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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

November 2012

Adventure Author Brown, Dale. Fleming, Ian. Fleming, Ian. Higgins, Jack. James, Alex. Lynn, Matthew. Mann, Don. McNab, Andy. Ryan, Chris. Tonkin, Peter.

Title Tiger's claw. Live and let die. Goldfinger. A devil is waiting. Depth of exposure. Ice force. Hunt the wolf. Red notice. Hard target. Dead sea.

Crime Title Author Babson, Marian. No cooperation from the cat : Bateman, Colin. The prisoner of Brenda. Beaton, M. C.

Series James Bond James Bond

A Richard Mariner adventure


Agatha Raisin and the witch of

Beaton, M. C. Agatha Raisin and the fairies of Bradley, C. Alan. I am half sick of shadows. A Flavio de Luce mystery Brennan, Allison. Stalked. Brody, Frances. Murder in the afternoon. Camilleri, AnCamilleri, Andrea. Caudwell, Sarah. Caudwell, Sarah. Caudwell, Sarah.

The potter's field.

An Inspector Montalbano An Inspector Montalbano mystery

The shortest way to Hades.

A legal murder mystery

Thus was Adonis murdered.

A legal murder mystery

The sirens sang of murder.

A legal murder mystery

The age of doubt.

Collings, MiSerpent's tooth. Cornwell, Patricia. The bone bed. Creed, Adam. Death in the sun. Doherty, Paul.

The Straw Men.

A Kay Scarpetta mystery A D.I. Staffe investigation The sorrowful mysteries of Brother Athelstan ;

Ellroy, James. Ellroy, James.

Brown's requiem. Clandestine.

Evanovich, JaFerris, Gordon. Gilbert, Paul D. Greaves, C. Joseph. Hammett, Dashiell. Hannah, Mari. Hawken, Sam. Hays, Anthony. Heley, Veronica. Henry, James. Hewson, David.

Notorious nineteen. A Stephanie Plum novel The unquiet heart. The Danny McRae series The annals of Sherlock Holmes.

Hill,Susan. Hoffman, Cara. Hunter, Alan. Hunter, Alan. Hunter, Alan. Hunter, Alan.

Hard twisted. The return of the thin man. Settled blood. Tequila sunset. The killing way. False alarm. Fatal Frost. The killing. A question of identity. So much pretty. Landed Gently. Gently where the roads go. Gently in the sun. Gently through the mill.

Hunter, Alan. Gently North-West. Jance, J.A. Left for dead : Kallentoft, Mons. Autumn killing. Koryta, Michael. A welcome grave.

An Arthurian mystery An Abbot Agency mystery A DS Jack Frost investigation A Simon Serrailler crime nov-

The Inspector George Gently Malin Fors series

Lake, Deryn.

Dead on cue.

The Reverend Nick Law-

Mankell, HenMayle, Peter.

One step behind. The Marseille caper.

Kurt Wallander series

McGilloway, Bri- The nameless dead. Morson, Ian. Falconer's trial.

An Inspector Devlin novel

Nesser, Hakan. Hour of the wolf. Parker, I. J. The fires of the gods.

An Inspector Van Veeteren A Sugawara Akitada novel

Perry, Anne.

A Christmas garland.

Persson, Leif G. Another time, another life : Ramsay, Caro. The blood of crows. Standing in another man's Rankin, Ian. grave. Rickman, Philip. The heresy of Dr Dee. Robinson, Peter. Dry bones that dream. Robinson, Peter. Strange affair. Robinson, Peter. Innocent graves. Russell, Leigh. Cut short. Russell, Michael. The city of shadows. Simms, Chris. Scratch deeper. Solomita, SteSpencer, Sally. Staincliffe, Cath. Talley, Marcia Dutton. Temple, Peter.

A Rebus novel The Inspector Banks series The Inspector Banks series The Inspector Banks series DI Geraldine Steel mystery

An Iona Khan mystery

Dancer in the flames. A walk with the dead. Crying out loud.

A DCI Monika Paniatowski mystery The Sal Kilkenny novels

The last refuge. White dog.

A Jack Irish thriller

Templeton, Evil for evil. Tope, Rebecca. The Windermere witness. Tursten, Helene. Detective Inspector Huss.

