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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

April 2013

Adventure Author

Title Series Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Lustbader, Eric. betrayal. The Bourne series Ryan, Chris. Osama.

Crime Author Title Aames Avery. Clobbered by camembert. Atkins, Ace. The ranger. Beaton, M. C. Death of a cad. Beaton, M. C. Death of a gossip. Beaton, M. C. Death of a hussy. Beaton, M. C. Death of a perfect wife. Beaton, M. C. Death of an outsider. Bingham, Harry. Talking to the dead. Bradford, Laura. Hearse and buggy. Brett, Simon. A decent interval. Bruce, Alison. The silence. Carlson, Alyse. The Azalea assault. Charteris, Leslie. Alias the Saint. Charteris, Leslie. The avenging Saint. Charteris, Leslie. The Saint's getaway. Childs, Laura. Postcards from the dead. Connelly, Michael. The black box. Cornwell, Patricia. The bone bed. Costantini, Rob- The deliverance of evil. Crais, Robert. Suspect. Murder of a beauty shop Crider, Bill. queen. Cutler, Judith. Ring of guilt. Dams, Jeanne M. The evil that men do. Davis, Lindsey. The ides of April.

Series A cheese shop mystery The Hamish Macbeth series The Hamish Macbeth series The Hamish Macbeth series The Hamish Macbeth series The Hamish Macbeth series

The Saint A scrapbooking mystery

A Kay Scarpetta mystery

A Lina Townend mystery The Dorothy Martin mysteries Falco ; the new generation

Delaney, Luke.

Cold killing.

Dennison, Han- A Vicky Hill exclusive!. Devine, Dominic. My brother's killer. Doherty, P. C. The midnight man. Dunn, Carola. A mourning wedding. Durrant, Sabine. Under your skin. Fairstein, Linda. Night watch. Fearn, John Russell. One way out. Ferris, Gordon. French, Tana.

Pilgrim soul. In the woods.

Galbraith, RobGoldenbaum, Sally. Gregson, J.M. Hunter, Alan. Jaffarian, Sue Ann. James, Miranda. Jance, J. A. Jungstedt, Mari. Kerr, John. Koryta, Michael. Kray, Roberta. Leon, Donna. Litten, Russ. Lloyd, Frances. Lovesey, Peter. Lowell, Virginia. Marks, Howard. Masters, Priscilla. Mayle, Peter. Mayle, Peter.

The cuckoo's calling. A fatal fleece. Brothers' tears. Gently go man.

Crime classics The Canterbury Tales of mysThe Daisy Dalrymple series The Alexandra Cooper novels

A Douglas Brodie investigation

A Seaside Knitters mystery Percy Peach Mystery

McCloy, Helen.

Hide and snoop. An Odelia Grey mystery File M for murder. Improbable cause. A J. P. Beaumont mystery The dead of summer. Fell the angels. Sorrow's anthem. Lincoln Perry Bad girl. The golden egg. Swear down. The house on Gallows Green. The tooth tattoo. A Peter Diamond mystery A Cookie before dying. A cookie cutter shop mystery The score. A Detective Joanna Piercy The final curtain. mystery The Marseille caper. The vintage caper. Arcturus crime classics. SeThrough a glass, darkly. ries 3


The lost.

McSparren, Carolyn. Mogford, Thomas. Montanari, Richard. Moyes, Patricia. Nesbo, Jo.

Sign of the cross.

A Spike Sanguinetti mystery

The killing room. Who saw her die?. Phantom.

An Inspector Tibbett mystery

Oldham, Nick.

Bad tidings.

A Detective Superintendent

One hoof in the grave.

