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March 2017

Annunciation of the Theotokos March 25 608 SOUTH COLLEGE ROAD  WILMINGTON NC 28403  (910) 392-4444  FAX (910) 392-4905

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

Fr. Jon Emanuelson Parish Priest Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9AM – 2PM Office Phone: 910-392-4444 Office Fax: 910-392-4905 Fr. Jon’s Mobile Number: 910-685-0080 Office Email: Fr. Jon’s Email: Church Website: Find us on Facebook: 2017 PARISH COUNCIL Officers Barbara Reynolds, President Jack Poulos, Vice President Tina Bostic, Treasurer Peter Malahias, Assistant Treasurer Irene Sotiriou Vogiatzis, Secretary

Members Evangelos Fragos Melissa Kirkby Peter Manolukas

Emanuel Miliotis Nick Saffo Maria Stasios

CHURCH STAFF Angelique Skandalakis, Parish Office Administrator PARISH MINISTRY TEAM Emanuel Miliotis, Chairman of the Council of Ministries Religious Education…Richard Reynolds, Ministry Chair Adult Education…Richard Reynolds Bookstore/Library…Mary Ann Wall Oratorical Festival…Courtney Malahias Women’s Group…Irene Voneiff Youth Catechism…Courtney Malahias, Director Hellenic Culture…Kitsa Wiersteiner, Ministry Chair Choral…Dr. Michael Rallis Hellenic School…Anestis Logothetis, Acting Director Romiosini Dance Group…Zaharoula Katsikis Special Activities… Kitsa Wiersteiner Zoyra Dance Group…Lucas Bostic, Katerina Katsikis Youth Diakonia…Doug Brown, Ministry Chair GOYA…Benjalee Pittman, Alexia Porzio, Doug Brown, Courtney Malahias HOPE/JOY… Joyce Patsalos, Sophia Brewer, Jaime Saffo, Renée Karonis Psilos Metropolis Strategic Planning...Koula Katsikis Liturgical Life… Dr. Michael Rallis, Ministry Chair Acolytes…Doug Brown Altar Care…Matthew Wickersham Liturgical Music… Dr. Michael Rallis

Communications - Technology Ministries… Alexandros Theodoropoulos , Ministry Group Leader Webmaster…Alexandros Theodoropoulos Publications…Angelique Skandalakis, Stella McTaggart Technology…Alexandros Theodoropoulos Media/Community Relations…Debra Rallis, Alexandros Theodoropoulos Parish Family Life...Georgia Spiliotis Parish Family Night...Benjalee Pittman Men’s Group…Richard Reynolds Forever Young…Stella Vallianos LOVE…Angelique Skandalakis, Kay Skandalakis Outreach & Evangelism…Deacon Tom and Diakonissa Stacie Fernandez, Ministry Chairs OCF…Fr. Jon, Alexandros Theodoropoulos Hospitality…Ed Mayorga, Kathleen Mayorga Community Service…Christina Mount Parish Care…Pat Poulos, Tina Stamatakis, Kay Skandalakis , Dr. Mary Frankos , Jim Stasios Greek Festival...Nick Saffo, Ministry Leader Philoptochos…Tia Saffo, Chapter President Stewardship…Debra Rallis

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

From the Parish Council President Barbara Reynolds I start each day with a reflection from Sister Vassa of the Russian Church Outside of Russia (RCOR) church. Rick, I, and the Rallises were privileged to meet Sister Vassa when she was in Wilmington last year for an Orthodox Church of America conference. She received her master’s degree In Orthodox Theology from the Orthodox Institute of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. She received her PHD summa cum laude with her dissertation on the Byzantine hierarchal liturgy from the same university. You can follow Sister Vassa on Facebook at “Coffee with Sister Vassa” or subscribe to her daily reflections and podcasts through Patreon. She also has a video course on the Divine Liturgy. I thought I would share one of her reflections with you so you can see for yourself. We are also discussing Sister Vassa’s reflections at the 10:30 AM Wednesday morning Women’s Bible Study led by Irene Voneiff.

