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Aug/Sept 2014

At St Michael’s we have long worked to offer a church and religion that is intelligent, healthy, enjoyable and dignified.

Spirituality and Science.

St Michael’s is an inspirational presence in this city. I would like to invite you to join me Sunday by Sunday to experience this aware, positive and supporting environment. We offer a good sense of connection and community to each other. We look to evoke meaningful and supportive religious symbols and themes that support health, joy and generosity. - Dr Francis Macnab.

Professor Lisa Miller. Nicholas Chamber Orchestra. Spirituality As We Age. The Lifestart Foundation. International AIDS Conference. Mind Over Matters. SAGE Open House Melbourne. Melbourne Writers Festival. St Michael’s Medallions.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Spirituality and Science Seminars. Professor Lisa Miller, from Columbia University, New York, an expert in the connection between spirituality and science, made quite an impact during her visit to Melbourne this August. Over 1,500 people attended the three presentations she gave at St Michael’s and hundreds more watched online via our YouTube channel. Invited by St Michael’s and the Cairnmillar Institute, Professor Miller delighted Melbournians during her public presentations at St Michael’s Church. First, during a Sunday service, secondly at a special SAGE seminar and thirdly at a large public lecture.

Professor Miller Tells a Story Through the Lens of Science. The following is a transcript from an interview with Professor Lisa Miller at St Michael’s on Sunday 10 August 2014. About 30 years ago, together with some collaborators at Columbia University (M. Weisman, B. Peterson, R. Bansal— et al.) a group of women were welcomed into a study, and these women were invited to join the study through depression clinics. These are people who’d had severe, really impairing depression in their lives. They were followed, and in turn their children were followed, and in turn their grandchildren were followed over three decades. And here is what we saw: We saw a very strong sense of turning to God for guidance in times of difficulty; a strong sense of asking questions and looking for an answer through the knowing of the heart. This spiritual sense was something that came out of depression for some of these women, and in turn for their children. Not for all, but for some. And when it did, it became a bedrock of understanding life’s stresses and disappointments, and it became such a powerful bedrock that those very same women were 90% less likely to have a recurrence of major depression over the next ten years. We then said, “Well that’s extraordinary. 90%; there is nothing in clinical science that does 90% for anyone under any conditions.

Dr Francis Macnab and Professor Lisa Miller

Dr Francis Macnab introduces Professor Lisa Miller 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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What could this be?” So we looked at yet another level of analysis; we looked using MRI at the structure of the brain... We had those women who’d arrived into a strong sense of personal relationship with a higher power come in and get an MRI scan, along with those women who were still continuing in the path of depression but had not yet done that piece of the work. What we found was in those women who had a strong personal sense of connection, the cortex of the brain in specific regions which would otherwise have shown cortical thinning actually showed cortical thickening. This we published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which is a very rigorous, stringent journal, and people went, “Wow!” And for a month everyone talked about it and then it was silent. You could have heard a pin drop, because no one knew what to do with this information. We are at a crossroads of developing a clinical science that holds a place for spirituality that is unlike anything we’ve seen in the medical literature, but we just need about a good 30, 40, 50 years to really build a model out of this burgeoning of findings. Right now, there is enough to say spirituality does something that nothing else does in the human road, and spirituality is so powerful it potentially reshapes our brain. Visit our YouTube site to watch the whole interview.

Can Spirituality Help Prevent Depression? Melbourne Speaks Out.

Natasha Mitchell and Professor Lisa Miller

The internet was abuzz with comments after Professor Lisa Miller was interviewed by Natasha Mitchell on the ABC Radio National program Life Matters. We thought we would share with you some of the comments made by listeners: “I enjoyed this segment immensely, both in my work life as a psychotherapist and my own interest in this area. I think of spirituality as a process of what animates our lives and can see the link with the development of resilience.” - Jen “I really enjoyed listening to this segment today. In my own experience some 30 years ago, spirituality was the key component for me in dealing with depression and while I struggled both mentally and physically for a long time it provided the stepping stones towards grounding and resilience.” - Maureen “Meditation definitely works for Anxiety, it worked beautifully for me. (Mindfulness). I think Depression would really benefit from the communal nature of religion. A sense of belonging is great.” - Barney

Professor Lisa Miller speaking at St Michael’s 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

If you have read or heard something at St Michael’s that you find interesting please comment on our Facebook page or our website (03) 9654 5120


380 People Attend Spirituality as we Age Seminar.

St Michael’s Supports the 20th International AIDS Conference.

