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Duncan winter ride photos by Brendan “Chunks” Megannety




Yeah, that leap was a around San Jose. Nobody had the nerve to try that one till Forest nailed it. Forest began his fixed gear career after a lifetime of mountain biking with his Dad. His first trip to the Emergency Room was after a mountain bike crash at age 6, so you could say he has “14 years of experience” doing extreme bike sports. Btw, Forest is a big, powerful guy at 6’3” so he’s known for his strength, enormous explosive hops which are incredibly high, especially since he’s riding the bigger 700c bike. One of his goals is to break the world fixed gear high jump record. Forest is from San Jose, CA and currently resides in San Francisco where he is a Video major at SF Art Institute. Forest riders for LDG in Red Bull Challenge event in San Francisco (check page ..) SOFB ONLINE MAG



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COVER info_ Ricardo Lino Nosepick Mile end While Ricardo and UGH visiting London (look Issue 7) I can see how much Ricardo has progressed comparing to the last year.. He just goes for it. Defenetly gets my attention and its just the beginning of the season. Looking forward to West Jam!

CONTENTS info_Sol Smith barhop_ city roof, London. Silver Surfer! While Szymon Nieborak was visiting London We had a great ride as the weather was brilliant which is always unpridictable in London






Real Power

Greg Falski

Do you have it in you?!


Thats one of the questions i asked myself a couple weeks ago, when i made the trip down to the Velodrome . “i feel the need, the need for speed” I love the speed like he Nascar of bike riding!


Thats the difference for riding seriously or riding for fun which brings out more power within you? you decide.

Brendan Megannety CHUNKS!

Lets face it, its a team sport, the more you give yourself a chance, bigger the chance that someone will jump from behind you!! on that note...monsoon season coming to a end, not much snow here this winter and spring is in the air with summer around the corner, lets all make time to ride, posse ready lets roll.

Aymee Clark Anto But Ricardo Lino Saskia Haex Sol Smith Gary Parker

Flavor Country Zine

Szymon Nieborak

Diogo Mayone

Angus Sung

Ride on!

Quentin Oddo Ricky Crompton Michael Chacon

Greg Falski

Justin Kosman

Red Bull Content Pool



NIKI Biatche

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Super Ted and product of his hard work STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

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Ricardo Lino WESTFIXED



Ricardo tyre grab Lisbon photo: Szymon Nieborak SOFB ONLINE MAG


Ricardo London tooth hangover STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

INTERVIEW with RICARDO LINO Ricardo person behind WESTFIXED and member of Grime Crew. I have always had good time when he is around and I can tell you for a fact that he can push his limits! SOFB - What makes you good at riding fixed? L - I dont feel that im that good...what i really feel when i ride my bike is exactly what i used to feel on rollerblades, witch is, i need to challenge my self to go bigger or better and thats adrenaline makes me so addicted to bikes and also makes me improve my level of riding.

SOFB - Could you tell us about the last two competitions or jams you went to? L - Oh, i´m not really into competition, i love riding with everyone else, being in parks or street spots with all the riders but the competition is not what i really love..

SOFB - Do you like to ride street or park more? Are you better at one more than the other? L - i have been riding the same parks i used to rollerblade, unless they are new ones or new placeds where i havent been before, anyway i really ENJOY a lot more challenging myself on street spots!

SOFB - Everyone enjoys the Grime and Westfixed edits who makes these webbies happen? L - when you talk about

Grime edits...90% of the are made by the genius MIKE SCHMITT, sometimes i make somestuff, so as Ed and Krillz do, but MIKE is THE BOSS on grime videos. When it comes to westfixed, it could be me, Jotta or Pedro José, our new WONDER KID!!!

SOFB - I know that some riders get scared of big jumps and obstacles. How do you push yourself to not be afraid? L - im afraid just like everyone else...but i also have this stupid tough of “ everyday i walk trough zebras to cross the road and i never know when a car gonna hit me.. since i dont wanna die with something as stupid as die i rather challenging myself for a few seconds of real HAPPINESS”

SOFB - You inspire a lots of new riders what you will say to them? L - ahah..i dont really know what to say about this...i know that im a sports a P.E. teacher and i cant see someone doing something wrong without saying nothing..thats a part of me i cant change it doesnt mather if im with bike riders, skateboarders or bladers i allways say what i think people is doing wrong...i wish people was doing the same for me...haha

SOFB - How important is your crew? L - what really is important for me is my family, my wife, my parents, sis a nephews, dog.... off course

all my friends are important for me but i allways say the same for years... friends they come and they is here forever!! BUT since friends come and go....lets have the most fun we can and enjoy our time toguether doing what we all love and having good times

SOFB - What is the next of your projects? L - for now WESTJAM is making my head allmost full, when im not building new parks witch is my new work here in portugal.. project parks, build them, doing demos at schools to promote an healthy lifestyle

SOFB - Last question; any shout outs? L - EVERYONE WHO MADE POSSIBLE TO AN OLD RETIRED ROLLERBLADER TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR BIKE RIDING, thanks RASTA MOUSE, mike, ed krillz and the rest of the grime fam, the Zontrac connection, manuel at traffic, MADE IN PORTUGAL choose clothing crew, SADIO, westfixed or wildwest crew and offcourse LA FAMILIA and a special THANK YOU to my beautifull wife...AMO-TE MUITO!! SOFB ONLINE MAG