Call to Action at Liturgy by Sister Vassa Larin People/Choir (as the celebrants enter the sanctuary at the Small Entrance): "Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ. Save us, O Son of God, risen from the dead (or Who are wondrous in Your saints), we sing to You, Alleluia." This Entrance-Verse, sung as the celebrating clergy enter the sanctuary through its Holy Doors, calls us not only to ”worship” spiritually, but also to ”bow down” physically. We make the sign of the cross and then bow down, together, before Christ. Let me not underestimate the importance of the concerted, synchronized physical actions, to which we are repeatedly called throughout liturgical celebrations (e.g., “Come, let us…bow down,” and “Stand aright!,” and “Let us all say with our whole soul…” and “Let us approach with the fear of God…” before Communion, and “Let us depart in peace!”), as a member of one praying Body that is the Church. The anthropological wisdom behind the physical discipline of the Liturgy, which includes fasting before it, is that our bodily actions inform and inspire our spiritual and mental faculties, which tend to operate in sync with the body. Just as when the body sins, the spirit and mind are also confused, so it is with dignified, virtuous bodily actions: they pull also the spirit and mind into line with the dignity and virtue of God’s will. So the synchronized, physical actions of Liturgy help me join in also spiritually and mindfully into the focus of the Church’s prayer. At this point in the celebration, that focus is the Son of God, Christ. The physical motions are also simple ways to teach children to participate in the Liturgy, rather than occupy them with crayons or some other distraction. It is unfortunate that we have come to ignore some of the “calls to action” of our Liturgy, like the call to the Kiss of Peace, “Let us love one another…,” (because the people do not actually exchange the Kiss of Peace), and “Let us all say with our whole soul…” (because in most of our churches it is not “all” of us who respond “Lord, have mercy,” but only the choir). Be that as it may, let me take seriously and respond to those “calls to action” that we are still taught to act upon. “Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ,” together. 3

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

Treasurer’s Report Tina Bostic


2017 Stewardship Stewardship Stewardship received goal $24,487.00 $23,108.85

Stewardship Jan. 2017 Variance $1,378.15

Number of Stewards


Total % Participation




Full Yr Goal Variance pledged to goal Amt. Received Operating Income/Expense General Fund Income Expenses Jan



Variance $950.75

The 2017 budget was reviewed and approved at the General Assembly on Feb 12th.


$277,306.30 $(109,196.30) $24,487.00

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

Hellenic Culture

be sent home in students backpacks, to help feed families over the weekends when students are not getting meals at school. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Kitsa Wiersteiner

Greek Independence Day will be celebrated on Sunday, March 26 in the Hellenic Center after the Divine Liturgy. The speaker will be Stella Vallianos to be followed by poems, dances and songs. The lunch will be provided as a fundraiser for the Hellenic School, $10 per person (children 12 and under free.) Poem practice for the children reciting poems will be offered on Sunday, March 12 and 19 during the coffee hour. Καλή Σαρακοστή.

We are beginning preparations for this Lenten period and Holy Week. Please see a Philoptochos board member to see how you can get involved. Included in this newsletter is an order form for Easter lilies/ flowers that you can purchase in honor of or in memory of a loved one. The flowers will decorate the church and solea area on Pascha. We will again host the annual Palm Sunday luncheon. This will be our last fundraiser before the summer. Please make plans to join us as we break bread together.

Hellenic Culture held its annual Three Hierarchs Presentation on Sunday, January 29, after Divine Liturgy in the Hellenic Center. Thank you to George Stephanou for his well done speech and to Dr. Michael Rallis for teaching and leading some of the Hellenic School teachers and students in song.

Finally our Membership drive is in full swing. Membership forms are available in the Hellenic Center and we encourage all ladies 18 and up to participate. We continue to post our 2017 membership list on bulletin board. Thank you for helping with our mission to help and be friends of the poor.

Liturgical Life Dr. Michael Rallis

Continued from January 2017 Issue Compiled from:, http://, dutiesofchoirsingers.aspx, node/22680

Hellenic School News: The annual Greek School/ AHEPA St. Valentine's dance on Saturday, February 11 was a very successful and fun event. There were more than 150 people attending and all had a wonderful time. There was good music by Paschalis and his band, tasty Greek appetizers and Greek dishes and lots of dancing and fellowship. We want to thank all the Greek School teachers and parents and AHEPA brothers who helped out and made the event successful. We also want to thank Chris's restaurant and College Diner for donating some of the delicious food. We hope to have the same support by the Parishioners next year.

Q: What about dynamics and choral interpretation? A: If they are done to make things more beautiful and not merely to express your own personal taste, then they are fine. There are some things that just naturally take a crescendo. It comes from the text in music that is well written. Where the music and the text marry, they are not obtrusive to each other. If they are a loving couple, the music does not need much external “mood setting.” It does it by itself, especially if one chants with understanding and contrition. Submit yourselves to the text. Choir singers, submit yourselves to the director. Directors submit yourselves and the choir to the text.


