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Welcome To The November Issue Of The Stockbridge Spotlight Inside This Issue . . . Life begins : What Kind of Christmas Shopper Are You


Landmark Birthday Celebration For The Adam Pottery


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Recipe : Mediterranean Fish Bake


Welcome to this latest issue of the Stockbridge Spotlight. Two local businesses are celebrating a landmark birthday this issue. Janet Adam is celebrating 30 years of making potter at The Adam Pottery (pg 8) - they are having a Special Open Weekend on the 7th & 8th December where you can drop in, meet the makers and have a look around the studio and gallery. And Gorgeous Therapies (pg 9) celebrate their 1st birthday with a special event on the 1st December to which you are warmly invited. We wish both the businesses many more years of successful trading. Vino Wines (pg 20) are holding a Winter Wine Tasting at the end of November so if you would like a different wine to enjoy with your Christmas Lunch why not organise yourself a ticket. Or for some different Christmas gifts visit the Christmas Bazaar at Nomads Tent (Pg 21). The Botanic Gardens (Pgs 26/27) are also preparing for Christmas with a range of gifts in their shop and you can meet Santa at the Botanics from the 13th December. On the community side there are Christmas Fairs to check out, Charity Art Exhibitions to go along to, a local event in the Colonies and if you want to plan ahead, St Columba’s Hospice Burns Supper to book tickets for. Plus of course Stockbridge Market or the new Grassmarket Market to drop in to. Full details of all the community events can be found on Pgs 46-49. There is one more issue before Christmas and year end so if you have events you would like to include on the community pages please get in touch with the details. Enjoy this issue.

Sue Hutchison

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Organised Shopper, you are the envy of your chaotically disorganised peers. But watch out - are you ready to face the bitter resentment of friends who shopped too late to get that ‘must-have’ gadget?

4. The Wishlister

It’s that time of year again, when you start to make lists of the Christmas presents you need to buy for your nearest and dearest. We will all approach our Christmas shopping in different ways, so see if you can spot the shopping technique that most resembles yours in the list below:

1. The Very, Very Early Bird You are the shopper who can be found cramming your basket with cut-price wrapping paper, Christmas cards and toiletry gift sets in the January sales. Well done, Very Early Bird. You might save yourself a good deal of money, but will you remember where you’ve hidden all those cut-price goodies by next December?

2. The Last Minute Man You just can’t find the motivation to buy presents until three hours before the shops are due to close on Christmas Eve. Then you dash round the streets with a look of sheer panic on your face, desperately hoping that the items on your list are not out of stock. Come on, Last Minute Shopper – you know you can do better, but deep inside you crave the adrenaline rush that comes from holding back till the very last moment.

3. The Smugly Organised Shopper It’s mid September and not only have you already compiled your gift list, you’ve probably placed your first online order, for that ‘must-have’ new gadget that will be all the rage this Christmas. By the 1st of December all of your presents will be immaculately wrapped, labelled and stored in boxes under the bed. 4

Do you remember the “Good Old Days” when all the presents were a surprise? When the mystery surrounding Christmas gifts led to a well-intentioned, communal impulse to pretend everything was lovely on the day (“Oooh, a hot water bottle cover - just what I needed!”)? Nowadays all recipients seem to do is mentally tick off gifts that they previously put on their Amazon wishlist. Now there’s no need to spend time thinking about what your nearest and dearest would like, when all you need to do is follow an on -screen link and click a button. Dear Wishlister, while we do understand your desire to buy something your friend or relative really wants, we’d like to see you use a little more imagination and effort this Christmas.

5. The Crafty Maker You’ve been watching too many Kirstie Allsopp shows on TV and now believe the way to show real love at Christmas is to give gifts that you have made yourself. I know, Crafty Maker: you can’t wait for the look of surprise on your family’s faces when they open their presents to find something you have carefully crafted out of papier mache and driftwood, but please don’t be disappointed if their wan smiles of appreciation suggest they would have preferred the latest video game. Do you recognise yourself in one of these descriptions? If so, don’t panic. Christmas is a unique time of year when the effort we make for family and friends is allimportant. However you do your Christmas shopping, it’s always the thought that counts.