A D I Marjory Fleming crime

Verissimo, Luis The spies. Verner, Gerald. The clue of the green candle. Wagner, Jan White, Neil. White, Neil.

The winter of the lions. Fallen idols. Last rites. No rest for the dead.

A Jan Costin Wagner novel

Family Saga Author Bennett, Anne. Bradshaw, Rita. Cook, Gloria. Court, Dilly. King, Catherine. King, Catherine. Page, Lynda. Thornton, Margaret. Wood, Val.

Title A sister's promise. Break of dawn. Reflections. The best of daughters. The secret daughter. The lost and found girl. The price to pay. Time goes by. The innkeeper's daughter.

Fantasy Author Abnett, Dan. Abnett, Dan. Barker, Clive. Cameron, Miles. Chan, Kylie. Chan, Kylie. Chan, Kylie. Eddings, David. Eddings, David. Esslemont, Ian Esslemont, Ian C. Friedman, C. S. Harris, Joanne, Kristoff, Jay. Kyme, Nick. Lee, Mike. Pratchett, Terry. Pratchett, Terry. Pratchett, Terry. Pratchett, Terry. Pratchett, Terry. Pratchett, Terry.

Title Pariah. Salvation's Reach. Absolute midnight. The red knight. Hell to heaven. Earth to hell. White tiger. Magician's gambit. Castle of wizardry. Blood and bone.

Orb sceptre throne. Legacy of kings. Runelight. Stormdancer. The great betrayal. Nagash immortal. Wyrd sisters. Pyramids. Guards! Guards!. Moving pictures. Reaper man. The illustrated Eric. The educated ape and other Rankin, Robert. wonders of the world. Redick, Robert The night of the swarm. Silverberg, Robert. Lord Valentine's castle. Taylor, Laini. Days of blood and starlight.

Series Warhammer 40,000 Gaunt's ghosts Abarat Journey to Wudang ; Journey to Wudang ; Dark heavens ; The Belgariad ; The Belgariad ; Malazan Empire ; A novel of the Malazan Empire The magister trilogy ; The lotus war ; The war of vengeance ; Time of legends A Discworld novel ; The Discworld series ; The Discworld series ; A Discworld novel ; The Discworld series ; A Discworld novel Japanese Devil fish girl 3 The Chathrand voyage The Majipoor cycle ;

Valente, Cath- Deathless. Ward, Michael J. The heart of fire.

DestinyQuest ;

Williams, Wraight, Chris.

Tower and knife trilogy ; Warhammer heroes

The emperor's knife. Luthor Huss.

General Author Addison, CorAhern, Cecilia. Alden, Jami. Allen, Diane. Anderson, Marina. Anderson, Marina. Arthur, Keri. Bagshawe, Tilly. Bailey, Scarlett. Beck, J. K. Bender, Aimee. Bennett, Arnold. Binchy, Maeve. Blake, Evie. Bloome, Indigo. Bolger, Muriel. Bowden, Oliver. Boyd, Hilary. Boyt, Susie. Bronte, Anne. Browne, Hester. Buchan, Elizabeth. Buckley, Carl. Caine, Rachel. Campbell, Bonnie Jo. Chance, Karen.



A walk across the sun. One hundred names. Run from fear. For the sake of her family. The discipline. Forbidden desires. Darkness hunts. Friends and rivals. Married by Christmas. When blood calls. The girl in the flammable skirt. Punch and Judy. A week in winter. Valentina. Destined to feel. Intentions. Forsaken. Tangled lives. The small hours. Agnes Grey. The runaway princess. Daughters. Invisible. Bitter blood.

Dark Angel series ;

The Shadow Keeper's ;

Avalon 2 Assassin's creed

Collins classics

The Morganville vampires ;

Once upon a river. Midnight's daughter.

Chance, Karen. Fury's kiss. Chance, Rebecca. Bad angels. Clements, Abby. Meet me under the mistletoe.

A midnight daughter's novel :

Cole, Kresley. Colgan, Jenny.

Shadow's claim. Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe. The world is full of married Collins, Jackie. men. The world is full of divorced Collins, Jackie. women. Collins, Jackie. Sinners. Company, FlaCook, Thomas H. Cook, Thomas H. Cowan, Andrew. Cox, Josephine. Day, Marissa. Day, Sylvia. Defoe, Daniel. Desai, Kiran. Dickinson, Miranda. Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. Dowling, Clare. Eliot, George. Elton, Ben. Elyot, Justine.

