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Tested? Approved! i-LèD products undergo several strict tests before

supervision of highly qualified personnel, in full

they get the final go ahead. All tests are carried

compliance with the current regulations.

out in house using sophisticated tools, under the

• Junction temperature

• The following electronic tests are also carried out:

• Photometric measurements

• Surge tests

• Impact resistance tests (IK)

• ESD test

• Fire Resistance Testing

• DALI compatibility test (as official members of the

• Salt spray test

DALI Working Party of ZVEI)

• Walk-over and drive-over resistance tests • Protection test (IP, IEC 60529 regulations) • Resistance to solar radiation tests • Vibration and mechanical stress tests • Climatic tests



Profile for Stockholm Lighting

i-LÈD Maestro 2016  

i-LÈD Maestro 2016