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Winter 2016


Coming Up At St Michael’s

Welcome to St Michael’s

Professor Camilleri Lecture Series 6pm, Each Tues in Sept Professor Camilleri will address one of the most critical yet poorly understood ailments of our time: The psychology and culture of violence, and its remedies.

St Michael’s Week Art Competition Opening Sun 18 Sept Artists from around Australia are invited to enter a competition with artworks that respond to the theme of this year’s St Michael’s Week, Compassion. Music Series “Sounds of Compassion” 1pm, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Sept A spectaular series of free musical events performed each day in St Michael’s Week. Including guest artists Joe Chindamo, Zoe Black, Peter Sheridan, Daniel Carson, Geoffrey Urquhart and Peter Sych.

St Michael’s is a unique church in the heart of the city. Unique for our relevant, contemporary preaching that embraces inner wellbeing as our core message. Sunday services include a mix of traditional and modern presentations. Inspirational music is part of each Sunday service and we are honoured to have distinguished visiting musicians perform. In short, you don’t have to be religious to attend a Sunday service at St Michael’s. One of our congregation recently stated that she had “been coming to this church since 1984, and I wouldn’t call myself a Christian. I love the feeling of hope and the conversations that are started each week”. St Michael’s offers a wide variety of experiences for growth and change. It is a place which affirms and encourages the best expression of who you are and who you can be, not only through the Sunday service but numerous wellbeing programs and our commitment to counselling and psychotherapy. We believe faith, spirituality and a meaning to life are vital ingredients for our health and wellbeing and that there is a need to get hold of a more authentic religious understanding and to express it more confidently and diversely. Sunday services commence at 10am.

A Blessing For You

Good Spirit of God, Spirit of Life Here we would be part of the good energy, the good hope, and the good direction of Life. Let this prayer bring thogether our gratitude for the many pathways that opened to us; for the many gifts that have come to us.

- Francis Macnab

This edition of Intersection Newsletter is printed on 100% recycled paper. We would like to thank Snap LaTrobe for their assistance in printing this newsletter at reduced costs. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Music at St Michael’s Music is a vital part of the life at St Michael’s, just as it unifies and brings joy to people across cultures. Each week world-class artists perform as part of the Sunday Service. St Michael’s is a truly stunning place to enjoy high quality musical performances. The music is carefully chosen to bring some soothing and softening to our lives. It carries the themes of hope and healing. We are inspired by the contribution our guest musicians, soloist and choirs bring to our church services. They are top performers in Australia and many have achieved international significance. Every Thursday at 1pm, the grand organ comes to life for a free 30 minute recital. Performed by organist and Manager of Music, Rhys Boak, and visiting artists, the recital brings the joy and beauty of live music to all who attend. Throughout the year a number of concerts are held in the Church to raise funds for important causes, such as The Big Tent Project and mental health programs at St Michael’s. Visit our website for more information about upcoming music events:

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


A Cockroach’s View After 45 Years Under The Pulpit Pillow Dr Francis Macnab’s remarkable lecture remembering 45 years as the Executive Minister of St Michael’s On Thursday 26 May, Dr Macnab discussed how the church was changed and moulded into the 21st century and how the church, and its congregation, have been reinvented for the next era. The Chair of Church Council, Richard Siegersma, introduced Dr Macnab who explained that he was inspired to title his lecture A Cockroach’s View because cockroach’s inspire him; for their toughness, their durability and their ability to constantly spring surprises. This is not unlike his experience at the helm of St Michael’s, Melbourne most progressive city church. Dr Macnab described the Church as ‘the phoenix from the ashes’. At a time when many churches were closing their doors, St Michael’s reinterpreted what it means to be a church in the 21st century. For those who attended, the lecture was as entertaining as it was informative. The audience congratulated Dr Macnab with a standing ovation at the end of the night.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Many St Michael’s office staff attended the event

2016 marks Dr Macnab’s 45th year at St Michael’s

Dr Macnab presenting the lecture

Dr Macnab received a standing ovation at the close of the event

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Professor Kathryn von Treuer

In conversation with Dr Francis Macnab & Bishop Ian George Special guest Bishop Ian George former Archbishop of Adelaide, joined Dr Francis Macnab on Sunday 19 June, for a conversation exploring Dr Macnab’s 45 years at St Michael’s. The audience were treated to a rare glimpse into the life and history of a unique city church through the eyes of these two inspirational leaders. The event took the place of Dr Macnab’s usual Sunday Address and is now available to watch in full on our website:

On Sunday 29 May, Dr Macnab introduced the newly appointed Executive Director of The Cairnmillar Institute, Professor Kathryn von Treuer, to the St Michael’s community. Appointed by Council after an international search, she has extensive experience in senior management in the health and university sectors. Professor von Treuer is a registered psychologist, an endorsed health and organisational psychologist who has worked in education, rehabilitation, and the not-for-profit sector. She currently sits on the Psychology Board of Australia. Her commitment to the healthcare professions, psychology services, and education, lead to an invitation to be an Honorary Associate Professor with the School of Medicine at Deakin University.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Blue Series Casey Freeman Exhibition Opening On Sunday 22 May, we celebrated the opening of “The Blue Series” by Melbourne artist Casey Freeman. Her series of original ink paintings were created especially for this exhibition and explore the colour blue as it appears in nature. Depicting moody cloudscapes, ocean currents, and mountainous silhouettes, the series featured ambiguous forms that evoke simplicity and purity. For more information about the St Michael’s Gallery visit our website:

I Found Happiness Exhibition Opening Self-taught Melbourne artist Christine Minter won the inaugural St Michael’s Week Art Prize in 2015 and celebrated the opening of her solo exhibition at the St Michael’s Gallery on Sunday 26 June. Her beautiful paintings included mixed media acrylic on canvas and her use of colour evoked feelings of happiness and calm. For more information about this exhibition and the St Michael’s Gallery visit our website:

Casey Freeman posing in front of her beautiful artwork

Members of the congregation admiring the artwork 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Christine Minter and her son

(03) 9654 5120


Mingary Story

Visiting Mingary and Remembering to Care Mingary, The Quiet Place has seen an increase in visitors this year. In these turbulent times Mingary has been helping people find moments of calm and gentleness. In times of trauma and the aftermath of life’s adverse events, it is more important than ever to remember to care.

We were delighted to receive a letter from Catherine Le Maistre sharing some thoughts on Mingary, The Quiet Place. We’d like to thank Catherine for her kind words, and share them with you. Dear St Michael’s People, My first ‘experience’ of being in this beautiful sanctuary, was on the day following the hideous events of 9/11. At that time, I resided in The Channel Islands, but was visiting Melbourne to see my daughter. Fear surrounded me, as I walked the Melbourne streets, feeling crowded by so many tall buildings which heightened my anxiety, of where tragedy would strike next. I then came upon ‘Mingary’ and spent some long time within its walls, gathering my thoughts and feeling a calming of my spirit.

The theme for 2016 at St Michael’s is Caring, and the Mingary Coracle of Caring is the physical embodiment of the distribution of good news and hope. We invite everyone to become part of the Coracle of Caring by spreading the word about the unique space in the CBD, Mingary, The Quiet Place.

Dr Macnab introducing the Coracle of Caring

A much more recent Mingary ‘experience’ has been mine during these last challenging months. Being more or less housebound, without the energy within me to travel to the city, I felt very isolated and alone. This all being due, to the restrictions of a relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M. E.). However, while studying the writings of Ainslie Meares, I felt enabled to visualise being within the walls of Mingary and felt encouraged and strengthened with the knowledge that all would eventually be well. With gratitude, Catherine Le Maistre 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

The Coracle of Caring (03) 9654 5120


Red Nose Day Service On Friday 24 June, SIDS and Kids Melbourne held their Remembering Day in the St Michael’s Church. The first Red Nose Day, in 1988, was so successful, with around one million red noses sold and about $1.3 million raised, that organisers decided to make Red Nose Day an annual event. Red Nose Day is held on the last Friday in June and is the major fundraiser for SIDS and Kids. SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of children and babies during pregnancy, birth infancy and childhood. Sadly each year over 4,300 babies and children die suddenly and unexpectedly from sudden infant death syndrome, stillbirth, fatal sleeping accidents and accidental death. Over 50% of these deaths still have no known cause. SIDS and Kids works to change all this through the provision of education, bereavement support services and funding vital research into stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome and safe sleeping practices. SIDS and Kids relies almost totally on the support of the community. To support Red Nose Day visit

Doves were released after the service 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Hiroshima Peace Day On Sunday 7 August, St Michael’s paused to remember Hiroshima Peace Day. The Consul-General of Japan, Ms Keiko Haneda, attended the service snd spoke to the congregation. We remembered the 140,000 irreplaceable human lives that were lost, either on the day of the bombing or in the ensuing months, and prayed for the realisation of world peace. After the service we celebrated the opening of a special exhibition by Japanese artist Junko Azukawa. Junko grew up in Toyama, Japan. She started learning traditional Japanese calligraphy at the age of five and has experienced the vast possibilities of calligraphy and Japanese ink painting. The exhbition will run until Sunday 11 September.