BESPOKE Bri The UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2012 Photos: Greg Falski Text: Greg falski and Anto But

After a successful debut year in 2011, organisers have kept up momentum this year with a massively increased number of exhibitors in a huge new venue, Brunel’s Old Station, Bespoked Bristol aims to showcase the best of UK bike design and manufacture under one roof. The hall was heaving within minutes of the doors opening to the public. The show is open all weekend but if you can’t make it down, take a look at our image gallery for some of the bikes that caught our eye. STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

ristol Show

Outside parking space this gives you idea about this years show SOFB ONLINE MAG


Ok lets start with my personal favourite. They arive at the show as the last ones and like in life there going to be first. Winter Bikes. Based in Eugene, Oregon. I spoke with Eric Estlund and his goal is to build bikes that carry this sense of year round versatility with fresh, clean design. For me is inner strength and beauty under control. Next in line thats winer of Best Track Aword - Demon Frameworks ‘Hermes’. Idea behind it was too create the finest steel bicycle frame right here in the UK using the very best of British materials. What I really like about this bike thats copper paint job, modern lug design that had clean and simple lines yet was still dramatic and visually striking


Tokyo Fixed appart of showing there own line of bikes present one off Enigma Bike. This frame shows the amazing skills of Enigma’s head frame builder Mark Reilly as well as the skills of London based painter Matt Bown. SOFB ONLINE MAG


Michael barspin


Having a passion for using natural materials- Boocycles. Bamboo bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Hennry James is not making the bikes for show he is far more tried and tested materials, in an effort to make the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Flat Frame Systems design and build cycle frames from ‘Engineered Wood’, which can be covered with high quality Veneer; for example: American Black Walnut or Ash, Cherry, Oak etc , all the way through to Zebrano. It is known that a Wood Frame bike is very comfortable to ride, and being slightly flexible to allow for a smoother journey. Each frame is: numbered, signed and dated with a create a ‘unique piece of furniture on wheels. Wiseble brands you probably hear of starting with Roberts. They aim is to build your perfect bicycle: a bicycle that’s unique, superbly efficient, fits you precisely and is a delight to ride. ambitions.. hmm



Tokyo Fixed are specialise in building custom bikes of any style and making people’s bicycle ideas come to life. Im following this company really closely and im really stoked on there 2012 models C2 and C1. Diggin those new dropouts! Mosquito Bikes presents Merenyi lugged frames pass on the expertise of the Veronese masters; the unique design of the lugs showcases the original ideas of Merenyi; while the geometry of the frames follows state-of-the-art fitting trends and offer optimum performance.




Brick Lane bikes is one of the Uk’s most notorious fixed gear specialist bike shops. Brick Lane Bikes With an international reputation for the quality of their hand made wheels and their made in the EU La Piovra range of custom frames there is little that the small East London shop doesn’t offer. Whats really get my attention thats racing

14 Bike Co since opened doors in Spring 2009, have built over 500 bikes for our very satisfied customers. All there frames are hand-built in the UK using British steel. They present couple really nice bikes from ESBs trough Samsung, Continental comision bikes till there most advance 14R. Racing bike you want to use on and of track!! Ted James Design living legend in fixed gear world always been interested in the development of the design technology, which lead me to design a fixed gear trick frame and components in collaboration with 14 Bike Co. Now he is spending more time on his projects like the one presented at Bespoke. 29gnar hybrid of fixed and 29 gear box MTB. Perfect if you look a bit more from your bike!! Soked on this project Nice one Ted!!




The Foot Down a fixed gear blog and online shop founded in 2009 was present at the show too. They sell hand-screenprinted clothing, magazines and art prints.

Eric from Winter Bikes bring with him a pair of “Curtis Odom Parts” hubs!!




icky rompton

Photos: Szymon Nieborak Text: Greg Falski


Thats another new section where we want to show rider’s taking part in events like Minidrome and fast street craze. Starting with Ricky Crompton which on his account have 2 wins under his belt in The Red Bull Minidrome events last year.

“I am a product of my surroundings and I choose to surround my self with bicycles they influence my tattoos my decisions and create my lifestyle” Ricky Crompton SOFB ONLINE MAG


First time i meet Ricky was a year ago, And since then we stay in contact.. We did have chance to hang out a bit more during his last two London visits. He is one of those many people i know that riding his bike is his Lifestyle. Shredding for BLACKMARKET bikes USA along side other sponsors and his own company “Ridelife”. At the moment he is traveling around UK with his demo’s trying to get more grom’s /youngsters on the path to ride bikes. please check his website and story from Minidrome page 57






Photos: Anto But Text: Anto But

Livery Design Gruppe 220 Walnut Avenue Huntington Beach 92648 SOFB ONLINE MAG



LDG Store is situated in south California Huntington Beach, pacific coast highway 1 and make a left on main street where all the surf store’s are, swing right on walnut av and boom LDG store right ahead. Store is super nice, showroom style with all the bike porn and accessories, i was like a kid in a candy store. Everything from fast to trick frames/bikes LDG had it. So head on down pop in say hi to Jakob Santos and Joe Mckeag.