The island of last truth. The crime of Julian Wells. The crime of Julian Wells. Common ground. Three letters. Fascinated. Reflected in you. Robinson Crusoe. Hullabaloo in the Guava orchard.

A crossfire novel

When I fall in love. Notes from underground. Would I lie to you?. Middlemarch. Two brothers. On demand.

Penguin English library

Evanovich, Ja- Wicked business. Evans, Harriet. Happily ever after. Farooki, Roopa. The flying man. Feehan, Chris- Lair of the lion. Feehan, Chris- Dark nights. Flynn, Katie. A sixpenny Christmas. Forsyth, Moira. Tell me where you are. Fox, Essie. Elijah's mermaid. Frame, Ronald. Havisham : Frank, Jacquelyn. Forbidden : Frazier, Charles. Nightwoods.

Nightwalkers series ;

Freeman, Kimberley. Wildflower Hill. Freeman, Mag- Cymberie. French, Dawn. Oh dear Silvia. Fullerton, Jean. Hold on to hope. Gale, Patrick. A perfectly good man. Goodwin, Rosie. The empty cradle. Goodwin, Rosie. The misfit. Grahame-Smith, Seth. Unholy night. Green, Hilary. Passions of war. Greenhalgh,

Seducing Ingrid Bergman.



Gremillon, Hele- The confidant. Griffin, Kate. Stray souls. Gstrein, Norbert. Winters in the south. Halfon, Eduardo. The Polish boxer. Hamer, Mary. Kipling & Trix. Hardy, Thomas. Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Harrison, Kim. A fistful of charms. Hilderbrand, Elin. Summerland. Hill, Melissa. The charm bracelet. The last dance and other stoHislop, Victoria. ries. Howard, Audrey. Softly grow the poppies. Hyde, Catherine Ryan. When you were older. Isherwood, Christopher. Down there on a visit. Jacobs, Anna. The trader's wife. James, E. L. Fifty shades darker. Johnson, Milly. A winter flame. Johnson, Rachel. Winter games. Jones, Belinda. Winter wonderland. A portrait of the artist as a Joyce, James. young man. Joyce, James. Ulysses.

The Leonora saga

Magicals anonymous

Penguin English library

The fifty shades trilogy

Collins Classics

Katsu, Alma. Kay, Jackie.

The reckoning. Trumpet.

The taker trilogy

Kearsley, Susan- The rose garden. Kellison, Erin. Shadow bound. Kellison, Erin. Shadow fall. Kellison, Erin. Shadow fall. Kelly, Cathy. Christmas magic. Keneally, Thom- The daughters of Mars. Kennedy, Wil-

Billy Phelan's greatest game.

Kenyon, SherKestin, Hesh.

Born of silence. League series The iron will of Shoeshine Cats.

Kingsolver, Bar- Flight behaviour : Kinsella, Sophie. Shopaholic and sister. Kipling, Rudyard. Kim. Krentz, Jayne Lane, Lizzie. Lawrence, D.H. Lee, Maureen. Leigh, Lora.

The lost night. Wartime brides. Lasy Chatterley's lover. After the war is over. Stygian's honor.

Lewycka, Mari- Various pets alive and dead. Macauley,

The cook.

Macomber, Deb- Angels at the table. Mankowski, Guy. Letters from Yelena. Mapson, Jo-Ann. Finding Casey. Marani, Diego. The last of the Vostyachs. Marsh, Jean. Iris. Martel, Yann. Life of Pi. Matthews,

With love at Christmas.

McInerney, Mon- The house of memories. McMahon,

Season of light.

