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St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church! ! !

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March 2013

The Annunciation March 25 608 SOUTH COLLEGE ROAD • WILMINGTON, NC 28403 • (910) 392-4444 • FAX (910) 392-4905 WWW.STNICHOLASWILMINGTON.ORG

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

Fr. Jon Emanuelson Parish Priest Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Church Website: Office Phone: 910-392-4444 Office Fax: 910-392-4905 Fr. Jon’s mobile number: 804-982-2745 Office Email: Fr. Jon’s Email:

Officers Emanuel Miliotis (President) Evangelos Fragos (Vice President) Tina Bostic (Secretary) Barbara Reynolds (Treasurer)

2013 PARISH COUNCIL Members Kim Dandulakis Peter Malahias Debbie Rallis Nick Saffo

Maria Stasios Alexandros Theodoropoulos Irene Sotiriou Vogiatzis

CHURCH STAFF Daphne M. Snow, Parish Office Administrator PARISH MINISTRY TEAM Philoptochos...Mary Beth Miliotis, Chapter President

Communications...Parish Office Administrator Webmaster...Alexandros Theodoropoulos Communication & Publications...Daphne Snow Technology...Alexandros Theodoropoulos Media/Community...Alexandros Theodoropoulos and Debbie Rallis

Religious Education...Richard Reynolds, Ministry Chair Adult Education...Richard Reynolds Youth Catechism...Courtney Malahias, Director Bookstore/Library...Mary Ann Wall Oratorical Festival...Courtney Malahias

Parish Life...*Volunteer Needed* Parish Life Night…Mary Anne Vavalette Men’s Group...Peter Saffo Forever Young...Stella Vallianos LOVE...Stella McTaggart

Hellenic Culture...Kitsa Wiersteiner, Ministry Chair Hellenic School...Alexandros Theodoropoulos Romiosini Dance Group...Zaharoula Katsikis Zoyra Dance Group...Kitsa Wiersteiner Choral...Dr. Michael Rallis Special Activities...Kitsa Wiersteiner

Outreach & Evangelism...James Stasios, Ministry Chair OCF...Alexandros Theodoropoulos Hospitality...Ed & Kathleen Mayorga Community Service...Sia Mayorga Gibbs Parish Care...Debbie Rallis

Youth Diakonia...Koula Katsikis, Ministry Chair GOYA...Dr. David Snow, Irene Sotiriou Vogiatzis, Mary Beth Miliotis, Tina Bostic, Advisors HOPE/JOY Liturgical Life...Dr. Michael Rallis, Ministry Chair Liturgical Music...Dr. Michael Rallis Acolytes (Altar Boys)...Doug Brown

Stewardship... Debbie Rallis


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

From The Desk of Father Jon Coming in April a new section titled, “Give me a word Father, that I may live.” This section will focus on one verse from Scripture that has a bearing on our salvation and the proper meaning of a Greek word within this verse. Reflections from the Church Fathers, Mothers and Elders of our time From whence comes forth the love of God, how it is expressed and what its works are "A characteristic sign of the soul that feels the majesty of God, and loves God, is to seek always the glory of God, to apply all of the commandments of God, and to find humility and its own self-deprecation; since to God is due honor and majesty, while humility is appropriate to man, that we might - through it become friends of God. If, indeed, we do this, then we too, like St. John the Baptist, will find joy through the glory of Christ; and shall say continuously, 'He must increase, but I must decrease' [John 3:30]." St. Diadochos of Photiki Glory to God in all things! I am so thankful to God and His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios and all of you. My assignment to St. Nicholas came quickly, yet I am already looking forward to meeting everyone in the community. God has blessed our community with many incredible servants. Presbytera Barbara and I can bear witness to your philotimo/φιλότιµο (love of honor, respect), and your wonderful sense of philoxenia/φιλοξενία (hospitality). The ministry we offer here at St. Nicholas is a great witness to our Orthodox Faith. This is coupled with the great joy of our Hellenic culture. The parish council is working hard to help our community move forward, and with your help we will grow in Christ as a community. Please remember to call, text or email me if you are in need of anything. My cell phone number is currently 804-982-2745. My emails are or I hope to visit with as many of you as possible before Great Lent starts on March 18, 2013. As we prepare for our Lenten journey, please keep in mind that fasting from certain types of foods is an easy part of our journey. In order for us to bear much fruit in Christ over the forty days and Holy Week, we must combine the physical fast with almsgiving, additional prayer, repentance and confession, attendance of divine services and other spiritual disciplines that help us draw nearer to God. Our love for God and each other grow with askesis/άσκηση (spiritual exercise). Just as our physical health benefits from exercise, so does our spiritual health. Lastly, I love the youth and youth ministry. Thus, I call upon all of you as parents, godparents, and grandparents to bring the youth of church to the Divine Services on time. This provides the good example for our children, godchildren and grandchildren. Sunday Orthros begins at 8:30 AM, followed by Divine Liturgy at 10 AM. I look forward to seeing you there! Love in Christ, +Fr. Jon C. Emanuelson 3