Sol Mad Man 17 stairs hello


Photos: Greg Falski Text: Sol Smith and Greg Falski

Laurent x-up Photo: Quentin Oddo

At last I can feel thats something is moving forward.. Its normal for me travelling solo, but this time thanks to BB17/traffic Oscar and Sol join me on this venture! Like always we wait with tickets till last moment, forget about Eurostar, there is always the risk that even the coach will be full.anyway Paris here we come. Ok I check with guys all the details and all preparations done. Now the tricky part is like most travel there is always a problem with bike! what about 3 of we bag them up good. When we got to the bus depo, the bus driver turned up to be a fresh meat on his first trip to Paris!! Oh boy! there was me worrying about the 3 bike bags! i’d remember travelling a couple times before and the extra long stops before even getting to the channel already took my attention. This was going to be a long drive.. In effect of this we was late for the train.. next one in 3 the mean time I don’t know what sol and oscar took but they were sleeping like if its their own beds on these bus seats, amazing!! wish i’d film it..Sol did dribble & mubble from time to time sleep talking “are we on the ferry yet”.. i replied Yes Sol ferry! followed by more dribble haha. Any way with 4 hours delay we finally landed in Paris. A quick stretch, yawn and a number 1, we Just need to build up bikes roll down to Saint Michael where Saskia, Simon, Renual and other crews waiting for us. made it just in time.. SOFB ONLINE MAG


We chatted for a few seconds and had to catch the train asap. Oh i forget, Train Tickets what tickets oops! luckly thats weekend in Paris no one check tickets on train. Thats reminds me of some good times in Lisbon pushing trough the gates and getting a free ride.Power in the grip!. Short travel and we are outside of Paris..At the venue there is a outdoor and indoor Skatepark best for all weather wish we have something like this in london soon..once inside there was a good atmosphere, really friendly despite the fact that this competition is running alongside with Bmxer,Organisers make sure that every one will have time to ride and get use the whole park. I can spot some high profile bmx riders and its always fun to watch them on this park along with fixed riders. First day was just elliminations and after every one having 5 mins run we all done. Simon 180 bar


Pepy 180 No one really push it that day they did what they needed still saving their best tricks for the next day. Eliza and Saskia represent girls part! Amazing weather so there was no point to be stuck in the skatepark. We all decided to hit back to centre of Paris, hit the streets! Im quite happy with that to be honest can’t wait for the day when competitions will be more about streets then skateparks. Before we get on the train the guys spotted some cool banks with stairs in the middle. We have lots of riders trying all sort of stuff on it. steps up Sol, he didn’t come whole way just to watch, with Oscar supporting him, riding off 17 stairs drop with ease “crazy shit right there”.. Also in action There is Simon, Oscar, Lourant and many other riders on this banks dropping of some lines..We hit alot of spots along the way back to the city..Happy to be there with Sol and Oscar and all other crews, every one just hyped out on riding together. Its the kind of tradition that after ride its starts to gets dark we’re at Parie Bercie Skatepark. Its a lot of us this time,beer food riding crazy! Thanks to Saskia, Tilly, Eliz, .. and specially Charlotte who arrange place for us to sleep that night.. but Before we crash out for the night there is a party to go as a part of Pegless Competition. A bit of integration with are friends bmxers, chatting drinking beer,making jokes with more beer it was time to head to Charlottes crib. And we could not imagine this better amazing flat just in centre of Paris next to Eiffel tower.. stoked. SOFB ONLINE MAG 37

Simon double peg


Oscar ice pick no pegs



Simon feeble grind

Sol tuck air


Bastian double peg



Nicko feeble grind barspin

As we put down backpacks qns a small house party started! many friends came that we didn’t see for too long.. like Alex which just arrived back from SF. Sol super tired just fall asleep while standing I’m not better as this is last thing I can recall.. continuation page 46





VOLUME TRASHER V2 Romain Tromss from Nucult & Fixie Factory bike shop was asked by SOFB to preview his newest bike. He told us that he love his bike but Its not so great as a gooood beer!! Ok we think is SICK!!

FRAME: Volume Trasher V2 FORK: Phoenix HANDLEBAR: SPIKE Crossed Bar HEADSET: Salt STEM: MacNeil GRIPS: Gum Color Proper CRANKS: Profile BB: Mutiny SPROCKET: Profile STRAPS: Titan Sofus HUBS: F BLB King and R Sodio TYRES: Schwalbe RIMS: SunRingle MTX 33 SEAT POST: Alienation Billy Club SEAT: Shadow Conspiracy