Penguin English library Rainshadow Island series

A novel of the Breeds

From Notting Hill to New York -actually. The heart broke in. Cloud atlas. The story of X. Dream a little dream. Esther Waters. Oxford world's classics

McNamara, Ali. Meek, James. Mitchell, David. Molloy, A. J. Moorcroft, Sue. Moore, George. Morgenstern, Erin. The night circus : Moriarty, Sinead. This child of mine. Mosse, Kate. Citadel. Mosse, Kate. Citadel. Muller, Herta. The hunger angel. Munro, Alice. Dear life. Page, Lynda. A perfect Christmas. Park, David. The light of Amsterdam. Parks, Adele. Game over. Parsons, Tony. Catching the sun. Perry, Anne. A Christmas homecoming. Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. The great escape. Picoult, Jodi. Lone wolf. Pollock, Donald Ray. The devil all the time. Powell, Padgett. Edisto. Price, Katie. Santa baby. Prowse, Amanda. Poppy Day. Ramsay, Hope. Last Chance Christmas. Raspe, Rudolf Erich. The travels and surprising adventures of Baron Munchausen. Read, Miss. Christmas with Miss Read. Reggio, Jonathan. One day the shadow passed. Reynard, Sylvain. Gabriel's inferno. Roberts, Nora. The witness. Rowling, J. K. The casual vacancy. Ruston, Jessica. The darker side of love.

Sands, Lynsay. Smith, Alexander McCall. Sparks, Nicholas. Staples, Mary Jane. Steel, Danielle. Steel, Danielle. Swan, Karen. Thompson, E.V.

The reluctant vampire.

Love for a soldier. The sins of the mother. Hotel Vendome. The perfect present. The bonds of Earth.

Titchmarsh, Toibin, Colm. Valentine, Niki. Venditozzi, Zoe.

The haunting. The testament of Mary. Possessed. Anywhere's better than here.

Vilmorin, Louise Webb, Katherine. Wells, H. G. Wharton, Edith. Willett, Marcia. Williams, Julia. Wolfe, Tom. Woodman, Cathy. Woodman, Cathy.

Les belles amours.

An Argeneau vampire novel

Trains and lovers. The rescue.

A half forgotten song. The island of Doctor Moreau. Ethan Frome. The Christmas angel. A merry little Christmas. Back to blood. Vets in love. It's a vet's life.

Zanetti, Rebec- Hunted. Zito, V. M. The return man.

Penguin English library Penguin English library

Graphic Novel Author Aaron, Jason. Brubaker, Ed. Buseik, Kurt. Conway, Gerry. Corbeyran, Eric. Corbeyran, Eric. Ellis, Warren. Fraction, Matt. Fraction, Matt. Gillen, Kieron. Heinberg, Allan. Lee, Stan. Morris, Jonathan.

Title Wolverine and the X-Men. Captain America. Avengers assemble. Essential Thor. Desmond. Aquilus. Secret Avengers : The mighty Thor ; The invincible Iron Man. Fear itself. The children's crusade. The invincible Iron Man. The child of time.

Ostrander, John. The enemy on all sides. Roberts, James. More than meets the eye. Spencer, Nick. X-Men. Wells, Zeb. Avenging Spider-man. Yost, Chris. Spider-man.


Assassin's creed ; Assassin's creed ;

Fear itself The uncanny X-Men Avengers Marvel masterworks Doctor Who Star Wars omnibus. Clone wars ; Transformers Ultimate comics Fear itself

Historical Author Title Anthony, Iris. The ruins of lace. Bonnette, Darcey. Betrayal in the Tudor court. Fabbri, Robert. Rome's executioner. Gabaldon, Diana. A trail of fire. Gabaldon, Diana. The Scottish prisoner. Gentle, Mary. Black opera. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. The winding road. Hight, Jack. Kingdom. Hilton, Lisa. Wolves in winter. Jacq, Christian. The beloved of Isis. Kane, Ben. Spartacus : Lightfoot, Freda. The Duchess of Drury Lane. Loupas, Elizabeth. The flower reader. Riches, Anthony. The wolf's gold. Riches, Anthony. The leopard sword. Rutherford, Alex. The tainted throne. Scarrow, Simon. The sword and the scimitar. Stachniak, Eva. The winter palace. Stack, John. Armada.


