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Eight holiday regions in Valais proudly bear the “Family Destination” label. These areas meet the criteria set by the Swiss Tourism Federation for ­holiday destinations that are especially geared towards the needs of families and committed to sustainability.

Bellwald Crans-Montana


Aletsch Arena

Grächen Nendaz

Saas-Fee Zermatt


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Hello! Did you know: Valais is more than just a Swiss canton – it is also a region with the highest peaks in Switzerland, breathtaking valleys, and unique flora and fauna, making it the perfect place to enjoy a special adventure with your family. Over the following pages, you will read about the adventure which Claudia, her brother Stephan and their parents had in Valais. Of course, we want to make sure that you can experience an adventure all of your own, so this booklet contains some treasure maps for you to follow. However, the greatest treasures for you to find will be special moments that make wonderful memories. The best way of creating these memory treasures is in photos which you can return to again and again. Enjoy Valais!

Damian Constantin, Director of Valais /  Wallis Promotion


Finally on holiday. Finally here. Finally in Valais. “So. Are you ready?” dad asks, as he puts on his backpack and hat. “Ready?” Claudia asks with a broad grin. Her brother Stephan smiles as he says what both siblings are thinking: “We were born ready!” “Not so fast”, mum says, slowing down the two kids who are almost out of the hotel room door. “First you need some sun cream on your face and arms, and you still have to fill up your water bottles. The sun is out today and you’ll definitely get thirsty on our trip.” But after a short delay, it’s finally time to go. Out of the hotel and along the path towards meadows, forests and mountains. A golden eagle circles majestically above and somewhere nearby a woodpecker seems to be hammering at a tree. Stephan has his camera within reach in his bag for moments like these. Suddenly, dad spots a squirrel right in front of them. “There! Quickly! Look, it’s a squirrel.” Stephan quickly whips out his camera, but the squirrel has already disappeared. “Where?” Stephan asks. “Where did it go?” “I think it’s in the bush up ahead”, Claudia replies, and soon she and her brother are off to the bush to hunt the squirrel down. 2



Did you know that ... ... around 2500 – 3000 mountain climbers try to conquer the Matterhorn every year? On some days there are up to 100 mountaineers at once. (65% of climbers don’t reach the top)


They can’t find the squirrel, but they see a little chest. “Cool! A treasure chest”, Stephan b ­ eams, and his sister enthusiastically takes a look. “What do you mean? Is there gold and silver inside? Or maybe some jewels?” “There’s only one way to find out”, Claudia ­excitedly answers, and together they open it up. But the chest does not contain any gold, ­silver or jewels. “So what is it?” Stephan quietly asks, taking a folded map out of the chest. As he unfolds the map, his parents come over to take a look. “What have you found there?” dad asks. “I think it’s a treasure map”, Stephan ­replies as he scans the piece of paper. And in fact, there are a few lines written on the map next to the drawings. “Look”, says mum, p ­ ointing to the lines of text. “It says something ­about treasure, and there are some tasks that you have to complete.”



“Yippee!” Stephan shouts enthusiastically. “Can we follow the map and do the activities?” “As far as I’m concerned”, says dad. “If every­ one agrees, let’s go off on an adventure.” But just a few metres further on, Claudia has another idea. “Daddy.” “Yes?” her dad replies. “Just imagine if we could go along the path on horseback.” “Ooh, that would be great. Sadly, we don’t have any horses.” And then Claudia comes out with what she actually wanted in the first place: “I could sit on your shoulders and pretend you are my horse.” Mum starts to laugh. Dad, taken a bit unawares by the idea, heaves his daughter onto his shoulders. “But we’re only going a few metres like this”, dad adds, and Claudia grins that her idea was ­successful. 7


“So, my darlings. What activities do we have to complete now?” mum asks everyone. “Hmm”, ­Claudia says as she looks at the map. “There are some things we have to find in the natural world using the map. We have some proper puzzles to solve, and for some of the activities we even have to build something”, Claudia says to summarise the treasure map. “So let’s go!” dad says, and the family start doing the activities ­ together. As they do they start ­ ­look­ing more closely at the world around them and discover things which they would not otherwise have spotted. They see a trail of ants, beetles fighting, and even a hedgehog. Stephan is of course ­eagerly taking pictures of all of their discoveries.



