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Joey Hodges of Stockbridge, Michigan has been a wrestler of the Stockbridge schools his whole life. His tremendous work ethic and drive are only a few keys to his great success. Joey Hodges is a junior in high school already with over 100 wins. He contributes his success to multiple things, one being how much he absolutely despises losing. "I just can't stand it." His career hasn't begun in high school though, actually starting halfway through third grade. Having been in the sport so long, he has a very good feel for it and excels every time he touches the mat. "You know, guys in college wrestle like that, so do I, so I figure I will fit right in once I get there." Joe comments on how his style resembles that of college wrestlers, as his high school coach does too. Joe has many goals in mind, ranging from helping the team as much as possible to winning the state finals at 130 pounds this year, and he also sees wrestling in college as a goal. He has great interest in Big Ten teams, but he really just wants every college coach to know that picking him up isn't like picking up any other kid. "I will always go, always." There is no limitation as limitation for Joe, and him living this way is proof of a rare breed. Joe's main interests for college are Michigan State, Michigan, Central Michigan, Grand Valley State, and Penn State Universities. Contact Joe at 517-581-1115. You can find him on YouTube too by searching Joseph Hodges Stockbridge. Look for this name to rise in the near future.

Wrestling Prep Career In Highlight  

Joey Hodges of Stockbridge, Michigan.

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