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

From Emanuel Miliotis, Parish Council President Our St. Nicholas church warmly welcomes Fr. Jon Emanuelson and Presvytera Barbara in our community. We received the good news on Friday, Feb. 15th when his Eminence met with a subset of the parish council in Myrtle Beach during their consecration and assigned him to our parish. Since then Fr. Jon has presided his first liturgy and many of you have had a chance to meet them in our coffee hour during our General Assembly meeting. If you haven’t had a chance to meet them, they exude an enthusiasm and warmth towards everyone with whom they speak. Fr. Jon’s years of experience as a priest in different parishes also provide him with a great background on bringing in new ideas and helping us shore up areas which we have already established. The Outreach & Evangelism Ministry is hosting a “Welcome luncheon” on Sunday, March 10 so the community will have an opportunity to meet Fr. Jon and Presbytera Barbara. Please get the word out to your friends and relatives. Those of us who haven’t been to church recently for whatever reason, I encourage you to make an extra effort to come out, you will enjoy them. It is an extra blessing that Fr. Jon has begun his service with us just as Lent is about to begin. It will be a great experience to celebrate Pascha together. In Christ’s service, Emanuel Miliotis

Save the Date - April 2013 April 7 - St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival April 21 - Pan-Ikarian Scholarship Luncheon April 26 - Relay for Life April 27 - Saturday of Lazarus (Palm Cross Making) April 28 - Palm Sunday (Luncheon)


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

Outreach & Evangelism

Hellenic Culture

Jim Stasios

Kitsa Wiersteiner

Friends of Stop Hunger Now, The meals from our December 1st meal packaging event were shipped out last month, in a container totaling 285,120 meals from the Kinston warehouse. The meals will be received by the in-country partner, Reach Now International Inc. in Haiti, a non-profit international Evangelistic Missions organization founded by Bill and Leslie Meyer. Their mission statement is "To reach the devastated and desperate with the gospel and practical help." They primarily target "the desperate and devastated: orphans, refugees, internally displaced people, those affected by war, governmental situations, poverty, persecution, and other natural conditions and calamities." Visit for more information on how to continue your involvement in the fight against hunger and follow us on Facebook at for updates, videos and photos from the field. Thank you for generously donating your time as a volunteer with Stop Hunger Now. We are sincerely grateful for your dedication and for sharing our vision of a world without hunger. “Everything we do is an opportunity for outreach and evangelism!”

Philoptochos Mary Beth Miliotis

The Ladies Philoptochos Society held their general meeting Sunday, February 10 and began planning for the upcoming Lenten season. If you are interested in donating prosforo, koliva, or decorations for the various icons please contact the church office. Also, we still have trays of spanakopites and tiropites available for purchase for $27/48 piece tray. Proceeds go toward serving the needs of various ministries that we support on a local and national level.

