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Spring 2016


Coming Up At St Michael’s All Creatures Great and Small 11.30am, Sun 27 Nov Join us for the opening celebrations of this exhibition featuring artworks depicting animals created by local Melbourne artists. Beautiful paintings and prints by Nadine Dudek, Clare Dunstan, Sarah Hardy and Claire Turner. The Laborastory 7pm, Wed 7 Dec A fantastic night out with Melbourne’s favourite storytelling Doctors. This ‘best of 2016’ show promises to be a special treat. Tickets: $18 or $15 concession. The Tudor Choristers 7pm, Fri 9 Dec This Christmas season, join The Tudor Choristers at St Michael’s Church for a joyful concert of Carol’s. Tickets: $30 or $25 concession.

Welcome to St Michael’s

St Michael’s is a unique church in the heart of the city. Unique for our relevant, contemporary preaching that embraces inner wellbeing as our core message. Sunday services include a mix of traditional and modern presentations. Inspirational music is part of each Sunday service and we are honoured to have distinguished visiting musicians perform. In short, you don’t have to be religious to attend a Sunday service at St Michael’s. One of our congregation recently stated that she had “been coming to this church since 1984, and I wouldn’t call myself a Christian. I love the feeling of hope and the conversations that are started each week”. St Michael’s offers a wide variety of experiences for growth and change. It is a place which affirms and encourages the best expression of who you are and who you can be, not only through the Sunday service but numerous wellbeing programs and our commitment to counselling and psychotherapy. We believe faith, spirituality and a meaning to life are vital ingredients for our health and wellbeing and that there is a need to get hold of a more authentic religious understanding and to express it more confidently and diversely. Sunday services commence at 10am.

A Blessing For You

Good Spirit of God, Spirit of Life Here we would be part of the good energy, the good hope, and the good direction of Life. Let this prayer bring together our gratitude for the many pathways that opened to us; for the many gifts that have come to us.

- Francis Macnab

This edition of Intersection Newsletter is printed on 100% recycled paper. We would like to thank Snap LaTrobe for their assistance in printing this newsletter at reduced costs. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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St Michael’s Day A Day Filled with Celebration and Compassion Compassion was the theme of our 2016 St Michael’s Day celebrations. One of greatest enhancers of inner wellbeing comes from the development of compassion. Hundreds of people assembled at St Michael’s to be part of this special day where we recognised the distinctive efforts of two people who bring compassion to the community. The old expression, The Golden Rule, embodies the principle of Compassion: Do to others what you would have them do to you. During St Michael’s Week, we asked everyone to consider two or three ways they can bring compassion to the world. In this edition of the St Michael’s Intersection, we are proud to document the vivid colour and inspiration of the day.

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St Michael’s Day Sounds of Music and Streams of Compassion As reported by Rhys Boak, Manager of Music

Celebrating 45 years of the Ministry of Dr Francis Macnab, and the feast of St Michael’s, a week of fine music was held at St Michael’s Church. This festival of five concerts featured some of the finest musicians this city has to offer. The first concert given by Joe Chindamo and Zoe Black was a repeat of a concert given in New York’s Carnegie Hall earlier in the year featuring the Goldberg Inventions by Chindamo and J.S. Bach. The eminent American flautist Peter Sheridan performed on a variety of instruments from the flute family on the Tuesday and on the Wednesday the St Michael’s Brass Ensemble led by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s principal trumpeter, Geoffrey Payne presented a concert of stunning music. On the Thursday, the grand sounds of the St Michael’s organ were heard in a recital celebrating the 150th birthday of the instrument. Performed by St Michael’s organist, Rhys Boak. Young Baritone Daniel Carison gave a masterly reading of Schubert lieder in the final concert on Friday, accompanied by Mr Geoffrey Urquhart, director of music at Wesley Uniting Church in Lonsdale Street.

