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There is a Bearish Harami on July 31 and one Gap open up Apr 6, 2009 at 2.65/2.85 near term resistance is 4.37, support at 3.94, and the 50 day (EMA) exponential moving average is 3.77. This is Modavox, Inc (MDVX): the owner of the “Method and System for Adding Function to a Webpage”, their first US patent the “BoomBox Radio” trademark catapulted the business to the front line of the industry. The customized communications company is a pioneer in Internet broadcasting, producing and syndicating online audio and video, offering innovative, effective, and comprehensive online tools for reaching targeted niche communities worldwide. Through patented Modavox technology, Modavox delivers content straight to desktops and Internet-enabled devices. Modavox provides managed access for live and on-demand Internet radio broadcasting, e-learning and rich media advertising. They currently boast nearly 100 private and corporate institutions as clients. Their managed sites draw in 5 millions unique visitors per month. Internet radio accounts for 75% of total revenue, and interactive media for 25%. The Competitive Landscape The success of this industry is in the ability of the company engaged in operations to monetize online content. Content monetization is achieved through targeted advertising, platform, subscription, and ecommerce fees along with the sale of highly developed content publishing and distribution software products. The ability of the firm to align their services with consumers needs is one part of the equation to create a profitable business model online. The internet is fiercely competitive and those who stand out as successful traditionally benefit from high margins of profitability due to the nature of business. Software and Programming Industry Performance Year to date through April 24th, the Internet Software & Services index was up 23.8%, versus 3.7% decline in the S&P 1500. In 2008, the index fell 54.2% versus a 38.2% drop for the 1500.

Modavox Inc. Chairman and Chief Director: Shelly J Meyers 4636 East University Drive Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phone: 602-648-6080

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