On Saturday, February 16th, the Hellenic Culture Special Activities Committee was happy to participate in the 20th Annual Intercultural Festival at UNCW. For several years St. Nicholas has represented the Greek culture, heritage, religion and customs. In addition the Romiosini Dancers proudly performed traditional Greek dances. Kitsa Wiersteiner would like to thank Kathy Dimopoulos, Evgenia Karonis, Athe Lionikis, Manolis Lionikis, Michael Loizides and Niki Papanicolaou, Kim Dandulakis and Alexandros Theodoropoulos who assisted with this event.

Stewardship Debbie Rallis

St. Nicholas, like most parishes depends on the Stewardship of its parishioners to sustain the many ministries of our church. The concept of stewardship comes from the Bible and from our theology. As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace (1 Peter 4:10). The idea stems from our understanding that every good thing in life is ultimately a gift of God. Our health, time, talents and material resources are blessings bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father. With this in mind, we believe that as stewards of God’s blessings, we are called to lovingly share a portion of them to build-up His Church and serve His people. In order to meet our financial obligations and to allow for proper planning and budgeting, our parish relies on our annual Stewardship Pledge Program. Please take a moment to fill out your 2013 Stewardship card. Your commitment should be an expression of gratitude and love to God for all the blessings you have received! Remember the day will come when our opportunity to give will be over, when death will confront all of us. But our good Lord will be giving to us for eternity! Blessings on your Stewardship Journey! 5

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

Youth Ministry


Koula Katsikis

First of all I would like to welcome Fr. Jon and Pres. Barbara to our community. I look forward to working with Fr. Jon and welcome his new and exciting ideas. I cannot say thank you enough to our St. Nicholas community for all the support you have shown to our youth. We all have heard the saying “It takes a village” and it truly does. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful, active, and loving youth. Everywhere we go, and everyone we meet, we are constantly being reminded how unique our youth is. The love they show one another is illuminating. We enjoy watching our youth grow into loving and wonderful people. They in turn inspire us. Our Joy/Hope continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We look forward to working with our new volunteers. Please continue to support our youth. It's the greatest gift you can give them.

LOVE Stella McTaggart

Our next LOVE event will be hands on playtime which includes the “Bugs & Butterflies” Event at the Children’s Museum of Wilmington. Please join us Saturday, March 30, 2013 starting at 9 am until Noon. This event will feature a morning of exploring the Port City's most interesting insects in the Museum courtyard, plus egg hunts, outdoor games, face painting and more. What better way to connect with God than through Nature?

The GOYANS meet every Wednesday evening during family night, from 7:00-8:00pm for group discussion. We would like to Thank Louie Batouyios for treating the GOYANS to dinner and bowling on Valentines Day! Activities for March include: March 2 - Dessert/ Dance, Raleigh NC (Advanced ticket purchase required.) March 15-17 - Dance workshop, Charlotte, NC $90/pp. March 23 - Movie/ pizza outing at Mayfaire March 22-24 - Lenten Retreat. Registration open $105/ pp. Drivers/Chaperones needed. March 31 - Greek Independence Day celebration. Poems and dance by Goyans.

Catechism Corner Courtney Malahias

Spring is almost here and with it comes a sense of freshness and new life. I am so excited to welcome Father Jon and Presbytera Barbara to St. Nicholas. Their energy is contagious and I look forward to getting to know them and sharing ideas with them! All is going well in our classrooms and I have joined Erica Yucius in teaching the middle school grades and it feels wonderful to be in a classroom again. Maryann Vavalette has also joined us and we have some exciting ideas to share with the children. Our Lenten season is fast approaching and although I feel we must always be vigilant in our faith, it is during this time we must be extra vigilant and teach our children well. This is a great time to turn off electronics a couple of times a week and embrace learning about the services during this beautiful time of focusing on His suffering and His sacrifice, His life, death, burial and resurrection.