With all of the activities and their impressions of the natural world, neither parents nor children­notice how quickly the time is passing, but gradually they all start to get hungry. “Can we eat something?” Stephan asks, as his tummy is rumbling the loudest. “I’ve brought a cervelat sausage for everyone”, mum replies. “I have an idea”, dad adds. “We only have one activity left to do and then we will reach our destination – and on the map, the final destination has a food symbol next to it.” “So what’s your idea?” Stephan wants to know. “Let’s do the last activity and then see if we can get some­ thing to eat at our destination”, dad ­suggests. Everyone agrees that this is a good idea. “So what’s the last task?” mum asks. “We have to build a family of stone stacks behind over ­there.” “Great”, Claudia exclaims, running over to the area with the stones and getting building. Soon the whole family is making stone stacks. “Look!” Claudia shouts with a smile. “Mum’s stone stack looks like dad.”


Then the family heads on to the map’s final destination. When they get there, hungry Stephan is particularly ­excited: “I don’t believe it. A fireplace where we can have a barbecue.” Hungry and full of fantastic experiences and impres­ sions from their walk, they all sit happily down by the fire to enjoy some well-earned cervelat.

Are you interested in embarking on one or more treasure hunts? Yes? Great! It’s very easy. Just take a look at the maps on the next few pages and follow their instructions, and they will lead you to treasure. You could even join a big competition with fantastic prizes to be won. Take a photo of yourself hunting for treasure and email it to us as, or put it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TreasureValais. Enjoy your treasure hunting!




Spot the ten difference

p. Find your way to the to END


Join the dots.



Aletsch Arena Find the treasure

Gletschi 4





2 1

The mightiest glacier in the Alps is the highlight of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aletsch Arena AG Furkastrasse 39 3983 Mörel Phone +41 27 928 58 58

The Gogwärgi path is an exciting themed trail running from Lax through Fiesch to the Fieschertal playground. Along the way you will find 10 Gogwärgi stations with their hand-carved wooden dwarfs. Discover nature in a fun way and listen to fantastic tales which Fiesch-Fieschertal-Lax students have dreamt up for the Gogwärgini dwarves. 16

Key Stations Highest point: Fieschertal, 1096 m Lowest point: Lax, 1039 m

Gletschi’s clues

Tourist Office Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 12.00 pm 1.30 pm – 5.30 pm Sat 9.00 am Sun closed – 4.00 pm

Station 1: What did the Gogwärgini slip on in the story “Gogwärgini in Fiesch”? Station 2: What was in the gold vault ­instead of gold in the story “The Gold-Addicted Farmer”?

Distance and durat 5.3 km / 1.5 – 2.0 hrsion

Station 3: What did the boy see in the dwarf’s ball in “How the Gogwärgini Help a Boy to Find his Parents”? Station 4: What subject is being taught on the cover of the story “A Gogwärgi Provides Useful Help”?


Station 5: In the story “The Cold Winter”, at which tower did the farmer and his wife find the cows after a long search?


Station 6: How many Gogwärgini are depicted on the cover of the story “Hard Bread”?


Station 7: Which two classes came up with the story “The Hunter and the Gogwärgi”? Station 8: What is the purpose of the ­cottage and accompanying hillside by the Gogwärgi with a key in his hand? Station 9: What is the name of the ­grandfather of the Gogwärgi “Golgerone” in the story “The City under the Glacier”? Station 10: What is the name of the ­stream running along the Gogwärgi path from Fiesch to Fieschertal?


Bellwald Find the treasure


Waldi & Bella

6 7 8 5 1


Bellwald Tourismus 3997 Bellwald Phone +41 27 971 16 84

Ready for a little journey through time? ­Bellwald’s family-friendly nature can be seen in the fact that the village centre is free of cars, as well as in the wide range of services for the whole family – all year round. In ­Bellwald you can learn about village life in years gone by. Head out and follow the nine stations from the Fürgangen cableway through Bellwald to the Tourist Office. 18

Key Stations


Highest point: 161 8 Lowest point: 154 m 9m

Station 1 – Cableway The construction of the cableway laid the ­foundations for tourism activities and for Bellwald as you see it today. How many people can ordinarily be transported per day?

