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Holiday regions and family destinations.

Bernese Oberland

Fribourg Region





Graubünden Arosa Davos Klosters Flims-Laax Lenzerheide Pontresina Savognin Zuoz


Jura & Three-Lakes

3 4 5 6 7 8





B Delémont





1607 Chasseral




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re Aa














1677 La Dôle



2 Gstaad 2042 Rochersde-Naye 3210 Les Diablerets

GENÈVE Champéry

3257 Dents du Midi




n Rhô

3 B



21 Nendaz Verbier



23 4357 Dent-Blanche

Grosser St.Bernhard

Hotel classification

= comfortable superior

Wenge 2970 Schilthorn

19 Sion


Lake Geneva Region

= simple




Ticino Ascona-Locarno

Ó = comfortable



3244 Wildstrubel

4314 Grand Combin



2362 Niesen

e mm

2002 Le Moléson



2175 Gantrisch



ma n La c L é




LucerneLake Lucerne Region Engelberg Sörenberg



La Chaux-de-Fonds

Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein 12 Braunwald 13 Malbun 14 Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann 15

Zurich Region

















Hasliberg Lenk






B ie

Bern Region


Basel Region


Valais Aletsch Arena: Bettmeralp, Riederalp and Fiesch Bellwald Blatten-Belalp Crans-Montana Grächen Nendaz Saas-Fee  Zermatt 


M 16







= middle class

à = middle class superior Õ = first class À = first class superior

Ö = luxury Ä = luxury superior = Swiss Lodge


4478 Matterhorn

454 Dom

3090 Gornergrat


Thur Thur


Bo Frauenfeld




Rhein Rhein

Baden Lim ma

Aarau Aarau


Baden Baden Töss Lim Lim m maat t




N ss s ReRueus

Reu ss

Küsnacht ZH Küsnacht ZH Küsnacht ZH Z Zür


ü Z ü rr i c h s ich ee see



Rorschacherberg Rorschacherberg Rorschacherberg ST. GALLEN



J 14

Z uZguegrseeres ee


Z u g ers ee



Herisau Herisau


Zug Zug

B Booden de se ns e ee

2502 Säntis

Appenzell Appenzell 2502 2502 Säntis Säntis



Eglisau Eglisau

Stein am Rhein Stein am Rhein Stein am Rhein



RhReh inein

Schaffhausen Schaffhausen Schaffhausen

2306 2306 Churfirsten 2306WalenseeChurfirsten Walense e Churfirsten


Walense e


1899 Glarus 1899 Grosser Mythen Glarus Maienfeld Grosser Mythen Maienfeld Bad Ragaz 1798 Glarus Grosser Mythen Schwyz 2914 VierwaldBad Ragaz 2119 Maienfeld 1408 Pilatus Rigi Napf Schwyz 2844 2914 Stans stättersee Glärnisch VierwaldPilatus Bad Ragaz2844 Napf 2119 1408 Entlebuch Stans stättersSchwyz Pizol Glärnisch 2914 ee Pilatus Entlebuch Stans stät Napf Pizol 2844 tersee Glärnisch Entlebuch Pizol 1898 Sarnen 1898 12 Stanserhorn Sarnen Altdorf Stanserhorn 1898 Chur Altdorf Sarnen Chur 2834 Stanserhorn Flims Altdorf 2834 3312 Flims Chur Weissfluh 3614 11 Engelberg 3312 2834 Weissfluh Piz Buin 10 Flims angnau 3614 Engelberg Tödi Piz Buin 2350 Weissfluh angnau Davos 3312 Arosa 4 Tödi 3614 2350 Scuol 5 Davos Brienzer RothornEngelberg Piz Buin Arosa Guarda Tödi Brienzer Rothorn 2350 InnGuarda Scuol 3238 Davos Arosa InnScuol 3238 Brienzer Rothorn Brienz Titlis 3 Guarda e se Brienz Lenzerheide Titlis Inn 3238 ze r e e Lenzerheide ein Brienz i e ne r s Titlis errh in Birenz 3503 6 se e Lenzerheide 1 Vorrdderrhe Br ze r 3503 in e n e o Sustenhorn ie errh V Br 2998 3503 Sustenhorn Interlaken Vord 2998 3294 Interlaken Piz Beverin Sustenhorn 3294 2998 Piz Beverin Piz Kesch Grindelwald Interlaken 9 St.Maria Grindelwald 3294 Piz Kesch Andermatt Wengen Piz Beverin G St.Maria Andermatt Wengen Grindelwald Piz Kesch Eiger 3970 Bever St.Maria Eiger 3970 Andermatt Bever en 2970 Kleine Mönch 4107 in e 8 Kleine h Eiger 3970 Mönch 4107 BeverSt. Moritz r Scheidegg 2970 chilthorn 3056 St. interrhein Kleine Moritz 4158 Mönch 4107 chilthorn Scheidegg in Hinter Piz3056 Nair 4274 4158 3402terrhe H Scheidegg Pontresina Jungfrau ausee PizMoritz Nair 3056 St. 4274 Hin 3402 Finsteraarhorn Pontresina Jungfrau usee 4158 Rheinwaldhorn Piz Nair Finsteraarhorn 4274 Rheinwaldhorn 3402 Pontresina Jungfrau Finsteraarhorn Rheinwaldhorn 2973 4049 7 4049 17 2973 Diavolezza Piz Bernina Diavolezza 2973 Soglio 4049 Piz Bernina 3934 3272 18 K Ernen Diavolezza Soglio 3934 3272 Piz Bernina Bietschhorn Basòdino Ernen Bietschhorn Soglio Basòdino 3934 3272 16 Ernen Bietschhorn Basòdino

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Weggis 1798 Weggis 1798 Rigi 1899 Vierwald- Rigi


meme Em m

s us ss ReReu




re AaAare


A l Ae g l eg ltestcshc-h ltestcshcehr er

Ale g l e t s cht sch e r




Saas-Fee Saas-Fee

AsconaBellinzona Ascona

15 Ascona



aMg a gigog io

re re


ag a o gMo



4634 4634 Dufourspitze Dufourspitze 4634 Dufourspitze


g io

m 3090 090 Gornergrat ornergrat

Bellinzona Bellinzona

LUGANO i Lu gano LUGANO d LUGANO i Lu gano LaLaggoodi Lu gano

4545 Dom Dom


att tt 45

Locarno Locarno




ca a zainsaosc VeTVric erz

Bosco Gurin Bosco Gurin Bosco Gurin Comologno Comologno Comologno Locarno

o TicTin icino

Brig Brig

ia a ggggsica MVeaMrzaa


L Miglieglia L

1701 1701 Monte Monte 1701 Generoso Generoso Monte 1097 Generoso 1097 Monte Monte 1097 S. Giorgio S. Giorgio Monte S. Giorgio

Miglieglia o d Miglieglia Lag

0 0

0 0 0 0

20 20

20 10

10 10

40 40



20 20

Motorway Main road Railway Car transport by rail

80 km 40 Miles

40 Miles 40 Miles


There are two hotel classification systems in Switzerland. You will find information on both systems at and

The Swiss Tourism Federation rates associated hospitality industry businesses, such as holiday apartments and camping grounds. For more details, visit

Pictograms In the city

In the country

By the water

Free Wi-Fi

In the mountains

80 km 80 km

Contents. Bern-Bernese Oberland 10–15

Graubünden 16–30

Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region

Family destinations 06–07


Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein 46–50

Ticino 52–57

Valais 58–63

Lake Geneva Region 64–65

Jura & Three-Lakes 66–67

Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings 08–09

Alternative accommodation 68–71

Fall in love with familyfriendly Switzerland. It might be tiny, spanning an area of just 42,000 sq km, but for families Switzerland is one giant playground. Mighty mountains, deep gorges, vivid green meadows, mysterious woods, gushing waterfalls and a thousand lakes await exploration. Tailor-made for family adventures, this stunning backdrop enchants children, parents and grandparents alike. Certified family destinations mean hassle-free and unforgettable holidays. And whether you would rather pitch a tent at a campsite, enjoy the freedom of a holiday apartment or stay in a five-star hotel, you’ll find something to suit with the extensive range of Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings, as recommended by Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Hotel Association. Read on for information and countless tips – from the Explorer Trail at Alp Flix to the Tickle Trail at Härzlisee. You’ll soon realise just how easy it is to fall in love with family-friendly Switzerland. Enjoy the discovery!