The St Michael’s Brass Ensemble

Evgeny Chebykin on French Horn

Rhys Boak accompanying Peter Sheridan 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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St Michael’s Day St Michael’s Day Breakfast Dr Macnab opened the St Michael’s events by hosting the annual St Michael’s Day breakfast, where members of the congregation enjoyed a delicious meal and listened to special guest speaker, 1995 St Michael’s Medallion recipient Sister Margaret Noone. Sister Noone helped establish and was the Director of Very Special Kids, an organisation which provides assistance to families of children with life-threatening conditions. She spoke of the importance of compassion in supporting families during their difficult times. During the service over $4,500 was raised for the Very Special Kids Piggie Bank Appeal.

Flowers in Mingary Members of the St Michael’s congregation brought flowers from their garden and placed them around the sculpture in Mingary, The Quiet Place to mark the importance of this compassionate space. The rock sculpture was surrounded by delicate, colourful flowers from across Melbourne, bringing life and love to the space. Mingary, The Quiet Place has been a space available to the public for many years to take a moment to escape the busyness of this city. It was wonderful to see the space included in the St Michael’s Day celebrations.

Ann Wilson’s catering received excellent reviews, along with the creative and distinctive decorations in the colours of the St Michael’s Day theme, Compassion.

Sister Margaret Noone speaking during the breakfast

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St Michael’s Day The Blessing of the Rocks Many rocks have been placed in the gardens of St Michael’s as symbols. Millions of years old they remind us that we are here for but a fleeting moment in time. They also remind us of strength and stability. Those in attendance scattered petals over the rocks in the garden. The petals are symbols of softness, and our need for a quiet start to the day. The Blessing of the Rocks gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the time we have and how we wish to use it. More than that - the ceremony gives us an opportunity to congregate in the St Michael’s Garden and contemplate the simple joy of the natural world.

Peter Sheridan performed during the ceremony

Amber Hickin and Alana Pryor scattering petals 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Those gathered were invited to scatter petals

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St Michael’s Day Sow The Seeds of Compassion The church was filled with purple and white flowers to celebrate the day and hundreds of people attended the St Michael’s Day Service. Dr Macnab introduced the theme of the day, Compassion, with a gift to the members of the St Michael’s community: a card that when planted in the ground sprouts Forget-Me-Not flowers. He urged people to ‘sow the seeds of compassion’ by taking a card and sending it to a friend or loved one. The light blue colour of the Forget-Me-Not flowers connects strongly with remembrance and memory, inviting us to take the time to remember those you love, make memories that last and extend your caring to those that need it most.

Dr Macnab invited those present to take a card from the Coracle and “Sow the seed of compassion”

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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St Michael’s Day Music During the St Michael’s Day Service The St Michael’s Day service commenced with a choir of over 100 voices singing Handel’s Coronation anthem Zadok the Priest. The congregational singing of several hymns with brass, timpani choir and organ lifted the roof. A brand new arrangement commissioned from Joe Chindamo, of one of Dr Macnab’s favourite tunes, Lara’s Theme, was played by the orchestra directed by Evgeny Chebykin as a gift of recognition of the work and ministry of Dr Mancab. There was a great deal of other fine music to be had during the week. Hats off to the St Michael’s congregation for their excellent singing!

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St Michael’s Day The St Michael’s Medallions

Sophie Murphy, Dr Fracnis Macnab, Dr Lynette Kramer and Church Treasurer Mr Wal Reid. This year the St Michael’s Medallions were bestowed upon two deserving women for their compassionate work. Sophie Murphy is a mother of two, wife, teacher, researcher, education consultant and university lecturer at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Teaching for over 20 years, Sophie has a love for learning. Dedicated to using language to explore the best ways to learn, teach, inspire and support others. She has spent many years working in the area of special needs in both Primary and Secondary settings and the public and private sectors. She was presented with the St Michael’s Medallion to honour her compassionate actions in a time of anxiety on an aeroplane full of people. Her actions are an inspiration to everyone and a great example of everyday compassion. Dr Lynette Kramer is a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has been Director of Mingary Counselling Service since its inception in 2000. Lynette established the Mingary Counselling Service in 2000 and in 2010 The Cairnmillar Institute honoured Lynette by admitting her as a Fellow of The Cairnmillar Institute. Alongside these roles, Lynette was the Vice President of the International Adoptive Parents Association for ten years, contributing her time and energy to the education and support of adoptive parents, liaising with the government adoption agencies and participating in advocacy programs. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