Enosis Chapter #5027 Tia Saffo

Our ladies again helped support the local group NourishNC at our general meeting on Feb 19th. NourishNC is a non-profit organization that feeds hundreds of hungry children in the Wilmington area. We asked everyone to please bring in items that can

Q: How do we find the balance between wanting [singing] to be beautiful, but not going overboard? 5

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

A: What is one’s motivation for doing it? When I was at a monastery on Mt. Athos, they had no choir. But they had a chanter that was out of this world. It was a three hour Orthros with a one hour Liturgy and Fr. Theodore had been chanting for four hours. It was gorgeous. He had the most beautiful church voice; it wasn’t some ‘Frank Sinatra’ voice. We’ve got plenty of those. I mentioned to one of the monks afterwards how blessed the monastery is to have Fr. Theodore. He said, “Excuse me, but he distracts us from our worship. We would start saying, ‘That was beautiful.’” What is our best and what is beautiful? Our best must be objectively discerned. Beauty is subjective to taste. That’s a way out of not answering the question, but I really don’t know how to answer it.

faint.” Isaiah 40:31 Why on some days do I feel so strong in my faith and feel Jesus with me with every step I take and with every encounter I have with a person, and other days I feel so impatient and blah? Usually I make the connection that on those ‘blah’ days, I am not starting my day with prayer and silence. I probably woke up a bit late and had just enough time to get dressed, make lunches, grab my keys and head to work. By afternoon, I am exhausted and then it is like ahhhhhhh…. I didn’t take the time to say thank you and ask for Him to be with me that day. It sure does make a difference! This is especially important to me during the Lenten season and will be my focus in my daily life and in Sunday School with my children. I want to feel like I am soaring on wings like eagles………..this Lenten season is about renewing our strength and challenging ourselves to increase our prayer life, almsgiving and fasting.


Angelique Skandalakis and Kay Skandalakis

Sunday School is going well and there is going to be a lot of Lenten activities going on in our classrooms! Be prepared to learn through your children! We are starting a new incentive program that is fun for the children. When they come to church, they receive a ticket. We will have random drawings for prizes with the big prize at the end of Pascha. They get extra tickets when they come consecutive Sundays and also during Holy week service. Bring the children! St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival is March 5. Please encourage your children to participate. Tommy Malahias will start us off with a presentation about Dr. Emmanuel Koklanaris and Lambra Koklanaris. I hope you can join us. Thank you for bringing your children to church.

Community News WITH GRATITUDE Thank you to both Rev. Regis J. Alexoudis and Rev. Fr. John Shalhoub for helping our Community while Fr. Jon recuperates from his most recent surgery. We truly appreciate your love for St. Nicholas Church.

LOVE families enjoying fellowship while painting at their latest event at Paint-n-Play .


Youth Catechism

Diakonissa Stacie Fernandez

Courtney Malahias

We are excited to be in the midst of planning Vacation Church School for all rising Kindergarten through 7th “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will graders this summer. The dates have been modified run and not grow weary, they will walk and not grow so please note the revised dates are SUNDAY EVEN6

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

ING, June 18 (5-8PM) and then MONDAY (June 19) children to let them know that this behavior is unacthrough THURSDAY (June 22) from 9AM-12 noon. ceptable. Our church is God’s house and should be treated with respect. Part of our planning includes a request for donations. If anyone in our community wants to recycle their I welcome any other suggestions to improve this situaclean plastic grocery bags, especially colored ones, tion. Thank you for helping to maintain our church. please bring them to the Church Hall. In addition, if -Barbara Reynolds, Parish Council President you have any large cardboard boxes (i.e. refrigerator, HONORS AND AWARDS big screen TVs, ovens, other appliances, etc.) please consider donating those to the Vacation Church Congratulations Courtney Malahias for being one of 5 School. You will do good by recycling for a great finalists for New Hanover County's Rookie of the cause. Year program for new teachers!! Your Community is so proud of your success. If you have any questions about Vacation Church School feel free to contact Diakonissa Stacie Fernandez or Stella McTaggart. CONCERNS Respect for our Church The Valentine’s dance held at our church on Saturday, February 11 was a beautiful event. I know everyone who attended had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, one of the classrooms was unlocked. There were evidently unattended children in the room. The children broke ping pong paddles and plates, colored lines on the tables in the room with markers, and generally trashed the room. There were also paper towels put in the women’s toilettes causing the toilettes to overflow.