Jürg Schmid CEO Switzerland Tourism

Dr. Christoph Juen CEO Swiss Hotel Association

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Switzerland for families. Switzerland’s family appeal is as diverse as the country itself. You’ll find a huge range of different highlights within a short distance of each other – from wild nature to exhilarating adventures and entertaining activities.


Discover the beauty of Lac de la Gruyère’s waters in the Fribourg Region. 2 A walk with the eponym­ ous dogs at Great St Bernard. 1


One giant playground. With its stunning peaks and gently rolling hills, picturesque lakes and idyllic streams, mysterious caves and dramatic gorges, Switzerland provides a unique and alluring backdrop for unforgettable family holidays. And these landscapes have been harnessed to create one giant playground – with museums and themed trails educating in a playful way, rope parks, toboggan runs and hanging bridges for outdoor thrills, and water-based attractions for plenty of fun and relaxation. Certified family destinations and a wide range of familyfriendly accommodation provide round-the-clock activities to keep the kids amused, while parents can naturally enjoy some precious time out.

Family Trips. Magic family moments

So what’s it to be – a museum or adventure playground? A scenic train or boat ride? With the free app for iPad, iPhone, Android und Windows smartphones or the search engine on, you’ll find more than 1,000 entic­ ing family experiences.

Family Trips app Download the practical trip guide for mobile and iPad now:

Family Trips online Planning your next family adventure is also easy online.


Tried and tested Family destinations meet the following criteria:

1 Get ready to discover the dwarf castle and gemstone cavern on the Dwarf Bartli Trail in Braunwald. 2 En route in Engelberg-Brunni – the Tickle Trail and other adventures. 3 Bike along emerald green Lake Cauma in Flims.

❦ Supervised activities for children – and sometimes for the whole family.

❦ Professional childcare.

❦ An appealing mix of activities – adventure, sport, water fun, etc. – for different ages.

❦ Playgrounds.

❦ Buggy-friendly walking trails.

❦ Family-friendly accommodation and restaurants. 1

2 families



Families. Family destinations.

Family destinations. Look out for the “Family Destination” seal of approval to find towns and resorts geared towards families. With everything from excellent infrastructure to ­exciting activities, they are tailor-made for perfect family holidays for kids, parents and grandparents.

Families are welcome! Book your holiday in a certified Swiss family destination and you can be sure that your family will receive the warmest of welcomes. The “Family Destination” label is subject to strict quality controls. Family-friendly accommodation with excellent facilities – for instance baby equipment hire, children’s menus and playrooms – are standard, as are activities for every taste. Whether you’re looking for buggy-friendly walking trails or

exciting themed paths with beautiful views, water playgrounds high in the Alps or thrilling downhill scooter trails, petting zoos or children’s cinemas – family destinations offer round-the-clock entertainment and unforgettable experiences. MySwitzerland, Webcode: C25544


Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings. The “Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings” accom­mo­dation label stands for stress-free family holidays. Besides first-rate facilities, children really are welcome here.

1 Fun and games in the vast garden of the Albergo Losone. 2 Meet new friends on the playground of the Reka Holiday Resort in Rougemont. 3 Snuggle up and relax at the Valbella Inn Resort, Lenzerheide.


Families. Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings.

Relaxed holidays. While one family’s idea of a perfect holi­day is a camping adventure on a lakeshore, others prefer more luxury in hotels with huge playgrounds and children’s clubs. The Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings cover the entire spectrum, catering to every guest’s needs and wishes. Whether it’s to be a simple mountain guesthouse, a pleasant Reka Holiday Village, a comfortable holiday apartment or a luxurious hotel – all have one thing in common, namely family-friendly appeal and an approach that makes both children and their parents feel instantly at ease. MySwitzerland, Webcode: 25416

Tried and tested The Swiss Family Hotels & Lodgings meet the ­ following criteria:

❦ Family-friendly facilities.

❦ Playrooms and playgrounds.

❦ Family-friendly atmosphere.

❦ Children’s menus and familyfriendly mealtimes.

❦ Over and above these requirements the Swiss Family Hotels fulfil the ­following criteria:


❦ Activities and childcare. familyhotels




Bern-Bernese Oberland. Whether in Bern’s charming Old Town, in the Emmental’s gently rolling hills and traditional villages, or in the spectacular mountains – exciting family adventures are bundled into one neat little package here. And a warm welcome is guaranteed!

Gurnigel, Gantrisch, Bern-Bernese Oberland

Family highlights. Ò  Gelmer funicular Adrenaline thrills abound on Europe’s stee­p­­est funicular. Ò  St. Beatus Caves Chug up to these caves high above Lake Thun for a close encounter with one of Switzerland’s geological wonders. Ò  Lake Oeschinen Race down to the valley by toboggan and enjoy a cooling dip in the lake. Ò  Adventure Dwarf Trail Muggestutz Dive into the playful world of the Hasli dwarves. Ò  Dählhölzli Come face to face with otters, owls and leopards in this appealing animal park in Bern.



1 Thrills are guaranteed on the exhilarating descent in the Gelmer funicular. 2 Stalagmites, stalactites and underground waterfalls enthral in the St. Beatus Caves. 3 Kids will have a blast on the Adventure Dwarf Trail Muggestutz.



Adelboden: Ferienwohnung Gartenweg Swiss Family Lodging

The Gartenweg holiday apartment is housed in a pretty wooden chalet on the edge of the village. The light, modern rooms accommodate up to eight people. The setting is totally peaceful and the sunny balcony has a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Guests can make the most of hotel-like services. The holiday apartment can be booked via Fewo Adelboden. +41 (0)33 534 47 21,

Adelboden: Ferien- und Familienhotel Alpina Ô Swiss Family Hotel

Ask kids what they like best about the Alpina and you’ll get answers that vary as widely as the activities on offer. Some rave about the huge playground, while others love the pygmy goat enclosure and the playroom with table football. Parents are happy about the children’s buffet – which keeps mealtimes blissfully simple – and are content to kick back and enjoy the spectacular view. +41 (0)33 673 75 75,

Brienz: Familiencamping Aaregg Swiss Family Lodging

It’s hard to imagine a more dreamy setting than this family-friendly campground in Aaregg, where Lake Brienz spreads out majestic­ ally before you and the Bernese Alps rise high and mighty. There are spacious pitches for tents and caravans, or stay the night in a bungalow, chalet or cabin. Besides facilities including a restaurant, shop and playground, kids love the children’s cinema and water trampoline. +41 (0)33 951 18 43,


Families. Bern-Bernese Oberland.

Grindelwald: Apartments & Hotel Kirchbühl Õ Swiss Family Hotel

Families can choose between hotel rooms and small apartments at Kirchbühl. Both offer the utmost comfort and are naturally geared towards families. The family-friendly approach shines everywhere here – kids and parents are not just tolerated, they are welcomed with open arms and made to feel incredibly welcome. This is the ideal pick for relaxed family holidays. +41 (0)33 854 40 80,

Gstaad-Saanen: Hotel Alpine Lodge à Swiss Family Hotel

Could this be Alpine heaven? Housed in a beautiful wooden chalet, Hotel Alpine Lodge entices with its dazzling blue skies, peaks close enough to touch and an expansive park where a pool invites relaxation. And there’s more – tastefully appointed themed ­ rooms with up to six beds, a spa, a playroom, a climbing wall. If you’d like to book a table in our intimate, highly regarded restaurant, a babysitting service is available. +41 (0)33 748 41 51,

Guttannen: Hotel und Naturresort Handeck à Swiss Family Hotel

Handeck is beautifully situated between craggy peaks and enchanting gorges in the heart of the Grimselwelt region, with its steep Gelmer funicular and exciting hinterland. But there’s also plenty to amuse guests of all ages at the hotel – the large playground and pretty Alpine garden, children’s climbing garden, heated outdoor pool and babbling stream keep kids entertained for hours. +41 (0)33 982 36 11,


Hasliberg: Reka-Feriendorf Hasliberg Swiss Family Lodging

Perched on sunny slopes above Meiringen, the sunny village of Hasliberg is home to the Hasli dwarves, who love to meet and entertain the hotel guests – for instance on the two Dwarf Trails, where you can experience the beauty of nature and immerse yourself in a fantasy world. But coming back to reality is made more appealing by the comfortable apartments at the Reka Holiday Village. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Kandersteg: Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria Ô Swiss Family Hotel

If you like history, you’ll love Hotel Victoria, which has been ­wel­coming guests since 1789. Restaurant Ritter (“Knight”) is a nod to past times, but it’s also famous for the outstanding quality of its ­cuisine today. Families can have a whale of a time ­exploring the enchanting landscapes of the Kandertal, swimming a few laps in the ­indoor pool or having fun in the playground ­before heading to the ­table. +41 (0)33 675 80 00,

Lauterbrunnen: Camping Jungfrau Swiss Family Lodging

Ah, what a view! Camping Jungfrau sits right at the foot of the “Big Three” Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. It’s the perfect spot for exploring the charming Lauterbrunnental – the valley of 72 waterfalls. The dramatic Staubbach Falls are just steps from the campground. If you don’t have your own tent, caravan or campervan, you can rent a comfortable bungalow or room in the guesthouse. +41 (0)33 856 20 10,


Families. Bern-Bernese Oberland.