Professor Lisa Miller explored spirituality and ageing in a special SAGE seminar entitled Spirituality as we Age.

Alastair Duncan RD MSc PGDipD, a delegate from the 20th International AIDS Conference, joined us as part of the Sunday service on July 20. Chair of the Food Chain UK and Principal Dietitian of the St Thomas’ Hospital in London, Mr Duncan spoke about his work with people living with HIV.

The seminar was held in St Michael’s Church as the hall could not accommodate the 380-plus audience who came to hear Professor Miller discuss how spirituality can awaken our awareness, provide opportunities and offer a map for a better way to live. She spoke about the way spirituality can help us consider existential issues such as the meaning of life and the way we might embrace ageing to cope more effectively. She explored how we might incorporate spirituality into the journey of life, leading us to become more productive, generate better moods, and reach out to others. The next SAGE seminar will be presented by Dr Francis Macnab and is entitled The Best Decathlon Of Your Older Years. It will take place on Friday 31 October at 11am in St Michael’s Hall. For more information about SAGE seminars visit our website

He stated that around 35 million people, worldwide, are living with HIV, and many of these people don’t know that they are HIV positive. Unfortunately a lot of children are also living with HIV as they are born with the virus which is passed onto them by their mother. “The good news” Mr Duncan stated “is that the HIV medicines, called anti-retrovirals which are now available prevents the transmission of the virus to the baby if the mother takes the medicines while she’s pregnant.” Twenty years ago being diagnosed with HIV was a death sentence, now; these anti-retroviral medicines give us hope. People are now able to live with HIV. The work Mr Duncan is doing with the Food Chain UK is to help people not just live but live well with HIV. The Food Chain UK provids food to those who are malnourished or cannot afford to buy healthy foods. Mr Duncan stated that there are a large number of people living in London who don’t have access to food. With this in mind he remarked on the cost of food in Melbourne which may hint at a need for a charity like the Food Chain here in Melbourne. If you would like to know more about The Food Chain UK visit their website

Professor Lisa Miller speaking at St Michael’s

Professor Lisa Miller speaking at St Michael’s 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Dr Francis Macnab speaking with Alastair Duncan, Mr Duncan is wearing a traditional Scottish Kilt (03) 9654 5120


Mind Over Matters Mindfulness Success. The Centre for Wellbeing was thrilled to have writer, orator and meditation practitioner Sian Ellett and the and founders of the Awakening Network Inc Ken and Elizabeth Mellor, present to over 100 people as part of the stress reduction seminar entitled Mind Over Matters. The audience was inspired by the speakers’ stories of how mindfulness can help when faced with stressful life situations and enjoyed the guided meditations given by the speakers.

Sian Ellett Writes About Her Experience Speaking at the Centre for Wellbeing Seminar. .

Dr Debra Campbell-Tunks announced that the Centre for Wellbeing would shortly be launching their first e-course on mindfulness to the delight to the audience.

Dr Debra Campbell-Tunks speaking at Mind Over Matters Seminar

“Speaking to a group of over 100 people at the Mind Over Matters seminar was an experience that filled me with joy, to reach out to so many, excitement, to share my story, and a thrill of fear, to stand before so many people I had not met before. While I have been meditating daily for the past two years, taking others through a meditation myself was a new experience. I was deeply honoured, looking up half way through the five minute meditation, to see so many faces turned towards me with their eyes closed, each member of the audience part of and contributing to a beautiful collective energy, moving towards their health and their centre.” “At the end of the evening, several audience members approached me to share their own stories and to thank me for sharing mine. To have changed even one person’s mind about the state of their health and about their ability to affect their own healing means a great deal to me. We each have a great deal to give ourselves and to give those around us and it was a blessing to be a part of that exchange at Mind Over Matters.” - Sian Ellett

Sian Ellett speaking at Mind Over Matters Seminar 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

To read more of Sian Ellett’s work visit her website

(03) 9654 5120


Over 3000 Visit St Michael’s During Open House Melbourne Weekend.

