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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

April 2012

Adventure Author Charters, Charlie. Cussler, Clive. Falconer, Duncan. Smith, Wilbur. Tonkin, Peter. Crime Author Atkins, Charles. Barrett, Lorna. Billingham, Mark. Black, Helen.



Bolt action. The jungle.

The Oregon files

Pirate. Those in peril. River of ghosts.

Mariners series

Title Vultures at twilight. Sentenced to death.

Good as dead. Blood rush. A red herring without musBradley, C. Alan. tard. Brody, Frances. A medal for murder. Burke, John. Murder,mystery and magic. Cameron, Kenneth M. Winter at death's hotel. Connolly, Sheila. Lets play dead. Cross, Neil. The calling. Dams, Jeanne M. A dark and stormy night. Doudera, Vicki. Killer listing. Dunn, Carola. Damsel in distress. Ellis, Kate. Ellis, Kate. Fitzgerald, Conor. Fluke, Joanne. Fowler, Christopher. Fowler, Christopher. Fraser, Anthea.

Kissing the demons. The flesh tailor.

Series A Booktown mystery

A Flavio de Luce mystery A Kate Shackleton mystery

A museum mystery Luther

A Darby Farr mystery ; A Joe Plantagenet murder mystery

The fatal touch. An Alec Blume novel Gingerbread cookie murder. Bryant & May and the memory of blood. Bryant and May off the rails. A Bryant and May mystery A question of identity.

Gazan, SisselJo. Hill, Suzette A. Hunter, Alan. Hurley, Graham. Jardine, Quintin. Jungstedt, Mari.

The dinosaur feather. A bedlam of bones. Gently down the stream. Cut to black. The loner. The dark angel.

Lackberg, Ca-

The drowning.

Lackberg, Ca-

The stranger. A Commissario Brunetti novel

Leon, Donna. Beastly things. Link, Charlotte. The other child. Lovesey, Peter. Cop to corpse. A Peter Diamond mystery The plot against Sherlock Lovisi, Gary. Holmes. Marston, Edward. The stationmaster's farewell. The railway detective Mosley, Walter. All I did was shoot my man. A Leonid McGill mystery An Inspector William Monk Perry, Anne. A sunless sea. novel Perry, Anne. Betrayal at Lisson Grove. The Inspector Pitt mysteries Persson, Leif G. Another time, another life. Quigley, Sheila. Thorn in my side. Robb, J. D. New York to Dallas. Robinson, Peter. Bad boy. Rozan, S.J. Blood rites. Sefton, Maggie. Unraveled. Shannon, John. On the nickel. Smith, Alexan- The Saturday big tent wedder McCall. ding party. Tope, Rebecca. The sting of death. Tubb, E C. The wager. Verner, Gerald. Queer face. Wells, Melinda. Pie a la murder.

An Eve Dallas investigation A Chief Inspector Banks novA knitting mystery A Jack Liffey mystery The No. 1 Ladies' Detectives Agency

A Della Cooks mystery

Family Saga Author Title Brown, Benita. Memories of you. Goodwin, Rosie. The ribbon weaver. Groves, Annie. London belles. Jacobs, Anna. Like no other. Larkin, Mary. Suspicious minds. Williams, Dee. Lights out till dawn. Fantasy Author Title Canavan, Trudi. The rogue. The wind through the keyKing,Stephen. hole. Martin, George R. R. After the feast. Martin, George R.R. Dreams and dust. McNeill, Graham. Iron Warriors : Salvatore, R. A. The dame. General Author Title Andersen, Susan. Present danger. Archer, Jeffrey. Only time will tell. Banks, Iain. Stonemouth. Barnes, Julian. The sense of an ending. Barr, Emily. The perfect lie. Bennett, Anne. Far from home. Boyd, William. Waiting for sunrise. Bradford, Barbara Taylor. Letter from a stranger. Briggs, Patrica. Fair game. Britton, Fern. Hidden treasures.


Series The traitor spy trilogy The dark tower A dance with dragons A dance with dragons Warhammer 40,000


Brodrick, William. The day of the lie. Buchan, ElizaCarlton, Harold.

Daughters. Labels.

