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42nd STREET CAST LIST First of all, let us start off by saying that this show was a casting nightmare!! Not in a bad way, because the talent was outstanding. That is the reason it was a nightmare. It was not as cut and dry as a lot of audition processes. We truly wish that we could include more people and have a cast of 40, but economically that is not feasible. We want to publicly express regret to those who did not make the final cut. It is not because of lack of talent on anyone’s part. Choices are made on the terms of the total look of the company and being true to the period. For instance, you might be surprised at our choice for the role of Andy, who in the original show is a male character. However, since Andy is the choreographer for “Pretty Lady,” the 42nd Street show within a show, the actor must be extremely fluent in tap dancing. Hence our choice of Jennifer Hastings to play the part. We truly admire each and every one of you who auditioned. The improvement from night to night was overwhelming, and it was a pleasure to behold. We sincerely hope that EVERYBODY will continue to help SCT thrive in future productions, and look forward to working with ALL of you in the future. Most Sincerely, Jim Coleman, Director Evelyn Barney, Choreographer Shawn Carrington, Assistant Director

CAST Julian Marsh - Steven Orr Dorothy Brock - Melissa Esau Maggie Jones - Peggy Coleman Peggy Sawyer - Joy Clark Billy Lawlor - Jacob Bronson Bert Barry - Eddie Hargreaves Andy Lee - Jennifer Hastings Anytime Annie - Terra Fearrand Phyllis Dale - Mollie Verstl Lorraine Flemming - Brittney Franks Abner Dillon - Michael Stratford Mac - To Be Announced Pat Denning - Jason Kell

ENSEMBLE Miguel Chicas Al Ebadi Kathryn Faull Jeanette Cummings Colton Allan Harris Joshua Litvin Dorothy Kozina Taryne Moyse Wendy Poeschl Nina Thiel Tricia Ware Please call the theatre at 473-2400 to confirm acceptance! We still need two or three additional tapping men. If you know anyone who is interested please have then call 209 473-2400. FIRST READ THROUGH: Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at the theatre! Scheduling conflicts must be cleared with Jim Coleman in advance.

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Cast List Corrected  

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