DAVID A BURNETT From the smallest of jobs to the larger projects - We are driven by our good name * Renovations * Bathroom & Kitchen Fitting * Plumbing * Joinery * Electrical * Tiling * Painting & Decorating Telephone 07801 655 973 or 0131 278 0654 Or 01383 626 896 Email Or visit our website 5



Landmark Birthday Celebration For The Adam Pottery Congratulations to Janet Adam who this year celebrates thirty years of making ceramics at The Adam Pottery. Situated in a typical 19th century tenement at 76 Henderson Row, this residential area makes an unexpected setting for a working pottery. Originally built as a bakery, the basement had evolved into an engineering business by 1983 when Janet took it over. The pottery was established by Janet as her own workshop but she has, from the start, let out studio space to others. This has proved a very successful arrangement, with people from many parts of the world spending anything from a few weeks to several years at the pottery. While each person works independently, in both a business and creative sense, much of the daily running of the Pottery and Gallery is communal as is the continual flow of mutual interest and support. Visitors are welcome to look round the studios, see work in progress and maybe discuss an individual commission. The range and diversity of work in the gallery gives a real insight into the many aspects of working with clay and the different techniques and concepts involved. The pottery is having a Special Open Weekend on the 7th & 8th December (11am to 6pm Sat, 11am to 5pm Sun) - an ideal opportunity to drop in and have a look around the studios and gallery. You can enjoy some mulled wine and refreshments while chatting to the makers. A wide variety of work will be on show, from the practical to the decorative, and at a range of prices. You might get some Christmas gift ideas for family and friends or a Gift Voucher if you want to leave the choice up to them. T : 0131 557 3978 8




Every year, heating our homes becomes ever more expensive, and as a result we do all kinds of things to cut our bills: we ensure our homes are properly insulated, turn the thermostat down a notch and do our best to save energy. But no matter what kind of heating system you have, there's a very good chance you're heating your entire home rather than the room you're using. Wouldn't it be great if you could heat just the bit you're in - and do it quickly so you don't have to sit shivering? That's the thinking behind Dyson's fan heaters, which use the firm's "air multiplier" technology to send a steady stream of hot air without the buffeting you get from normal fan heaters. They aren't cheap - expect to pay £249 for a heater, or £349 for one that can cool air in the summer - but they're safe, effective and very efficient. If you'd rather not spend quite so much on a heater, halogen heaters are worth considering: instead of heating the air, they heat whatever you point them at - and they do so instantly, which is a real boon if you've just come home from a typically cold November day. Prices start at around £15 for a basic model, and you can buy models designed for heating outside areas. For larger rooms, it's worth looking for heaters that can rotate: that enables them to heat a wider area than immobile heaters can reach. Make sure they have anti-tilt shut-offs too, so they automatically switch themselves off if they're accidentally toppled. The cheapest heaters around are fan heaters, which as the name suggests use a fan to blow 12

air over a heating element. According to the Energy Saving Trust they aren't less efficient than other kinds of heating, but the less powerful the fan the longer it'll take them to heat a room: we wouldn't recommend trying to heat a highceilinged room with an £8 fan heater from the local supermarket. If you spend a lot of time using a computer you will know that your fingers are often the first things to start feel the cold. Technology has the answer to that too: V8 Tools' heated computer keyboard is exactly what it sounds like, for the time being though you'll need to import one from the US. Avoid USB-powered heating devices such as USB-powered Monkey Hand Warmers are novelty gifts, not practical products. And if you often suffer from frozen feet there's a gadget for that too: the AccuLux foot warming mat, a flexible heating mat that's designed to make your tootsies toasty. Expect to pay £39.99. Humans aren't the only creatures to benefit from heating pads: they’re available for pets too. A quick search on eBay uncovers all kinds of electric pad heaters for dog and cat beds, with prices as low as £19.99. If you'd rather not leave anything electrical near your pets, microwaveable heat pads do much the same job for slightly less money. While you're microwaving things for your pets, why not warm up some pads for yourself? You can try microwaveable slippers, hand warmers or neck wraps. If you're suffering from sports injuries or arthritis you might just find they help ease your symptoms.



