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Secret That Improves Your Stock Trading Accuracy In The Next 30 Seconds Shocker! Š 2009 By Lance Jepsen, This one simple stock trading secret indisputably proves you can greatly improve your trade accuracy in every single market condition. It almost seems to good to be true, but in fact it is true. I learned this secret from a retired institutional trader years ago and it still works today! I have managed to increase my trade accuracy to 80% after learning this simple rule. I directly make money from this secret every week. Not only that, but YOU can duplicate what I have done and make money every week. I will show you exactly what to do in the next 30 seconds. Have you ever heard the term “two minds think better than one”? Well... I have actually redefined that term: “5 Professional Institutional Minds Can Produce What 89,697,618 Unprofessional Minds Can't” That's right. There are an estimated 90 million Americans who are invested in the stock market and not one of them figured out the secret I'm about to tell you. Why? Because they don't have the same tools that the Institutional traders have. The secret I'm about to tell you is the result of 20 years worth of learning, experience, and research by Miller, Lakonishok, Maberly, Abraham, and Ikenberry. Weekend Effect: Trading Activity is Lower On Friday and Monday and Returns Are Negative On Monday In 1988, Miller's research showed that returns, on average, are negative on Monday. Miller (1988) suggests that this anomaly could be the result of individual investor trading activity. Lakonishok and Maberly (1990) and Abraham and Ikenberry (1994) use odd-lot trading as a proxy for individual investor trading patterns and find evidence consistent with this hypothesis. Trading activity is lower on Friday for large-size trades which is why volume tends to be lower on Fridays. Institutional traders often zero out their trades on Thursday or the latest Friday. Institutional traders do not like to go into the weekend news cycle with open positions. Trading activity is significantly lower on Monday for large-size trades. Moreover, small-size trades have a higher percentage of sell orders on Monday morning compared to other days of the week. If small-size trades reflect individual investor activity and largesize trades reflect institutional investors then both types of investors play a role in the negative return on Monday. Watch This Video The individual traders directly contribute through their trading and institutional traders indirectly contribute through their withdrawal of liquidity on the proceeding Thursday or Friday. Institutions indirectly contribute by their absence on Friday and Monday, which reduces liquidity. How To Play The Weekend Effect To Your Advantage You will be most accurate with your trades on Tuesday through Thursday. You will find that your accuracy rate of successful money making trades goes up if you take an entry on Tuesday and exit on Thursday or at the latest Friday. Because markets have a tendency to dip on early Monday trading, don't get stopped out of your trade too quickly based on Monday trading activity. Monday's have the highest occurrence of head fakes to the downside. I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you and happy improved trading. Lance Jepsen, President, (because everyone, even Tiger Woods, needs a coach)

Secret That Improves Your Stock Trading Accuracy In The Next 30 Seconds Shocker!