Reynolds, Indian summer. Rowden, Jean. Gone astray. Rowson, Pauline. Footsteps on the shore. An Andy Horton mystery Ryan, Catherine. School for scandal. Sabato, Ernesto R. The tunnel. Penguin modern classics Sefton, Maggie. Cast on, kill off. A knitting mystery Spencer, Sally. The dead hand of history. Stuart, Donald. The man in the dark. Sutton, Henry. My criminal world. Thomas, Amy. The detective and the woman. A novel of Sherlock Holmes Tremayne, Peter. The seventh trumpet. A Sister Fidelma mystery Verner, Gerald. The river house mystery. Family Saga Author Baker, Anne. Brellend, Kay. Brellend, Kay. Brown, Benita. Crosse, Tania.

Title Series Daughters of the Mersey. Coronation day. The Campbell Road girls. I'll be seeing you. The wrong side of happiness.

Dickinson, MarEvans, Pamela. Gray, Millie. Hampson, June. Hampson, June. Lewis, Beverly. Murray, Annie. Stirling, Jessica.

Jenny's war. Whispers in the town. Eighteen Couper Street. A mother's journey. The crying game. The betrayal. The women of Lilac Street. The wayward wife.

Abram's daughters ;

Fantasy Author


Brett, Peter V. Carey, Mike.

The great bazaar and BraThe city of silk and steel.

D'Lacey, Jo-

Black feathers.

Grimwood, Jon The exiled blade. Hobb, Robin. The assassin's apprentice. Martin, Gail. Martin, George R. R. McClellan, Brian. Mi eville, China. General Author Abrams, David. Ahern, Cecilia. Allen, Charlotte Vale. Arnott, Jake. Bauer, Carlene. Beaton, M. C. Belmond, C.A.

Ice forged.


The black dawn ; The assassini ; The Farseer trilogy ; The ascendant kingdoms saga ;

A storm of swords, part one : A song of ice and fire ; Promise of blood. The scar.

Powder mage trilogy ;

Title Fobbit. One hundred names.


Where is the baby. The house of rumour. Frances and Bernard. The taming of Annabelle. The six sisters ; A rather charming invitation.

Belmond, C.A. A rather remarkable homeBenaron, Naomi. Running the rift. Blackman, Andrew. A virtual love. Bohjalian, Chris. Sandcastle girls. Boyd, Hilary. Tangled lives. Bratley, Amy. The antenatal group. Britton, Fern. Hidden treasures. Caine, Rachel. Devil's bargain. Caine, Rachel. Fall of night. The Morganville vampires ; Cash, Wiley. A land more kind than home. Chamberlain, Diane. The lies we told.

Coffin, Julie. Web of fear. Cohen, Julie. Dear thing. Collins, Ciaran. The Gamal. Collins, Jackie. The power trip. Connell, Evan S. Mr Bridge. Penguin modern classics Crouch, Julia. Tarnished. Dean, Ellie. Keep smiling through. Dickens, Charles. Great expectations. Last dance at the wrecker's Douglas, Robert. ball. Ellison, Kate. The butterfly clues. Enfield, Lizzie. Uncoupled. Evans, Harriet. Not without you. Forster, Kate. The perfect retreat. Fowler, Therese. Z : Francis, Clare. Night sky. Fraser, Anthea. The unburied past. Fraser, Janey. Happy families. Garland, Rosie. The Palace of Curiosities. Gartside, Mark. What will survive. Goolrick, Robert. Heading out to wonderful. Grodi, Marcus. Pillar and Bulwark. Groves, Annie. Only a mother knows. Article Row Halverson, Sere Prince. The underside of joy. Harmel, Kristin. The sweetness of forgetting. Peaches for Monsieur le Harris, Joanne. Cure. Harrison, Melissa. Clay. Harrison, Thea. Rising darkness. Game of shadows ; Harry, Lilian. Snowfall in Burracombe. Hawley, Noah. The good father. Heley, Veronica. Fear for Frances.

Henry, Veronica. Homes, A.M. Jacobs, Anna. James, Erica.

The long weekend. May we be forgiven. Winds of change. The hidden cottage.

James, Syrie.

The missing manuscript of

Jennings, Aman- Sworn secret. Jones, Wendy. Jordan, Hillary.

The thoughts and happenings of Wilfred Price, purveyor of When she woke.