Member of the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employer’s Federation Edinburgh and District Master Builders Association


We design and install Beautiful Kitchens and Bathrooms  Extensions  Conversions  Plumbing  Central Heating

Established 1981

 Joinery  Property Maintenance

Phone/Fax: 441 2653 for a FREE estimate Vodafone: 07831 449000 9A Fettes Row Edinburgh EH3 6SE


FIONA’s HOUSE CLEANING Now offering a carpet cleaning service I run a small family business with an established customer base in this area

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NO TIME TO WASTE - ECO GRANTS ARE UP FOR GRABS Environment projects which have been created by Edinburgh groups could be in line for funding of up to £2,500. The City of Edinburgh Council has made the funds available through Waste Action Grants as part of on-going plans to encourage reducing, reusing and recycling. Environmentally conscious householders, youth groups, community groups, and schools are all being urged to submit an application for funding by Thursday 14 November. Both small and large grants are available to fund eco-friendly projects that will encourage more people in the Capital to be environmentally aware about the rubbish they produce The Waste Action Grant Programme which was launched in April 2005, has helped to support waste related community initiatives that inspire Edinburgh residents to find innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. .A range of funding is available, from smaller grants of £50-£200 to larger grants of £500 £2500. In 2013, 12 groups received a total of £24,790 in project funding. These initiatives saw an estimated 10 tonnes of waste recycled and reused as opposed to going to landfill. The grant helps locals to highlight the need to minimise our waste and change attitudes within our communities to waste and to focus on a more sustainable way of managing our waste. Gorgie city farm was recently awarded a £2,000 Waste Action Grant to fund to fund signage, purchase can crushers and to install interactive, self-led activities Environment Convener Councillor Lesley Hinds said: "These grants really help to get the message across that recycling should be a daily part of all of our lives, and we have already given funding to some fantastic projects. Local groups have come up with really innovative ideas, and I am delighted that we are able to help them in this way." For more information on applying for a grant, contact the Waste Education Officer on 469 5070, or email 16

Computer Nightmare? AV & PC Homehelp Fix and Upgrade System Speed Boost Virus Removal etc FREE E-mail advice & FREE phone call No Fix-No fee / No set charges   

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Here’s something to think about. 

Older boilers can be as little as 60% efficient, even boilers as little as 5 years are only 70-75% efficient. Walkers only install SEDBUK “A-rated” boilers which are more than 90% efficient ie 90p + of every £1 spent on gas is used efficiently.

The average temperature of the burnt gas that leaves your boiler via the boiler flue is 180°C. Condensing boilers re-use this heat a second time so the gas now leaves at approx 55°C. This means massive savings on your fuel bill.

High Efficiency Condensing boilers must be installed correctly or they will not run efficiently. We guarantee that the installation will be commissioned to the highest possible standard.

Comes with CP12 Certificate (offer ends end of November)

Walker Gas are a family run business who specialise in boiler and central heating installations. In 2011 we carried out over 80 installations to satisfied customers. The highest quality craftsmanship and friendly service is guaranteed to each customer.  Free no obligation quotes and surveys.  Free system flush with each install.  Free servicing for first 3 years.  Emergency line open 7 days a week and 365 days a year Immediate response.  Extensive quality control and all new heating controls, time clocks will be explained clearly.

Tel : 0131 561 9475 17

Hard Sudoko How to Play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! That's all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive! (Soln on Pg 49) 18


FOCUS ON VINO Tasting Winter

by Andrew Lundy, Managing director, Vino Wine

At Vino we want to do our best every time and that ethos is why three years in we are running our first big Winter Wine Tasting at Summerhall, the old Dick Vet. We want to say thank you and to celebrate how far we have come. That is why for just £10 per ticket you get over 150 wines countless beers & spirits and a free glass worth more than the ticket price. When writing this we had sold more than half our tickets so don’t delay. BARON DE ROTHSCHILD NV CHAMPAGNE (FRANCE) 12%, £36 on offer for November – One of our masterclass’s at the tasting will be a showcase of Rothschild wines and will be sure to include this. A fine start for a young house, they are aiming to be the best in the world in coming years so no expense has been spared. 60% Chardonnay with the rest made up mostly from Pinot Noir, elegant and fresh with a creamy balance many grand marques will covet. LIQUEUR AMANDINE d’ARMANDE, (FRANCE) 25%, £24.50 50cl – A sweet Provencal liqueur that is like nothing else, almond and rose combine with hints of sweet sugar cane to give a luxurious and defined drink. Long over ice after a meal or with some Crème Brule is perfect. Or spice up a sparkling wine with a drop in the flute to start and it will wow any guests. OSBORNE VENERABLE VERY OLD RARE PX 30YRS (SPAIN) 17%, £38.50 – The best Pedro Ximenez is amongst the finest of wines made and this is a grand example. Rich and thick like oil this sweetest of drinks has rested for at least 30 years and in that time has matured into an elegant dark mistress. Dates, raisins, figs and stewed plums are just the starter with this, it will not disappoint the Christmas guests as an alternative to Sauternes. To find out more please pop in or email Please speak to the Vino team for any of your event or dinner party needs, we have free glass hire and free local delivery. Find out more on our new website Vino is an independent, locally owned merchant and have embraced the use of social media. For our wine reviews and news on new beers and wines please follow us on twitter. twitter@vinowineshops 20




