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Smartwave™ The integrity and correct operation of electronic devices may suffer damage as a result of surges in the mains voltage. In response to this problem, i-LèD designed SmartWave ™, a series of drivers that ensure decidedly greater durability than average life. Surges occur as a consequence of several phenomena (such as a lightning strike for example) and are responsible for most cases of malfunction of a lighting system, especially of the drivers. SmartWave™ drivers can work with high input

minimum value for contact discharge and 8kV for air discharge: SmartWave™ drivers are tested with discharges up to 30 kV! Similarly, while the legislation provides for a maximum of one discharge per second, SmartWave™ is tested with five discharges per second! i-LèD products are tested in house by our own laboratory, which is adequately equipped with specialized structures. The tests performed also allow us to measure electromagnetic interference in addition to immunity from surges and ESD.

voltages up to 7 kV, without suffering any damage. This value exceeds by seven times the minimum protection requirement provided for by current regulations! But surges are not the only problem: even




discharge protection, ESD) can claim numerous victims among drivers, often considered the real weak point in terms of safety in an electronic device. The IEC EN61547 regulations identify 4kV as the


Over Voltage Protection



“Our highest priority: to ensure a performing, safe and long-lasting product at all times.”

ElectroStatic Discharge Protection



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i-LÈD Maestro 2016  

i-LÈD Maestro 2016