St Michael’s Day A Message from Medallionist Dr Lynette Kramer Thank you to the St Michael’s Church Council for awarding me the St Michael’s Medallion in 2016. I had never thought myself to be in the running, but I am very proud to have been recognised for my years of clinical work, my adoption support and advocacy roles, and my work at Mingary. Some of you would be aware that I am an adoptive parent. My husband, Len, and I went through the intercountry adoption process twice and adopted two children from Romanian orphanages. It took nine years to adopt our son, Daniel, and our daughter, Rebekah. I wanted to help others, so I joined the International Adoptive Parents Association, whose president was Wendy Stamps-Marshall, recipient of the St Michael’s medallion in 2009. I became Vice-President and Len was on the committee. From our home, we ran information nights about the Romanian adoption process for prospective applicants. Wendy, Len, and the others on our committee advocated for changes in adoption practices. The work was as fulfilling as it was exhausting. Unfortunately, it eventually came to an end when Romania closed its doors to intercountry adoption in 2001. Since first registering as a psychologist in 1990, I have spent 22 years in part-time private practice in Bentleigh. I commenced work at St Michael’s in February 2000. After running successful workshops and seminars, I asked Dr Macnab if it would be okay to start a low-cost counselling service to anyone interested. The counsellors would be postgraduate students from The Cairnmillar Institute who needed to complete placements to become fully registered psychologists. With Dr Macnab’s approval and support, it thrived. People started coming from near and far. City workers, members of St Michael’s, mentally ill people, and “normal” people with “normal” problems. Today we have an Assistant Director, Michelle Doolan, who has been with us for six years, and a Clinical Supervisor, Serena Thorpe, who joined us this year. Both do an excellent job and make an enormous contribution to the professionalism of the Service. Over 100 interns have trained at Mingary. Meanwhile, Mingary, The Quiet Place has become a fixture in the city of Melbourne. I was in Oregon a year ago visiting Steven Koski’s community when a couple came to me and said that they had been visiting Melbourne at the time of the 9/11 attacks and they came upon The Quiet Place. They could not find adequate words to describe the solace they found there at such a difficult time. If my work at St Michael’s has attracted attention and has been deemed deserving of an award, it is really because Dr Macnab and the St Michael’s Council have set me a task that was deserving of attention. They have allowed me to fulfil the St Michael’s dream of providing assistance to the greater community. It is a privilege to be in this role and I will continue to do my best to make you all proud of Mingary. Thank you. Lynette

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St Michael’s Day Past and Present Medallionists

The St Michael’s Medallions are designed to be an encouraging voice in the community, affirming individuals whose outstanding work might remain unrecognised. Each year many past medallions attend St Michael’s Day and we were delighted to have five of our past recipients attend the 2016 service. The St Michael’s Medallion has been a highlight of the St Michael’s calendar for twenty four years: established in 1993, forty seven worthy people have received the medallions.

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St Michael’s Day Ida Summers Award

Continuing the Conversation After the service, the congregation met with Dr Macnab in the colonnade before joining in the festivities in the hall and gallery. Beautiful flowers adorned the foyer and colonnade as people were greeted with the delightful site of wine and cheese, catered by Ann Wilson. A great time for St Michael’s people to meet with one another and continue the conversation started during the service.