Melbourne Writers Festival At St Michael’s.

St Michael’s has participated in Open House Melbourne for the past four years. This year 3,421 visitors experienced the beauty of the St Michael’s Church and Mingary, The Quiet Place. These large numbers are a wonderful testament to the contribution our team made to the event. Visitors were overheard remarking on the beauty and grandeur of the church. Particular attention was given to the contemporary stained-glass bicentennial windows by artist Klaus Zimmer. A special thank you to our wonderful volunteers who opened the church and brought a welcoming atmosphere to all those who walked through the doors. St Michael’s played host to an evening of poetry as the Melbourne Writers Festival held their highly anticipated event, Passing Bells: The Poetry of World War One on Sunday 31 August. Overland editor Jeff Sparrow curated the evening which featured Simon Armitage, Maxine Beneba Clark, Alison Croggon, First Dog on the Moon, Sian Prior, Mark Seymour, Sigrid Thornton and Richard Stubbs. The Melbourne Writers Festival engages, challenges and entertains Melbournians hosting over 400 events with established local and international writers and publishers. Each year the festival program features an enormous range of literary activity - lively debates, discussions, readings, film screenings, interviews, performances, workshops, exhibitions, master classes and book launches.

Open House Melbourne at St Michael’s 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

St Michael’s was pleased to be part of such an inspiring festival and we look forward to hosting more events next year. (03) 9654 5120


Hiroshima Peace Day. On Sunday 3 August St Michael’s honoured those who lost their lives during the attack on Hiroshima City 69 years ago with a service dedicated to world peace. Special guest Consul-General Ms Keiko Haneda lit the peace candle at the commencement of the service while the Hiroshima Peace Bells were tolled. After the service there was an Ikebana display in the Waratah Room by the Ikebana Melbourne Chapter. Music was performed by Richard Chenhall on shakuhachi and Chiemi Shepherd on koto.

Nicholas Chamber Orchestra. We were pleased to have the immensely talented Elyane Laussade perform with The Nicholas Chamber Orchestra on Sunday 14 September. The concert brought the finest classical musicians from the Dandenong Ranges together to play under the baton of Eric Klay. The audience were treated to an afternoon of delightful chamber music.

Japanese Consul-General Ms Keiko Haneda lighting the peace candle

Chiemi Shepherd on koto 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

The Nicholas Chamber Orchestra performing in St Michael’s Church (03) 9654 5120


Music at St Michael’s.

The Big Tent Project.

St Michael’s Manager of Music, Rhys Boak, continues to program inspirational music as part of the unique experience of St Michael’s. Sunday services regularly include internationally acclaimed musicians from various fields performing to the delight of the congregation. The famous Thursday Lunchtime Recitals are performed each week at 1pm to the sound of the St Michael’s carillon as the grand organ comes to life for a free 30 minute recital. Performed by Rhys Boak and visiting artists, the recitals bring the joy and beauty of live music to many Melbournians and visitors. Visit to find out more about upcoming musical performances at St Michael’s.

The Big Tent is a strong metaphor for a new way of caring for thousands of troubled children of around four years of age in kindergartens across Melbourne, the state of Victoria, and then out to the rest of Australia. The Big Tent is spearheaded by the Kindergarten Field Officers Group (KFOG) and Dr Francis Macnab. KFOG is a professional development and support group which has been in operation for more than 20 years. Cairnmillar and KFOG are currently researching the impact on young children under six who have witnessed prolonged domestic violence, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse. We know that KFOG is valuable. We know that this program works. We now need the research evidence to demonstrate how it works. The Big Tent Project will allow us to gather the research to confirm the program’s worth and extend its reach. If we help build one child’s self-worth, we set that child on a new and better pathway into their future. If we can help one traumatised child in the kindergarten, we help their 30 or so classmates; we help the staff; we help the parents. If you would like to make a contribution to this important research project, please visit:

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Successful Ageing with Growth and Enhancement (SAGE). The SAGE seminars began more than 20 years ago, and are attended by around 90 people every month. Presented by Dr Francis Macnab they offer information about healthy ageing in a friendly intelligent forum.