Community Police Update Hello all, As winter approaches and temperatures drop, driving conditions will become increasingly challenging for us and it is important that we are not caught out unprepared as has happened in previous years. Therefore I would like to offer some advice to ensure that we all stay safe this winter. Check your vehicle - First and foremost, ensure that your vehicle is in good working order. It is imperative that brakes, tyres, lights, batteries, windscreens and wiper blades are in good condition and well maintained during the winter months. In addition, increase the concentration of the anti-freeze in your windscreen fluid to help prevent the water in it from freezing. - Ensure that your tyres are at the correct pressure (check the vehicle handbook) and that the tread is at least the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm. Also check for bulges, cuts or tears which will weaken the tyre and may cause accidents. - Check that your lights are clean, clear of debris and in good working order. Also ensure that your registration plate is clean as it must be visible and unobscured at all times. Plan ahead


we recommend you take an emergency kit of: scraper, de-icer, torch, first aid kit, jump leads, shovel, warm drink and emergency food in case you get stuck or break down. Change the way you drive - In wet weather stopping distances will be at least double those required for stopping on dry roads and therefore you should drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions at that time. - Keep well back from the road user in front in icy or snowy weather. Stopping distances can be ten times greater. When the roads are icy, drive at slow speed in as high a gear as possible and accelerate and brake very gently - When driving in fog use dipped headlights so other drivers can see you. Fog lights can only be used when visibility is seriously reduced to less than 100 metres. They must be switched off if visibility improves. Further information - Traffic Scotland : - Transport Scotland : - Ready Scotland : Justice/public-safety/ready-scotland

- Check the forecast, road conditions and consider alternative routes to your destination. Also allow extra time for your journey and check your planned route is free from delays.

For up to date information on what we, the police are doing in your area please go to or follow is on Twitter at @EdinNorthPolice. If you need to phone the police for a non-emergency please call 101 or in an emergency 999.

- Give yourself extra time to ensure that your windscreen is properly demisted and clear of snow and ice before you drive. Low sun can make it difficult to see and a dirty, greasy or damaged windscreen can make this worse.

As always you can email us with any nonurgent community issues and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Email

- Avoid driving in icy or snowy conditions unless your journey is essential. If you do go out,

PC Carl Medlock, Community Policing Team Drylaw Police Station




Stuck at home and need to make some extra cash? There are lots of ways you can do this. Here are just a few of them.

Be a Virtual Assistant A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who works as a secretary outside the office from their own computer at home. It can involve a wide range of tasks, from simply answering phones and sending emails to book-keeping, business planning, desktop publishing and even event management. The more specialised your skills are, the more you’ll be able to charge. To be a successful VA, you’ll definitely need to be computer-savvy and have experience of admin work already. It’s also helpful to join the Society of Virtual Assistants which runs courses and offers support to VAs of all levels. ( You can make good money as a VA. Agencies like charge up to £150 per client per day, but typically you would charge between £15 – £25 per hour for routine admin work done by phone or email.

Giving Your Opinions Make £50-100 a time in cash for giving your opinions in focus groups. Companies such as need people of all ages and in various parts of the country to join focus group every now and then to give opinions on anything from shampoo to high-end cars. There’s free food and drink too. If you have the time and don’t mind answering questions you could do online surveys. The work is usually fairly sporadic but it requires 28

minimal effort and you have nothing to lose, not to mention the fact that it’s all done from the comfort of your own home. You can earn up to £50 a month if you are willing to put in the hours.

Check out the following websites which all offer free paid surveys. (N.B. you should never be asked to pay to join up or hand over your credit card details). A good tip is to set up a separate email account just for this type of job so that your personal one doesn’t become flooded with spam. Then there are online competitions. For example, is free to enter and gives away £20 every day at noon to one of the postcodes on their list. There’s no catch, but you do have to check each day to see if your number has come up. Check the competitions page at for all the latest competitions online.