Kids of all ages are welcome to attend. Our entire group of little ones are excited to welcome Fr. Jon and Pres. Barbara to our Church and Community! If you would like more information about LOVE, for our children birth to preschool age, please send Stella McTaggart an email at

I would also like to use this space to talk about what a wonderful resource our bookstore is. Maryann Wall has been very helpful to me on finding books for Sunday 6

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

School, about saints and about our Orthodox faith. If you have a few minutes, take your child, or just yourself and check out some great reading material. Some books are for sale and some just for borrowing.

trip to Greece from our parish while we hope that more of our youth members will be able to join them as the HDF Committee is currently trying to make more spots available. Concerning the group’s advisors and parents, as I have mentioned before, there are no words good enough to describe our appreciation for their unconditional and tremendous amount of work behind the scenes … Thus, fellow parishioners, please feel assured that our “Romiosini” Dancers did represent our St. Nicholas Church well and all of us should be proud of them of course! Our Hellenic School, in particular, has been and will always be supportive of the efforts of our dancers and HDF in general and will continue to be a resource and assist in any possible way it can as needed … On a personal note, because of my experience and involvement with it since its inception, I have been receiving over the years questions by various parishioners about HDF and whether it is worth the considerable amount of expenses involved. It is not my purpose here to share my personal views in this article, considering also the fact that these are relatively known and expressed in various occasions, while our Hellenic School also has contributed an article about HDF in past newsletter issues that can also be found on our website at HellenicStudiesCulture.html under the ‘“ΓΝΩΣΙΣ” from the Hellenic School Ministry Series’. At the Awards Banquet this past weekend, our fellow parishioner Basile did a great job, as usual, presenting the event. During that time, he had this great idea of sharing with the audience his “Top Ten Funniest things he had heard over the weekend” in the most entertaining way that probably only he knows how to do! Getting inspired by his way, I will just share few things I observed over the weekend that fit the four elements of our church mission (Worship, Witness, Service, Fellowship) and might be able to offer some further insights as what HDF is all about … It goes like this: Participating in the services at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Winston-Salem with hundreds of youth members, parents and other participants that HDF

Thank you for bringing your children to church - it is such a gift you give to them.

Hellenic School Updates - HDF Alexandros Theodoropoulos

We would like first to welcome Fr. Jon and Presbytera Barbara to our community! Among other things that have already been mentioned in other articles of this newsletter, we have been impressed by their appreciation and knowledge of our Hellenic heritage, culture and language. Our Hellenic School started the new 2013 year with a lot of energy and renewed resolution! On January 11, during our session, we cut our vassilopita and offered an educational lesson to our students regarding this wonderful and centuries old tradition of our Greek Orthodox Church. All of our students showed a great interest in learning more about this custom as they were waiting … patiently to receive their piece …! Finally, we would like to congratulate our “Romiosini” Dancers for their successful participation during the Hellenic Dance Festival (HDF) that took place in Winston-Salem during the weekend of January 18th – 21st! Their performances received Superior (the equivalent of an A) grade by the judges while they seemed to enjoy and have a lot of fun dancing on the stage! Our 23 youth members performed dances from the regions of Macedonia and Thrace. Moreover, our dancers were supporting and encouraging the efforts of the other groups as well! We would also like to congratulate and thank Zaharoula and Nota for their dedication, time, and hard work they have been putting all along directing this group and making their wonderful costumes respectively! In addition, many congratulations to Lucas Bostic, Anastasia Davis, and Peter Vogiatzis for winning a full Odyssey scholarship