Vale. It is with sadness that we announce the passing of four longtime members of the St Michael’s congregation; Trevor Fowler, Dorothy Haines, Doreen Belcher and Ros Nixon. We offer our condolences and support to their families and friends at this time.

SAGE is about growing old positively, focusing on opportunities and challenges rather than what we don’t have or have missed out on. The aim of SAGE is to encourage people over 55 to learn psychological insights to help them age more effectively and enjoyably. Many people fear the prospect of growing old. Sooner or later, it has to be faced that growing older is an important vital intelligence. Focusing on GOOD AGEING: Strategies to cope with the big stresses of the post-55 years. Reshaping the meaning of life when the old meaning starts to corrode. Dealing with the fears that flit through these years. Living well, with and without your fantasy relationship. Knowing the books to read, the music to listen to. Sessions include: A lecture on the topic for the day A facilitated group discussion Lunch and refreshments For more information visit

Award Winning Artist Wes Walters. One of Australia’s premier artists, Wes Walters, passed away on Tuesday 19 August. Reknown for winning the 1979 Archibald Prize and for his super-realistic style, an example of Wes Walters’ work is the painting of Dr Francis Macnab hanging in St Michael’s Church. Mr Walters’ daughter Lisa stated that “He was very passionate about what he believed in. He was a great dad and he was the most generous person I know. Whatever my brother and I wanted to do, he would be behind us and support us in every way.”

Portrait of Dr Macnab, Wes Walters 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

St Michael The Extr Lifest

On Sunday 14 September Dr Francis Ma Sunday service, highlighting the extraordin generously donating the offerings for the d and the Trivia Luncheon held on the 21 Sep St Michael’s is proud to be contributing to the and University Scholarship.

The Lifestart Foundation is a grassroo self-sufficient. Founded in 20 applies a holistic approach effect a generational chang

The Lifestart Foundation b has been actively assisting risk of not being able to c school fees, extra classes, b

In 2010, a Secondary Sch extremely disadvantaged completing an education.

The provision of scholarships sponsorship is sought by the Sponsorship for university att The aim is to break the cycle of

If you would like to find out mo

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

l’s Supports raordinary tart Program.

acnab interviewed Karen Leonard, founder and CEO of The Lifestart Foundation, as part of the nary work this organisation is doing. During the service Dr Macnab announced that St Michael’s was day to The Lifestart Foundation. When combined with funds raised by the Global Concerns group ptember the total donation given was over $8,000. good work being done by the organisation and is sponsoring a Seven Year Educational Scholarship

ots, not-for-profit charity that helps disadvantaged Vietnamese people and their families to become 000 by Australian Karen Leonard and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, the foundation h to helping those in need through proven working programs and initiatives which are designed to ge.

believes that every child should have the opportunity to complete an education and for over ten years g students in Hoi An and its surrounding regions. Scholarships are available to children who are at continue with their education because of financial difficulties. Scholarships include the provision of books, stationery, uniforms and transport where needed.

hool Educational Scholarship program was launched to give exceptionally bright but children with limited financial resources the chance to fulfill their dream of

s funds the completion of education for children from Year 6 to Year 12. Further e organisation at the completion of Year 12 for children to attend university. tendance can be provided in the form of either business or private support. f poverty through access to education.

ore about the Lifestart Foundation visit their website

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Hundreds Watch Sunday Address Online. There is a new trend happening at St Michael’s. More and more people are watching our Sunday addresses online. After the Sunday 14 September address Something we all need: One dose of pure joy given by Dr Macnab, over 780 people reached out online to watch the address on our Facebook Page. Not only did people watch the address online they also wrote comments. Such as; “Dear Dr Macnab - you inspire me as always. My moments of joy are like a string of perfect pearls.” Since St Michael’s started posting Sunday addresses and special guest speakers online, there have been over 54,000 views with an estimated 209,000 minutes of film watched. St Michael’s reaches over 40 countries via our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and website where people have found us and become part of our online congregation.