Oscar gap trasition


Nicholas 180

Photos: Greg Falski Text: Anto But and Greg Falski

Romain pogo stall



the next morning,a Late start but there is no rush, Saskia, Tilly and Charlotte prepared for us some amazing microwave carbs. Hallelujah!! Amazing.. Boom! we’re back on the train towards skatepark.. Every one in a good mood.. Thibs is commentating this event from the start.. Im friend with him and love him to bits, i know its hard work m.c-ing the event and getting carried away and not paying attention on whats happening.. hahah..would be great if we had another person on the mic to help see what the other commentator don’t see. The whole competition and format just making every one a bit confused. and don’t get me wrong there was a few issues that could have made this event better & I’m not the only one who said this. We gather the top riders together then the comp started, everyone having a good time and pushing each other and thats what its all about getting out the best of everyones ability.The time limit was not clear, the rules of the final was a bit miss leading to a lot of the riders! though it was top 4 riders and each person get a run! then suddenly it change to best trick win? it was a shame that we didn’t get to see the riders do their run’s to show full line of tricks put my eyes the spirit of it was saying to riders that we need to finish this as quick, pack up so we can go home as its been a long day? it just felt that way at the time, Apart from the comp it was great since it was the first european jam of this year.. back to comp Oscar brake Simons domination..

Simon 180 barspin STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Double peg

Oscar pedal feeble SOFB ONLINE MAG


Laurent 360

Simon bar gap

I’m sure this is good for Simon as he needs to push it a bit more as we know he can.About the rest of the riders I need to say that Nico and his brother always try something new and they keep level high with Shred Crew and others. Sol was a bit disappointed with his run but never the less he show every one in the best trick what he is made of! He Just killed it by doing the biggest drop of the quarter to flat, total respect from all bmxer’s and fixed riders.! i would like to thank the organisers for keeping the good vibes and making us feel more than welcome! The comp came to the end but the day still young and city wide open. Simon and Parisian crews have some spots to show us, we rode the Rest of day. Our spirits and jokes were high among the riders .Time flew by and we had a blast, STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Quentin 360 Photo: Stefano Safarino

Oscar wallride

1st Oscar Khan (London) 2nd Laurent Pili (Geneva) 3rd Simon Gomok (Paris) 4th Quentin Odo (Geneva) Respecta to Sol Smith for the best trick!! SOFB ONLINE MAG


it was time to head back to the train and Bus Station.. on the way riders were dropping like flys we all said our goodbyes as everyone was catching different trains, Just Renual left and he gave us our last directions (thanks for that)here was a whole bunch of riders now down to 3, super knackrered boarded the coach and head ed down to sleep the whole way back to london with sol dribbling in his sleep with “are we on the ferry yet” hahah.. total Intense couple of days, great trip after all! Tons of photos and miles of footage. Thanks to to all friends and Paris……


Kaliforni(v)acation Photos:Anto But Text: Anto But and Greg Falski

Anto left to US together with his beautiful assistant. He non stop update me with progress on his trip.. thats one of telegram style messages.

“First stop Mission Bicycle on Valencia for Levi Commuter apparel launch. A huge turnout of SF riders and locals for some fine ale & bike porn. And some new levi commuter collection on show. The following day we head to Missionworkshop where awaiting my bicycle coffee and mug thanks to Matt & Rosanna. Bart gave me a peak at the new Arkiv bag. This bag is gona be sick for all you ipad owners. Always a pleasure to visit bart at missionworkshop and finally get to chat bike porn with John aka Prolly.�

Aymee chillin SOFB ONLINE MAG



Go crazy! Matth Blackmail Planet X STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Go crazy! Christian Vollmer power wheele SOFB ONLINE MAG


Straton pushed hard in eliminations and in the final


Minidrome Photos: Greg Falski and Szymon Nieborak Text’ Greg Falski

photo: Szymon Nieborak

photo: Szymon Nieborak



On Sunday 18th March, London welcomed the return of the Red Bull Mini Drome to York Hall in Bethnal Green where riders and spectators gathered to get a free taster of the World’s smallest velodrome in action. Fixed gear riders from across the UK and Europe took part in the challenge on the single timed track reaching speeds of up to 20mph, pushing their skills on a bike to the limit.

photo: Szymon Nieborak Juliet


Trinquart last year 3dr this year miss a bit of luck

Szymon and Lorenzo



An extra qualification round was headded this year in order to give over 200 entrants the chance to test their metals & rubber against the best on the 25m track. The 50 fastest qualifiers received a starting place in the main event in York Hall and competed in a single timed-lap for a spot in the final round, which saw the top 32 racers go head to head in ten-lap races against the clock.

photo: Szymon Nieborak “Unfortunately Me and Toms Alsberg had to meet in the semi final to our disappointment..we where the hot favourites for the final race ..he was just to fast for me on the day and after i had slipped out on a few corners there was no way i was catching him up!

Ricky in action! STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

So round 1 of the series i got knocked out in the semi final, Next time i will be back on the podium where i belong …a change of gearing tyres and some fitness training and i will be unstoppable !!Congratulations to Toms and everyone else who raced this event is so much fun and i cant recommend it enough for you to enter! You dont need to win to have a great time you just need BAWBAGS underwear and the beers and girls will come flocking hahahaha !! “ Ricky Crompton

Anna during that weekend show us that she can ride fast!

Tristian on way to final SOFB ONLINE MAG


Tom fastest that day!