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

brought together from all the various areas of our Metropolis as well as from Virginia (more than 700 participants from about 16 churches in total) … Just Wonderful! (Λειτουργία or Worship, in terms of our church mission) Practicing and showing our Faith (there was an Αγιασµός or Blessing service at the convention center right before the performances) and our Heritage publicly and sharing information about them with the other visitors and hotel guests that were around … Just Wonderful! (Μαρτυρία or Witness) Watching, during the Saturday night dance, one of our St. Nicholas parishioners, Jimmie Stasios, being … Jimmie (!!!) and getting involved by preparing drinks for the hundreds of youth members dancing on the floor of The Annunciation’s Hellenic Center … Then, around midnight, receiving a question from the very kind parishioner in charge of the kitchen (who must have been really exhausted being up since early on that morning preparing lunch and dinner for all of the participants on that day) about whether I thought he should additionally make lemonade (since there were no more sodas) for all the children dancing and me responding that although they would appreciate it I didn’t think this would be necessary that late in the night (they would probably be just fine with water) and politely suggesting for him to go and get some rest for the following day events I knew he had to work on… Then, him leaving with a smile in his face without saying anything and me seeing him again, to my surprise, coming back half an hour later with two big pots of lemonade and two pots of water that lasted through the rest of the night and telling me “I feel I can NOW go home and get some rest”… And concluding our discussion by sharing the same view that anything we needed to do to keep all these children dancing together we should and would do, be it serving drinks or even cleaning the facility bathrooms for them if needed … Just SO Wonderful! (Διακονἰα or Service) Interacting and sitting together with participants from other churches throughout the weekend jointly celebrating this Γιορτή or Festival of Faith and Heritage


… and even offered, during the awards ceremony, by a parish sitting at the far end of the room to share their table when it looked that there were no available chairs in the Banquet room … Also, singing along with other parishes’ parents when their and our children were performing … Then, celebrating and dancing together with all these youth members, parents as well as the judges, the dance directors and the HDF committee members in those huge circles during the dance nights even until 4:30 am in the morning teaching and learning steps from one another … Just SO Wonderful! (Κοινωνία or Fellowship) Watching, over the years, all these youth members, born and raised here in the US, studying and now playing those (some of them hard to learn) Hellenic traditional instruments for the groups and the rest of us during the performances and the dance nights … Watching one of them from another parish, in particular, participating in both dance and choral groups all that time, speaking and now even chanting during the services in perfect Greek … Watching another one performing over the years through the various dance age groups, learning to play a Hellenic traditional instrument, becoming a dance director himself (like our own Zaharoula) and now a judge, going through Hellenic School to learn to speak Greek and even going to a university in Greece and all that considering the fact that he and his parents are not even of Hellenic descent … And him sharing with me, when I asked him at some point, that he was doing all that out of appreciation for the Orthodox Faith and Hellenic Culture … Just Amazing! Watching, also, all these little elementary school graders performing on stage as well as a group of them dancing during one of the dance nights on their own at one of the corners of the room … Seeing also their smiling faces in the church services on the following day participating in the worship and even reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Greek … realizing at that moment that HDF had a future … and hoping that one day soon our parish will also have a team in this age group participating … Seeing, furthermore, in the eyes of our as well as the

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013


other children, that had applied for the Odyssey scholarship program the desire and what it means to them to go on this pilgrimage of Faith and Heritage with our Metropolitan in Greece that HDF offers through our Metropolis to qualified youth members once every four years … Seeing also the tears in the eyes of some of the parents of these children that qualified for the trip … Moreover, interacting with and being pleasantly surprised by youth members from our as well as other parishes with questions about our Hellenic Heritage … Watching our own children meeting, mingling and dancing with the other youth members from the other parishes during the dance nights … Further watching them, during the Awards Banquet event, as they offered all the additional honorary medals (prepared by HDF for all the dancer participants), which they had just received from their parents, per the HDF Chair’s request, for their hard work and dedication, to Nota showing their great appreciation for all the time and sleepless nights she had dedicated in her effort to perfect and finish all these wonderful costumes for them in time … And finally, using and adding to the words that one of our dancers’ parents, Olympia Fragos, posted on facebook, “Knowing your children appreciate their Faith, embrace their Heritage and Culture and welcome any opportunity to show off their pride”...... PRICELESS!

