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Send a Child to Hucklow Fund Charity No. 271585 WEBSITE :

Annual Report Annual& Report Appeal 2010 2007-8 & Appeal 2011

A Trust to arrange and administer holidays at the Nightingale Centre, Great Hucklow, for disadvantaged children, having no regard to religion, race or creed.

In Memoriam Gifts and Legacies During 2009-10 gifts were received in memory of Robert & Eileen Austin Vera Geddes Frank Hytch Cath Mayor These gifts total £450, and this amount has been added to the In Memoriam Capital Account.

We have received legacies this year from Janice Rees Lilian Wake These gifts total £20,042.80, and this amount has been added to the Capital Account. The interest from this account is used entirely for the holidays. _____

The Trustees of the Fund are very grateful to the generous donors, and to the people who remember the Fund in their wills. _____

“Send-a-Child” holidays – “Far-off magic” brought close!

2010 Holidays Thanks to the continued support of so many generous people, the Fund was able to provide holidays in the Derbyshire countryside in 2010 to groups of children from Mansfield, Nottingham, Towcester, Bolton, Stalybridge, Manchester, the Wigan area and Liverpool.

Comment from the children "…The thing I liked most was the food it was extremely tasty because it's a lot different from being at home. I learnt to start being tidier and more independent. *** “I felt I was being treated as a king…”

…and from a leader “…It was the first time any of them had experienced walking for pleasure. Some of them could not understand why we had done it…They all agreed it was a worthwhile hobby…some...are interested in taking it up back at home… many… have stated that eating at the table and learning manners was one of the things they will take into their future lives.”

Appeal 2010-11

Target ( still ! ) £30,000 Ways to give… are many and varied # Single donations # Monthly standing orders # Bequests # Donations “In Memoriam” # online via our website Fundraisers… Coffee Morning Concert Special Collections – Christmas, Lent, Harvest Birthday/ Anniversary gifts in lieu of presents on that “special” day Celebrating that promotion “Thanksgiving” for your own holiday Gifts of “residual” shares Some of the children who have enjoyed holidays at Great Hucklow themselves take part in fund-raising activities in their own schools and groups. _____ We encourage UK taxpayers to “Gift Aid” donations, allowing the Fund to reclaim tax and thus increase the value of the donation. At the moment such gifts attract a government supplement! All gifts are used for holidays except for legacies and gifts “In Memoriam”, which are put into a Capital Account. The interest from this account is used for the holidays.

Your generosity will help us to help more children enjoy a country holiday.

Thank you To everyone who helps to change a child’s life The Centre Staff at Great Hucklow The Staff and Drivers of Andrew’s Coach Company All the leaders Our donors and fund-raisers

…and not forgetting the Children themselves, who often give as much as they receive.

Secretary’s Report 2009-10 In calendar year 2010 we provided 11 weeks of holidays at the Nightingale Centre, Great Hucklow, for children from Bolton, from the area around Wigan, Mansfield, Nottingham, Manchester, Stalybridge, Towcester, and four groups from Liverpool. *** 10 weeks are anticipated for 2010-11 and at the time of writing 4 groups have already accepted provisional offers. Shared occupancy of the centre still causes teething problems, but we are getting there, thanks to the sensitivity of the Manager. The sharing is mostly problem-free, and at best other guests can have a vivid reminder of part of the Centre’s original purpose. It is inevitable, however, that children sometimes display challenging behaviour, or volunteer leaders are insufficiently experienced to deal with such behaviour. We have here a reality check! Whilst we must crave extended patience at times, if only occasionally, we can assure friends that difficulties are always followed up to pursue better practice in future. *** With the forthcoming SACH Jubilee in 2012 in mind, a special meeting of Trustees was held in May 2010, following a March meeting of the small sub-committee of Trustees pursuing this. Plans have been laid, and we have made representation to the Assembly in pursuit of them. Once again we have requested responses from participating children, which make interesting reading! Leaders are yet again most positive in their remarks, not least as to the helpfulness of the Nightingale Centre staff members, and the service received from Andrew's Coaches. A new Send a Child A4 poster, incorporating our new Logo, was sent out with last year’s Annual Report and is still available. We are still chasing a copy of the old poster for memorabilia display… languishing in a chapel cupboard somewhere?! *** Information about the fund can now be found on our own website: We thank Shaun Case of Underbank Chapel, Stannington, Sheffield for his help in maintaining this. The Fund is also listed on the Charity Commission-sponsored website, Our warmest thanks, as always, go to the many people who have given help to the Fund during the past year: to Centre Manager, Stella Burney, to Mr Paul Andrew and the Andrew's firm coach drivers, the leaders and helpers of all the holidays, the Officers and Trustees of the Fund. *** Our grateful thanks are due also to the many folk who have contributed generously in financial terms, as new or seasoned supporters, to make possible the continuation of the holidays, so well received by the children involved. *** My personal thanks once again go to Chairman Peter Godfrey, and the Fund's Treasurer, David Ogden. *** We record our thanks to Chris Goacher as Donations Treasurer, and to Jean Bradley and subsequently Judith Short for efforts in seeking large body grant aid, no mean task as we are not a special project-orientated organisation. Many large bodies require application in this way, with measure of specific outcomes – sign of our “cost effectiveness”-conscious times. This makes things difficult, as this is not our primary aim; we offer a “chill out” period for pressured kids. There are notable outcomes, but these are in a sense incidental to the purpose of our holidays.