Carrere, Emman- Other lives but mine. Cash, Wiley. A land more kind than home. Cheek, Mavis. The lovers of Pound Hill. Clary, Julian. Briefs encountered. Cliff, Ann. Shadows on the moor. Colgan, Jenny. Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams. Collier, Catrin. Bobby's girl. Crouch, Julia. Every vow you break. Darling, Tom. Summer. Dickens, Charles. Hard times. Dickens, Charles. Hard times. Donoghue, Em- Room : Erdal, Jennie. The missing shade of blue. Fforde, Katie. Summer of love. Freud, Esther. Lucky break. Gebbie, Vanessa. The coward's tale. Gibb, Camilla. Green, Jane. Grisham, John. Hardach, Sophie.

The beauty of humanity moveThe patchwork marriage. Calico Joe. The registrar's manual for detecting forced marriages.

Harrington, Hawley, Noah. Hearn, Lian.

Alice Bliss. The good father. Blossoms and shadows.

Heller, Man-

Lost angel.

Houellebecq, Houston, Eve.

The map and the territory. Scandal in Prior's Ford.

Hyde, Catherine Don't let me go. Hyde, Catherine When you were older.

Ironmonger, J. W. Jacobs.Anna.

The notable brain of Maximilian Ponder. The trader's sister.

Johnston, JenJones, Sadie. Joyce, James.

Shadowstory. The uninvited guests. Dubliners. The unlikely pilgrimage of Joyce, Rachel. Harold Fry. Kerrigan, Kate. City of hope. Leith, Sam. The coincidence engine. Lette, Kathy. The boy who fell to earth. Levi, Primo. The periodic table. Lewis, Jeffrey. Meritocracy : Lott, Tim. Under the same stars. Lyons, Liz. Come this way home. MacMahon,

Penguin essentials

This is how it ends.

Macomber, Deb- 16 Lighthouse Road.

Cedar Cove

Macomber, Deb- 204 Rosewood Lane.

Cedar Cove

Macomber, Deb- 311 Pelican Court. Cedar Cove McNeil, Gil. Knit one pearl one. Beach Street McVeigh, Jennifer. The fever tree. O'Brien, Fiona. The love book. O'Farrell, John. The man who forgot his wife. Ondaatje, Michael. The cat's table. The seven secrets of happiOwens, Sharon. ness. Page, Lynda. A bitter legacy. Paul, Gill. Women and children first. Potter, Russell Richman, Alyson.

Pyg : The lost wife.

Roberts, Nora. Rogan, Charlotte. Rogan, Charlotte. Rushton, Jessica. Sands, Lynsay. Scheunemann, Frauke. Scottoline, Lisa. Shaw, Ali. Smith, Alexander McCall. Steel, Danielle. Steel, Danielle. Steel, Danielle. Swift, Graham. Taylor, Lulu. Topolski, Carol. Tyler, Anne. Ward, J.R.

The witness. The lifeboat. The lifeboat. The darker side of love. Vampire, interrupted.

An Argeneau novel

Puppy love. Save me. The man who rained. Unusual uses for olive oil. 44 Charles Street. 44 Charles Street. Happy birthday. Wish you were here. Outrageous fortune. Do no harm. The beginner's goodbye. Lover reborn.

A Professor von Igelfeld entertainment

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Historical Author Title Aitcheson, James. Sworn sword. Auel, Jean M. The land of painted caves. Bennett, Maggie. Every noble knight. Cameron, Christian. Marathon. Cutter, Kimberly. The maid. Donachie, Da- Enemies at every turn. Fiorato, Marina. Daughter of Siena.


The John Pearce series

Gregory, Philip- The lady of the rivers. Gristwood, SaHarper, Karen. Humphreys, C. C. Kent, Kathleen.

The girl in the mirror. Shakespeare's mistress.

Kilworth, Garry Maitland, Karen. Mantel, Hilary. Marston, Edward. Nichols, Mary. Nichols, Mary.

Scarlet sash. The gallows curse. A place of greater safety.

A place called Armageddon. The traitor's wife. A novel of the Zulu wars

A very murdering battle. The Kirilov Star. The Kirilov Star.

Penman, Sharon Lionheart. Ransley, Peter. Plague child. Riches, Anthony. Fortress of spears. Russell, Sean. A ship of war. Swift, Deborah. The lady's slipper. Tremayne, Kate. The Loveday vendetta. Wilde, James. Hereward. Woodman, Richard. A ship for the king. Woodman, Richard. For king or commonwealth.


Romance Author


AnderArcher, Juliet. Ashby, Teresa. Ashe, Victoria. Bailey, Rachel.