Lenk: Hotel Krone Ô Swiss Family Hotel

There are plenty of reasons for choosing Hotel Krone – the rustic wooden chalet has a brilliantly central location, spacious suites with up to 12 beds, an appealing children’s club and the bonus that mountain railways are included in room rates in summer. Book half board and every evening you can choose in which of the hotel’s five restaurants you would like to dine. +41 (0)33 736 33 44,

Lenk: Reka-Feriendorf Lenk Swiss Family Lodging

Kids can play to their hearts’ content at Reka Holiday Village Lenk, where kick scooters, a model road with cars and motorbikes, and an indoor pool get pulses racing. Another eco-friendly highlight – which will also appeal to tots – awaits in the village in the form of a 7,000 sq m Alpine playground. Here you’ll find a petting zoo, gym equipment made from natural materials, fire pits and a miniature steam train. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,


“The pace of life is slower in the moun-­ tain world of the Bernese Oberland. This gives us the time to ‘switch off’ and experience life in the spectacular natural surroundings – and brings us closer together as a family.” Schülein family, Germany, in the Hotel und Naturresort Handeck

Greetings from the Grimselwelt regi on 15

Graub端nden. With its rope parks, nature trails and dreamy mountain lakes, the canton of Graub端nden is a giant 7,106 sq km adventure playground for families. New experiences and unforgettable memories await around every corner.

Rhine Gorge, Flims, Graub端nden

Family highlights. Ò  Madrisa-Land Discover the magic of old myths or sleep in a a romantic tree hut. Ò  Lake Cauma Plunge into the glittering emerald depths of Lag la Cauma. Ò  Globi Trail This comical character leads you on a playful path through the landscapes around Lenzerheide. Ò  Explorer Trail Get up close and personal with nature as you slip into the role of intrepid explorer at Alp Flix. Ò  Heidi Village Immerse yourself in the world of Heidi – the famous little girl from the Alps.



1 Families can find out lots of fascinating facts about the stunning natural land­ scape at the 14 stops on the Globi Trail. 2 Budding re­ searchers are in their element on the Explorer Trail at Alp Flix. 3 Follow in the footsteps of Heidi or Peter at the Heidi Village in Maienfeld.



Arosa. Endless fun and adventure with the Arosa Card Arosa is more than the sum of its majestic mountains and romantic Alpine lakes like Obersee. Family fun and adventures abound here. In the Arosa JUNIOR Club, for instance, where kids learn how to bake cookies properly or what a day in the life of a policeman is like. Those who love walking can head out on the Legend or the Planet Trail, while speed freaks enjoy whizzing downhill on scooters. Webcode: 28393

Family tips Squirrel Trail Feed the squirrels and solve puzzles on this Arosa classic. Arosa Card Stay overnight and you’ll automatically receive this guest card. Among other benefits, it gives you free use of the pedalos, plus access to the lake lido and rope park. Drallo app Endless fun is guaranteed with this interactive paperchase through Arosa.

Arosa Tourism +41 (0)81 378 70 20

Davos Klosters. Action and adventure in the Graubünden mountains Family tips Davos Klosters Active This guest programme offers 700 different activities – from archery to stand-up paddle boarding on Lake Davos – and all are free! Madrisa-Land Dash downhill by scooter, stay the night in a tree hut or listen to more than 90 legends – boredom has no place in this fairy-tale land.

Destination Davos Klosters +41 (0)81 415 21 21 +41 (0)81 410 20 20


Families. Graubünden.

Not only famous writers and state dignitaries feel at home in Davos Klosters – the twin resort is also perfect for family holidays. Wannabe Tarzans are in their element swinging on the rope course at Färich Adventure Park, while older kids can test their mettle in the treetops. The huge range of walking and cycling trails is enough to tempt even the most reluctant out of their sun-loungers. Webcode: 37061

Flims. Magic moments in a summer wonderland Summer in Flims is full of surprises and magic moments. Ami Sabi’s Summer Wonderland zooms in on the secrets and mysteries of nature that abound around Lake Cauma. Daredevils can test their limits to the max biking, skating and jumping in the Freestyle Academy, while a fun mobile safari turns a walk into a puzzlesolving adventure with prizes to be won. Webcode: 180782

Family tips Flims round trip Starting in Staderas, the family bike tour leads along the shores of Lake Cauma and past the Il Spir lookout platform, which affords views deep into the Rhine Gorge below. Flims Family Pass This holiday pass gives fam­ ilies plenty of benefits, such as entry to the indoor pool, a day ticket on mountain railways and free minigolf.

Gästeinformation Flims Laax Falera +41 (0)81 920 92 00

Lenzerheide. Discover this biking paradise with Globi Family tips LenziBikes The speedy descent on giant scooters from Scharmoin middle station to Rothorn valley station is fun for everyone. Pradaschier High-Rope Course Kids aged ten and over can test their skill at dizzying heights. Heidsee Enjoy a sublime backdrop on the shores of this romantic lake.

Ferienregion Lenzerheide +41 (0)81 385 57 00

More than 300 km of marked bike trails fan out around Lenzerheide. Some get the adrenaline racing, while others are more gentle and geared towards families. If you don’t fancy getting on your bike, you can explore the surrounding landscape with a walk on the wonderfully diverse Globi Trail. Or check out the fantastic Globi children’s activities on offer. Webcode: 28392


Pontresina. Art Nouveau, ibex encounters and pure nature Magnificent glaciers and impressive Art Nouveau architecture create a unique backdrop for family holidays to remember in Pontresina. With 580 km of walking trails, 400 km of bike routes, an idyllic Alpine show dairy and the largest ibex colony in the Alps, there’s never a dull moment in this resort set against a spectacular high Alpine backdrop. Webcode: 28482

Family tips Summer guest card The free summer guest card gives you fantastic discounts and lots of great offers in and around Pontresina. Morteratsch Glacier Trail The children’s book “Sabi’s Greatest Dream” gives kids a fascinating and playful insight into the world of glaciers.

Pontresina Tourist Information +41 (0)81 838 83 00

Savognin. Unforgettable holidays in the nature park Family tips Ela Card Available for stays of one night and more, this handy guest card gives family lots of benefits, for instance free use of the Savognin mountain railways and free entry for kids to the Pinocchio-Club. Mountain forest goodie bag With this little bag of tricks, kids can discover different aspects of the mountain ­forest in the nature park Parc Ela in a playful way.

Savognin Tourismus im Surses +41 (0)81 659 16 16


Families. Graubünden.

Go exploring on the moors landscape of the Alp Flix or observe the animals in the company of the game warden – the Parc Ela turns nature into an exciting experience. The Pinocchio-Club offers a diverse programme for children, whilst there’s fun for the whole family swimming in the Lai Barnagn and on the Alp the “Geissenpeter”, goatherd in English, welcomes visitors to see his goats. Webcode: 28395

Zuoz. Sgraffito and mini golf History is ever present in the pretty heart of this Engadine village, where grand patrician houses with sgraffito facades huddle down narrow alleyways. From walking trails and bike tours to mini golf and inline skating – a wide range of activities make holidays here fun and outdoor action abounds. Webcode: 213656

Family tips Senda Celesta Adventure Trail On this walk you’ll discover a waterfall, a “ladder to heaven” and a forest glade with a barbecue area at Pradatsch. National park Just a couple of kilometres away, the national park entices with its captivating landscapes and animal encounters.