While British rider Chris Akrigg last year winner still didnt recover from his massive crash it was Latvia’s Toms Alsberg who charged to victory in this year’s final against Straton Heron (Tokyo Fixed). “I feel amazing,” said Alsberg, who also put in the fastest lap of the day at an incredible 3.2 seconds. “This is my fourth gold of the Red Bull Mini Drome events, but every time I win it’s like the first time. The atmosphere is electric. The competition gets more challenging and the riders get stronger and stronger every year, Bring on the next one!” STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Straton 2nd nice one!

1st Toms Alsberg 2nd Straton Heron 3rd Tristan Goodley Congrats!!





Updates on comps, jams, race venues and all crazy fixed bikes events happening near you. If you are running kind of events then let SOFB know as soon as possible and we will put it here.

26.05.2012 Huntington Beach LDG Jam 27.05.2012 Mini drome, trick comp Riga Litvia 09.06.2012 West Jam Lisbon Portugal 09.06.2012 MidWest Mayhem MWM3 15-17.06.2012 ECMC Edinburg 23.06.2012 San Jose Iminusd 3-5.08. 2012 CMWC 2012 Chicago 28.08. - 02.09. 2012 Fixed Days Eurobike Friedrichafen Germany



CAVS Photos and Text: Angus Sang

“From the sky high buildings of Central to the less well known farmlands of Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong is a city that is culturally complex and Incredibly fascinating and I was recently fortunate enough to have spent a month in this mesmerising city and got to meet some great people. After my first week of seeing family members and attending business meetings I was almost desperate to do something bike related. Remembering Brian from Flwrider had told me about a new shop that recently opened up specifying in FGFS & BMX I thought I’d go check it out. The best thing about getting around in Hong Kong unlike any other Chinese city is that everything has English directly underneath so finding this shop wasn’t going too much of an issue. Who knew that this shop was more like a tiny gem hidden away down a shady looking street, filled with the smell of oil and noise from the several Taxi repair garages. Though CAVS didn’t have beaming spot lights illuminating FGFS bike porn hanging from the shop window, I was pretty certain I had the right place when I saw two guys smoking a cigarette next to a BB17 Charmer & Volume Thrasher hanging outside by their saddles from a portable, and extendable clothes rack. With a bike related sticker bombed wall and some odd Chinese hip hop blaring out of the open door it was pretty much what I expected. What I didn’t expect was the interior of the shop and it’s owner.





Walking into the shop, I see 5 complete BMX builds hanging from wall mounts, almost taking up half of the shop, behind those were a small collection of fgfs frames and then turning around I am confronted by 2 floor to ceiling height glass cabinets, filled with neatly organised bmx & fgfs components. “Thought it would have been bigger” I said to myself and then from behind, I was greeted by a fresh face fella asking if I was looking for anything in particular K Birdie, a young looking 28 year old and the man behind CAVS shop/distro and the new component company, Machete. After the introductions to the chap K was with, Peta, we spent a few hours chilling at the shop and talking about the bike scene in Hong Kong, K invited me to visit the shop again later in the week and he’d lend me a bike so I could go ride with him and some of the regular HK shredders. Taking him up on his offer, He introduced me to breakbrake17 & Machete rider, Chu. Hong Kong’s hardest shredding fgfs rider. With a very distinctive bmx style, Chu is great to watch and his riding is typically photogenic. For the next week I particularly lived at CAVS. I would hang out there nearly everyday and even helps a little with some of K’s customers. Every night, he would be on the phone organising or finding people to ride. I rode more in that week before I started my job then I had before. With both Brian & Andey from Flwrider busy, I was without a guide. However, with my work being in Kwun Tong I had to visit Brian’s new/reopened shop down the road, RodaFixa. Another shop unlike most you’ll find in the UK, Europe or States. Rodafixa is situated on the 7th floor of a old industrial skyscraper, but, that hasn’t stopped Brian and his business partner, Eric from building a fantastic shop that caters more towards the track cyclists of Hong Kong. With Brian out working films most of the time, Eric is the man that is usually behind the desk. A polite and happy fellow that is really chilled. Unfortunately due to the fact I was working every day from week 3 I didn’t get to ride with Eric even though he invited me but from what little time I spent with him, he was chatty and was a pleasure to be around.



Coming up to the end of my time in the city I felt like I couldn’t leave without riding with the guys from CAVS one last time and getting some images of the fgfs riders. The night before my flight, I hooked with the K, Peta & Chu and headed to a spot near the apartment I was staying at. The spot, like everywhere else we rode in hong kong was littered with the potential for creative lines and a lot of fun to be had. Security is quiet as long as you are and no one really cares what you do as long as you’re not damaging anything. I’ve never rode anywhere quite like it. The people are all chilled out and even stop to watch riders perform. The security will watch you but not say a word and some are friendly enough to come up and chat about what we’re doing and shooting. The ending to my trip in Hong Kong was a total high. I felt like I met some fantastic people and really got to know the city a lot more than previously did. Riding with the guys at CAVS was an complete blast and everyone was super friendly and chilled out, there was never a dull moment and everyone I met made my trip that much better. I even managed to gather enough street images to comply a book. Which I am currently working on and will be released soon. If you ever get the chance to visit Hong Kong. Be sure to visit CAVS and RodaFixa. Both great shops and both ran by fantastic people that are super chilled and friendly. Hong Kong for the first time, felt normal to me. I always use to hate visiting but this time was totally different and a massive improvement to my past experiences.