Kennedy, DougKeyes, Marian. Kinsella, Sophie. Knightley, Stella.

Five days. The mystery of Mercy Close. Wedding night. The girl behind the mask. Hidden women ;

Koomson, DoroLangdale, Kay. Lea, Martha. Lette, Kathy.

The rose petal beach. Her giant octopus moment. The specimen. The boy who fell to Earth.

Lokko, Lesley Lowe, Sherrie. Lowe, Sherrie.

An absolute deception. A lapse of sanity. Angel breaths.

Macintyre, Mag- Whirligig. Macomber, Deb- Starting now. Mallery, Susan. Summer days. Matthews, Beryl. A new day. Matthews, A cottage by the sea. McGuire, Jamie. Walking disaster. McVeigh, JenMillar, Louise.

The fever tree. The playdate.


Second nature :

Moggach, Debo- Heartbreak Hotel. Montefiore, San- The summer house. Montgomery, L. The Blue Castle.

The Willows Dip ;

Moore, Edward Kelsey. Moore, Tara.

The Supremes at Earl's AllYou-Can-Eat. Blue-eyed girl.

Morais, Richard Buddhaland Brooklyn. Mortimer, John. The collected stories of Rum- Penguin modern classics Nayeri, Dina. A teaspoon of earth and sea. Ness, Patrick. The crane wife. Newberry, Shei- Young May Moon. Nicholson, Wil- Motherland. Nicolson, Juliet. Abdication. O'Flanagan,

Better together.

O'Flanagan, Ozeki, Ruth. Page, Jeremy.

Better together. A tale for the time being. The collector of lost things.

Phinn, Gervase. Trouble at the little village

A Barton-in-the-Dale novel

Pinborough, Sa- Poison. Prowse, AmanQuigley, Sarah. Quinn, Susanna. Rhodes, Pam. Richards, Jess. Ringwald, Molly.

What have I done?. The conductor. Show, don't tell. Fisher of men. Snake ropes. When it happens to you :

Robertson, ImoSelasi, Taiye. Shah, Saira. Sheldon, Sidney.

The Paris winter. Ghana must go. The mouseproof kitchen. The tides of memory.

Simsion, Graeme The Rosie project. Smith, Alexander The Limpopo Academy of PriMcCall. vate Detection. Smith, Dodie. The new moon with the old. Specktor, Mat- American dream machine. Staincliffe, Cath. Split second. Sutcliffe, William. The wall.

The Dunbridge chronicles ;

Thornton, Margaret. Tranter, Sarah. Trollope, Joanna. Wait, Rebecca. Warner, Helen.

Families and friendships. No such thing as immortality.

The soldier's wife. The view on the way down. IOU. Melting the snow on Hester Waugh, Daisy. Street. Weaver, Eva. The puppet boy of Warsaw. Welsh, Irvine. Skagboys. Wheeler, Karen. Tout soul : Willett, Marcia. The sea garden. Williams, Polly. Husband, missing. Willig, Lauren.

The masque of the black tu-

Winterson, Woodman, Cathy. Young, Kerry.

Gut symmetries. Country loving. Gloria.

Graphic Novel Author Title Series The league of extraordinary Moore, Alan. gentleman : Historical Author Title Borodale, Jane. The knot. Brown, Nick. The imperial banner. Coates, Berwick. The last conquest. Davis, Margaret Thomson. Burning ambition. Golightly, WalHollick, Helen. Leach, Tim.

The people of the sky. Harold the king ; The last king of Lydia.

Series Agent of Rome

Romance Author Allen, Louise. Allen, Louise.

