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bringing next generation cryogen-free 1.5t MrI to Market next year, 2015


utting Edge Superconductors Inc. is a unique technology company and the story begins with its founder, Mr. Yong-Jihn Kim. Mr. Kim, a Physics Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, has been working on superconductivity for more than 20 years. Mr. Kim has identified the superconducting mechanism of the new superconducting material, MgB2. In November 2011, Mr. Kim founded Cutting Edge Superconductors Inc. to commercialize his worldwide patented technology and provide industry with the next generation cryogen-free 1.5T and 3T MRI. Cutting Edge produces MgB2 powders, wires, and tapes. These products are used to manufacture magnets for next generation cryogenfree 1.5T and 3T MRI. Our The company’s MgB2 wire technology and products replace NbTi superconducting wire technology in MRI equipment.

cuttIng edge technology benefIts and IMProveMents on current technology The benefits of our product over the currently used ones are the following: 1. The resulting MRI is simple and almost maintenance-free, increasing the lifetime of MRI from 5-7 years to 10-20 years 2. The resulting MRI allows more versatile designs, including the completely open MRI, eliminating claustrophobia of some patients 3. The resulting MRI is helium cryogen-


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free, reducing the installation cost significantly 4. MRI scan cost will be reduced up to 40%, significantly enhancing public health service The current 1.5T (Tesla) MRI uses an old material NbTi which requires 1,700 liter of expensive liquid Helium to operate at a very low temperature, 4.2K (Kelvin). Therefore it is complicated and easily broken, leading to 5-7 years of lifetime and high MRI scan cost. In 2001, a new higher transition temperature superconducting material, MgB2, was found, promising Next Generation Cryogen-free MRI. Indeed, in 2007, three Italian companies produced MgB2-magnet based 0.5T Open MRI. It is in the market now, with a limited success due to lower image quality than that of the current 1.5T MRI. The • •

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