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A new and flexible IT infrastructure – with BT Virtual Data Centre Would you like to respond more rapidly to changing business needs – whilst reducing costs, increasing reliability and lowering your carbon footprint?

BT Virtual Data Centre from BT Global Services

Increasing the agility of your infrastructure with BT

BT’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is a pre-provisioned hosted data centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your own service through a self service portal. Businesses have become more and more dependent on the agility and availability of their critical IT systems. At the same time, they need to respond rapidly to changing business needs, as well as the challenges of convergence and the emergence of a global services market. This means that they must be able to launch new services quickly, reliably and cost effectively. As a new concept in service delivery BT’s VDC gives you the assurance you would expect of an Enterprise class infrastructure. Autonomy allows you to create and manage the service at your convenience. Automated service delivery ensures changes happen quickly and efficiently. By exploiting the latest advances in technology, VDC is self healing and inherently resilient assuring you a 99.9% availability, whilst offering significant TCO savings (up to 40%) in comparison with traditional approaches.

BT Virtual Data Centre’s extensive benefits One of the keys to future success is therefore an IT infrastructure that is agile, flexible and responsive. But traditional systems can be unwieldy, inflexible and expensive. This is why BT has developed the Virtual Data Centre – a versatile service that empowers you to enable your business.

This innovative approach offers a wide range of powerful benefits, including: • Lower total cost of ownership. With the VDC, your costs could be reduced by up to 40%. Because you pay for what you use, your costs are aligned to your business needs. • Increased speed and agility. You can create or change a VDC service rapidly. As a result, you can respond to new demands, building and managing your service in days and hours rather than months and weeks. • Wide-ranging flexibility and scalability. With VDC, your computing power, network resources and data storage can be scaled to match changes in your business needs. New applications and services can be introduced when you need them. • Enhanced service levels. Our approach reduces your reliance on physical hardware and replaces it with an emphasis on service. VDC is a complete end-to-end solution that covers the whole customer experience and delivers improvements across every aspect of the service wrap. • Greater environmental efficiency. VDC exploits the latest advances in virtualisation technology. This reduces the footprint of the data centre in terms of the space required; the level of emissions produced; and the power consumed. • Enhanced security and less risk. BT’s VDC has been architected to ensure the service offers physical and/or logical separacy at all times to maintain integrity. The service has been designed to maximise resiliency, with self healing to maximise availability.

““BT’s vision is to become a leading ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ provider. BT VDC has all of the components to enable us to realise that vision, including virtual computing, storage, security and networks orchestrated and automatically provided via our online portal.” Luis Alvarez, President, EMEA, BT Global Services.

BT Virtual Data Centre from BT Global Services

Increasing the agility of your infrastructure with BT

VDC’s impressive features

BT’s VDC service layers include:

The following key service features are currently provided as standard: • S ystem Compatibility. A complete Application Hosting Environment supporting Microsoft Windows compatible applications.

Computing layer – Customers can create, customise and control small, medium and large virtual servers via the portal. They will be offered options that include high availability and additional value add services.

• S ervice Level. VDC is underpinned by a full ITILv3 Service Wrap to known and agreed security levels, delivered to a known Service Level Availability of 99.9%.

Storage layer – This enables the customer to allocate data space as required and includes virtual application storage (fast); virtual shared storage (slow); and snap backup and restore.

• S tandard Configuration. Virtualised instance(s) are configured to standard build templates, allowing fast turnaround of orders and changes. •Q  uick provisioning. A new VDC of virtual servers can be built within five working days. Most in-life service changes take from four hours. •M  anaged service. The infrastructure supporting the customer’s service will be fully managed, and the virtual servers monitored for availability. • Storage flexibility. The customer can increase the storage up to a total of 999GB per virtual server or group of virtual servers.

Network layer – This includes the provision of firewall services; virtual ‘service’ load balancing; and virtual networks and switches. BT’s VDC consulting services – can help the customer assess, justify, plan and execute a strategy to deliver the maximum benefit from VDC in the earliest possible timeframe. In summary, our VDC services offer a new concept in service delivery, enabling you to create and manage services quickly, helping you save money and improve service. BT has a range of services to help you take advantage at the earliest opportunity.

• Backup and Restore. Customers have a choice of backup schedules for application storage and can also restore backed-up drives. • C ontrol of Resource. VDC enables customers to control many aspects of their service. These include adding and removing virtual servers, adding storage, increasing Internet bandwidth and adding and changing firewall rulesets.

“Any ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ offering that can provide a platform where organisations can scale their computing, network, and storage requirements in real time, according to their needs, will have obvious appeal.” Roy Illsley, Senior Research Analyst, Butler Group.

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BT Virtual Data Centre from BT Global Services

Increasing the agility of your infrastructure with BT

Making a difference

BT and 21CN

Our VDC services enable you to consolidate and optimise your IT infrastructure, saving costs and energy. Here are a few examples of the benefits that can be achieved:

BT has extensive experience in communications, combined with outstanding expertise in consultancy, networked IT and service delivery. We understand that the key to future business success lies in effective networks – at the technical, organisational and inter-personal levels.

• A large UK financial institute was able to reduce its 22 production systems to just four virtual servers, with a physical infrastructure saving of 20%. • One of our global financial customers reduced its servers from 700 to less than 100, generating expected savings of 50%, with payback within a year. • Virtualisation has boosted application performance and reliability and has also improved business resilience for the City of Edinburgh Council.

Our 21st Century Network enables us to deliver powerful but cost-effective virtual services. Our Virtual Data Centre uses multi-vendor, best of breed technology. This is all underpinned by the highest levels of customer service from our dedicated and professional team

“BT is one of the very first movers in Europe with its ‘Infrastructure as a service’ offer and the only global provider that will be deploying this service across a vast network of data centres both in the UK and Europe.” Dustin Kehoe, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis.

If you have any queries, or need more details on any aspect of VDC, please contact your Account Manager.

Offices worldwide The services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2010. Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Registered in England No: 1800000.

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