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Rallis for being This is not the only vandalism that we have had at the awarded for his FORTY years of service in the Liturgical Life Ministry during the General Assembly. church recently. The tables & chairs in the nursery were scribbled on during weekdays at some point. It May God bless you and help you continue your good works. is believed that this happened on two different occasions. In addition to the table and chairs, a shoe box of supplies labeled for the Greek School was opened and 3 entire cans of the play-doh from that box were spread all over the room. And stickers used as rewards by the Nursery Attendant were plastered on the countertop. These boxes are kept up on the higher shelves. It took effort to pull them down and make the mess. We also have had instances of boys putting entire rolls of toilette paper in the toilettes in the men’s room. We try to keep the nursery and classrooms locked when there isn’t an adult present. If you see any unlocked, please contact the office or a member of the parish council. This vandalism shows a lack of respect for our church by our children. I would ask that the parents and grandparents please talk to their children and grand7

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017



We have 5 lb. boxes of frozen Gyro Meat available for Please continue to pray for those who are ill, recoversale. They are $25. To purchase, contact Doug or ing, and/or homebound: Fr. Jon Emanuelson & PresArgie Brown at 910-233-8816. bytera Barbara, Bobby Bobon (brother of Sue Lawler), Stavros Chantiles, Sophia Copes, Sherry Demas, We have Greek beer and wine for sale. A case of My- Nicholas Devoles, Constantine Dukas, Sue Fokakis thos Beer (24 bottles) is $36. Various bottled wines (Silver Stream), George Fokakis (Pacifica nursing are $12 and the larger bottles are $20. Please see An- home), Demitra George, Nick Karloutsos (Silver gelique Skandalakis or a Parish Council member to Stream), Angelos Katris, Dan Kirkby (brother of Matpurchase. All checks to be made out to St Nicholas thew), Nikolaos Kotsinis, Manny Lionikis, Olga ManGreek Festival with the memo stating “TAVERN.” cuso, John Manolukas, Mary Marmaras, Calvin McGowan, John Petrolias, Koula K. Poulos, Claire We have various “Greek Market” items for sale inSkarpentzos, Pat Skinner-Darby, Charity Skinnercluding Greek coffee, olive oil, olives, cookies, beans, Darby (daughter of Pat), Tom Souflas, John & Olymand orzo. See Sandra Papanikolaou or Irene Sotiriou pia Stamboulis, Vasilios Vogiatzis. to purchase. All checks to be made out to St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church with the memo stating: *Please contact the church office to add/remove some“GREEK MARKETPLACE.” one from this above list. DONATION REQUESTS TIME, TALENT, OR TREASURE


We are in need of some Prosforo for Services & Liturgies. If you would like to make some, please bring it to Angelique in the office. Thank you.

For all the people celebrating their birthday, anniversary, and name day in the month of March, may you have many happy years. Many Happy Years!

We are in need of incense for the altar. If you would like to donate some, please contact our church office.

We wish to congratulate Nicholas Batuyios and Julia Colton who were married in the church on Saturday, December 31, 2016.

We are in need of some Commandaria wine for the altar. It is available for purchases at Greek stores in Raleigh, Charlotte, or online. Please see our church office if you would like to donate some.

On January 29 we held a 40-day blessing for Elena Sophia, daughter of Josh and Aimee Tracy. Να σας ζήσει!

With Sympathy

Please donate all weekly coupons from newspapers & ads to the Hellenic Center. These coupons will be used to help our parishioners save money on products. For more information, please see Benjalee Pittman. We are looking for volunteers to host coffee hour. If you are interested in hosting coffee hour please contact Angelique in our church office. For the weeks when we do not have a volunteer, we will still have coffee and juice.

We would like to extend our sympathy to the family of George A. Saffo, who fell asleep in the Lord on January 17th. May his memory be eternal. ΑΙΩΝΙΑ ΤΟΥ Η ΜΝΗΜΗ.

MAINTENANCE If anyone sees any maintenance items needing repair at the church please contact Angelique in the office so that we may have the items repaired. Additionally if anyone has the talent or capacity to make any repairs, please leave your name and contact information with Angelique. Thank you.

April 9: Palm Sunday April 16: Pascha May 19-21: Greek Festival 8

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017

Parish Office Administrator Position St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church –2/12/17 (Internal Parish Posting – Job Description)

QUALIFICATIONS: High School degree. Experience in managing an operation which includes multi-tasking skills, and organizational skills, preferably in an office environment or church setting. Is a self-starter and requires minimal supervision. Computer skills to include Microsoft Office software and Internet navigation skills. Hands-on experience with spreadsheets and proprietary software. Personal skills include: strong communication skills both verbal and written; ability to interact well with others; customer service orientation and negotiation skills. Parishioner is in good standing and has been part of the St. Nicholas community for at least a year. Leadership exposure as a volunteer in church ministries or programs in preferred. Knowledge of Greek desired, but not required. Data entry skills along with a knack for numbers High degree of accuracy and attention to detail REPORTS TO:Parish Council Executive Board or Its Designee SUPPORTS:

Parish Priest, Parish Council, and Parish Ministry Leaders with administrative support.