Zuoz Tourist Information +41 (0)81 854 15 10


“We enjoy the typical atmosphere of the Graubünden region: family-friendly, young but without any fuss. The family resort is a kid’s dream and the surrounding landscape is a hiker’s paradise.” Wild family, Germany, in the rocksresort

Greetings from the hiker’s paradise of Flims


Arosa: Ferienanlage Hof Arosa Swiss Family Lodging

Centrally located in the heart of the village, Hof Arosa has com­ fortable, well-equipped apartments that offer families plenty of space and privacy. Highlights at this family-run holiday resort include an indoor pool, sauna, games room and restaurant. The resort is an excellent base for day trips and cultural events, as everything is just a couple of steps away. +41 (0)81 377 15 76,

Arosa: Sunstar Alpine Hotel Arosa Õ Swiss Family Hotel

Sunstar Alpine Hotel offers boundless benefits for families – not only do guests aged 15 and under stay free, but they even get their own room if they are two or more. In the morning parents can enjoy a generous buffet breakfast with their kids, which gears everyone up for a day exploring the beautiful Alpine surrounds. The swimming pool and bowling alley offer evening entertainment. +41 (0)81 378 77 77,

Arosa: Tschuggen Grand Hotel Ä Swiss Family Hotel

If you want to treat your family to something special, book a suite at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. Here parents and children can stretch out in spacious quarters with floor-to-ceiling windows, waking up to enticing views of the Alpine landscape. The hotel kindergarten keeps kids amused with fun adventures, while parents can strike out into the surrounding mountains or relax in the famous Mario Botta-designed spa. +41 (0)81 378 99 99,


Families. Graubünden.

Arosa: Waldhotel National À Swiss Family Hotel

Waldhotel National sits on a gentle rise in a peaceful location, with historic architecture that recalls the pioneering age of Alpine tourism. Before it was transformed into a hotel, it was a sanatorium where literary greats like Thomas Mann came to be healed. Nowadays the Waldhotel is modern and comfortable and run by a young, attentive team. Families also feel right at home here with large rooms and a Junior Club. +41 (0)81 378 55 55,

Bergün: Reka-Feriendorf Bergün  Swiss Family Lodging

Train spotters are in their element at this appealing Reka Holiday Village in Bergün. Not only can guests enjoy unlimited free train journeys in the canton, but kids will also love the little holiday train that departs right on the resort’s doorstep and trundles through the grounds, past its attractive apartments, large playground and the village hall, which also offers childcare. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Breil/Brigels: Familienhotel Alpina Ô Swiss Family Hotel

With its spectacular backdrop high above the Rhine Gorge, family holidays in Brigels are never boring. After an action-packed day in the great outdoors, you can relax and unwind in the peace­ful surrounds of the recently renovated Alpina. While parents enjoy Reto Schmed’s enticing dishes in the restaurant, kids can have a whale of a time, with a well-equipped playroom, playground, giant trampoline and petting zoo. +41 (0)81 941 14 13,


Celerina/St. Moritz: Alte Brauerei  Swiss Family Hotel

If you’re looking for simple accommodation and a laid-back atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home at the Alte Brauerei in the heart of the Engadine Valley. The recently renovated rooms range from singles to a split-level family room and dorm beds. The hotel also features a sauna, steam room, bar and billiard room, while young guests can let off steam in the playroom and large playground. +41 (0)81 832 18 74,

Davos Platz: Sheraton Davos Hotel Waldhuus  À Swiss Family Hotel

The Waldhuus is immediately striking – the grand chalet sits right on the edge of the forest, with a golf course and cross-country trail on its doorstep. Many of its 93 spacious, comfortably appointed rooms and suites can accommodate families. With plenty to appeal to all ages – from activities at Globi Kids Club to the mini golf course and spa – there’s never a dull moment here. +41 (0)81 417 93 33,

Davos Wiesen: Apart- und Kinderhotel Muchetta Ô Swiss Family Hotel

The Hotel Muchetta has been welcoming little guests for many years. This Premium Swiss Family Hotel even offers childcare for babies. From the moment you arrive, kids are swept away with Muchetta’s enticing array of activities. Meanwhile parents can enjoy total peace and fabulous views of the Grison Alps from their balcony. +41 (0)81 410 41 00,


Families. Graubünden.

Davos Wolfgang: Casa Bruna Swiss Family Lodging

The five and a half room holiday apartment Casa Bruna sits ­directly on the shores of the enchanting Schwarzsee (Black Lake). From here, active families can head off in all directions on walking trails that lead through the surrounding landscape. If you prefer, you can just relax, kick back in a sun lounger on the water’s edge and enjoy the breathtaking panorama. The modern, comfortable, family-friendly apartment accom­-­ modates a maximum of six people. +41 (0)79 286 97 73,

Disentis: Reka-Feriendorf Disentis  Swiss Family Lodging

The enticing wooden chalets with their colourful shutters can be seen from afar. Skiers and snowboarders are in their element in winter, with ski pistes beginning right on the resort’s doorstep. But summer has family appeal too, with activities like panning for gold in the new adventure playground, based on an original gold mining town. And bad weather needn’t dampen spirits, with plenty of fun in the indoor pool. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Flims Waldhaus: Hotel Adula  À Swiss Family Lodging

According to the Sunday papers, Hotel Adula is one of Switzerland’s top 20 wellness hotels. So it should come as no surprise that kids can enjoy their own range of pampering wellness treatments here. And not only the spa makes families feel welcome – a pé­ tanque court, an indoor pool and a large playground also offer boundless fun. Scooters are available for a speedy downhill ride from Foppa to Flims. +41 (0)81 928 28 28,


Flims Waldhaus: Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa  Ö Swiss Family Hotel

The elegant Waldhaus Flims Mountain Resort & Spa is kid heaven, with a climbing wall in the games room, a trampoline, a high-rope course in the park and a children’s restaurant. Kids can let off steam round the clock in and around the hotel, while the Kids Club offers supervised childcare. Parents, meanwhile, can recharge their batteries with a couple of hours playing tennis or relaxing in the spacious spa with its spectacular natural swimming pool. +41 (0)81 928 48 48,

Klosters: Hotel Sport Ô Swiss Family Hotel

The name is deceptive as kids and parents can relax totally at Hotel Sport, with plenty of space to do nothing at all. Those looking for entertainment are spoilt for choice – kids will love the rabbits and goats at the petting zoo, while the whole family will enjoy the indoor pool, sports hall, mini golf course, bowling alley, pool/billiard table and numerous tennis courts. +41 (0)81 423 30 30,

Klosters: Silvretta Parkhotel Õ Swiss Family Hotel

Stay at the Silvretta Parkhotel and you’re just a joyous hop and skip from the valley cable car station. In the capable hands of the Erpenbeck family for three generations, this hotel is well geared up for families, with the Flipper Club keeping kids amused, and plenty of relaxing options for parents and grandparents – for instance the huge swimming pool complex. +41 (0)81 423 34 35,


Families. Graubünden.

Laax: rocksresort   Swiss Family Hotel

Rising up like a cluster of giant boulders above the forest, the rocksresort on the edge of the village in Laax is a Premium Swiss Family Hotel. The stylish, modern apartments come in a range of different sizes, and guests can also make the most of four-star hotel facilities. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the exciting family activities, which change according to the season. +41 (0)81 927 97 97,

Lenzerheide: Ferienzentrum Soleval Swiss Family Lodging

Book a Soleval holiday apartment and you’ll enjoy a restful holiday in the heart of a wildly diverse landscape, with plenty of sport activities – from biking for all levels to walking and swimming. After an active day, you can retreat to your own cosy apartment, where you can play games from the toy library. The aroma of freshly baked rolls greets you at the on-site breakfast kiosk every morning. +41 (0)81 385 17 00,

Lenzerheide: Hotel Schweizerhof À Swiss Family Hotel

There’s no better place to explore nature than when you’re right in the heart of it. And that’s why here at the Schweizerhof are offered summer science labs for budding scientists. With a hotel kindergarten, activity programme and biking weeks for teens – not to mention the wonderful hammam – there is never a dull moment at this Premium Swiss Family Hotel. Bonus: grandchildren stay free with their grandparents. +41 (0)81 385 25 25,


Lenzerheide: Privà Alpine Lodge   Swiss Family Hotel

This individually designed chalet resort offers families plenty of freedom, comfort and low-key luxury. Besides the forest and meadows right on the doorstep, the barbecue areas in the lodge, playground, mountain pool and numerous activities are highlights for families with kids and teens. And the free children’s club with professional supervision gives adults ample time to unwind and enjoy their time out. +41 (0)81 382 06 06,

Madulain: Reka-Feriensiedlung Madulain Swiss Family Lodging

The Reka Holiday House Engiadina in Madulain gives families the chance to totally unwind in the heart of the majestic Engadine Valley. The 17 different size apartments are comfortable, familyfriendly and offer remarkable value for money. Kids can keep themselves amused in the games room or playground, while parents can also mingle at the family barbecue areas. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Parpan: Ferienhaus von Capeller  Swiss Family Lodging

The Capeller Holiday Home has stood proud in the village centre of Parpan for more than a century. It was lovingly renovated two years ago and now offers space and luxury for up to ten people. A home cinema, large sun terrace with barbecue, sauna and pretty garden fringed with mature trees create a fabulous backdrop for relaxed family holidays. +41 (0)79 195 16 22,


Families. Graubünden.

