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New Children’s Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

February 2012

Board Book Author

Title There's a house inside my Andreae, Giles. mummy. Dodd, Emma. What pet to get?. Lloyd, Sam. Naughty Nancy. Melling, David.

David Melling's over the

Early Reader Author Fine, Anne.

Title Big red balloon.


Series Blue bananas

Meadows, Dai- Keira the film star fairy. Rainbow magic Simon, Francesca. Horrid Henry's rainy day. Simon, Francesca. Rampage in Prince's garden. Simon, Francesca. The Topsy-Turvies. Picture Book Author


Andreae, Giles. Brenton, Will. Donaldson. Graham, Bob. Lucas, David.

Sir Scallywag and the golden Elephant White. Goat goes to playgroup. A bus called heaven. Lost in the toy museum :


Super-duper Dudley!.


Story Book Blade, Adam. Grashkor the beast guard. Brumpton, Keith. The unlucky striker.

Beast quest Dino FC

Cole, Stephen.

The Slime Squad vs the killer

Cole, Stephen. Cowell, Cressida.

The Slime Squad vs the lastHow to steal a dragon's sword. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock

Handford, Mar- Where's Wally?. Hutchison, Barry. The beast. Impey, Rose. The get rich quick club. McCombie, Ka- Butterflies, bullies and bad, Meres, Jonathan. May cause irritation. Whybrow, Ian. Flying high. Wilson, Jacqueline. Lily alone. Wilson, Jacquel- The worst thing about my ine. sister. The great googenheist.

Invisible fiends Ally's world The world of Norm ; Meerkat madness

Moshi monsters

Teenage Fiction Author Banks, Tyra. Brett, Cathy.

Title Modelland. Scarlett Dedd.


Condie, Allyson Crossed. Condie, Allyson Cremer, Andrea R. Monroe, Lee. Monroe, Lee. Nicholson, William. Patterson, James. Rennison, Scarrow, Alex. Stewart, Paul. Treadwell, James. White, Kiersten. Rees, Celia.

Matched. Nightshade. Dark heart forever. Dark heart rising. The wind singer.

The wind on fire ;

The fire.

Witch and Wizard

A midsummer tights dream. Gates of Rome. TimeRiders Bloodhoney. Wyrmeweald Advent. Supernaturally. This is not forgiveness.

Advent trilogy ;

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New Children's Fiction February 2012  
New Children's Fiction February 2012  

A list of new children's fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries in February 2012. These titles are available to request from your l...