Stoga DigiMag: Breaking Barriers

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Covid Collection

What are some activities you have done over the pandemic? My friend, Arnav Kaushik, and I started a nonprofit called United3d. We are using 3d printers to print PPE in hospitals, schools including Conestoga, hospice centers, and a bunch of businesses. We started this idea right after school stopped in PA. I was volunteering at a hospital which had to be put on pause and I just thought, “I have a 3d printer so why not use it?” I started off by printing 200 masks which were donated straight to Paoli Hospital. I contacted some more friends with 3-d printers and we thought about starting a non-profit of a community of volunteers that come together and donate 3d printed products. From there, we started talking to some neighboring 3d printing firms and were connected to Get Us PPE. They donated to us 16k for our operations. Right now we have 50 volunteers from students to professors and more all along the east coast. We also include those who don’t have 3d printers and are looking to donate cotton masks.

Aside from United3d, I got more into taking pictures in my free time outdoors. Robotics is also a big part of how I spend my time. This year, I set up a team and we already built a robot so we’re ready for our competition if they are back on.

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