Pontresina: Grand Hotel Kronenhof ÓÃ Swiss Family Hotel

This stately 19th-century hotel is worth the journey to Engadine alone. But a stay at the Kronenhof goes far beyond the grandeur of the architecture. The 2,000 sq m spa and the award-winning restaurant are a delight. And there’s plenty to entertain families and keep kids happy round the clock – from the Krönchen Club to the children’s restaurant and pool area. +41 (0)81 830 30 30,

Scuol: Hotel Belvédère À Swiss Family Hotel

Ah, what views! Every window at the Belvédère gazes out across the unspoilt landscapes of the Lower Engadine. The panorama is so enticing that even couch potatoes will be itching to get out and explore. After an active day in the mountains, you can relax in the pool area and in one of four restaurants. And this is paradise for kids who want to burn off excess energy. +41 (0)81 861 06 06,

St. Moritz: Hotel Chesa Spuondas   Swiss Family Hotel

Perched high on the slope between glamorous St. Moritz and laidback Champfèr, this imposing hotel is unmistakable with its sunny yellow facade. Families feel at ease in this setting – and not just because of the beautiful landscapes. With a games room, dedicated kids’ library and mealtimes and childcare, holidays here are blissfully relaxed, fun and memorable. +41 (0)81 833 65 88,


Valbella: Valbella Inn Resort À Swiss Family Hotel

Valbella Inn Resort is ideal for families, with modern family suites and a diverse activity programme for kids that gives parents the chance to enjoy a couple of hours alone while on holiday. You can relax in the knowledge that your kids are in safe hands – and they’ll never be bored in the lego paradise Kids Inn or with activities like tennis. In the evening, families can get together over a game of boules. +41 (0)81 385 08 08,

Zuoz: Hotel Castell À Swiss Family Hotel

Rising high above Zuoz, Hotel Castell is beautifully situated in the holiday region of Engadin St. Moritz and seamlessly blends old and new, urban and Alpine. The hotel cinema, playground and lovingly supervised kids’ club make it the ideal family escape. +41 (0)81 851 52 53,

National Park, Graubünden


Families. Graubünden.

Views so breathtaking even the kids are quiet. Beautiful family holidays begin with a direct ďƒ&#x;ight to the Alps. After a relaxing journey you’ll be ready to enjoy the same Swiss hospitality, punctuality, and reliability on the ground that you did in the air.

Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region. Families go from one giddy high to the next around Lake Lucerne, where Europe’s oldest wooden bridge, the world’s steepest cog railway at Mount Pilatus and the first cable car with a roof terrace at Stanserhorn beg exploration.

Chapel Bridge Lucerne, Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region

Family highlights. Ò  Brunni Find endless thrills at this sunny Engelberg attraction – from a toboggan to via ferrate and an adventure playgroud. Ò  Mooraculum Dive into the magical water world of this moor discovery park in Sörenberg. Ò  Hölloch caves Delve into an enchanting subterranean world in Muotathal on a guided tour. Ò  Steam boat cruise Marvel at the postcard-perfect scenery of Lake Lucerne in a historic paddle steamer. Ò  Pilatus Enjoy climbing at the rope park, toboggan rides and the view from Lucerne’s local peak.



1 Fun water games at the moor discovery park. 2 Climb at giddy heights on ten differ­ ent trails in the Pilatus rope park. 3 Five steamboats ply the picturesque fjords of Lake Lucerne, taking in breathtaking bays and vivid green moun­ tains.



Engelberg. With Globi in the Alps and Knorrli on the lake Globi welcomes guests to his new playground at Ristis top station, where kids can jump and swing to their hearts’ content. You’ll find him dashing down the toboggan run or busy organising treasure hunts. One mountain over, his friend Knorrli takes walkers of all ages on a stroll around Lake Trübsee, where plenty of splashy fun and guessing games keep the little ones amused. Webcode: 28362

Family tips Wild water world Kids can get splash happy with water pumps, wells and waterfalls at the brand-new water playground next to the Brunni cable car top station. Free summer programme Kayaking, baking, getting creative and balancing at the rope park – the activity programme offers endless adventure and outdoor fun.

Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG +41 (0)41 639 77 77

Engelberg, Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region


Families. Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region.

Engelberg: Hotel Edelweiss Ô Swiss Family Hotel

The owners of the Edelweiss – Susanne and Peter Kuhn – have been extending the warmest of welcomes to families for years. Behind the hotel’s pretty facade are attractive, well-kept rooms, a restaurant and three play rooms. Kids from tots to teens are kept amused with everything from Globi encounters to Xbox here. Themed evenings also add a dash of entertainment to family holidays. +41 (0)41 639 78 78,

Engelberg: Titlis Resort Swiss Family Lodging

The Engelberg mountains are an outdoor paradise for active types. Rowing, climbing, biking and hiking are among the activities that entice between the peaks of Titlis and Hahnen. Stay the night at the new Titlis Resort, built in 2014, and you can relax in the peace and comfort of the stylishly designed Alpine chic apartments and unwind in the huge spa. +41 (0)41 639 50 00,

Melchsee-Frutt: Hotel frutt Family Lodge À Swiss Family Hotel

Perched high on a sunny plateau, Melchsee-Frutt is car-free in winter and traffic is restricted in summer. This blissfully peaceful mountain resort is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the benefits of the lakefront lodge, with an enticing array of indoor activities from a bowling alley to a cinema, fitness room and children’s programme that includes dedicated massages and mealtimes for kids. These perfectly complement the spectacular scenery. +41 (0)41 669 79 79,


Morschach: Reka-Feriendorf Morschach Swiss Family Lodging

Stay at Reka Holiday Village Morschach and you can use the Swiss Holiday Park’s excellent facilities as often as you wish – from the slides and different pools and playgrounds to the wide range of sport activities. Get an insight into a day in the life of a farmer at Fronalp or perhaps saddle up on a horse. You can relax afterwards over the soothing view of glittering Lake Lucerne. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Morschach: Swiss Holiday Park Õ Swiss Family Hotel

Swiss Holiday Park is the biggest holiday resort in the country, catering to every taste and age. Happy holidays here revolve around the huge array of activities, with highlights including the “Red Mamba”, a heart-pumping new waterslide, a farm with horse riding, a go-cart track and the Roman nights in the huge spa area. +41 (0)41 825 50 50,

Rothenburg: Chärnsmatt – Gasthof & Spielparadies Ó Swiss Family Lodging

Kids are in their element at this hotel with two fantastic indoor and outdoor play areas. They’ll love the miniature railway that chugs through tunnels and over bridges on a 1 km track, and loveable mascot Mattli. Parents appreciate the fine cuisine, attractive rooms and warm atmosphere – not to mention the Chärnsmatt nanny who keeps the little ones amused at the weekends. +41 (0)41 280 34 34,


Families. Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region.