Title Forbidden jewel of India. Tarnished amongst the ton. The seduction of Elliot Ashley, Jennifer. McBride. Baird, Jacqueline. The cost of her innocence. Banks, Leanne. How to catch a prince. Banks,Leanne. Billionaire's galore. Beacon, Elizabeth. The scarred Earl. Beckett, Tina. Flirting with danger. Blake, Maya. The sinful art of revenge. Bradley, Celeste. When she said I do. Cantrell, Kat. Marriage with benefits. Carlyle, Liz. A bride by moonlight. Carr, Susanna. Her shameful secret. Clark, Lucy. One life changing moment. Collins, Dani. No longer forbidden. Connelly, Stacy. Daddy says, I do!. Cornelison, Beth. Cowboy's Texas rescue. Cornick, Nicola. Forbidden. Craven, Sara. Count Valieri's prisoner. Darcy, Emma. The incorrigible playboy. Davidson, Jean. Troubled waters. Davis, Justine. Operation reunion. Day, Sylvia. Ask for it. Deveraux, Jude. Stranger in the moonlight. Diaz, Lena. The marshal's witness. Dickson, Helen. The devil claims a wife. Dixon, Nell. The Cinderella substitute. Douglas, Julia. Polka dot dreams.


Eagle, Kathleen. One less lonely cowboy. Edwards, Louisa. Hot under pressure. Ferrarella, Marie. A perfectly imperfect match. Fox, Hannah. A romantic affair. Fulford, Joanna. The caged countess. Garbera, Katherine. Sizzle. George, Catherine. The enigmatic Greek. The war hero's locked-away George, Louisa. heart. Gifford, Blythe. Captive of the border lord. Grady, Robyn. Strictly temporary. Graham, Lynne. A rich man's whim. Hall, Patti Smith. Hearts in hiding. Holroyd, Sheila. Last minute romance. Howard, Linda. All that glitters. Hunter, Made- Conquest of Lady Cassanline. dra. James, Beth. An arranged marriage. Kelly, Carla. Her hesitant heart. Kirk, Cindy. The doctor and Mr. Right. Kirst, Karen. The bridal swap. Kleypas, Lisa. Scandal in spring. Wallflower series Laurens, Stephanie. And then she fell. Lawrence, Kim. Maid for Montero. Lawrence, Kim. The Petrelli heir. London, Julia. The last debutante. Loveday, Chrissie. To love again. Lowe, Fiona. Newborn baby for Christmas. Maguire, Meg. Making him sweat. Mallett, Phyllis. The turning point. Marinelli, Carol. Beholden to the throne. Marsh, Nicola. Her deal with the devil. Martin, Deborah. By love unveiled. A doctor, a fling & a wedding McArthur, Fiona. ring. Merrill, Christine. The greatest of sins.

Milburne, Mela- Dr Chandler's sleeping beaunie. ty. Miller, Fenella. Miss Peterson and the coloMoorcroft, Sue. Where the heart is. Morey, Trish. A price worth paying. Morgan, Raye. A daddy for her sons. Morgan, Raye. The heir's proposal. Mortimer, Carole. A touch of notoriety. Mortimer, Carole. Some like to shock. Neil, Joanna. Return of the rebel doctor. Oliver, Anne. Marriage in name only. Piper, Anne. Quinn, Julia. Roberts, Alison. Robins, Denise. Sands, Lynsay. Sands, Lynsay. Sands, Lynsay. Sands, Lynsay. Schmidt, Anna.

Welsh Rose and her latin lovBridgertons happily ever after. Maybe this Christmas...?. Brief ecstasy. Brat. Perfect wife. The countess. What she wants. Family blessings.

Shackleford, Winning the widow's heart. Shaw,Chantelle. Captive in his castle. Sinclair, ElizaSummer Rose. Stuart, Anne. Lord of danger. Tronstad, Janet. Wildflower bride in Dry Creek. Webber, Mere-

Hearts of gold.

Webber, Mere-

One baby step at a time.

Whitehead, JaWilde, Lori. Wilkins, Gina. Williams, Cathy.

Light of my life. Smooth sailing. The right twin. The secret Casella baby.

Williams, Lacy. The homesteader's sweetWilson, Scarlet. Her Christmas Eve diamond.

Winters,Rebecca. Wood, Carol. Wright, Katrina. Yates, Maisey.