Tempted by Dr Daisy. Persuade me. Darcy & friends Without a shadow of doubt. A wife by accident. Return of the secret heir. Enticed by his forgotten lovBanks, Maya. er. Barry, Maxine. A matter of trust. Benton, Sheila. From Florence with love. Boyle, Elizabeth. Mad about the duke. Child, Maureen. King's million-dollar secret. Colter, Cara. The cop, the puppy and me. Conrad, Linda. Rancher's perfect baby. Cornelison, Daniels, B.J. Darcy, Lilian. Davis, Justine. Davis, Justine. Dees, Cindy. Drake, Angela. Fossen, DeFoster, Lori.

Operation baby rescue. Branded. Daddy on her doorstep. Redstone ever after. The best revenge. The spy's secret family. Captive Countess.

Wild stallion. Savor the danger. Valiant soldier, beautiful eneGaston,Diane. my. Graham, Lynne. A vow of obligation. Green, Christina. A time to love. Hewitt, Kate. The darkest of secrets.

Hunter, Samantha. Straight to the heart. Jackson, Brenda. Temptation. Kendall, Karen. Blame it on the bachelor. Kendrick, Sharon. Playing the Greek's game. Lee, Rachel. Claimed by a vampire. Leigh, Jo. Have me. Lin, Jeannie. The dragon and the pearl. Lindsay, Yvonne. The pregnancy contract. Maclean, Carol. Rescue my heart. Mallery, Susan. Tempting. Maynard, The billionaire's borrowed Janice. baby. McKenna. His duty to protect. One snowy regency ChristMerrill, Christine. mas. Moore, Margaret. Highland rogue, London miss Morey, Jennifer. The secret soldier. Mounsdon, Mar- Written in the stars. Myers, Helen R. Almost a hometown bride. Neil, Joanna. A Cotswold Christmas bride. Palmer, Pamela. A warrior's desire. Pappano, MariPorter, Jane. Quilford, Sally. Sinclair, Kira. Svenne, Jasmina. Tarling, Moyra. Tarling, Moyra. Thayer, Patricia. Welsh, Kate. West, Annie. Wilkins, Gina. Woods, Sherryl. York, Rebecca.

Copper Lake secrets. His majesty's mistake. An imitation of love. Take it down. Love or nothing. Just a memory away. Twice a Father. Rocky Mountain brides. His Californian countess. Undone by his touch. Doctors in the wedding. Three down the aisle. Sudden insight.

The Rose Cottage sisters

Thriller Author Alvtegen, Karin. Burton, Mary. Burton, Mary. Christopher, Paul. Coben, Harlan. Compton, Jodi. Duns, Jeremy. Faye, Lyndsay. Gardner, Lisa. Goddard, Robert. Hayder, Mo. Ignatius, David.

Title Sacrifice. Dying scream. Merciless.


The Templar throne. Stay close. Hailey's war. Song of treason. The gods of Gotham. Love you more. Fault line. Hanging hill. Bloodmoney.

Jahn, Ryan Da- The dispatcher. World War Two will not take James, Bill. place. James, Dan. Unsinkable. Kava, Alex. Hotwire. Kazinski, A. J. The last good man. Kelly, Erin. The sick rose. Landsborough, Legionnaire from Texas. Patterson, James. 10th anniversary. Patterson, James. Private : no. 1 suspect. Pobi, Robert. Bloodman. Robertson, Imogen. Island of bones. Rose, Jacqui. Taken.. Rotenberg, Robert. The guilty plea. Sampson, Fay. A malignant house. Slater, Sean. Snakes & ladders. Smith, Michael Marshall. Killer move. Steel, Jack. The Titanic secret. Stuart, Sebastian. Dead by another name.

Women's murder club

A Janet's planet mystery

Western Author Bainbridge, Colin. Clinton, Lee. Coady, Ben. Cunnigham, EuFlagg, Ethan. Hatch, Tyler. Hogan, Ray. Howard, Lance. Irons, Owen G. McCarthy, Kevin. Remington, Henry. Sheriff, Jack. Sunman, Corba. Trimble, Louis. Williams, Bill.

Title Coyote Falls. Raking hell. Tyrell's guns. Diamond river man. Duel at Del Norte. Dead end trail. Solitude's lawman. The killing kind. The highwaymen. Deadly-double cross. The vengeance of Boon Helm. Outlaw canyon. Gunslinger breed. Standoff at Massacre Buttes. Good son, bad son.

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Adult Fiction Books Added in April 2012  

A list of new adult fiction books added to Stoke on Trent Libraries' stock in April 2012. You can reserve these titles by using libraries on...