The 2016, the Ida Summers Award was presented to Val Gill for her compassionate work with Autistic children. The Ida Summers Award is presented annually to a person who has shown a deep commitment to the causes of children with important needs. For thirty-four years Val worked in leadership positions for the Western Autistic School, a multi-campus school in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. In 2005, she established the Autism Teaching Institute, a highly regarded provider of autism-specific training and consultancy for educators. This award was established in 2012, by St Michael’s Uniting Church. It is presented each year in honour of Ida Summers for her commitment to the care and wellbeing of young children at risk. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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St Michael’s Day The Winner of The St Michael’s Week Art Competition Artists from around Australia were invited to enter the competition with artworks that reflected the theme of this year’s St Michael’s Week, Compassion. In order to find the winner, three judges were assembled: Julijana Chochovski, Head of Programs Research and Development at The Carinmillar Institute, Dr John Abbate, fine artists and writer and Dr Lynette Kramer, Director of the Mingary Counselling Service. These three judges, from different backgrounds, which all connect to the ethos of St Michael’s, came together to award the artwork they believed linked strongest to the theme of Compassion. Choosing the winner of the 2016 St Michael’s Week Art Competition was not an easy task. All of the works in the exhibition were exceptional. The dedication and passion of each artist can be seen in the construction of each artwork. Dr Macnab awarded Peter Douglas the 2015 St Michael’s Art Prize for his artwork entitled Toy Boat. Peter’s painting connects with the empathy and support compassion for others can provide. It focuses on everyday compassion that we often overlook. His confident and considered use of the paint captures a fleeting moment in time, where compassion enhances the life of both father and son. We were also delighted to announce the runner-up of the competition was Queensland artist Wendy Hickin for her beautiful painting The Hand.

Toy Boat by Peter Douglas 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Peter Douglas receiving his award from Dr Macnab


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St Michael’s Day Professor Joseph Camilleri

S.A.G.E. in 2017

We were delighted to have Professor Joseph Camilleri present a fascinating series of lectures at St Michael’s during September. Professor Camilleri explored one of the most critical yet poorly understood ailments of our time: The psychology and culture of violence, and its remedies. Over 150 people attended the lectures which shone a light on both the global and Australian contexts of violence; ranging from family violence to gang warfare, from the narcotics trade to rising military budgets, from civil unrest to conflicts in the Middle East and Asia, from escalating nuclear dangers to the plunder of our natural environment.

Julijana Chochovski speaking at a recent S.A.G.E. Seminar

Business as usual. And better!

Dr Macnab and Julijana Chochovski continued to be a major contributors to the S.A.G.E. program in 2016. In 2017 Julijana Chochovski will take a strong leadership role in the program. Julijana has been working with Dr Macnab for four years and in 2017 will be a key person in the S.A.G.E. programs, The Cairnmillar Institute and several Aged Care Homes throughout Victoria to create an engaging program of events. For more information about 2016 and 2017 seminars visit The final S.A.G.E. Seminar for 2016 will be held at 11am on Friday 25 November and will be entitled:

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Mingary Gardens Colourful Spring Foliage and New Signage

The warmer weather has brought out the colour and vibrancy of the Mingary, The Quiet Place and St Michael’s Gardens. Along with the new stones and plaques, the Mingary Gardens have never looked better. We encourage you to take time to visit the Mingary Garden and The Quiet Place, to observe its tranquillity, stillness and beauty at this time of year. The Quiet Place is open from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm, and on Sundays between 8am to 1pm.

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Clair Bremner Exhibition Opening On Sunday, 16 October, we celebrated the opening of the exhibition Internal Worlds by artist Clair Bremner. The exhibition showcases paintings inspired by nature and the cycle of time. Overlapping foliage shows depth and details that are not noticed fully until you approach the works closely. This is a reflection of an inner struggle; the constant tug of war between being an introvert and wanting to be left alone – while simultaneously wanting to reach out and connect with people and maintain meaningful relationships. Clair lives and works in the picturesque Warburton, in the Yarra Valley. She has been developing her style of expressive abstract paintings for over ten years. Inspired by the natural tangle of vegetation found in and around the Australian sub-alpine bush, Clair’s work has both a timeless and modern feel to it. For more information about Clair and her work visit her website Exhibition Dates: 16 October – 20 November

Artist Clair Bremner

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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East and North East Regions’ Morning Tea

Ron Fitch Received Legion of Honour.