Set Up An On Line Buying and Selling Business Do you collect dolls or electronic gadgets or some other low-priced collectible? If you’re a little knowledgeable about a particular niche area you could make money by buying and selling items online. Pick out a narrow product area (such as Cindy dolls or NatWest piggy banks or Beano comics) that you are knowledgeable about. Then scour car boot sales, charity shops and jumble sales

for cheap items that you could sell for a profit. Then set up a seller’s account on eBay or eBid and start selling. Make sure you keep a squeaky-clean rating as buyers are much more likely to buy from you if you have 100% approval. Always send items on time and package them up nicely to make hem look professional. Of course you can make money online purely by selling your junk on a regular basis. It can become second-nature and an easy way to bring some cash in each week. In fact, once you are used to that you can sell on behalf of other people. Take in their items and sell them online taking a 30% cut of the profit (once you have taken out your advertising, postage and packing costs).

Propagate seedlings If you have green fingers and own a decent sized greenhouse (or somewhere else you can place plant pots) you could be making around £600 a week between February and

October by propagating seedlings. Grow plants that you then sell at car boot sales and at local garages and shops or to your friends and neighbours. To make a profit you need to be careful in choosing the type of plants you are going to grow. Some seeds will cost £2.99 for six while other seeds cost £2.99 for 1,500. You need to do the maths!! Also, if you’re going to grow a lot of plants you will need a lot of pots. Try to do a deal with your local garden centre to buy the pots that they would usually be throwing away for a discounted price. Also go online and bulkbuy compost to cut your costs there.

Fun Fact More than two thirds of people in the UK have sold something second-hand. In the last 12 months the average amount raised per person is £106.15. CDs and DVDs are the most popular second-hand item, closely followed by books and clothes.




GENERAL KNOWLEDGE CROSSWORD Across 1. Shade of blue tinged with green (4) 4. Japanese movie monster (8) 8. George Lucas film of 1977 (4,4) 9. Vegetable known as lady's fingers (4) 10. Spencer ___, actor who appeared in many films with Katharine Hepburn (5) 11. Highly-prized edible subterranean fungus (7) 13. Person who is tricked or swindled (6) 15. Greek mathematician (the 'Father of Geometry') who wrote The Elements (6) 17. Port city in northern France (2,5) 19. Military chaplain (5) 22. Corrode, as with acid (4) 23. Flavoured with herbs and spices (8) 24. Rotating part of an engine (8) 25. Oil reservoir in an engine (4)

Down 2. Arab country which achieved independence from the UK in 1971 (5) 3. Fruit resembling a small peach (7) 4. Largest and most southerly island in the Marianas (4) 5. One who runs away from service in the armed forces (8) 6. In snooker, to pocket the cue ball after hitting another (2-3) 7. Siren of German legend (7) 12. The food of the gods (8) 14. Popular chilled beverage (4,3) 16. Goat-like antelope (7) 18. Throbs dully (5) 20. Watery discharge from the eyes or nose (5) (Soln on Pg 49) 32


Supercharging Your Snacking by Tracy Griffen It’s getting to the colder, darker time of year when it’s tempting to snack on junk food. The supermarkets are already packed to the gunnels with ‘festive food’, calorific treats – irresistible and moreish. To keep your waistline from ballooning, it’s important to have a snacking strategy for the winter months. Many of us automatically reach for carbohydrate-rich fodder for instant gratification; it’s easy to view ‘treats’ as a reward to get us through the darker days. However, with a bit of planning you can use snacking to increase your energy levels, feel great and not be tempted by seasonal naughtiness. Spend some time in the evening packing your snacks for the day. Even if you are working from home, or retired, it makes sense to make sure you have healthy food in the


house to snack on during the day. Excellent snacks include a banana, some oatcakes (the Nairn’s dinky packages are helpful and fit in a handbag or desk drawer well), homemade popcorn, a very small container of almonds or other raw nuts, a small pot of yoghurt. I try to avoid wheat-based snacks as I feel we all eat too much wheat nowadays. Highly processed wheat products are not only calorific, but also can contribute to fat around the middle, where the body stores ‘quick release’ body fat. Toast tastes lovely with butter and jam, but is not the healthiest snack around. In fact, it can be interesting to try and live without bread for a week to see if you’re a bread addict. Raw simple food can give you a slow energy release so get creative – at this time of year, roasted chestnuts are wonderful snacks. Nutritionally dense, chestnuts are available widely and are easy to roast at home. Other hero snacks include edamame beans in their

