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Tailor-made Composite Products

Composite Production Engineering From high tech to high Volume


“We are what we repeatedly do Excellence then is not an act but a habit” Aristotle

‘CPE, the future for composite products!’





Composites - ‘Booming business’? Composites are the materials of the future. They are lightweight, strong and durable. In addition, they offer unrivalled formability, corrosion resistance and thermal and electrical insulation. Thanks to material characteristics such as a high specific stiffness, toughness and great fatigue strength, composites are, in fact, booming business. Composite Production Engineering is the future of your manufacturing process and your road to sustainable success. The application of composites in the aerospace industry is growing exponentially, fuelling a corresponding surge in the need for manufacturing automation. The wind energy, automotive and construction markets can be seen to follow this trend.

STODT, Bouman and CTC: a collaborative partnership that is leading the way in production engineering for composites We’re ready for those seeking new applications for composites, for the producer of composite materials looking to acquire knowledge or optimize his manufacturing process, as well as for companies wishing to transition part of their product line to composites. The Partners aim to stimulate and facilitate a ‘composite climate’, in which innovations in the area of high-quality composites can be grown into industrial-scale manufacture of composite products. The advantages are obvious: a shorter time to market, a steeper learning curve, increased efficiency, lower failure costs and quality assurance. Materials Do you want external certification for your design and/or full-scale testing of your product? We can take care of it. We are not affiliated with any suppliers of raw materials nor with intermediate product or equipment manufacturers. Because we have no personal stake in production, you will always receive expert and impartial advice. For collaboration and/or joint innovation, the Partners can tap into their extensive national and international business network. Are you thinking about composite production engineering? STODT, Bouman and CTC’s Composite Production Engineering Service can be contacted for: “Automated • Streamlining manufacturing for tailor-made results Composites” • Static or dynamic product and tool design calculations • Testing and certification of materials, components, and your end product • Structuring of your production engineering department with measures such as implementation of the necessary specifications and procedures • 3D Visualization (Visual Components) of the composite manufacturing environment to identify the most efficient production setup • Utilization of lean robotics to create an automated environment or permit 24/7 production • Education: Transfer of knowledge - in the class room, on the job and via E-learning • Global implementation on location. CTC Engineering B.V. David Ricardostraat 1 7559 SH Hengelo Contact: Jos ter Laak, Managing Director T. +31 74 76 00 100

STODT Toekomsttechniek Gieterij 212 7553 VZ Hengelo Contact: Peter Verschut, Projectmanager “Automated Composites” T. +31 088 011 23 45

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Composites are the materials of the future. They are lightweight, strong anddurable. In addition, they offer unrivalled formability, corrosi...

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