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Selling and Marketing Your Stock Photo Images Those who want to enter this field will find that in some respects it is easier than ever (distribution channels with little or no editing and open to everyone and/or self distribution via Internet). Digital cameras offer accelerated learning, much more efficient work-flow, and greatly reduced costs.

While on the one hand there is more competition than ever, on the other there are more buyers than I would ever have thought possible just a few years ago, and there are sites, companies and individuals who give away free stock illustrations. Swell. But whatever the challenges to making a living with stock, the barriers to entry have never been lower. So how does one get started in stock today? What to shoot? In my opinion you’re not going to be successful unless you’re shooting something you enjoy shooting. The trick is to enjoy photographing images that are wanted and needed in the marketplace. How do I figure out what is needed? I look at images. I look everywhere images are used…the Internet, magazines, book covers, billboards and packaging. You can log onto iStockphoto and search with ranking based on downloads and see what images are the most popular. The idea isn’t to copy anything, for two reasons. One, it won’t be you, and two; it won’t do as well as the original. Seeing what kinds of images are being used is one part, the next is shooting images that have your own unique viewpoint. If you can shoot stock illustrations that fill the needs of the market place, and do it in a new and unique way, your way, success is assured…sort of.

Distribution is Key Distribution is also a key element. You can have the best and most needed images in existence and if no one sees them, the images won’t sell. Even ordinary stock illustrations, if they get a wide enough audience, will sell. So now there is another decision to be made. How do you distribute your stock photos? Read More

Selling and Marketing Your Stock Photo Images