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The importance of junction temperature How can we ensure proper heat dissipation in our products? In the research phase, we take junction temperature as a fundamental reference: measured in the meeting point between the diode substrate and the printed circuit board with metal core, it gives a precise indication of the maximum heat produced by LEDs in operation. It is essential to carry out an accurate thermal analysis and design a special heat dissipation system, in compliance

• longer life of LEDs, which is prolonged in time and achieves a life of 80,000 hours retaining 80% level of the initial luminous flux (L80B20 @ 80k hrs); • CCT or coloured light variations, which are reduced over time; • maintenance of light efficiency over time, i.e. the ability to convert electric energy into visible light energy.

with the IEC 60598- 1: 2014 standard. This makes us absolutely certain that none of the light sources used in our i-LèD luminaires undergoes changes that may significantly affect performance. The tangible benefits are measured in terms of:


Junction temperature < 60° C

Luminous flux




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i-LÈD Maestro 2016