Death Spray Custom David painted a Louis

Garneau track frame that Timothy Pulleyn race on The Hunt crit. please look page 92

check his work at SOFB ONLINE MAG


RED BULL RIDE + STYLE Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool


Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool

“Redbull Ride N Style was awesome this year. Seems like a lot more riders came out to compete as well as support the Fixed Gear community. This years course was nothing like last years. Everything was much bigger which seemed to be no problem for the riders. The crowd was amazing. Many people watching and cheering on for their favourite riders. The tricks compared to last year is crazy. Everyone was going bigger and throwing different/new tricks which is awesome because you can see this sport is progressing towards something good. After the comp I went out to the Island where there was tons of Fixed Gear kids who did not compete in the comp but where killing it. It blew my mind away how many kids were doing tricks and doing them with style. Just shows how far this sport has come. I cant wait for next years event� Michael Chacon SOFB ONLINE MAG


Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool

1st Addison Zawada 2nd Walton Brush 3rd Hernan Montenegro Congrats!! STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool



Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool

Joe tuck no hander

Antonyo footjam

Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool

Tyler curved hubba ride

Matt air

Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool SOFB ONLINE MAG


1st Josh Boothby 2nd Tyler Johnson 3rd Joe McKeag Congrats!!

Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool


Boothby backflip

Photocredit: (c) Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool SOFB ONLINE MAG


TORONTO’S FINEST Photos and text by Brendan “Chunks” Megannety

Toronto isn't an easy city for cyclists. Narrow lanes, aggressive drivers, street car tracks, and embarrassing bicycle infrastructure make this place a challenge to ride in if you're used to anywhere more forgiving. Anyone can ride a bike here, but if you wan't to get where you are headed fast, you need to have the city figured out. You need to be able to see two blocks ahead of you, know every streetcar track and pothole inside and out, and be willing to push yourself through some technical maze-like gridlock traffic. These photos are of a few exceptional riders who can move around this place at will, and don't let anything slow them down.

"Buddy" with his Cinelli Supercorsa Pista


Hector rock tyre grab 180



Viktor with his Gitane STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Ian with his Cinelli Vigorelli SOFB ONLINE MAG


Paul with his Dave Marsh


Andrew with his Genetix



Justin with his Marinoni STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Lauren with her Gardin SOFB ONLINE MAG


Photos and text: Greg Falski STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Herne Hill Vellodrome, Tokoy Fixed group ride. For that weekend riders which came specialy for The Hunt race where invited to take part in open sessions at Hern Hill Velodrome. That was perfect chance for all of those who never have oprotunity to ride on track before. Rudy and The 5t Floor Crew train hard befor the race. Apart of racing on track lots of people were interested in saturday market, oldschool parts, clotes and magazines. That day I hang out a bit with Chas and Walton from Mash Crew, Lars, Andy from Fixed Mag and Super Ted. They were more interested to shred new 29gnar from Super Ted on parts of cyclocross track near by. Tons of fun and mud. On the way back we stop for fine ale and fish and cheeps at Georges Inn. Highly recomended. Criuse a bit around city and left for chill out session before race.



On 6 of May 2012 Tokyo Fixed & Chipotle held the first fixed gear road race in the UK on at Hillingdon Cycle Cicruit, west London.

Photos and text: Greg Falski SOFB ONLINE MAG


Start of heat 1

finish of heat 1



Start of heat 2

finish of heat 2 Walton Brush 1st, Jacob realy close

Walton on it from the first to last meters SOFB ONLINE MAG


Start main race




Jacob and Oli

The event was held at Hillingdon Crit Circuit which is 0.96 miles in length. It started on the bottom straight and ran clockwise. The race was as much a test of endurance as it was a test of bike handling skills. The format was two of 30 riders, the top 15 of each heat raced in the final. Heats were 20 Minutes + 3 Laps and the final was 30 minutes + 5 Laps.

Oli and Wojtech

Francesco start of sprint STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

Chas and Fausto



1st Francesco Martucci – Iride Fixed Modena 2nd Fausto Bocchi – Pelozzoli 3rd Oli Pepper – The Kinesis Morvelo Project 4th Chas - MASH SF 5th Wojtech Blazejovski – Brixton Cycles Congrats!!




In this Issue we presenting another amazing artist NIKI Biatche please check his portpolio at STOKED ON FIXED BIKES



Photos: Greg Falski Text : Sol Smith


Ninjacats are teenage mutated riders who are pushing the limits of London's architecture and its unpredictable weather. We all about family and team spirit like a suicidal cult or a flight of kamikazes ready to die or fixed gear. Our new line will include a T-shirt from team member Christian Newell who is on the come up with his artwork. We intend on keeping our prices down and our quality up with every pice of Ninjacats merchandise made with love. The newest range features 7 eyed cats and samurais battling in space. Our latest







SOFB MAG X JACOB KNILL COLLABORATION TSHIRT we taking pre orders for new T-shirts SOFB web-shop Ninja Cats / SOFB / Jacob Knill / Asphalt / others