Sörenberg: Reka-Feriendorf Sörenberg Swiss Family Lodging

In the Reka Holiday Village in Sörenberg good weather is a bonus, but it’s not necessary for action-packed holidays. On wet weather days, budding architects and engineers can build castles to their hearts’ content in the large indoor sandpit, or test out the slides and splash areas in the brand-new indoor leisure pool. When the sun shines, kids have a whale of a time playing in the outdoor water fun park. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,


“The range of offers available around Lake Lucerne is a joy for both adults and children: superb viewing points, bathing landscapes, lots of nature to explore and adventures to be had.” Käslin family, Switzerland, in the Swiss Holiday Park

Warm greetings from Morschach!


Graubünden. There’s a range of exciting adventures and unforgettable nature experiences in store for you in the impressive mountain landscape of the Parc Ela. On the Alp Flix Explorer Trail you’ll discover the full biodiversity of the moorland landscape.

Alp Flix. Š Lorenz A. Fischer

Ticino. Albergo Losone’s vast grounds exude southern flair, with palm trees as far as the eye can see, thatched cottages, a striking pool bar and an impressive bathing complex.

Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein. Soul-stirring moments at the centuries-old Wildkirchli cave church next to the renowned Gasthaus Ă„scher. You can easily reach the starting point of the gentle family trail at Ebenalp by cable car.

Bernese Oberland. Kids can play to their hearts’ content in the playground of Hotel und Naturresort Handeck, with an old cable car to explore, an outdoor pool and the dramatic landscapes of the Grimselwelt region, with its sheer cliffs and deep gorges, right on the doorstep.

Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein. Cruise across Lake Constance or glide up to the Alps in a gondola – the dramatic landscape of Eastern Switzerland, with its sheer-sided mountains and open expanses, creates the perfect backdrop for family holidays.

Churfirsten range, Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Family highlights. Ò  Dreilinden Swim in the ponds of this open-air pool in St . Gallen. Ò  Dwarf Bartli Trail Discover the original setting for this Glarus fairy-tale in Braunwald. Ò  Discovery tour Go from the shores of Lake Constance to the heights of the Appenzell and experience the region’s famous sense of humour. Ò  Sound Trail Walk through Toggenburg’s picturesque landscapes and let the different melodies of 25 sound installations enchant you. Ò  Animal park Ride camels at Walter Zoo in Gossau.



1 Find out little Dwarf Bartli’s secrets and have a whale of a time at the water playground Brummbach. 2 The wonderful melodies rise high to the skies on the Sound Trail. 3 Swim in idyllic surrounds at the Dreilinden bathing ponds.



Braunwald. Car-free family paradise at sunny heights Action-packed family holidays are guaranteed at 1,256 m in Braunwald – whether you’re enjoying the scale and beauty of the land­ scapes, the playful world of Dwarf Bartli, animal encounters, horsedriven carriage rides or the large adventure playground. But best of all is that kids rule the roads here – the entire village is car-free. Webcode: 28431

Family tips Dwarf Bartli Ticket This ticket gives reduced travel to Braunwald and free use of all trains when you are there. Dwarf Bartli Trail The dwarf castle, gemstone cavern and new tower captivate on this forest trail. Tipi camp Act out cowboy and Indian fantasies at this fun tipi village.

Braunwald-Klausenpass Tourismus AG +41 (0)55 653 65 65

Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann, Toggenburg. Nature sounds nice Family tips Family activities From horse riding to wild animal spotting and pizza baking – there’s something to suit every mood and moment. Lama Trekking Kids won’t grumble about walking with a loveable lama in tow. Legend Trail On this walk you’ll meet the mysterious characters from the playful world of Toggenburg myths and legends.

The unspoilt Toggenburg landscapes are not only a delight to behold between Säntis and Churfirsten – they are also a treat for the ears. On the family-friendly Sound Trail, young and old are enchanted by the melodies of 25 sound installations – from the “flute fence” to the “melodic rocker”. Or be inspired to sing and shout from the top of the mountains. Webcode: 28279

Toggenburg Tourismus +41 (0)71 999 99 11


Families. Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein.

Braunwald: Märchenhotel Bellevue Õ Swiss Family Hotel

It’s all about fairy-tales at this enchanting setting in the heart of the Glarus Alps. Rising high and mighty on a hilliside, this grand hotel pulls out all the stops for the kids – with a giant slide, bouncy castle and fairy-tale time keeping them amused from dawn to dusk. And parents can also take time out to simply relax in the spa with its infinity pool. +41 (0)55 653 71 71,

Unterwasser: Hotel Säntis Ô Swiss Family Hotel

Stay at Hotel Säntis and not only will you enjoy an incredible view of the majestic peaks of Säntis and the Churfirsten – you’ll also enjoy a heartfelt Toggenburg-style welcome. Kids can amuse themselves at Froos-Säntisland or in the large playground. Or why not go for a walk as a family to the different stops on the Sound Trail? +41 (0)71 998 50 20,

Urnäsch: Reka-Feriendorf Urnäsch Swiss Family Lodging

The unspoilt village of Urnäsch nestles in the heart of beautiful Appenzell, far from the madding crowd. Animal encounters make days spent at the modern Reka Holiday Village even more special – kids will love the resident miniature goats, chickens, ponies and rabbits in the hutches and petting enclosure. And they can come face to face with farmyard animals with a visit to the neighouring farm. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,


Wildhaus: Reka-Feriendorf Wildhaus Swiss Family Lodging

Anyone who has ever dreamed of going on holiday to the circus will be in their element in Wildhaus. The circus takes centre stage from April to October at the Reka Holiday Village, with its striking dark wood chalets. Every day kids can master their juggling, balancing and magic skills in the big top, and on Thursdays they will have the chance to perform just like circus stars. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,


“As soon as we get off the mountain train in the car-free Glarus Holiday Resort we’re in a different world: the village is idyllic, and the Märchenhotel fulfils your every wish.” Bischofberger family, Switzerland, in the Märchenhotel Bellevue


Families. Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein.

Greetings from Braunwald

We’re something you can all enjoy. 450 times. Listen to your good taste if you like being selective. There are around 450 varieties of cheese in Switzerland. From extra hard to soft and right through to cream cheese – plus goat’s cheese and sheep’s cheese too. There’s something to keep all connoisseurs happy.

Cheeses from Switzerland. Switzerland. Naturally.

Ticino. Whisking you from glaciers to palm-fringed beaches and centuries-old churches to cutting-edge architecture – Ticino thrives on fascinating contrasts. Families will love the child-friendly Mediterranean-style hospitality.

Verzasca, Lavertezzo, Ticino

Family highlights. Ò  Locarno Falconry Marvel at the flying skills of owls and birds of prey. Ò  Swissminiatur Discover Switzerland’s highlights in miniature at this 14,000 sq m model in Melide. Ò  Lido di Locarno Swim, lounge on the shores of Lago Maggiore and admire the view. Ò  Monte Tamaro Climb, toboggan or make a beeline for Splash & Spa leisure pool. Ò  River swim Bathe between rock formations in the wildly romantic Maggia.



1 Water fun without limits at Lido di Locarno. 2 Even young kids enjoy climbing like pros at the rope park atop Monte Tamaro. 3 Get ready to duck! At Locarno’s falconry, spectacularly performing birds of prey seem close enough to touch.



Ascona-Locarno. Mediterranean vibe on Lago Maggiore Charming cities with Mediterranean flair, a spectacular lake and pristine, wildly diverse landscapes make this region a must-visit. Families are well catered for here, with summer kids activities providing fun for children. The Lido di Locarno has pools aplenty, while three different treasure hunts in the region keep kids busy for hours on days out. Webcode: 28264

Family tips Welcome Card Stay overnight and you’ll be entitled to a free guest card, which gives you up to 50 % discount off trains and many family attractions. Rope park Gordola Kids (and big kids) love to swing from tree to tree – it’s a thrill a minute! Museo Comico Dimitri In the ­museum devoted to the country’s most famous clown, you’ll learn how to make people laugh.

Ascona-Locarno Turismo +41 (0)848 091 091


“The Ticino region is our great love: plenty of sunshine, warm-hearted people, fun in the mountains and swimming. And it was here – on a camping site – that my husband and I fell in love.” Schären family, Switzerland, at Camping Campofelice


Families. Ticino.