Legion of Honour awarded to Veterans of World War II

On Sunday, 30 October, the annual morning tea for people who live the East and North East Region gathered in the Waratah Room. It was a warm and convivial occasion where people were able to meet and catch up with others. These gatherings each year are a very important part of St Michael’s Pastoral Care Program. Anita Sawatsky, Regional Leader for North East Region, welcomed those who attended and reminded everyone of the important reason for getting together in this way.

On Thursday, 29 September, in the presence of The Honourable Robin Scott, Minister for Multiculturalism and Finance representing the Premier, The Honourable Daniel Andrews, the French Ambassador in Australia, His Excellency Mr Christophe Lecourtier presented five World War Two veterans with Legion of Honour medals in a moving ceremony at the Shrine of Remembrance of Melbourne. The Order of the Legion of Honour, created by Napoleon more than 200 years ago, is the highest distinction of the French Orders.

She then spoke about Wendy Salisbury who had been the Regional Leader for East Region for several years and who had very recently passed away. Anita spoke about Wendy and her caring concern for people and then read a poem which had been read at Wendy’s Memorial Service.

The five Australian veterans were: • Mr Herbert Biggs • Mr Ronald Fitch • Mr Alfred Green • Mr John Ireland • Mr Charles Jenkinson

It was called The Dash and was written by Linda Ellis. The poem is very poignant and speaks about the importance of the way we live our dash between the year of our birth and the year of our death.

His Excellency Mr Christophe Lecourtier addressed each veteran, recounted their individual stories, and thanked them for their courage on D-Day.

Anita and Joy Arnot, Deputy Dean of Contact and Care, welcomed our Minister, Dr Francis Macnab, with whom everyone then had the opportunity to speak before he relinquishes his position at the end of the year. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

In His words, these Veterans are “living symbols of our common values the spirit of resistance, the spirit of Liberty and the spirit of mateship.”

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What People are Saying About St Michael’s

“St Michael’s is a place of newness, a place of transformation, a place of emotional redirect, a place to hear God’s calling to new ministry context!” - Anonymous “A place to feel God’s love, His presence, His many forms of Blessings!” - Inia Mavai. “An important presence in the City of Melbourne. And now connected to the World, Extraordinary.” - Bruce D. Watson

Once a month the people of St Michael’s and Melbourne are treated to an inspiring session of guided awareness with meditation practitioner Sian Ellett. The sessions take place in the St Michael’s Wellbeing Studio where people are all walks of life are invited to discover the energy of our bodies and the world around us in a one-hour session. Sian is a writer, orator and meditation practitioner specialising in health, wellbeing, meditation and personal development.

“What a memorable St Michaels day. Great celebration.” - Helen Hardham “Transformational. So profound in how our emotions impact our health and physiology. Thanks to Dr Macnab for his inspiring addresses.” - Anna Palmer “Excellent work for making our world better.” - Steve Pantazis

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Wellbeing Studio Guided Meditation

During each session, there is a welcome and introduction to the concept of guided meditation: a guided body awareness meditation, utilising movement, visualisation and breath and discussion of experiences and time to ask questions. To learn more about Sian and her practice visit her website The next meditation session will be held in the Wellbeing Studio at 12pm on Sunday 20 November.

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Book Sale

CDs and DVDs Do you have a favourite service you would like to have a record of? Perhaps you or a loved one would like to catch up on a service you have missed.

Dr Francis Macnab’s books are on sale for $5. Purchase these at the Information Table on Sunday, by visiting the office or our website: Get in before they all go!

Donate Flowers

Recordings of Dr Macnab’s addresses can be ordered in the hall after service or by contacting the office. Recordings of individual services are available for purchase or alternatively you can purchase a whole month of services. Payment is required with the order: $10 per DVD ($7 Pensioners) for one address. $25 per DVD for the addresses of one month. $8.50 per CD ($5.50 Pensioners) for two consecutive addresses.

HOPE Each week there is a beautiful display of flowers in the church donated by people like you. If you would like to donate the flowers for a Sunday service in celebration or remembrance of a special person or moment please contact the office on 9654 5120.