Vespasian ; Four Outlander tales

The Morland Dynasty ; The Saladin trilogy ; The Mozart series

Empire ; Empire ; Empire of the Moghul

Romance Title Series Author Alers, Rochelle. Angels landing. A Cavanaugh Island novel Alward, Donna. The rebel rancher. Anderson, Caroline. Valtieri's bride. Andrews, Amy. Sydney Harbour Hospital : Ashley, Anne. His makeshift wife. Barrett, Gail. Cowboy under siege. Betts, Heidi. Secrets, lies & lullabies. Bradford, Isabella. When the Duchess says yes. Wylder sisters ; Brighton, Lori. Wild desire. An escapade and an engageBurrows, Annie. ment. Carrington, Tori. Red-hot santa. Child, Maureen. The temporary Mrs King. Child, Maureen. To kiss a king. Clark, Lucy. Diamond ring for the ice queen. Colter, Cara. Snowed in at the ranch. Cunningham, Fay. Dreaming of love. Dees, Cindy. Captain's call of duty. Dickson, Helen. Miss Cameron's fall from grace. Drake, Dianne. No. 1 dad in Texas. Drake, Olivia. Scandal of the year. Dyer, Lois Faye. The virgin and Zach Coulter. Dyer, Lois Faye. The virgin and Zach Coulter. Eagle, Kathleen. The prodigal cowboy. Enoch, Suzanne. Rules to catch a devilish duke. Ferrarella, Marie. Real vintage maverick. Fielding, Liz. The last woman he'd ever date. The firebrand who unlocked his Fraser, Anne. heart. Gates, Olivia. The sheikh's redemption. George, Louisa. One month to become a mum. The war hero's locked-away George, Louisa. heart.

Gifford, Blythe. Goddard, Isabelle. Grady, Robyn. Graham, Lynne. Graham, Lynne. Graham, Lynne. Green, Abby. Greene, Jennifer.

Return of the border warrior. Society's most scandalous rake. Losing control. A vow of obligation. The secrets she carried. A ring to secure his heir. Exquisite revenge. Little matchmakers.

Hannay, Barba- Falling for Mr Mysterious. Hardy, Kate. Dr Cinderella's midnight fling. Harper, Fiona. Always the best man. Harris, Lynn Hauf, Michele. Hawkins, Karen. Hewitt, Kate. Hoffmann, Kate. Jackson, Brenda. James, Elle. James, Melissa. Jordan, Penny. Jordan, Penny. Kane, Mallory. Kaye, Marguerite. Kelly, Carla. Kendall, Beverley. Kendrick, Sharon. Kendrick, Sharon. Kennedy, Elle. Kenny, Janette. Kirk, Cindy. Kirk, Cindy.

Unnoticed and untouched. Forever werewolf. How to capture a countess. Beneath the veil of paradise. The mighty Quinns: Danny. Texas wild. Engaged with the boss. The sheikh's jewel. The mistress purchase. Blackmailing the society bride. Death of a beauty queen. Rake with a frozen heart. The admiral's penniless bride. A taste of desire. Playing the Greek's game. Back in the headlines. Missing mother-to-be. Innocent of his claim. In love with John Doe. In love with John Doe.

Duchess diaries

Kleypas, Lisa. Knight, Leonie.

Because you're mine. The doctor, his daughter and me.

LaBrecque, Jen- Northern renegade. Lethbridge, Ann. Lady of shame. Lethbridge, London, Julia.

The laird's forbidden lady. The seduction of Lady X.


The paternity proposition.

Lovelace, Lowe, Fiona. Lucas, Jennie. MacKay, Sue. Marton, Sandra.

The paternity promise. Newborn baby for Christmas. To love, honour and betray. The dangers of dating your boss. The ruthless Caleb Wilde.

McArthur, Fiona. McCarthy, Erin. McCarthy, Erin. McCarthy, Erin.

Falling for the sheikh she shouldHot finish. The chase. Jacked up.

Castonbury Park

McMahon, Bar- The nanny who kissed her boss. Merrill, Christine. Lady Priscilla's shameful secret. Milburne, Mela- Surrendering all but her heart. Milburne, Mela- Dr Chandler's sleeping beauty. Milburne, Mela- Lexi's secret. Monroe, Lucy. Heart of a desert warrior. Morgan, Sarah. Woman in a sheikh's world. Mortimer, Carole. Defying Drakon. Nichols, Mary. The captain's kidnapped beauty. Oliver, Anne. The price of fame. Pade, Victoria. The bachelor's Christmas bride. Perini, Robin. Christmas conspiracy. Peterson, Ann Robards, Karen. Roberts, Alison. Roberts, Nora.

Secret protector. Sea fire. Maybe this Christmas..?. The perfect hope.

The Inn BoonsBoro trilogy ;

Robinson, Lauri. Scott, Bronwyn. Stephens, Susan. Stone, Lyn. Stuart, Anne.