Photo: Greg Falski Text: Greg Falski and Anto But



VERDE - Don Pendelton Slim Pivotal BMX Seat + MacNeil seatpost Im really in to this seat. After so many years of using standard saddles I get tired of trashing them.. broken rails, ripped of materials. If you are in to think about it.

street/freestyle you should

The major difference is there are no rails on the seat, and there are no clunky seat clamps at the top of your post, instantly shaving weight. I give Verde a go and I love it. Really comfy even on long journey. Strong even when you trash your bike around. Happened couple times that bike landed on it - all good. I don’t know what will DON say about it! Don Pendleton is responsible for artwork on it. He is an American artist whose techniques range from creating digital and hand painted artwork, skateboard graphics! Pivotal system thats way to go. Seat comes with hallow bolt, goes perfectly with MacNeil seatpost. MacNeil thats quality products and to reduce the weight I cut pice of it to. Thanks 14bikeco for that!

Bear Bikes HUB + Pinheads For this test we use 32H Bear Bikes Chaingear Hub which is coming together with 16 T sprocket. Whats is special about this hub you will ask. Thats the hub that give you option Pull Free Push Fixed. And dont get as wrong we stoked on fixed bikes, this dont change the fact that we like to ride freewheel to. And im sure that something you would like to try to. Lest take for exemple Bike Polo players or freeks like me which like to use one bike for all types of riding you do. I build this hub on 26 Sun Ringle MTX rime. And during last cuple weeks visit all bmx and pump tracks in the area. And we have lots of them in London. Idea get to spot on fixed then in less then 5 sec change to freewheel and have some fun! And I need to say that I love it! A specialy at the pump tracks where you should work more with your body to get speed then pedaling. I use it most of time on fixed and you can feel a bit play on it, thats just there one of the bad points of it. Appart of that whole constructions feels solid and I try to skided appart - its all good. Price is still afordable for this type of product.


I replace standart nuts with 10 mm Pinheads and thats good option if you afraid that someone will try to nick this baby!

LDG HAMM + Phoenix Fork For this test we use size small Hammer frame, spec’s with 74 degrees head & seat angle, top tube 593.9mm. The great thing about this frame it has plenty of room for barspin and zero toe hang, the joy of jumping around and bar spinning without the worry on my phat toes being slam’D’ by my tyre is bliss to my feet haha, Hammer also has Negative BB Drop so you can run 700c/29ers and 26’s, i found running 700c/29ers with phat tyres of 700 x 47 or 29 x 2.0 made the BB pretty high but got use to it within a day, on the other hand running 26’s was like riding on my bmx, everything was easier with the lower BB & 26 x 2.0 tyres so either way if you choose to run 700c/29ers or 26’s this frame is perfect for both. Here are few more spec’s to this Genius Hammer Frame, Investment Casted Dropouts with CNC Machined Ball Adjusters & Axle Guides, Gusseted Chainstay, Top Tube & Down Tube Gusseted, Integrated Head Tube, Full CNC Head Tube & Bottom Bracket, Rolled tubing on seat tube, 14mm Rear Dropouts, 60c / 2.1+ Tire Clearance, Fork Offset = 30 Degrees, Head Tube Length = 130mm, Wheelbase = 1058.3mm, Chainstay Length = 405mm, Seat Post = 27.2mm, BB Drop = -10mm.



Phoenix Forks Super light super strong with Wheels for both 700c / 26inch,Tire Clearance for 700c x 54c+ / 26inch x 2.3+ made from Heat-Treated 4130 Chromoly Steel, 1Piece Steer Tube, CNC Machined Alloy Top Cap, Integrated Fork Crown Race, Full Fluted Tube, if you choose to run pegs this has 5mm thick dropouts For Maximum 42mm+ Size Peg Clearance, 10mm Dropout Slots (9mm & 3/8 Shaft) Steer Tube Lenght : 195mm, Axel to Crown : 425mm, racking in at 23mm,Headset 1-1/8 Weight 1.1kg and comes in Chrome, Black, White & Red. I’ve rode of a few garage roof with these forks and still not bent them yet. Hit up Phoenix now. Continental Retro Ride & Comfort Contact. We saw these baby’s at Eurobike germany last sept and ask Continental if they can make it possible for us to test and thanks to shelly made it happen. Retro ride are the new funky, eye catcher in colours creme & brown from their original profile legendary Conti KKS 10, super grippy on street/ park turns and smooth rolling performance, hit these up to 66 tpi. sizes 28 x 2.0 & 26 x 2.0 i’ll be rocking these this summer. As for the Comfort Contact super fast rolling tread design what ever the surface with grip which you expect from Continental as these are badass tyres, perfect for all year round riding. sizes 26 x 2.1 and 700 x 47 & 54 for extra phat. Hit up Continental down your local dealer Now.

