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Diffused_light_emission Joe | 10 W | 3000 K

In the path marker version in the rendering it enhances pedestrianised areas and surrounding architecture with a 360 degree ground grazing light.

Optic double emission

300 cd/klm

200 cd/klm

Diffused_light_emission Bob18 | 18 W | 3000 K

Created for the lighting of vast urban spaces such as squares, car parks or transit areas, it features a highly characteristic design and emits a circular radial light without upward spill, thereby minimising light pollution.

Optic double emission 200

100 cd/klm


Diffused_light_emission Ryo | 9 W | 3000 K

Placed along the entire perimeter of a residential area, Ryo luminaires can service extremely large spaces. A section carved in the structure directs the light towards the ground, where it expands without any upward light pollution thus avoiding glare.

Optic double emission

800 cd/klm

1200 cd/klm



Profile for Stockholm Lighting

i-LÈD Maestro 2016  

i-LÈD Maestro 2016