To perform a variety of administrative and office management duties to support the needs of our St. Nicholas parish

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDED BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Follow all rules, policies and procedures of St Nicholas Greek Orthodox church. Maintain strict confidentiality for all parishioner related matters. Screen and independently handle calls, visitors, and contractors; give a variety of information concerning church activities and procedures; answer phone and take messages. Responsible for all e-mail correspondence and communicate information daily, as appropriate. Compose responses to incoming correspondence and compose letters and memorandums as needed. Assist the priest, parish council or any of the parish ministry leaders with program support with minimal direction and supervision. Organize files, both paper and electronic, to expedite research needs with a high degree of accuracy. Responsible for operation of office equipment including copier, fax & computer etc. and coordinate maintenance of this equipment. Order church and office supplies including liturgical supplies e.g. candles, incense, wine, Pascha supplies, etc. Manage inventory and insure orders are placed on a timely manner. Maintain overall security access to the church through the management & inventory of keys. Write, edit, and coordinate the preparation of correspondence including weekly bulletins, newsletters, reports, charts, spreadsheets and other materials; research content for correctness of presentation and applicability. Ensure accuracy of data and use proper spelling and punctuation. Manage the PDS database updating parishioner data. Use the database for distribution of correspondence with parishioners Under the direction of the treasurer, coordinate sales tax refunds, enter expenses and income into software program and run reports as required. Act as the contact for the priest, parish council, parishioners, and employees concerning policies, procedures and deadlines. Communicate with the diocese churches, metropolis and archdiocese for information. Maintain all office records including but not limited to worship or sacrament related articles, PDS data base, schedules, correspondence, festival related activities, invoices, inquiries, and quotes for services. Distribute incoming mail and prepare outgoing mailings. Screen and route materials according to content of communications; routing duties require knowledge of organizational operations and status of ministries. Maintain the church’s master calendar including online. Schedule appointments. Ensure there are no conflicts with church services, sacraments or other related functions. Implement Hall Rental Agreement for facility use of the Hellenic Center and sanctuary. Coordinate/schedule activities of cleaning service. Create flyers and registration correspondence for all church related functions - ie. workshops, marriage workshops, Good Friday retreats, family retreat and cross dive, golf tournament, etc. Run errands as needed – i.e. bulk mailing, banking, printers, recycling centers. Terms of Employment: Starting Salary: Evaluation:

Part-time work year, 20-25 hrs./ week, Monday - Friday

To be determined based on qualifications.

Initial evaluation after 60 days. Annual evaluation on anniversary month.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Demonstrate functional knowledge of computers. Use of Microsoft Office Professional software programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher) as well as general database software knowledge. Knowledge of QuickBooks is a plus. Learn the PDS software in order to maintain St. Nicholas records. Fundamental understanding of parish life. Anticipate issues by being proactive about schedules, or communication which may impact church ministry programs or church events. Demonstrate high accuracy through review, edit and distribution of e-mails, bulletins, newsletters and schedule. Organization skills demonstrated by maintaining office records, parishioner records, and written communications (mail and e-mail). Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and courteously, both orally and in writing. Ability to interact and deal with the public & parishioners in a professional manner. Correspond with other church personnel at the diocese and arch-diocese levels. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by work assignments. Ability to manage conflict.

This is an Internal Job Posting to the Community of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. If you would like to apply for this position, please contact the Office for an application. Thank you for your attention. 9

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Medals Presentation for Hellenic Dance Festival Dancers, February 19, 2017

From the heartfelt speeches to the warm embraces, the touching awards ceremony was a wonderful tribute to the countless hours from all the volunteers and dancers to produce an award winning dance troupe. AXIOS!

March 2017

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church


March 2017

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church


March 2017

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2017


HOLD FOR MARCH CALENDAR For a complete and up-to-date version of our Parish Calendar, please visit us online at:

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ST. NICHOLAS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 608 S. College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403



March 2017 Monthly Newsletter  

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Wilmington NC, March 2017 Monthly Newsletter.

March 2017 Monthly Newsletter  

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Wilmington NC, March 2017 Monthly Newsletter.