitol murder. Mariani, Scott. The sacred sword. Mawer, Simon. The girl who fell from the sky. Mina, Denise. Sanctum.

Mosby, Steve.

Black flowers.

Nevill, Adam L. Orford, Margie. Patterson, Alex. Patterson, James. Patterson, James.

Last days. Daddy's girl. Kill Alex Cross. 10th anniversary. I, Michael Bennett.


What it was.

Shaber, Sarah Simons, Jake Wallis. Smith, Dan. Thorpe, Adam. Williams, Amanda Kyle. Wilson, Elizabeth.

Louise's war.

Wood, Simon. Wright, Tom. Zeh, Juli.

Hot seat. What dies in summer. The method.

Women's murder club A Detective Michael Bennett novel

The pure. The child thief. Flight. The stranger you seek. The girl in Berlin. The Aidy Westlake racing se-

Western Author Title Bowers, Terrell L. Ambush at Lokota Crossing. Curry, Tom. The trail blazers. Edwardes, Jack. Bear Creek. Grey,Zane. Buffalo stampede. Hill, Rob. Hope's last chance. Johnstone, WilLong, Elliot. Patten, Lewis B. Portis, Charles. Shields, Bill.

Massacre at Powder River. Matt Jensen, the last mounScar county showdown. Death waited at Rialto Creek. True grit. The Snake River bounty.

Winters, Logan. The Tanglewood despera-

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New Adult Fiction June 2012  

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