Tourist Office Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 12.00 pm 1.30 pm – 5.00 pm Sat 8.30 am Sun closed – 12.00 pm Distance and durat ion 1.5 km / 0.5 hrs

Station 2 – Community barn Many Bellwald cows live here. What breed are ­these typical Valais cows? Station 3 – Chair lifts These are now an essential element of tourism in Bellwald. How many towers do you go past on the way to the middle station? Station 4 – Hiking trail Lots of hiking trails branch off from this point. Which route is designed for children and now forms a key part of Bellwald tourism?


Station 5 – Irenehüs The Irenehüs is one of the oldest habitable houses in Bellwald and is built in a typical design. Do you know what wood was used to make the ­upper floors? Station 6 – Cinema What is now the cinema was once a barn where locals kept their supplies. Do you know what the stone slabs between the floors were designed for?


Station 7 – Eco Museum The Eco Museum displays lots of utensils which were once used in everyday life. Name three. (The museum key is available from the Tourist Office) Station 8 – Church Bellwald church has become a real landmark of which locals are very proud. For a long time ­Bellwald did not have its own church, and all the Bellwald locals had to go to services in Ernen. Look at the top – what animal is decorating the church tower? Station 9 – Tourist Office Have you answered all of your questions or do you still need some pointers? Head into the tourist office to ask your questions and the team there would be happy to help, otherwise there is a little present here for you to collect. Tip: To find out lots about the past life of Bellwald, join the village tour which takes place every ­Wednesday.


Blatten-­ Belalp


Find the treasure



Blatten Belalp Tourismus Rischinustrasse 5 3914 Blatten bei Naters Phone +41 27 921 60 40

This adventurous witch (who you might already know) has hidden some treasure in Blatten-Belalp. It is not easy to find: first you have to solve tricky puzzles at seven stations. But we are sure you will succeed! You can pick up a puzzle sheet from the Tourist Office or print it out from ausdrucken. Find the hidden treasure and look forward to your reward! 20


5 4

Stations Highest point: Aletschbord Belalp 2171 m Lowest point: Blatten 1322 m Tourist Office Mon – Sun 7.00 am – 7.45 pm Distance and durat ion 6.6 km / 3 hrs



Vero’s clues The puzzle is available from the Tourist ­Office or at You have to answer seven questions along the way. Each answer gives you a solution word, which you can write in the boxes below. The right words will solve the puzzle. What is the solution sentence?




The treasure


Grächen Find the treasure



1 15

3 2

14 13 12

10 11 Grächen impresses with its natural beauty, ­numerous leisure opportunities and child-friendly infrastructure.

Touristische Unternehmung Grächen AG Dorfplatz, 3925 Grächen Phone +41 27 955 60 60,

Along a 5 km detective trail, help the badger to solve 16 puzzles at 16 stations and crack the treasure chest’s code. The detective trail starts and ends at the Tourist Office in the Grächen village square. The Tourist Office will also give you the puzzle book and important information about the trail. 22

Key Stations

SiSu’s clues

Sports centre Hannigalpbahn Valley Sta

tion Tourist Office 23 June – 6 July, Mon Fri: 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm, Sat 9.00 am – 12.00 pm, : 9.0 7 July – 17 August, 08.00 0 am – 12.00 pm 18 August – 20 October, am – 6.00 pm 8.00 am – 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Begin at the Tourist Office and follow the directions until you find the treasure. Puzzle 1: Look around you by the fountain to find the right answer.

Distance and duration 5 km

 / 4.5 hrs

Puzzle 2: You can find the right number on the overview map.




Puzzle 3: The wooden house gives you the answer to the question. Puzzle 4: Look carefully around you in front of the chapel. Puzzle 5: The signposts give you clues for the next puzzle.