Along came twins. Twice a kiss. The spy in petticoats. Heir to a dark inheritance.

Science Fiction Author Title Series Banks, Iain M. Against a dark background. Bear, Greg. Silentium. The forerunner saga ; Christopher, Adam. The age atomic. Noon, Jeff. Pollen. Noon, Jeff. Vurt. Smith, Gavin G. The age of Scorpio. Spine Chiller Author Banis, V.J. Collings, Michael R. Goring, Anne. Koontz, Dean. Masterton, Graham. Pyper, Andrew. Wilson, F. Paul.

Title The glass painting.


In Shadow Valley. Shadows : Odd apocalypse. Demon's door. The demonologist. The dark at the end.

A Repairman Jack novel

Thriller Title Series Author Andrews, Virginia. Capturing angels. Ashford, Jeffrey. Damned by logic. Baldacci, David. The hit. Black, Helen. Twenty twelve. Bolton, S. J. Like this, for ever. Box, C.J. Breaking point. The Joe Pickett novels ; India Black and the shadows A madam of espionage mysCarr, Carol K. of anarchy. tery Clark, Marcia. Guilt by degrees. Coben, Harlan. Six years. Connolly, John. Every dead thing. A Charlie Parker thriller Connolly, John. The burning soul. Cumming, Charles. A foreign country. Davison, Geoffrey. The Berlin spy trap. Francis, Clare. Red crystal. Francis, Clare. Wolf winter. Gerritsen, Tess. Keeper of the bride. Gottlieb, Eli. The face thief. Hayes, Steve. Deadly pursuit. Haynes, Elizabeth. Human remains. Jensen, Liz. The uninvited. Kerrigan, Gene. The rage. Koff, Clea. Freezing. Leather, Stephen. Nightshade. Leather, Stephen. True colours. Lemaitre, Pierre. Alex. Leon, Donna. The jewels of paradise. Lief, Katia. Money kill. Mariani, Scott. The alchemists secret. Mawer, Simon. The girl who fell from the sky.

McDermott, Andy. The persona protocol. Millar, Louise. Accidents happen. Osborne, Lawrence. The forgiven. Patterson, James. 11th hour. Patterson, James. Alex Cross, run. Patterson, James. NYPD red. Patterson, James. Zoo. Quirk, Matthew. The 500. Robards, Karen. Sleepwalker. Roberts, Roberts. Whiskey Beach. Robinson, Patrick. Power play. Rollins, James. The blood gospel. Rollins, James. The eye of God. Ruiz Zafon, Carlos. The prisoner of heaven. Schirach, Ferdinand von. The Collini case. Slaughter, Karin. Unseen. Thorpe, Adam. Flight. Tolkien, Simon. The king of diamonds. Toyne, Simon. The tower. Tubb, E.C. Enemy of the state. Webster, Jason. A death in Valencia. Williams, Andrew. The poison tide.

The Women's Murder Club

The Inspector Trave series

Western Title Author Black, Rory. The shadow of Iron Eyes. Blackadder, Kate. The family at Farrshore. Brand, Max. Love of danger. Cheshire, Giff. Night riders. Dakota, Jack. Comanchero trail. George, Michael D. The mark of Trask. Grey, Zane. Shower of gold. Hall, Billy. Soft soap for a hard case. Harrison, D.M. Kato's army. Hatch, Tyler. Cut-price lawman. Holmes, L.P. Riders of the coyote moon. Horton, Robert J. Marble Range. James, Terry. Ghosts of Bluewater Creek. Encounter at Salvation Johns, Paxton. Creek. Kremer, Wendy. Hearts and crafts. Leishman, A. Dorman. Captain Talbot's reckoning. Parnham, I.J. The prairie man. Richmond, Roe. Mojave guns. Payback at Black Valley Stone, Emmett. Forge. Winters, Logan. Travellin' money.

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New Adult Fiction - April 2013  
New Adult Fiction - April 2013  

A list of new adult fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in April 2013. You can request any of these titles at your local...