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Upcoming CQC inspection


Showcasing your acheivements


Sharing experiences

Office space

Driver documents As per the Hospice’s Expenses Policy, if you wish to claim mileage for your using your own vehicle for company business, HR must hold copies of your current Car Insurance (showing business use), MOT and driving licence. All of these need to be updated annually. You can check your

details are up to date on Compass under Personal Data – additional information. Compass will send an email reminder 30 days before the renewal date. If the Finance Team receives an expenses claim form and HR do not have these documents the expenses won’t be paid.

The way the General Office at the main Hospice site is used has changed. It is now the main office for Lauren (Information Governance and Assurance Lead), Jenni (Project Lead), James (Senior Data Analyst) and Shahbaz (Data Analyst). The team all work closely together, which is why it makes sense for them to have a permanent base at the Hospice. There will be one hot desk in the office, which will be used by volunteers to the Executive Assistants’ office. The office space at Barton Road will be utilised by the shop.

Bumper crop of trees The Hospice's House Clearance Team (pictured on the front) have collected more than 800 Christmas trees from houses, organisations and businesses. Thank you to everyone who booked a collection and made

a donation, which combined raised more than £3,000 (including Gift Aid). Our thanks also go to Culford Waste, where the trees were taken and recycled free of charge.

Senior manager on-call You can find out which of our on-call managers are on duty by checking the Hospice’s organisational calendar. If you need to contact the on-call manager between 5pm and 9am during the week or weekends and Bank Holidays, their number is always available from Reception or in an emergency the Sylvan Ward.


January 2020

CQC inspection

Upcoming CQC inspection open and honest with them and give them all the information they request. You can also share information with the CQC in advance: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the health and social care regulator for England. They are responsible for determining the standards we must achieve and will inspect us every so often. Although we have not been given an exact date, we are expecting the CQC to visit us and inspect the Hospice’s services anytime in the next three months. They will have already looked at all the information they hold on the Hospice’s different services and will compare this information with what they see in practice. The inspectors will spend several hours observing practice, viewing records and talking to the people

we care for and staff of all levels. To get to the heart of the experiences those in our care have, the CQC will always ask the following five questions of services: Is the service safe? Is the service effective? Is the service caring? Is the service responsive to people’s needs? Is the service well-led? Although they are likely to focus on our clinical services run from the Hospice’s Hardwick Lane site and Haverhill Hub, they could speak to any member of staff, and in the same way, you can share any information you would like to with the CQC team. If a member of the inspection team does speak to you, be

• public/sharing-yourexperience • By calling 03000 616161, and giving the reference number 1-108788101 An inspection is a chance to highlight the care and support we provide and demonstrate how we work with those experiencing dying, death and grief to make sure their experiences are the best they can be. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing further information with you, please make sure you read any emails, and keep an eye on our noticeboards. If you have any questions please speak to your line manager. You can also visit the CQC’s website:


Service design

Showcasing your acheivements To celebrate the contributions our people have made to the Hospice’s service design journey so far, we will be creating a display in a bid to showcase and recognise everyone’s efforts. It is planned that the display will be in Bradbury Green later this month. This page gives a taste of some of the materials that may be on dislay. Since 2016, many of our people from across the Hospice have been involved in different service design workshops. This have given different people the chance to come together, share ideas, discuss and learn. On November 1, 2018, our pilot activity in Mildenhall began. Our final day of testing in the town was April 30, 2019, during this time we made numerous connections, worked closely with a number of groups and organisations, including Mabbs Hall care home and held two community meetings.

Mabbs Hall Case Study Local charities and other organisations now visit Mabbs Hall regularly.

Mabbs Hall connect with the Hospice at community event for the first time in three years.

Mabbs Hall care assistants left the event with thoughts. “I want to give others a chance to know what to do when someone is dying”

SNHC community meeting

Connect to other charities/ services

“When my Nan dies I would like to be the person who lays her out, dresses her and makes sure that her final wishes are carried out.”

Staff members telling their story The arrangements are now in place.

How the Hospice supported a care home to establish its place in the community by connecting people. Connected to local GP meetings

A shared community space

SNHC shares expertise

Hospice connects Mabbs Hall to their local GP surgery meeting for end of life.

Because of the new connection, Mabbs Hall welcomed the Hospice to test some of its ideas for equipping care homes in a different way. We worked alongside the homes carers, families and residents to train and educate on end of life care. Mabbs Hall now have more confidence in caring at end of life.

Supported by the Hospice, Mabbs Hall open their doors for the community to dropin. People meet in the day room and enjoy company and refreshments. People who went to school together more than 60 years ago have been reintroduced.