Puzzle 6: Count the steps to find the solution. Puzzle 7: Spot the difference. Puzzle 8: The stone also gives you the right answer to the question.

8 9

Puzzle 9: Can you find the ­number on the towers? Puzzle 10: Which animal are you looking for? Puzzle 11: Look through the hole to find the solution. Puzzle 12: The cycle path will give you the answer. Puzzle 13: Take a careful look at the hydrants. Puzzle 14: Find the relevant ­animal. Puzzle 15: Look carefully at the museum entrance. Puzzle 16: You can find the ­solution by the bells.


Nendaz Find the treasure

5 6


The Nendaz holiday region has 8 bisses (historic irrigation channels), around 250 km of hiking trails and 200 km of mountain bike routes. However, you don’t have to go quite that far to solve our puzzle, although you will need to use all of your senses. Off we go! Equipped with the treasure map, head out from the Tourist Office along the sculpture trail and then back to the village. Nendaz Tourisme Route de la Télécabine 1 1997 Nendaz Phone +41 27 289 55 89,

Stay alert: there are various clues hidden along the way, six in total. Once you have found all the clues and solved the puzzle, treasure awaits in the Tourist Office. Enjoy your search! 24

Key Stations Playground Small funicular Tourist Office Mon – Fri 9.00 am – 12.00 pm 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm Sat 9.00 am – 12.30 pm 1.30 pm – 6.30 pm Sun 9.00 am – 2.00 pm Distance and durat 3.7 km / 2 – 2.5 hrs ion 


3 4



Your mission You have to answer six questions along the way. Each answer gives you a letter of the solution, which you can write in the boxes below. The right letters will solve the puzzle. What is the magic word? A little tip: it has something to do with water.


Saas-Fee Find the treasure



5 4

Saastal Tourismus AG Obere Dorfstrasse 2 3906 Saas-Fee Phone +41 27 958 18 58

In the Saas-Fee holiday region, you can travel on the “Metro Alpin”, the world’s highest-­ underground funicular. Saas-Fee is also the starting point for the “Gorge Alpine”, a via ferrata with pendulum seats, ladders and suspension bridges running through a spectacular rocky gorge. However, our treasure hunt is first and foremost about Alpine animals. Animal excitement awaits! Start the trail at the Tourist Office in Saas-Fee (picking up materials such as keys, question book etc.) and head to the edge of the village, towards the Kalber­ matten sports ground and up to the Felskinn cable car. Here you can get out your treasure map, and away you go ... 26

3 2

Key Stations Sports ground Kalbermatten Felskinn valley sta


Tourist Office Mon – Sat 8.30 am – 12.00 pm 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm Sun 9.00 am – 12.00 pm 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm Distance  5.5 km / 2 hrs

A few clues Your task is easy: find eight different ­animal stations. Each station is devoted to an Alpine ­animal, with lots of interesting information to be discovered. Every station has a ­wooden box in which you can find the ­relevant information. One of you can read the text out loud whilst the others listen intently.


If you listen carefully and examine the ­picture, you will easily be able to answer the quiz question. At the end, the quiz with your answers will be evaluated by the Tourist Office and you will receive your treasure.



Zermatt Find the treasure


Wolli 9 11 10

4 2


Zermatt Tourismus Bahnhofplatz 5, 3920 Zermatt Phone +41 27 966 81 00,


Zermatt is a tourism destination par excellence. ­ There are nearly forty four-thousand-metre mountains ­overlooking the surrounding area. And the most important bit: pirates have hidden treasure somewhere in Zermatt, and only Wolli knows where it is. Use the treasure map to follow Wolli’s clues and count these symbols at all 11 intermediate stations. Be careful – the four symbols appear more than once. NB: How often you see the four individual symbols is a key that will allow you to crack the four-digit lock at the end! 28

Key Stations Gornergrat railway

Wolli’s clues



Tourist Office Mon – Sun 8.00 am – 8.0

0 pm

Distance and durat ion  3 km / 1.5 hrs

Begin at station 1 and find the 11 inter­ mediate stations until you reach the ­treasure. Station 1: There is information here – ­Wolli’s symbols are right at the beginning. Station 2: The centre for Alpine adventure – not quite so high for Wolli’s symbols.