Congratulations to Dr. Constantine J. Efthymiou, retired Professor of Microbiology and father of Barbara Efthymiou Harris, who has been recognized in an article in the Ethnikos Kyrix magazine for his work and efforts in Hellenic Education, in developing Standards for Teaching of Modern Greek, for use in schools of primary and secondary education in the United States of America. (February 10) Congratulations to Bette Parrett on the birth of her granddaughter and to Jenny Fronista on the birth of her great-grand daughter, Lillie Christine. Lillie Christine is the daughter of Alexandra (Parrett) & Anthony Ranieri, born February 18. Νά σάς ζήσει! We would like to extend a special acknowledgement to all the scouts of our community for National Scout Sunday celebrated on February 3. Congratulations! Αξιοι!

Sympathies and Memorials We extend our sympathy to Maria Stasios, Melissa Kirkby, Florence Thomas, and their families, on the loss of their Aunt Ann Zarres of Lynchburg, VA, who fell asleep in the Lord Friday, January 25. May her memory be eternal! We extend our sincere sympathy to Father Nicolaos Spirakis and Presbytera Maria on the Falling Asleep in the Lord of his brother, Antonis ("Tony") Spirakis. In addition we extend our sympathy to Antonis Spirakis' children, Peter & Angela, and their families. May his memory be eternal!

With the saints, give rest to the souls of Your servants, where there is no pain, sorrow, or suffering, but life eternal.


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

2013 Stewards as of February 19 Andrews, Louis & Roula Angeledes, Angelo & Evelyn Batis, John & Emily Batounis, John & Nancy Bostic, Michael & Tina Cranidiotis, Chris & Joy Dandulakis, Gregory & Kimberly Demas, Ron & Sharon Diakogiannis, Ifigenia Diakogiannis, John Dimopoulos, Peter & Kathy Dukas, Nota Flowers, Larry & Helen Fokakis, George Fragakis, John & Sophia Gerry, Despina Hale, Pamela Mavros Jeffries, Phil & Irene Karonis, Yiannis & Evyenia Katris, Angelo & Anastasia Kefalas, Thalia King, Lee & Doris Kirkby, Matthew & Melissa Koklanaris, Emmanuel & Lambra Koklanaris, Dena Lionikis, Emmanuel & Athanasia Logothetis, Anestis & Constance Maggio, Ralph & Evelyn Charalombous Malahias, Peter & Courtney Marmaras, Mary Mayorga, Aspasia Mayorga, Ed & Kathleen Miliotis, Emanuel & Mary Beth Moskogianis, Karen & Driscoll, Thomas Papanicolaou, Lambros & Niki

Patsalos, Jimmy & Anna Pinkston, Anne Bakalis Poulos, John & Athena Poulos, Pat Proukou, Theodore & Katherine Psilos, Constantine & Renee Karonis Rallis, Michael & Debra Reynolds, Rick & Barbara Ronner, Tom & Connie Saffo, Marian & Marika Saffo, Tony & Jamie Sljaka, Sophie Snow, David & Daphne Starnes, Debra & Kenneth Stasios, James & Maria Theodoropoulos,,Alexandros,&,Eleni Vallianos, Stella Vavalette, Mary Ann Verikios, Mary E Vogiatzis, Anastasios & Georgia Vogiatzis, Vasilios & Irene Sotiriou Wall, Mary Ann & James Whitley, John Wiersteiner, Samuel & Kyriaki Zezefellis, Effie


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

On Sunday ~ March 10th, 2013 St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Divine Liturgy ~ 10:00 AM Complimentary Luncheon to follow in the Hellenic Center

We invite our parishoners, family members and friends to join us for a special day of fellowship and spiritual renewal. Come to meet Fr. Jon & Presvytera Barbara and welcome them to our Saint Nicholas Parish.