Pastoral Care at St Michael’s. In August, Dean of Contact and Care Lyndell O’Brien and Dr Debra Campbell-Tunks were pleased to welcome Reverend David Dawes to facilitate a supportive conversation with St Michael’s Pastoral Care Team on the vital aspects of offering a voluntary caring presence. Reverend Dawes has long been a Marriage Minister at St Michael’s and is also a Pastoral Care Manager and Trainer at the Peter Macallum Cancer Centre so we were most grateful for his valuable contributions of wisdom and support to our volunteers. A number of members of St Michael’s are no longer able to attend church services for various reasons and St Michael’s strives to continue to offer those people care and friendship through visits to homes and nursing homes, telephone contact, free distribution of CDs of church services and other resources they express interest in receiving. Our volunteers do a great job, many over quite a number of years, so it was a lovely opportunity to get together and acknowledge the voluntary caring presence such volunteers provide and to have a supportive conversation about the work they do and how to keep making it as enriching as possible for all.

Boorondara Mental Health Outreach. The Centre for Wellbeing Director Dr Campbell-Tunks recently partnered with Boroondara Mental Health Outreach in offering two workshops for women. The women came to The Centre for Wellbeing and enjoyed conversation over coffee, interspersed with activities around mindfulness, assertiveness, dealing with stigma and creating new and more positive narratives about their lives.

Some of the many addresses that can be viewed on our YouTube site 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

The workshops were very positive and it is an aim of The Centre for Wellbeing to continue to create expansive relationships with like-minded organisations into the future for sharing resources and connecting with wider communities of people.

(03) 9654 5120


Inspiring Speakers at St Michael’s.

Sunday Service at St Michael’s.

St Michael’s has become a hub for conversation and ideas in Melbourne. Each year reknown and respected thinkers from all around the world present lectures, seminars, workshops and addresses at St Michael’s.

Recently a member of the St Michael’s congregation stated ‘I have been coming to this church since 1984 and I wouldn’t call myself a Christian. I love the feelings of hope and the conversations that are started each week.”

Dr Lorraine Parkinson, Dr Malcolm Sinclair, Seda Douglas, Bishop Ian George, Professor Mark Cook, Sir Lloyd Geering and many more have spoken in St Michael’s Church and Hall.

You don’t have to be Christian to attend St Michael’s, it’s a unique church; unique for its relevant, contemporary preaching that embraces inner wellbeing as its core message.

In May this year hundreds of people took to the streets of Melbourne to protest the treatment of refugees in Australia. St Michael’s presented a Public Forum with Father Frank Brennan SJ, AO and panellists Dr Leslie Cannold and Dr Andreas Loewe entitled Is our Morality at Sea with the Refugees?

Sunday services are a mix of the traditional and modern. Inspirational music is integral to the services and most Sunday services include guest musicians, who perform between readings from the Bible, New Scientist Magazine, Time Magazine, Australian and International poets as well as current news articles.

Dr Ewald Einoder, a psychiatrist and current active academic consultant in Mind-Body medicine at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, spoke about How Stress can Cause Disease during the St Michael’s Day breakfast on Sunday 28 September.

St Michael’s offers a wide variety of experiences for growth and change. It is a place which affirms and encourages the best expression of who you are and who you can be.

St Michael’s is proud to present a four-lecture series to be given by one of Australia’s leading International Relations scholars and commentators, Professor Joseph A. Camilleri OAM. Entitled Rethinking the Future. The lectures will take place each Tuesday evening in October at 6pm. Tickets are $15 per lecture or $50 series pass and can be purchased online at

St Michael’s believes faith, spirituality and a meaning to life are vital ingredients for our health and wellbeing. There is a need to get hold of a more authentic religious understanding and to express it more confidently and diversely. Sunday services commence at 10am.

Dr Ewald Einoder, Professor Joseph A. Camilleri OAM and Professor Mark Cook

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Trivia Luncheon. The St Michael’s Human Rights Group held their Trivia Luncheon on Sunday 21 September, hosted by the Quiz King, Martin O’Connor.

Brueghel Art Presentation: Seminar.

The well attended event raised over $2,300 for the Lifestart Foundation educational fund for Nguyet, our scholarship holder from Hoi An, Vietnam. Nguyet has now graduated from secondary school and has been offered a place at Ho Chi Minh University. The ambience of the event was enhanced by romantic French café music performed by popular Melbourne musician, Phil Carroll in the guise of Philippe L’Accordioniste.