Station 3: ‘‘Bergführerbrot’’ bread and chocolate – don’t forget Wolli’s symbols between the tasty treats. Station 4: More than 5’000 books, ­audiobooks and DVDs – but make sure that you read Wolli’s symbols properly. Station 5: Sleep with a view of the Alps – Wolli’s symbols are in the garden by the slide.


Station 6: Looking for some action? You can hire anything here – take the lift and you will find Wolli’s symbols.


Station 7: Treat yourself to a pause for thought with fun and games – can you find Wolli’s symbols on the playground equipment? Station 8: Accommodation options for all ages – but you need to stay awake to find Wolli’s symbols. Station 9: Raclette, fondue or lamb specialities – follow your nose to find Wolli’s symbols. Station 10: You can buy the famous round Roggenbrot bread here – but the table with Wolli’s symbols has corners rather than rounded edges. Station 11: You can get to lots of places from here – but you will find Wolli’s symbols before you get to the mountains. Photo © Leander Wenger


How it works:

1. Take a cool photo of one of your seven treasure hunts (either out treasure hunting or of an actual treasure). 2. Post it on Instagram or Facebook (find us under “TreasureValais”) with the hashtag:


Our family competition* has exciting, relaxing, thrilling, unforgettable prizes to be won with a ­total value of CHF 20’000.–.

How to enter Photos posted with the hashtag #TreasureValais on public Facebook or Instagram profiles will be published on and entered in the competition. Photos sent to us by email (win@­valais. ch) will also be entered in the competition, but will not be presented online. The terms and conditions of participation can be viewed on our website. 30

Top prize

A perfect one-week family holiday* in Valais, worth CHF 7’000.– The price includes more than just accommodation: we offer you various special experiences such as a visit to an Alpine cheese dairy, a paragliding flight with views of the Matterhorn, a breathtaking tour on a scooter bike, a course to learn the local instrument of the Alpine horn, a unique llama trek, a discovery tour of the forest, feeding marmots, and much more. More details at *  2 adults and 2 children


Other prizes ... 2nd prize Helicopter trip for the whole family* You and your family* can see the breathtaking mountains and valleys around Zermatt from an e ­ ntirely new angle.

3rd prize Holiday at Hotel Belalp

A week-long summer holiday for the whole family at the historic Hotel ­Belalp, including half board and top ­activities such as the Blatten rope park, mini golf, natural splash pool, children’s playground, children’s crafts and more.

4th prize Saas-Fee Guides peak experience You and your family* will join a Saas-Fee Guides mountain guide to climb one of Saas-Fee’s many peaks. Includes accommodation for two nights at the Swiss Family Hotel Alphubel.


5th prize A summer weekend* in Nendaz

Three nights in a hotel in the heart of Nendaz, including half board. Free use of the mountain railways and lots of other benefits thanks to a three-day Openair pass.

6th prize Family days* in Grächen

Under the expert guidance of a local gamekeeper, you will explore exclusive spots home to chamois and ibexes. Next you will enjoy a hearty breakfast at the new, ultra-modern family mountain restaurant. Take a trip to the llama region and learn more about these sensitive camelids with the help of a professional. An unforgettable day with these fascinating animals awaits.

7th prize Winter fun in Bellwald

A special winter sports experience for the whole ­family*. Four-day holiday in Bellwald including ­accommodation. Ski passes and ski school lessons for the slope stars of the future.

8th prize Glacier holiday

You and your family* can experience the ­breathtaking glacier in Aletsch Arena. Includes accommodation and hiking pass. * 2 adults and 2 children 33

Valais treasure hunting 2018 (Sw10408 1002 2001 3011en)  

Valais treasure hunting 2018 (Sw10408 1002 2001 3011en)

Valais treasure hunting 2018 (Sw10408 1002 2001 3011en)  

Valais treasure hunting 2018 (Sw10408 1002 2001 3011en)