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The Magic of Books Books can take you anywhere

There’ll be good people, bad people

That you may like to be

Happy and sad people

To lands of wizards and dragons

Some you would love as a friend

And monsters under the sea

Adventures galore and I’ll tell you what’s more It will all be ok in the end

Books can take us to places Where animals talk like us

Anything can happen in books

And it could be a normal thing

ImaginaƟon sets us free

For an ostrich to drive a bus

Open your mind as you open your book It’s magical, take it from me.

Could be chimpanzees speaking Japanese Or a dog with a job as a spy Could be ice-cream towers Or liquorice flowers And you may see an elephant fly

By B.J. Wood

The Magic of Books  

A poem, the Magic of Books, written by a volunteer for Stoke-on-Trent Libraries.

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