Unclaimed bride. How to sin successfully.

A taste of the untamed. The captain and the wallflower. Museum piece. Hattie Wilkinson meets her Styles, Michelle. match. Way, Margaret. Argentinian in the outback. Webb, Debra. Colby roundup. Wenger, Christine. How to lasso a cowboy. Whiddon, Karen. The wolf princess. Williams, Cathy. A tempestuous temptation. Wilson, Scarlet. West wing to maternity wing!. Winstead Jones, Linda. A week till the wedding. Winters, Rebecca. The Count's Christmas baby. Yates, Maisey. One night in paradise. Yates, Maisey. At his majesty's request. The Garrisons : His chosen wife Christmas with him A sinful regency Christmas. A Christmas letter. Science Fiction Author Title Winchester, Kay. Awakes my heart. Brin, David. Existence. Brown, Eric. Helix wars. Egan, Greg. The eternal flame. Evenson, Brian. Catalyst. Kelleher, Pat. The alleyman. McCormack, Una. Brinkmanship. Priest, Cherie. Boneshaker. Wingrove, David. The middle kingdom. Wild cards.


Orthogonal ; Dead space ; No man's world Star Trek ; Typhon Pact

Chung Kuo ;

Spine Chiller Author Cronin, Justin. Evans, Justin. Grey, S. L. Gustainis, Justin. Hill, Susan. Lovegrove, James. Masterton, Graham. Masterton, Graham. Moody, David. Oates, Joyce Carol. Onions, Oliver. Stine, R. L. Tripp, Ben. Viguie, Debbie. Yrsa Sigurardottir.

Title The Twelve. The white devil : The ward.

Series In the passage trilogy ;

The Hades Project. The mist in the mirror. Red eye.


Garden of evil.

A Jim Rook novel

Petrified. Autumn : Aftermath. The corn maiden and other nightmares. Dead of Night, Red rain. Rise again ; The 13th sacrifice. I remember you.


Thriller Author Baldacci, David. Barclay, Alex. Barclay, Linwood. Box, C. J. Child, Lee. Child, Lee. Connelly, Michael. Connor, Alexandra. Crawford, Dean. Cross, Ethan. Cussler, Clive. DeMille, Nelson. Fiennes, Ranulph. Flynn, Vince. Flynn, Vince. Flynn, Vince. Freeman, Brian. Gardner, Lisa. Gardner, Lisa. Gardner, Lisa. Gardner, Lisa. Gorman, Edward. Gornell, Barry. Grisham, John. Haas, Derek. Hamilton, Ian. Hammond, Gerald. Harper, Paul.

Title The innocent. Blood loss. The accident. Savage run. Reacher's rules. Bad luck and trouble.


Joe Pickett ; A Jack Reacher thriller

The drop. The memory of bones. Apocalypse. The prophet. The race. The panther.

An Isaac Bell adventure

The Secret Hunters. The last man. Extreme measures. Term limits. Spilled blood. The next accident. The killing hour. Gone. Say goodbye. Blindside. The healing of Luther Grove. The racketeer. The right hand. The disciple of Las Vegas. Silent intruder. Pacific heights.

Johansen, Iris. Sleep no more. Johnston, Paul. The Green Lady.

The Dev Conrad series

An Ava Lee novel ;

A Marten Fane novel An Eve Duncan forensics thriller An Alex Mavros novel ;

Knight, Ali. The first cut. Lief, Katia. The 12th victim. Locke, John. Lethal people. Locke, John. Saving Rachel. Magson, Adrian. Tracers. Moody, Susan. Loose ends. Mullen, Thomas. The revisionists. Palov, C. M. The Templar's secret. Patchett, Ann. State of wonder. Patterson, James. NYPD red. Patterson, James. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross. Patterson, James. I, Michael Bennett. Patterson, James. Postcard killers. Pinborough, Sarah. The chosen seed. Quirk, Matthew. The 500. Reed, Kit. Son of destruction. Robertson, Imogen. Circle of shadows. Rose, Karen. Did you miss me?. Sandford, John. Shock wave. Sansom, C. J. Dominion. Smith, Anna. To tell the truth. Toyne, Simon. The key.

Donovan Creed ; Donovan Creed ; A Harry Tate thriller

The dog-faced gods ;

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