pods (soya bean, a good source of protein) and hard boiled eggs. Apples are low GI (slow burning due to the pectin content) and are also in season. A recent delicious snack I have discovered is sliced apple with a dollop of low-fat cottage cheese with mixed spice sprinkled on top. Be inventive and enjoy your snacks so you’re not ravenous at the end of the day and reaching for junk. Pre-empt that post-work empty feeling by making sure you eat well during the day; you’ll find you have more energy and your waistline will also thank you. Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen looks at client’s nutrition as part of an all-inclusive fitness programme. Follow her on Twitter @tracygriffen or Facebook/griffenfitness for daily hints and tips, or see the adjacent advertisement to book in for your personal programme.


NEW FUND TO PROVIDE BOOST FOR VOLUNTARY ORGANISATIONS A new £500,000 Innovation Fund is being made available for voluntary organisations that seek to improve health and wellbeing. The Fund will be provided and administered by Edinburgh’s Health and Social Care Partnership and organisations are being asked to apply for grant funding to help them meet the changing needs of people in the capital. The City of Edinburgh Council and NHS Lothian are inviting charitable, voluntary and not-forprofit groups to get in touch if they would like to bid for a share of the funding, which is designed to encourage a more innovative approach to the way health and social care services are delivered. Organisations can apply for funding across specific categories, including: • Social Media in Mental Health – to encourage the use or development of online networks to aid the recovery of people affected by mental health issues. • Carer Support – to help young carers and to provide financial advice to carers of all ages. • Kick Start Funding – to support new initiatives that demonstrate innovative practice. The applications will then be considered by a panel of service users and carers, along with representatives of the Council, NHS Lothian and other partner organisations. Convener of Health and Wellbeing, Councillor Ricky Henderson, said: “This is a great opportunity for local voluntary organisations that are looking at inventive ways to deliver care services in the city. There are ever-increasing demands on these services and it is vital that we work with our partners in the voluntary sector to make sure that we meet the health and social care needs of people throughout Edinburgh. I know that there are many organisations in the capital that do excellent work and I would encourage them to apply to the Innovation Fund so that we can help them achieve their goals.” Applications can be made online, by visiting: 36

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Mark Lazarowicz MP Your local MP working for Edinburgh North and Leith

Advice Surgeries Every Friday (no appointment necessary)

4.00pm Stockbridge Library, Hamilton Place 5.00pm Constituency Office, 5 Croall Place

5 Ways to contact Mark MEET him at one of his advice surgeries WRITE to him at 5 Croall Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4LT PHONE his constituency office on 0131 557 0577 EMAIL him at VISIT his website at

Follow Mark on Twitter @ marklazarowicz

Fun Quiz : Robots

(Soln on Pg 49) 39

.A favourite with celebrities and a must for anyone who wants a quick fix to looking gorgeous, eyelash extensions transform lashes from short and sparse to long and luscious in no time. They’re ideal for those all important occasions, like weddings and parties, where you not only want to look your best on the day, but look fabulous in photos too.

The Application

Extensions are widely available in salons across the country and are specially applied by trained therapists. Remember a consultation should be carried out prior to them being applied so that you can determine exactly what look you want to achieve.

After you’ve had the lashes applied it is essential to not touch them or get them wet for a 24 hour period, as the glue will be still be setting. You shouldn’t need to wear mascara, but if you still want to, it’s worth investing in a water soluble product, designed for use with extensions.

Each individual synthetic lash is carefully bonded to your own eyelashes; 80 to 100 individual lashes are usually applied. During the application your eyes will be closed and protected. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during this process By adding shape and definition the extensions will whatsoever. ‘open-up’ your peepers and will leave you with pretty, The Results seemingly lifted, younger-looking eyes

If you just want some subtle enhancement and a natural result then try a half set of lashes. However, if you fancy making a statement, then try a full set for a striking finish. You can choose how long, thick and curly your lashes will be. 40

These mascaras are usually sold at salons which offer the service. Remember also to use an oil free eye makeup remover which is recommended by the salon.

Staying Power Eyelash extensions typically last between six and eight weeks. Because they are attached to your own lashes they will fall off as your natural lash grows out. On average you’ll lose about 12-15 lashes every two to three weeks - that’s why salons recommend you return for touch-ups when needed to maintain the desired look. They’ll charge a small fee for replacing what has been lost.