Who will you bring to church? "Each of us has an apostolic mission to arouse the fervor of the Spirit in our brothers and sisters." ~ St. John Christostom 386 AD ~ 12

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013

LOVE Bring your  Preschool  and  under  aged  child  to  our   next    event  at  

On Saturday,  March  30  at  9  am for  the  

Bugs &  Butter ly  Event erflies-9am-12pm/

RSVP with Stella McTaggart at 910-452-7075 or (If we have enough children attending we could qualify for a discounted entrance fee.)

**Even if  you  cannot  join  us  for  this  month’s  event,  please  contact  the  Church  so  we   can  add  you  to  our  mailing  list.    We  want  to  make  sure  all  families  with  preschool  and   younger  children  (or  expecting)  are  part  of  this  group  so  we  can  come  up  with  unique   and  age  appropriate  events  that  work  for  you.  **


St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

March 2013


Celebrate Greek Independence Day after Divine Liturgy in the Hellenic Center Sunday ~ March 31, 2013 Special Guest Speaker: Dr. John Anagnost followed by poems, dances and songs.

Lunch will be provided by the Hellenic School

Event sponsored by the Hellenic Culture Ministry. 14


3 Prodigal Sunday Family Worship Sunday 8:30 AM Orthros 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy 12:30 PM Zoyra practice

10 Judgment/Meatfare Sunday 8:30 AM Orthros 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy 12:00 PM Welcome & Outreach Luncheon 2:00PM Pan-Ikarian Meeting 17 Forgivness/Cheesefare Sunday 8:30 AM Orthros 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy 12:30 PM Zoyra Practice 1:00 PM Poem Practice 6:00 PM Forgiveness Vespers 24 Sunday of Orthodoxy 8:30 AM Orthros 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy 12:30 PM Zoyra Practice 12:30 PM Poem Practice 6:00 PM Vespers 31 St. Gregory of Palamas 8:30 AM Orthros 10:00 AM Divine Liturgy 12:30 PM Greek Independence Day Celebration



7:00 PM Parish Council Meeting


7:00 PM Festival Meeting











2 8:00 AM Men’s Group 10:00 AM Sunday School Teachers Meeting 10:00 AM Romiosini Practice

9 Saturday of Souls

8:00 AM Orthros 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

10:00 AM Romiosini Practice

16 Saturday of Souls

8:00 AM Orthros 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy 10:00 AM Romiosini Practice

23 Saturday of Souls

8:00 AM Orthros 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy 10:00 AM Romiosini GOYA Pizza/Movie Night

8:00 AM Men’s Group 9:00 AM L.O.V.E. 10:00 AM Romiosini


Metropolis Lenten Retreat

7:00 PM Salutations to the Theotokos


7:00 PM Salutations to the Theotokos

22 Spring Break Begins (Public School)

Anoixi Dance Workshop Charlotte, NC

5:00 PM Hellenic School

15 Newsletter Articles Due

5:00 PM Hellenic School


5:00 PM Hellenic School


Parish Calendar March 2013 TUESDAY




6:00 PM Parish Family Night 6:30 PM Adult Study 7:00 PM GOYA Discussion

Clergy Retreat, Diakonia Center, Salem, 6:00 PM Parish Family 11:00 AM Forever Young Night 6:30 PM Adult Study 7:00 PM GOYA Discussion



6:00 PM Pre-Sanctified Liturgy Parish Family Night 7:00 PM GOYA Discussion

18 Great Lent Begins

7:00 PM Great Compline

6:00 PM Pre-Sanctified Liturgy Parish Family Night 7:00 PM GOYA Discussion


25 Annunciation of Theotokos 8:00 AM Orthros 9:00 AM Divine Liturgy 6:00 PM ECY/COM Meeting 7:00 PM Great Compline

ST. NICHOLAS GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH 608 S. College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403


March 2013 Monthly Newsletter  

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Wilmington NC, March 2013 Monthly Newsletter

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