Sunny greetings from the Ticino regi on

Albonago: Reka-Feriendorf Albonago Swiss Family Lodging

Reka Holiday Village Albonago is just a hop and skip from the heart of Lugano, but many kids prefer just to stay in the 33,000 sq m grounds with breathtaking views. They can spend the day by the lovely pool or in the common room with their new friends. The Rekalino activity programme and supervised childcare take care of kids aged 16 and under, while parents can enjoy the climb up to Monte Brè. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Brissago: Reka-Feriensiedlung Brissago Swiss Family Lodging

The lush Brissago Islands and their flower gardens are like a little tropical paradise in the heart of Ticino. And you’ll find the same southern flair at the Reka Holiday Resort on the shores of Lago Maggiore, with an uninterrupted view of the islands. The facilities for families are ideal, with a ping-pong table and barbecue area, a sandpit and a recreation room with a play area and library. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Locarno: Camping Delta Swiss Family Lodging

Camping Delta is the Rolls Royce among campgrounds. With its prime location on the shore of Lago Maggiore with its sandy beaches and two playgrounds, the recently renovated site offers unforgettable holidays in Switzerland’s sunniest corner. No wish is left unfulfilled for families, with a restaurant, supermarket, kids’ entertainment and a baby-sitting service. +41 (0)91 751 60 81,


Losone: Albergo Losone Swiss Family Hotel

Tucked away in Switzerland’s biggest palm garden, Albergo Losone exudes southern flair. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in the Mediterranean looking at its exotic plants, secluded pool, lush greenery and thatched houses. This first-class hotel with a laid-back vibe has two major draws for families: children’s golf tuition and supervised childcare open until 9.30 pm. +41 (0)91 785 70 00,

Minusio: Residenza Paradiso di vacanze Swiss Family Lodging

The name gives the game away – holidays really are paradise at this complex, just 200 m from the shores of Lago Maggiore. A glittering pool entices in the vast gardens lush with flowers and foliage. Guests can choose between comfortable studios and apartments or attractive holiday homes. Whichever you choose, the view of the lake and mountains thrusting up into the sky is equally breathtaking and ever-present. +41 (0)91 743 16 10,

Tenero: Camping Campofelice Swiss Family Lodging

One thing is for sure – boredom has no place in Campofelice. This large campground not only has plenty of space to pitch a tent, but also bungalows, original pavilions and apartments for rental. And there’s always something going on, with up to 12 daily activities – from yoga to canoeing, crafts to bouncy castles. The 400 m-long sandy beach invites relaxation. +41 (0)91 745 14 17,


Families. Ticino.

Tenero: Camping Tamaro Swiss Family Lodging

Zumba, sailing, pizza baking, exploring for budding researchers – Camping Tamaro’s activity programme knows no rival in Switzerland. The benefits of staying at this family-run campground on Lago Maggiore’s shores are many – besides an attractive sandy beach, it has a pretty playground, secluded pitches and a child-friendly restaurant ensuring that everyone is happy round-the-clock. +41 (0)91 745 21 61,

Varaino: La Campagnola  Ô Swiss Family Hotel

With its 49 rooms and apartments, playgrounds, a heated pool and a fantastic location right on Lago Maggiore’s shores, La Campagnola has family appeal. Kids can keep themselves amused in the Campi-Club or Indian tipis, and look forward to the next screening at the children’s cinema and mini disco time. Parents, meanwhile, can unwind in a sun lounger and enjoy live music acts in the evenings. +41 (0)91 785 25 00,


Valais. In the heart of the deeply traditional canton of Valais, eight destinations have been awarded the “Family Destination� label for their family-friendly approach. Adventure abounds in this beautiful corner of Switzerland.

Bisse de Tsittoret, Crans-Montana, Valais

Family highlights. Ò  Furi Adventure World Discover nature in a playful way high above Zermatt, and peer into the Gorner Gorge far below. Ò  Suonen in Nendaz Follow the course of traditional irrigation channels and search for hidden treasure. Ò  Hohsi-Land Kreuz­ boden Saas-Fee Stroke miniature goats in the adventure play­ ground, clamber up the climbing tower, or balance on the hanging bridge. Ò  Downhill scooter ride Whizz down to the village from Bettmeralp. Ò  Water playground “Zauberwasser” in Grächen Dive into this enchanted world of lakes and channels.



1 Nothing could be more refreshing than a walk along the historic irrigation channels of Bisse Vieux in Nendaz. 2 A breathtaking scooter ride from Bettmeralp to Betten. 3 The hanging bridge towers 90 m above the Gorner Gorge and its raging waters.



Blatten-Belalp: Reka-Feriendorf Blatten-Belalp Swiss Family Lodging

What a view! All around you the snow-capped peaks of Valais glitter in the sunshine. You’ll spend your holidays in this spectacular setting at Reka Holiday Village Blatten-Belalp. The energy playground teaches kids how they can use the power of nature in different ways – for instance how raindrops can can bring cartoon characters to life, gusts of wind can make Beethoven’s music play or how to solve a puzzle using your muscles. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Fiesch-Fieschertal: Casa Yolanda Swiss Family Lodging

Right in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jung­ frau-Aletsch, Casa Yolanda sits on a sunny plateau on the village fringes of Fieschertal. In the Aletsch Arena you’ll enjoy a tremendous view of the spectacular Aletsch Glacier and some of the 41 four-thousanders that tower high into the Valaisian sky. The house, with its comfortable apartments, is close to the Blätz ski lift and has an appealing barbecue area in summer. +41 (0)79 611 81 32,

Grächen: Matterhorn Valley Hotel Désiree à Swiss Family Hotel

Charmingly rustic Grächen sits on a sunny plateau and has been one of Switzerland’s best family destinations for years. You can feel this at friendly Hotel Désiree. The traditional house was reconstructed six years ago to give families even more space. Now families come for the warm atmosphere, large playroom, children’s club and great food. +41 (0)27 956 30 60,


Families. Valais.

Morgins: Résidence Tourmaline Swiss Family Lodging

The vast Les Portes du Soleil ski region at the end of the wild and romantic Val d’Illiez links Switzerland with France. In summer it’s a delight to explore the landscape on endless walking and mountain biking trails. Comfortable, generously sized rooms with plenty of space to relax await when you return to your private apartment at Résidence Tourmaline. +41 (0)78 728 57 18,

Rosswald: Chalet Monique Swiss Family Lodging

Rosswald is a charming little village, spread picturesquely across a sunny, 1,800 m-high plateau above Ried-Brig. Welcome to a place of unspoilt nature, car-free roads and crisp mountain air. Built in 2014, Chalet Monique has excellent facilities and eight beds – ample space for a large family. Family fun awaits nearby at the playground and bathing lake. +41 (0)27 923 38 79,

Saas-Almagell / Saas-Fee: Pirmin Zurbriggen À Swiss Family Hotel

The romantic home village of former ski legends is just a few kilometres from Saas-Fee and enchants with its peace and quiet. Here Hotel Pirmin Zurbriggen stands on the edge of a larch forest and right next to the cable car valley station. The hotel is not only kidfriendly, with its children’s club and games room – also teens up to 17 years have their own space where they can hang out together. +41 (0)27 957 23 01,


Saas-Fee: Panorama Kidshotel Alphubel Ô  Swiss Family Hotel

While parents are enjoying the incredible view of the Allalin Glacier from their balcony, or hiking along pristine mountain trails in and around Saas-Fee, kids are kept entertained with their own activity programme – from pizza baking (with an insight into ingredients used) to wild animal spotting and barbecues at the glacier lake. The much-loved comedy nights are fun for the whole family. +41 (0)27 958 63 63,

Zermatt: Ferienhaus legendär Zermatt Swiss Family Lodging

Right next to the Gornergrat railway stop, legendär holiday home is an ideal place to explore the breathtaking mountain scenery around Matterhorn. The 17 stylishly renovated apartments are wonderfully relaxing after an active day out. An indoor pool and a games room suitable for kids from tots and teens make this an excellent pick for family holidays to remember. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Zermatt: La Ginabelle À Swiss Family Hotel

Step into this chalet hotel and enter a world of relaxed elegance. Genuine hospitality and family-friendliness are naturally part of what makes this hotel tick. Besides relaxing in the huge spa complex, Pumuckel ensures that the little ones are never bored at the kids’ club – whether they are creating crafts, playing or enjoying exciting adventures in the great outdoors. +41 (0)27 966 50 00,


Families. Valais.