What It Costs Prices will vary from salon to salon, but on average eyelash extensions will set you back around £80-£120 for a full set, or about £65 for a half set.

Be Safe Always be sure the staff at the salon you’ve chosen to use for your eyelash extensions are fully trained. Ask questions to gain an understanding of the therapist’s skill - they should be able to answer any questions

you have about the treatment and after care. Your therapist should carry out a patch test 24 hours before your extensions to ensure that you have no adverse reaction to the glue. Your eyes are extremely delicate, and precious, so make sure you have the test before the treatment. This industry is not regulated, so if you have any doubts about a salon or therapist, it’s a good idea to see if they are a member of The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC). Being a member of BABTAC means that they are qualified to perform the treatment and insured in case anything goes amiss. BABTAC stickers are purple and usually found in the salon window. So whether you have a special occasion that you want to look your best for or you just feel like injecting a bit of glamour into your day to day life, why not try eyelash extensions - you wont believe the difference that they make to how you look and feel.

0131 553 6589 or 07866 222 656





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Community Spotlight Everyone is welcome at Stockbridge Church. Find us in Saxe-Coburg Street (off Henderson Row).

Sunday services 11 am (including children's activities). "Malawi mornings" every Friday 10.30 - 12 in the church. Please join us for Fairtrade tea/coffee, biscuits and good company to raise funds for our Malawi projects.

St Vincent’s Chapel Stockbridge Sundays

10.30am Sung Eucharist

(no music on 3rd Sunday in the month)

6pm Evensong Thursdays

11am Eucharist

Join our friendly congregation for a traditional service. All welcome. Scottish Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion

Sunday 17th November Sunday 15th December The market is held at Meadowbank Stadium, London Road, EH7 6AE. 10.30 am to 1.30pm Dec & Feb Stockbridge Spotlights Dec Issue : Deadline 22nd November Distribution 4th December Feb Issue : Deadline 30th January Distribution 10th February To include your community or event info (at no cost) contact Sue Hutchison Email : T : 0560 247 5449 M : 07817 206418 46

Macmillan Cancer Support Edinburgh presents a new look at the work of over 100 artists on the theme of 'Natural Scotland' in its forthcoming sale and exhibition Art of Nature at Bonhams, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JX. It will run from 21-24 November : 10am-8pm Thursday, Friday 10am-5pm and 10am-4pm Saturday & Sunday. For details of participating artists and related talks visit

Community Spotlight


Community Spotlight EDINBURGH FLORAL ART CLUB MEETINGS 2013/2014 The club meets once a month at Blackhall St. Columbas Church Hall on Queensferry Road from 2pm till 4pm. Forthcoming Meetings 8 November – 'Christmas Grotto' by Don Billington, Liverpool 13 December – 'Seasons Greetings' by Ann Codd, Ponteland 10 January

– The Club Entertains'

14 February

– 'Happyness is Flowers' by Hetty Redwood, West Lothian

Yearly subscriptions £40. Visitors £5. For more information please contact Shelagh Jenkins on 0131 440 0641.


Community Spotlight BALFOUR STREET BOUTIQUE RETURNS Leith's original pop-up shop returns at the Griffen Fitness studio, 3 Balfour Street on Saturday 30th November 11am - 4pm. Come and browse lots of funky gifts and homemade goodies by local folk, a perfect way to start your Christmas shopping. All welcome, all day...


General Knowledge Crossword Across: 1 Aqua, 4 Godzilla, 8 Star Wars, 9 Okra, 10 Tracy, 11 Truffle, 13 Victim, 15 Euclid, 17 Le Havre, 19 Padre, 22 Etch, 23 Seasoned, 24 Camshaft, 25 Sump. Down: 2 Qatar, 3 Apricot, 4 Guam, 5 Deserter, 6 In-off, 7 Lorelei, 12 Ambrosia, 14 Iced tea, 16 Chamois, 18 Aches, 20 Rheum, 21 Mast.

Fun Quiz 1. I, Robot 2. Robocop 3. Short Circuit 4. A.I. Artificial Intelligence 5. Transformers 6. The Day The Earth Stood Still 7. WALL-E 8. Logan’s Run 9. 2001: A Space Odyssey 10. Forbidden Planet 49

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Stockbridge spotlight issue 38 november 2013  
Stockbridge spotlight issue 38 november 2013