St Michael’s Library

Open each Sunday after service, there is a wide selection of books about psychology, theology and spirituality. Drop in and browse or borrow and enjoy the best views at St Michael’s. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

On Saturday, 8 October, twenty members of the St Michael’s community strolled through beautiful Toolangi State Forest. They enjoyed the streams, beech trees, ferns, and the majestic Mountain Ash, the tallest flowering trees in the world. The Toolangi State Forest region extends from Mount Monda up to Murrindindi and includes the township of Toolangi. The forest is mainly a Eucalypt forest that has regrown from the 1939 Victoria Bushfires. Large sections of the forest were also burnt in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires, although there are some pockets of old growth forest that have not been logged or seriously burnt. The forest is known as a habitat for the threatened Leadbeater’s possum. Unfortunately, some of this ecosystem is under pressure from logging. If you would like to help reduce the need for logging take care to purchase recycled and ‘ethical paper.'

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Vale Alexander Stitt


Eminent artist and recipient of the 1994 St Michael’s Medallion Alexander Stitt passed away on Sunday, 2 October.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of long-time members and friends of the St Michael’s congregation:

Blessed with prodigious drawing talent and a taste for popular culture, Mr Stitt worked as an Illustrator, creating comic books and animated cartoons.

• • • • •

Mr Stitt created some of the first animated commercials and for over 20 years produced graphic products for the Christian Television Association. Stitt responded to the objection of the use of advertisements to spread the Christian message by portraying an angel and the devil in an argument. The devil was saying: “You can’t put God on television; religion is a private matter.” The angel was explaining why advertising for God was good.

Cartoonist Michael Leunig said of Stitt’s work: “It had this good, cheerful, innocent quality, almost something that we can never expect to see again.” We here at St Michael’s honour Mr Stitt’s distinguished life and offer our condolences to his wife Paddy. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

John Morey Julia Louisa de Waart Dr Henry Hammond Valerie Millest Wendy Salisbury

We offer our condolences and support to their families and friends at this time.

Vale Brian Heath Family and friends of the Reverend Brian Heath celebrated his life at a Service held at the Swan View Uniting Church, Western Australia, on Tuesday, 28 June. In 1965 Rev Heath was Associate Minister to the Rev Lyall Dixon and a valued member of the St Michael’s community. After his time at St Michael’s he moved to Perth where he trained people with intellectual disabilities and preached to congregations in the Midland Parish. We here at St Michael’s offer our condolences to his family and friends.

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Gumnut Crèche

Our Pillar of St Michael’s Patrons

Gumnut Crèche is located on the first floor of the St Michael’s administration building. It’s open for children aged 0-6 years of age whose parents or caregivers are attending the church service. The crèche is free of charge and is open between 9.30am-11.30am every Sunday. Gumnut Crèche delivers a safe and nurturing environment for children and the highly qualified staff are committed to providing the safest care possible.

We would like to acknowledge our pillar of St Michael’s patrons

Carrying the Staff is a great way of participating in the Sunday Service.

Gladys Baker Barbara Bedford Leslie Bradley Judy Bruce Geoffrey Clarke Marilyn Cobain Marlene Drysdale Paul and Sandra Fowler Margaret Garrett Joan Isabel Garrett John Grutzner Jan Hart Laurence Frederick L’Estrange Donald Marshall Heather Martin Judy and Ian McNally Marie McVeigh Lorraine Nelson Sylvia Rhodes Smeeth Family Patsy Stubbs Kay and Klaus Wiegel

Those wishing to volunteer to carry the staff are encouraged to put their name down at the Enquiries Table in the Hall any Sunday.

If you would like to become a Pillar of St Michael’s call the office on 9654 5120 or download an application form from our website:

Please bring necessary items such as water bottles, healthy nut-free snacks, formula, nappies, wipes and spare clothing. All children must be signed in and out from the crèche.

Carry the Processional Staff

The Processional Staff has become The People’s Staff and is carried each Sunday by a person who is wishing to remember an occasion or person in their lives.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Guest Ministers We are delighted to announce that in the new year the following guest Ministers will oversee these Sunday Services at St Michael’s.