Zinal: Reka-Feriendorf Zinal Swiss Family Lodging

Reka Holiday Village Zinal’s freshly renovated apartments place you bang in the heart of the wild, romantic Val d’Anniviers. Majestic mountains rear up above you in every direction and nature flourishes profusely on their slopes. It also plays a leading role in the new “natural workshop” playground, where kids can get to grips with important issues in a playful way and become better acquainted with their holiday surrounds. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,


“We’ve been coming to the Valais for holidays for years and we feel at home here. We go skiing in the winter, in the summer we get to explore the flora and fauna close-up – in hiking boots.” Baltus family, Netherlands, in Grächen


Veel liefs uit Grach en! Kind greetings from Grachen



Lake Geneva Region. The charming vineyard trails of Lavaux, the beauty of the lake backdrop and the world-famous Olympic Museum in Lausanne – Lake Geneva has a lighthearted feel and French flair.

Vines, Lavaux, Lake Geneva Region

Rougemont: Reka-Feriensiedlung Rougemont Swiss Family Lodging

Kids have plenty of space to play freely around the pretty wooden chalets at the Reka Holiday Resort near Gstaad. They can run wild on the large, lush green lawn and keep themselves occupied for hours on end in the playground with its sandpit. Parents can join in or simply enjoy the wonderful view from their balcony and get ready for a relaxed evening barbecue. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,

Yverdon-les-Bains: Camping Yverdon Plage Swiss Family Lodging

Just a short stroll from the pretty Old Town of Yverdon, this recently renovated campground appeals with its brilliant location on the shore of Lake Neuchâtel. A wonderful sandy beach, secluded camping pitches and a first-rate activity programme – with lottery evenings, karaoke contests and the popular open-air cinema – make this a family delight. +41 (0)24 425 10 89,


Jura & Three-Lakes. Water, clocks and horses are the three things most readily associated with this charming region. Here you can stroll or cycle for miles, or take a gentle cruise and marvel at the stunning beauty of the landscapes and glittering lakes.

Morning mist over the Jura near Saint-Brais, Jura & Three-Lakes

Montfaucon: Reka-Feriendorf Montfaucon Swiss Family Lodging

The pretty chalets of the Reka Holiday Village are sprinkled across the slopes of a hill on the fringes of the traditional Jura village of Montfaucon. Besides comfortable quarters and breathtaking views, the wellness complex notches up the feel-good factor. But before you relax in the spa, it’s well worth exploring Jura’s rolling countryside – on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. +41 (0)31 329 66 99,


“Switzerland is our favourite holiday destination. The Holiday Village has got everything we’re looking for – without ­having to travel far: indoor swimming pool, wellness area, children’s programme.” Wüthrich family, Switzerland, in the Reka-Feriendorf Montfaucon

Greetings from the Jura!


Alternative accommodation. Reka Reka Holiday Resorts are completely geared towards families and offer first-rate facilities like large playgrounds, games rooms and baby equipment rental. Particularly popular with families are the holiday apartments in the 13 Reka Holiday Villages, with hosts on site, own indoor or outdoor pools with kids’ splash areas, and plenty of themed fun. From petting zoos to circus tricks, every Reka Holiday Village immerses you in a new world of discovery.

TCS Camping Whether on the shores of an idyllic lake or in a hidden mountain valley, the 27 TCS campgrounds are all beautifully situated. And if you don’t have your own tent or caravan, you can rent a tent, campervan, bungalow or quirky pod on site. All the family-friendly campgrounds offer playgrounds and free wi-fi.

Bed and Breakfast Switzerland All of the Swiss Bed & Breakfasts have something in common – you can expect a warm welcome and personal service from your passionate hosts. But that is where the similarity ends – from cosy rooms in the countryside to exclusive castle accommodation and stylish city apartments, the offer is just as diverse as your individual hosts.


Families. Alternative accommodation.

Swiss Youth Hostels. Style doesn’t have to cost the earth – Swiss Youth Hostels are often in highly atmospheric historic buildings or in spectacular locations. Youth Hostel Basel, Basel Region

Youth Hostel Richterswil, Zurich Region

Youth Hostel Leissigen, Bernese Oberland

Sleep simply and meet people Families enjoy unforgettable moments at one of 52 Swiss Youth Hostels in Switzerland – all of which have an easygoing, friendly vibe. All hostels offer accommodation for the budget conscious, promote sustainable tourism and – above all – create an atmosphere that allows for chance encounters. But the locations are as diverse as Switzerland

itself, with the offer reaching from wellness hostels to stately town villas and secluded castle hostels. Many of the hostels are also spectacularly situated – and if you don’t fancy bedding down in a dorm, you can book a double or quad with a private bathroom.

Schweizer Jugendherbergen +41 (0)44 360 14 14


Interhome. Interhome rents more than 3,600 holiday homes in Switzerland – from romantic chalets in the mountains to comfortable apartments with lake views.

Schwarzsee, Fribourg Region

Chalet in Nendaz, Valais

Rustico in the Blenio Valley, Ticino

Everything the heart desires Visit and you’ll be amazed about the huge range of attractive holiday accommodation – from authentic mountain chalets to traditional rustic houses in Ticino and comfortable apartments with lake views – families will find the space and freedom to create their dream holidays as they wish. There are no fixed mealtimes, which


Families. Alternative accommodation.

means if you fancy cooking spaghetti or sitting around in your pyjamas at the breakfast table, you can. Relaxed, happy family holidays are guaranteed!

Interhome AG +41 (0)43 810 91 91

Agritourism. Sleep in the straw, eat eggs freshly laid by your favourite hen, milk cows and horse-ride through the countryside – farmstays are holidays that bit closer to nature. Rüti Farmstay, Morschach, Lucerne-Lake Lucerne Region

Plunge into a natural world Choose a farmstay for your next holiday to tune into nature and click into the groove of country life. It’s the little discoveries that make the distance – that the milk comes from a cow named Irma, for instance, or that the eggs laid by Hedy the hen are particularly tasty. And after all that fresh air, a good night’s sleep is guaranteed in a bed of straw or dorm up in the Alps. Currently around 400 farms across the country open their doors to

tourists. And the range is as diverse as it is extensive – whether it’s to be a rustic room or apartment, a bed in a cornfield or a romantic room overlooking the vines. And your hosts take a pride in ensuring that products fresh from the barn or field also land directly on the table.

Agrotourismus Schweiz +41 (0)31 359 50 30


Moving moments. Switzerland has the most extensive train, bus and boat ­network in the world, which makes getting around by public transport child’s play – and it’s just as fun too.

Altnau, boat moorings, Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

Travel with added value Invest in a half-fare travel card and you’ll enjoy half-price travel by rail, bus or boat throughout Switzerland. With the one-day pass for the half-fare travel card, you’ll enjoy unlimited travel on the entire public transport network. And families get an even better deal: under-six-year-olds travel free, while children aged 6 to 16 pay half price, or free with their parents/grandparents with a Junior/Grandchild travel card.


Families. Moving moments.

The SBB leisure travel provider RailAway also has numerous attractive offers for families – the up to 20 % reduced Combi Ticket – for instance with a visit to Basel Zoo or the Swiss Museum of Transport – can be ordered online at or at ticket counters in all stations.

Swiss Travel System Swiss Travel System offers non-residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein a special range of tickets for travel with public transport. The Swiss Travel Pass is your all-in-one ticket to travel by rail, road and waterway throughout the whole of Switzerland. In addition, it entitles you to free entry in more than 490 museums and up to 50 % discount on most mountain railways. Every Swiss Travel Pass comes

with a free Swiss Family Card, which allows children aged under 16 to travel free when accompanied by a ­parent. Children aged under 16 who are travelling alone receive a 50 % discount on the entire range of Swiss Travel ­System tickets. For more details on the Swiss Travel System ticket range and sales points, visit


1 Travel cheaply and stress-free with the Swiss Travel Pass and the free Swiss Family Card. 2 Benefit from discounted leisure activities with RailAway – for instance the Swiss Museum of Transport.



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rey Poème F raction tt a te Chocola ve ot and li with rob e h g mac in packagin

We’re looking forward to your visit. Design your own chocolate bars at the Chocolat Frey Visitor Centre, open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Switzerland’s most popular chocolate.

Registration and information: Tel. 0041 (0) 62 836 24 25, Besucherzentrum Chocolat Frey AG, Bresteneggstrasse 4, CH-5033 Buchs (Aargau), Switzerland

* Families. (78225en)  

* Families. (78225en)

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