Dr Francis Macnab and Dr John Abbate presented an enthralling seminar on Tuesday 23 September as part of the St Michael’s Week celebrations. They explored the excitement that the 16th century artist Pieter Brueghel the Elder arouses in the 21st century. The seminar became a conversation as members of the audience raised questions and made personal observations as each painting was explored. “Some of the great works of art with themes known to us today. Horror, Insight, Great Fun, Stupidity. Seeing deeper meaning in Life’s Ordinary Events.”

Philippe L’Accordioniste 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Dr Francis Macnab and Dr John Abbate standing beside Pieter Brueghel the Elder’s The Blind Leading the Blind (1568) (03) 9654 5120


Sisterworks Market. As part of St Michael’s Week celebrations, Sisterworks set up stalls, selling their amazing bright and creative crafts in front of the St Michael’s Administration Building.

The Trumpet and the King of Instruments.

Sisterworks Inc was formed in 2013 to provide practical support to women refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to help them achieve economic independence. More information about some of Sisterworks members and the mission of Sisterworks can be found on their Facebook page:

Rhys Boak on organ and Bruno Siketa on trumpet

St Michael’s Blog Each week Dr John Abbate posts his carefully crafted notes on Dr Macnab’s Sunday addresses. We encourage you to visit the site, read, share articles with friends and comment with your views of the service and address.

In the world of classical music, one of the most special and enduring combinations of instruments is that of the trumpet and the pipe organ. This combination, dating back over a millenia, has produced a tradition of heroic and majestic music making. On Thursday 25 September trumpeter Bruno Siketa and organist Rhys Boak performed a special lunchtime concert in the glorious surrounds of St Michael’s Church. Over 180 people sat in the beautiful surrounds of St Michael’s Church to hear these two talented musicians perform some of the world’s most inspiring musical pieces, including; Romance from The Gadfly by Shostakovich, Toccata by Widor, Dead March from ‘Saul’ by Handel and Czárdás by Monti.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


2014 St Michael’s Medallionists. Each year, St Michael’s Uniting Church presents two people with The St Michael’s Medallions in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community. The award is designed to recognise their work in the prevention of violence, trauma and destructiveness, and promoting growth, health and wellbeing.

Mingary: The Quiet Place. One of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. Twelve years ago Mingary was constructed as a Quiet Place for reflection and restoration for people going through stressful times.

The 2014 recipients of The St Michael’s Medallions are Executive Officer and Founder of Sisterworks Luz Restrepo and CEO of Melbourne City Mission Reverend Ric Holland.

This was done with the awareness that many people working and travelling to the city were experiencing serious stresses, and could benefit from a place to be quiet and gather their resources.

Luz Restrepo

Mingary, The Quiet Place, provides a unique space to allow anxieties to settle and emotional strengths to be refocussed. It places no demand on people. It is open to people of any religion, or none. Dr Steven Koski at First Presbyterian Church in Bend Oregon was so impressed by The Quiet Place at St Michael’s that he will be creating a similar space in the near future. We will bring you more news about this exciting development soon. In 2014 there are growing numbers of people from Melbourne and our rural communities requiring our support in their times of illness and stress. St Michael’s intends to extend Mingary’s services to reach visitors from rural areas, and offering a supportive place to encourage coping strengths and resilience. More details to be announced soon.

Rev Ric Holland 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Tell us Your Story Centre For Wellbeing About the Quiet Place. Mindfulness E-Course. Have you been to The Quiet Place? Touched the stone, observed the silence, sat with your thoughts? We’d like to hear from you.

Our online self-study course Transforming Anxiety and Stress with Mindfulness is almost ready to launch.

We want to spread the word about people’s experiences of Mingary so we are asking you to share your stories of The Quiet Place.

This will be the first e-course from The Centre for Wellbeing at St Michael’s and we are thrilled to be offering this important information to a far greater audience than we are able to reach in person.