Please come along and have a look at the display 4

January 2020

Christmas Revue

Festively theatrical Revue This year’s Hospice Christmas Revue had a packed lineup with live and video-recorded entertainment. In case you missed it, here’s the line-up and photographs from the afternoon. Sarah Mollart (along with some helpers) delighted the crowd with her live performance – Song for Whoever. The Fundraising Team’s video focussed on the organisation’s love of scones. Richard and Roger returned with the Hospice News. It was all aboard for the Family Support Team’s video - Drunken Sailors. The Fantastic Four (Lauren, Jenni, James and Shabaz) were superheroes for the day in their video. Our Finance team took to the stage with - The St Nicholas Primary School Choir The Chairman of our Board of Trustees Charles Simpson appeared via Live Link!

Our Senior Clinical Mangers performed a comical DD and Carol Sayce entertained the crowd with her rendition of a Gloria Estefan hit. The afternoon ended with an organisational video. A big thank you to all the performers and musicians that took part.


Organisational news

Help test a network for internal communications

Following on from a communications survey last year, it has been decided to test the social media platform Facebook Workplace to see if it can enhance our Hospice-wide communications. We want Facebook Workplace to become a space for Hospice staff, a place where teams can share information and examples of best practice or achievements. St Nicholas Hospice Care Workplace is open


January 2020

to everyone with an @ email address. There is also an app, which can be downloaded to your phone, which is helpful if you don’t get the chance to check your work email regularly. Please be mindful of what you post, although this is a private space for Hospice staff, we must continue to ensure high levels of confidentiality and respect for others. When you accept your invitation to join Facebook Workplace, you are pledging to

support our Charter of Use. Workplace is built on Facebook's infrastructure, but it is a separate platform. Workplace and Facebook accounts are separate, with separate profiles and login credentials for each account. Content is never shared between your Workplace and personal Facebook account. If you would like to be part of the test please email: Marketing@stnh.


Sessions aim to equip Run by Bianca Neumann-May, the new Grief and Bereavement training sessions aim to equip everyone to have conversations around death, dying and bereavement. Bianca says: “We all come into contact with bereaved people during the course of our working lives – be it clients, customers or colleagues, family or friends. Even the most confident person can find it hard to know what to say. “The first half of this session will equip you with basic knowledge about some models of grief, normal grief reactions, what to say and not to say and give

you a starting point to contemplate how society is currently treating death and how this impacts on our community. “The second half focuses on difficult conversations and will increase your ability to recognise some of the underlying issues around effective communication and how this affects you doing your job. It will equip you to feel more confident to have those conversations about death and dying. “We aim to get you to a place where you also feel confident to influence your community’s ability and resourcefulness to deal with death and dying, and inspire you to become more involved with those

conversations.” Dates for these sessions are: • Friday, 17 January, from 1.30 - 4pm • Wednesday, 22 January, from 1.304pm. All sessions, which are open to all members of staff and volunteers are taking place in Treetops, with more sessions in our other locations to follow. • A video, which describes the training sessions in greater detail can be found here:

Keep up-to-date with training news Keep an eye out in your inbox for the new training email, which contains all of the information you need to know about the Hospice’s training courses. Be it mandatory and statutory training, mini-bites or bespoke sessions the email contains all of

the information you need. All training should be booked through Compass. If you have any questions, please speak to your line-manager or the Hospice’s Training Co-Ordinator Abbie Simpson: Abbie.simpson@

Sharing experiences

Conference thoughts and experiences are shared

conference and that will continue. If you can take the time to get along to their session - ‘Feedback from the 2019 Public Health Approach to Palliative Care Conference’ - then please do.

Last October five members of staff (Glenn Hubbard, Bernie Ryan-Self, Jessica Hulbert, Lisa Patterson and Bianca Neumann-May) travelled to Australia to attend the sixth Public Health Palliative Care International Conference. Entitled ‘Compassionate Communities in Action: Re-claiming Ageing, Dying and Grieving’, the conference, explored the public health approach to end-of-life care. As well as attending talks, workshops, making


January 2020

connections and building relationships, our staff were able to talk about the Hospice’s new Equip Provide Strive Strategy. Jessica and Lisa also gave presentations based on: • Reconfiguring hospice care to align with public health & Asset Based Community Development approaches • Life’s Questions. Bernie, Glenn, Bianca and Lisa also presented posters. The group have already begun to share their thoughts and experiences from the

Not only will the sessions give an overview of the conference and what an important opportunity it was to share the Hospice’s message on an international stage, they are a chance for you to ask any questions. There will be further sessions running on: • Tuesday, 21 January from 1-2pm in Treetops • Tuesday, 18 February from 3-4pm at our Donation Centre, Chapel Pond Hill • Friday, 20 March from 1-2pm in the Chestnut Room, Haverhill Hub. Refreshments will be provided.

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January's edition of network magazine  

January's edition of network magazine