BLB King Hub I will start this review from point that my old set of hubs was screaming to be replace. They give me so much pain, braking bearings, problems with bots all this stuff.. And when I heard that BLB realised new set of hubs I just jump on it straight away. From the moment I build the wheels with those bad boys I was really happy with them. Light, solid and looking good. Ok they where new but I was impressed with the type of bearings they are build on. Smooth thats right word. I look down on them while riding as I could not believed how traction of my bike change. Now more then half year passed and whats more that was a winter time. I ride on and off road, every day.. snow, rain you name it! Ride skateparks, dirt tracks, jump stuff, go fust in the city, trash them around. Now I just play with them and they feel this same when I take them out from box. Lets face it BLB did really good product. 10/10 I did think about advantages and disadvantages of low flange on those hubs. And actually whats cool about it, flange is stronger, easier to clean and thanks to that size you safe the waight. The price of those hubs its just perfect! SOFB highly recommended!!


Bombtrack come out on market with something very new hub – a lot of companies are experimenting with the inner technique.. hmm we have Bombtracks allready!



Bombtrack full crmo 28T

Levi’s Commuter 511 Jean & Trouser. While i was in SF i went to the Levi’s Commuter Apparel launch at Mission Bicycle which i met a few nice people from levi’s and said i should get in touch with Levi’s HQ and get some product for the test which i found out was i good friend who i use to work with. After a few emails we got hold of their marketing team and a pair 511 jean and 511 trouser. With this test it was perfect weather as we had so much rain here in london, its prctically monsoon season here haha. We headed out and hit every puddle we could see when it was’nt rainning and when it did rain these Levi’s Commuter was repelling the rain and dirt from the london roads, after a whole day riding around my legs still dry. Spec nanosphere technoloy, reflective 3m scotchlite, stretch fabric, utility waistband with reinforce fabric and most of all sanitised tech for those body odours. Pretty dam good pants and functional for all you bike riders that don’t wear lycra. Hit up for more info. Ame grips “Remember these back in 80’s” well they never left :)






Bastien nose pick STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

in dirt jump air

Quentin, Bastian and Marc Red Bull Studios lunch of Coven Magazine

Photos: Greg Falski and Quentin Text: Bastian SOFB ONLINE MAG


Bastian gap tyre grab


For start Quentin told me to try fixed gear because at that time I ride dirt bike. I immediately love it. So I start to ride with Quentin and all the dudes from Geneva. After the creation of Shred Crew our local bro we decided to create Milkyce Crew. after that we proposed at GUILLAUME REVILLOD, Marc Wuarin and Florian Ferrier to come in our team. We are ridding all the day and we try to put some actuality about our training by picture and by edit. We have a good support by Onegear who was our first sponsoring for Quentin an Bastien. Now our team work with Destroy Bicycle to put our team in a next level. We just finished our t - shirts and we try to move at the maximum on all the event like at the Eurobike, Barcelona, Hamburg, Paris, London and on the 9 june Lisbon. Actually we have all our exam so its more hard to ride all together and Bastien moving to London for the end of the year. He has the chance to ride withe our friends from NInja Cats. We just like chilling all together and meet at the maximum all the guy from the european fixed freestyle seen and our good friend from Paris like Soundtrack, Geometrick and SIMON and Renaud from UGH crew.


Quentin Vici park truckdriverr attempt



Other side of lens Issue 8 with

Diogo Maymone wall ride 180

This Issue we speak with Diogo Maymone. I meet Diogo year ago at the WestJam were his profesional aproach and .. details just strike me!

SOFB - You lives in Barca, how this influence you and your work? Diogo - Barcelona is a city with a great architectural diversity and I try to always have this architecture part in my pictures even when i make sport photography, apart from that is a great city. You can move yourself quite well and fast and the weather is very stable almost all year, at every turn there is a spot better than the previous and apart of the locals always coming riders from other places and you can shoot almost all year. I am very happy to live here. SOFB - whats your favourite time of day light to shoot in? Diogo - I realy do not have this perfect time of the day to shoot, I always try to adapt me the best as possible the conditions I have. SOFB - Who is your favourite rider to shoot with? Diogo - Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to photograph much fixed scene . Here in Barcelona we don´t have many fixed riders, but I like work whith Lino , Simon and Wonka. STOKED ON FIXED BIKES

SOFB - Film or digital? Diogo - Digital SOFB - You riding yourself, how much dose this affect the way you look at the sport trough your lens? Diogo - Live, breathe and have the opportunity to work in the middle of this people makes me have a tremendous respect for all of them SOFB - I did see your bag how heavy its? Diogo - There are only 10Kg SOFB - Minimal setup? Diogo - One body, 3 lens, 2 flash, 2 poketwizard, batteries and flash tripods. I think is not minimal SOFB - Dream location for shoot this year? Matt - Any good spot with a good group of riders, but Budapest would be a good place

SOFB - If you could give younger you advice on his way to the first freelance assignment what would you tell him? Diogo - I am not the best person to answer this question , but ... trust yourself and in the end pays attention to your errors. SOFB - Any final thoughts you would like to add? Diogo - I would like to thank the opportunity to answer these questions and show my work . If someone comes to Barcelona and want shoot just get in contact with me , I always want shoot!

Simon, Barca drop of mad wall

Ricardo foot jam SOFB ONLINE MAG


Š sofbonlinemag 2012

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SOFB - If you are Stoked On Fixed Bikes thats the right place for you! Riders, Comps, Crews, Bike Porn


SOFB - If you are Stoked On Fixed Bikes thats the right place for you! Riders, Comps, Crews, Bike Porn