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economic regeneration and transport

economic regeneration and transport

New High Street parking

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Work under way at St John’s Crossing

New High Street car park


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New dedicated bus island

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Short Stay Parking


Dodshon's Fountain

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Major construction work is under way on Stockton High Street. It’s all part of the exciting £38 million regeneration scheme to help transform it into a bustling and popular town centre.


Plan of Phase 1 works


New location of the taxi rank

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Will I still be able to shop in and

How long will the works last?

What’s happening at the Halford’s

phase of works?

visit the town centre?


Anyone visiting the town will notice sections of the High Street have been cordoned off to allow works to take place. The road layout is changing at the south end of the High Street to speed up journey times and make it easier for people to get into the town. The bus stops and taxi rank will be repositioned to reflect the new road arrangements and a new car park is also being created next to the Shambles. The renovation and restoration process will include removal and replacement of the old paving, kerbs, lighting, street furniture, drains, utility cables, road surfaces and traffic signals, together with repositioning Dodshon’s Fountain from its current location outside Marks and Spencer to the south end.

Yes. Some of the existing bus stops are being moved but clearly signed temporary bus stops will be in operation throughout the works.

This first phase of High Street improvements is due to be complete by summer 2013 and after that the contractors will make their way up the High Street, creating a high quality central area, new spaces for people to sit, relax and for children to play as well as areas for events and specialist markets. The regeneration of the Town Centre is expected to be complete by early 2015.


Similarly, a taxi rank will remain but at times this will need to move to enable the works to take place. Access to shops will be maintained at all times, with noise, dust and disruption kept to a minimum. There is also free parking available in all of the town’s Council-run car parks after 3pm every day until the end of December. For details see

Contractors are removing the roundabout at the junction of Stockton’s Riverside and Bridge Road (near the Halfords store). Two new linked signal-controlled junctions will take the place of the roundabout to improve traffic flow through the junction. The realignment of the Riverside will straighten out its connection with 1825 Way, which links central Stockton with the A66 trunk route and Ingleby Barwick. The improved junction will be known as St John’s Crossing, after the point nearby where the Stockton & Darlington Railway once crossed Bridge Road and where the first rail was laid in 1822. All of the businesses on the Riverside and at the Bridge Road Retail Park will remain open as usual throughout the works which are due to be finished by the end of next year.

The new dedicated area for the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday market

Most of the work is being carried out during the daytime and every effort is being made to keep disruption to a minimum. As with any major scheme, there may be delays at certain times but the majority of traffic management will be limited to the hours of 9.30am to 3.30pm. There will be an occasional need for some night-time work and this will be advertised in advance. How will I benefit from the multi-million pound regeneration of Stockton Town Centre? People will find it easier to get to shops, businesses, eateries and other night life in the town thanks to the improvements being made to the roads into the town centre, the positioning of bus-stops and the taxi rank and more car parking on or close to the High Street.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays the new car park beside the Shambles will become a dedicated space for the 700 year-old Stockton Market with stall-holders also occupying space south of the Town Hall, close to the Castlegate Centre. The newly designed High Street will be a more appealing and comfortable place to be. How can I find out more about what’s going to happen over the coming weeks, months and years? A special “Rediscover Stockton” shop has opened at 134 Stockton High Street. Staff based inside the shop will be able to help you find out more about the on-going regeneration of the town centre and talk through a giant map which illustrates the future Stockton Town Centre. You can also find out more by visiting PAGE 7

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Stockton News - Winter 2012  

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