We have again sought awareness of the Fund through the Unitarian denominational press, and at the General Assembly meetings, though a feature in GA Zette. *** The Inquirer Editor kindly gave space in the letters column to the Secretary’s personal plea, and a follow-up by the Treasurer. *** The Secretary “has laptop, will travel!” with a simple “PowerPoint” presentation of “The story of Send a Child”: invite him! A “discussion service”, based around this is to be tried out with the Chorlton, Manchester congregation next month. *** It is always gratifying to hear of the many and varied ways in which funds are raised on our behalf by individuals and congregations: thank you all! It was a pleasure, for example, on a recent visit to preach, to receive a handsome cheque from the Ipswich congregation, the fruit of various odds & ends of efforts over their year. *** Thanks to you all, yet again some 200 young people have been able to avail themselves of holidays at the Nightingale Centre. Ernest Baker

November 2010

Ways for YOU to help!

Tell people about “Send a Child”! Display our new poster! Get the kids involved! The Golden Jubilee is in 2012 Look out for special presentations at the GA Meetings Have you any old “Send a Child” photos, a copy of the old poster ( it had a kite on it! ), still up on the Chapel Notice Board, or stuffed away in a cupboard? Film of the old “Children’s Homes”? Please let us have them! Is there a deserving group near you? Why not make making contact a congregational outreach project? …and let us know. Is a group near you already having a holiday? Make contact! Are there local charities you could tap into for funds?


Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 30th September 2010

I am pleased to be able to report that we have been able to pay for holidays for ten groups of children. We received a total of £25,851 in donations. After a slow first half of the year, we received more money than usual in the second half of the year. While the income from donations held up well, our income from interest and dividends was £1,000 lower than last year, which in itself was £3,000 lower than two years ago. Once again, we had to sell some shares to have sufficient cash to pay for all of the holidays. This is not a problem, as we still have substantial investments and their value recovered from last September’s levels. On an income and expenditure basis, our outgoings exceeded our income by £25,700. This is considerably more than the £8,000 deficit last year. *** Using the basis preferred by the Charity Commissioners, our deficit was £13,700 compared to £7,900 last year. This figure reflects changes in share prices, which have little impact unless we are selling shares. I would like to mention the generous donations from Gorse Bank Trust, which gave us money towards the cost of a week’s holiday for children from Liverpool, and James Henry Blake’s Charity, which paid for five of the children from the Mansfield group. We also received donations from the Freemasons of Nottingham and the Elliott Mason’s Lodge and a donation from the bus and coach staff at Manchester Airport. We received generous donations from a number of congregations and £190 from the congregation at West Kirby, where most of the congregation gave via Gift Aid, increasing the value by 28%. We received a legacy of £20,000 from the estate of Janice Rees this year. We received £450 in donations in memory of Robert & Eileen Austin, Vera Geddes, Frank Hytch and Cath Mayor. There have been three special occasions where we have received donations in lieu of the people celebrating receiving gifts. Happy 90th birthday to Joan Wylie. Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary to Bill and Dinky Humphreys (who are already regular supporters). Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary and 70th birthday to Mrs Margaret Horton. We are always looking for new ways to raise money and it is now possible to donate online through our Virgin Money Giving page. You can access the page through our website: I would like to thank Chris Goacher for his help through the year. Chris receives and pays in hundreds of donations, and looks after all the day-to-day administration. I would also like to thank Mike Georgiou for auditing the accounts once again. In spite of the deficit this year, the fund is still in a healthy financial position. We can still afford to pay for at least eleven weeks’ holiday next year. We raised just over £25,000 this year. I propose a target for donations of £30,000 over the coming year. David Ogden