Tell us your story of how The Quiet Place helped you to relax, rehabilitate or rejuvenate during a stressful time in your life. Write a letter. Send an email. Draw a picture. Any way you’d like to share your story; we want to hear from you. You can submit your story anonymously if you wish. The stories will be used to tell others about the healing influence of the Quiet Place and help spread the word about one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Mindfulness is a way of life in which we are better able to cope with the challenges of life around us and with difficult thoughts and feelings in our inner world as they arise. Mindfulness is often learned through meditation exercises, however it becomes an approach to life in every moment that awakens our latent resources for self-care and compassion. Mindfulness has the power to forever transform our experiences of anxiety and stress for the better. Transforming Anxiety and Stress with Mindfulness will be available soon via The Centre for Wellbeing website. Subscribe to our mailing list on our website at to be among the first to know when the course becomes available online.

(03) 9654 5120


Lyndell O’Brien: A Life Long Passion For Caring.

Sunday Programs. Sunday 12 October 12pm, Easy French Conversation. 12pm, Open Faith (Searchers). Sunday 19 October 12pm, Poetry Group. 11.45pm, Conversations with Liz. Sunday 26 October 12pm, Philosophy for Beginners. Sunday 9 November 12pm, Easy French Conversation. Sunday 16 November 11.45am Power of Parables 11.45pm, Conversations with Liz. 12pm, Poetry Group. 1pm, New Horizons Walking Group. Sunday 23 November 12pm, Open Faith (Searchers).

Lyndell O’Brien came to St Michael’s in 1972. She had grown up in a suburban Presbyterian Church and had been involved as the co-leader of the youth group the PFA which worked with Dr Macnab’s church in Prahran.

Sunday 30 November 12pm, Philosophy for Beginners. 12pm, New Faith Discussion Group.

After returning from teaching in PNG for a year, Lyndell found that Dr Macnab’s city church, The Independent Church, as it was then called, had much to offer her. The progressive thinking, addresses and leadership provided by Dr Macnab, led to a vibrant church community with people of all ages and many different ideas. The sense of community and belonging at St Michael’s are very important to Lyndell. She finds serving communion along with her fellow councilors a great privilege and a meaningful part of her life. Lyndell is the Dean of the Contact and Care Deanery which aims to promote an atmosphere of welcome, a sense of belonging and the feeling of care for all who attend St Michael’s. The Deanery also includes Joy Arnot and Marion Robertson, Committee Chairs and their teams who all work towards achieving these aims. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Upcoming Events.

Rethinking The Future 6pm, Every Tues in Oct A four-part lecture series presented by Professor Joseph Camilleri OAM. $15per lecture or $50 series pass

Thursday Lunchtime Recitals 1pm, Every Thurs Every Thursday at 1pm, the St Michael’s carillon is sounded and the grand organ comes to life for a free 30 minute recital.

Desire Map Workshop 11am, Fri 10 Oct Flourish wellbeing workshop with Dr Debra Campbell-Tunks. Explore your ‘core desired feelings’ harnessing ‘wise emotion.’ $10

Getting Published 6pm, Thurs 16 Oct This seminar is ideal for all those budding authors out there! This is a free event but bookings are essential.

United Nations Day Service 10am, Sun 19 Oct Celebrate the work of the United Nations with music and symbols during this Sunday Service.

The Best Decathlon of Your Old Age 11am, Fri 31 Oct Focus on your great moments and the best achievements of this the greatest race that you will run. $20, incs tea/coffee & sandwiches.

Brain Building Basics 11am, Fri 14 Nov Part of the Flourish Wellbeing Workshop series this workshop explores the art of hardwiring positive experiences into your brain. $10

Rememberance Day Service 10am, Sun 9 Nov Join us as we commemorate this special day during the morning service with readings and music.

Final SAGE Seminar for 2014 11am, Fri 28 Nov A special final SAGE seminar with live music and festive foods. $20, incs tea/coffee & sandwiches.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

Mingary Counselling Service Confidential, low-cost counselling

If you are seeking relief from painful or stressful experiences, assistance with major life changes or help reducing anxiety, fear and uncertainty, call Mingary Counselling Service to make an appointment. Or visit The Quiet Place (pictured above): a peaceful, nondenominational sanctuary for people of all religions and cultures. Open 8am to 5pm weekdays and 8am to 1pm Sundays; enter from the Russell Street side of St Michael’s.

St Michael’s Centre, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne | (03) 9654 5120

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St Michael's Uniting Church's Newsletter 'Intersection' October 2014

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