Sunday, 1 and 8 January Rev Ron Rosinsky

Sunday, 15 January Rev Paul Stephens

Born and raised in the United States, Ron earned a Masters Degree in Theology in Chicago. He was Dr Macnab’s Assistant Minister at St Michael’s from 1992-1994.

Rev Paul Stephens is currently the Presbytery Minister for Mission and Education within the Presbytery of Yarra Yarra which includes working with Congregations as they seek to renew a sense of purpose in a time of enormous change for the churches in Australian society.

Ron has been a Uniting Church Minister for over twenty years. He has practised as a Barrister, particularly in the Victorian Children’s Court. Ron has been Minister of Ascot Vale Uniting Church for twelve years. He has also served as a Chaplain in the Australian Army Reserve since 2011. His areas of expertise include the historical Jesus, marriage and relationship counselling, particularly with sufferers of post-traumatic stress, and marriage equality. He and his wife Isabella have three children.

Paul, along with Rev (Deacon) Gavin Blakemore, is a Presbytery Representative on the St Michael’s Joint Nominating Committee.

Sunday, 29 January Rev Peter Burnham

Sunday, 22 January Rev Ric Holland Peter Burnham (right) and other chaplains of Wesley College Rev Burnham completed his theological training at Queensland University in the early 1970’s.

Previously the Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne City Mission and St Michael’s Medallion recipient, Rev Ric Holland an ordained Uniting Church Minister and prolific career balancing management within the not-for-profit sector and other executive roles within the media industry. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

He has been the chaplain to Ballarat High School, Director of Christian Education for Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania; writer and editor with the Joint Board of Christian Education; Chaplain to Toorak College; Chaplain to St Leonard’s College, Brighton, Parish minister at St Leonard’s Uniting Church, Brighton; and Chaplain to Wesley College, St Kilda Road Campus. He is married to Catherine who is a psychologist.

(03) 9654 5120


Coming up at St Michael’s

All Creatures Great and Small Exhibition 11.30am, Sun 27 Nov Beautiful paintings and prints by Nadine Dudek, Clare Dunstan, Sarah Hardy and Claire Turner.

Philosophy For Beginners 11.45am, Sun 27 Nov A lively, interactive discussion group presented by Dr Peter Kingsbury. FREE EVENT

Searchers Freedom Stories 11.45am, Sun 27 Nov A screening of the awarded film “Freedom Stories” FREE EVENT

Zest - Pets Bring Out Your Best 11.45am, Sun 4 Dec Enjoy some lightness and laughter as you watch Flash the Labradoodle perform his portfolio of tricks. FREE EVENT

Laborastory 7.30pm, Wed 7 Dec An evening dedicated to the heroes of science. Scientist literally take the stage in this unique event. Tickets: $15/$18

Tudor Choristers 7pm, Fri 9 Dec This Christmas season, join The Tudor Choristers at St Michael’s for a joyful concert of Carol’s. Tickets: $25/$30

The end of an era

On Sunday, 18 December, St Michael’s will acknowledge the end of an era: Dr Francis Macnab’s Ministry at St Michael’s Church. St Michael’s members past and present are invited to attend. During the service a short film highlighting Dr Macnab’s work at St Michael’s will be shown. Refreshments will be served in the colonnade after the service. This is an opportunity for all to reflect on how Dr Macnab’s work has shaped and guided St Michael’s into the unique community it is today.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

Mingary Counselling Service Confidential, low-cost counselling If you are seeking relief from painful or stressful experiences, assistance with major life changes or help reducing anxiety, fear and uncertainty, call Mingary Counselling services to make an appointment today. Or visit The Quiet Place (pictured above): a peaceful, nondenominational sanctuary for people of all religions and cultures. Open 9am to 5pm weekdays and 8am to 1pm Sundays; enter from the Russell Street side of St Michael’s.

St Michael’s Place, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne | (03) 9654 5120

Spring 2016 Intersection  
Spring 2016 Intersection