October 2010

Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 30th September 2010 2008-2009 £ 35,855.61 8,226.82 1,405.47 45,487.90 8,183.13 53,671.03

212.63 25,686.15 23,000.00 3,492.11 52,390.89 688.60 591.54 53,671.03

2009-10 £ 25,851.93 7,366.07 1,392.79 34,610.79 25,721.09 60,331.88

INCOME Donations Interest and dividends Income tax reclaimed Total income Deficit for the year


Insurance Accommodation Transport Other expenses

Administration Publicity

Legacies Janice Rees Lilian Wake

In memoriam Robert & Eileen Austin Vera Geddes Frank Hytch Cath Mayor

212.63 33,133.80 21,195.00 3,464.38 58,005.81 1,364.92 961.15 60,331.88

£ 20,000.00 42.80 Further distribution £ 50.00 50.00 160.00 190.00 450.00

Projected Holiday Dates for 2011 Tues 6 – Fri 9 April


Mon 12 – Fri 16 April




2010 October 11-15 October 25-29

Liverpool Bolton _____

(already held) (already held)

2011 March 21-25


April 4-8 April 18-21

Liverpool Wigan

May 3-6


June 6-10 June 20-24

Stalybridge Nottingham

July 11-15


August 15-19


September 12-16

Liverpool _____

[ 2 weeks are already provisionally planned for financial year 2011-12 ]

A donation of £250 pays for a much-needed holiday for one child in a group. Why not “sponsor” a UK child now, in the way you might support one in the third world? Needs are diverse… single parent family: parent in prison: refugee status: “special needs”…

Donation Form I enclose a cheque for £………….. as a personal donation to The Send a Child to Hucklow Fund ( Cheques payable to: “Send a Child to Hucklow” ) FULL Name: Address:

Post code: Signed:


Please treat (a) the enclosed donation (b) all donations I make after 6 April 2000 as Gift Aid donation(s) and reclaim the tax * [Delete (a) and/or (b) if not applicable – if you do not pay tax, are making a donation on behalf of a group, or you do not wish us to reclaim the tax]. * You must pay income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax that we reclaim on your donations (28p for every £1 that you give). Please send to: Rev Chris Goacher, Donations Treasurer, SACH, 19 Demontfort Road, Hinckley, Leics. LE10 1LQ Or donate on line, via the website:

CHAIRMAN Rev Peter Godfrey 65 Borough Close Kings Stanley Stonehouse Gloucestershire GL10 3LJ Tel. 01453 821300 TREASURER Mr David Ogden 29 Stanhope Road Croydon CR0 5NS Tel. 0208 680 4714 DONATIONS TREASURER Rev Christopher Goacher 19 Demontfort Road Hinckley Leics. LE10 1LQ Tel. 01455 636602 SECRETARY Rev Ernest Baker 145 Tullibardine Road Sheffield S11 7GN Tel. 0114 266 1070

TRUSTEES Rev Peter Godfrey Rev Derek Smith Mrs Pauline Smith Rev John Allerton Rev Peter Hewis Rev John Keggen Mr Reg Ash Mr David Ogden Rev Chris Goacher Rev John Harley Rev Jean Bradley Dr Judith Short Rev Donald Phillips

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Annual Report  

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