The beautiful decorations and The Consul-General of Japan, Ms Keiko Haneda

Artist Junko Azukawa standing by her work

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Visiting Ministers in August Rev Peter Burnham

Rev Ric Holland

Peter Burnham attended Ballarat High School, then Ballarat Teachers’ College before teaching at Sebastopol Technical School for four years. He trained for the ministry at Queensland University’s United Faculty, initially working in a parish ministry in Brisbane, before returning to Ballarat High School as the Chaplain.

Ric Holland is an ordained Uniting Church Minister and was Chief Executive Officer of Melbourne City Mission for nearly six years. Appointed in early 2010, Ric has had a dual career balancing management within the not-for-profit sector and other executive roles within the media industry.

A period of many years working in Christian Education and for the Joint Board of Christian Education followed, then a chaplaincy at Toorak College for 16 years and an appointment at St Leonard’s College in Brighton. In 2008, after more than six years in a Brighton parish, Peter returned to schools to become Chaplain at Wesley’s St Kilda Road campus, where he appreciates the strong community ethos.

Before his appointment at Melbourne City Mission, Ric held CEO positions including Lort Smith Animal Hospital and Parkinson’s Australia. In the United Kingdom he was CEO of a Council of Social Service as well as founding Social Action Broadcasting. Working with the BBC and other television and radio networks he has been responsible for thousands of broadcasting hours promoting community issues and encouraging nationwide involvement in addressing solutions.

Dr Francis Macnab In September

With his 60 years experiance as an psychotherapist and 55 years as the founder and head of The Cairnmillar Intitute, Dr Francis Macnab will give two Sunday Addresses on the issue central to his professional career:

Healing the Mind Part One - Sunday 4 September, 10am Part Two - Sunday 11 September, 10am 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

St Michael’s Week 2016 18 - 25 September

ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ST MICHAEL’S CALENDAR This year we are celebrating Compassion during St Michael’s Week. One of greatest enhancers of inner wellbeing comes from the development of compassion. The etymology of Compassion is Latin, meaning co-suffering. More involved than empathy, compassion commonly gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering. Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts and pains of another. The old expression The Golden Rule embodies the principle of Compassion: Do to others what you would have them do to you. During St Michael’s Week we ask everyone to consider two or three ways they can bring compassion to the world. The St Michael’s Day breakfast will be launching the festivities on 25 September. Don’t miss out! Tickets will be on sale from Sunday 28 August in the Hall after Sunday Service. Tickets: $25 (2% surcharge when calling the office).

The Blessing of the Rocks 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

St Michael’s Medallions

Dr Francis Macnab

(03) 9654 5120

From Sounds of Music to

Streams of Compassion Experience the rich acoustics and breathtaking ambience of St Michael’s at this series of musical events. As part of our St Michael’s Week celebrations our Music Manager Rhys Boak has curated an inspirational series of free concerts to be held in the St Michael’s Church.



Joe Chindamo and Zoe Black

Zoe Black (violin) and Joe Chindamo (piano) are routinely described as edgy and a welcome new and unique voice to Australian Chamber music: their music is inclusive because it is informed by the rigour of classical music and the excitement and urbanity of jazz.



Peter Sheridan and Rhys Boak

Peter Sheridan is a truly amazing musician. A supreme virtuoso on the modern concert flute and a specialist in the world of low flutes. He is accompanied by the St Michael’s Manager of Music, Rhys Boak on the St Michael’s pipe organ.



Music of the Future

Polish born musician and inventor, Peter Sych has travelled Europe with his stringless, cornputerised ISA Harp enthralling audiences in the process. Don’t miss this chance to experience this incredible musical instrument.



150th Birthday of the St Michael’s Organ

For a century and a half, the St Michael’s 1866 Hill & Son pipe organ has been the centrepiece of the music program at St Michael’s. Having been heard in thousands of recitals, weddings and services, this instrument is not only significant to St Michael’s, but also to the City of Melbourne. St Michael’s organist, Rhys Boak, knows this instrument like nobody else, and will present a stunning program of organ masterworks and transcriptions.



Daniel Carison and Geoffrey Urquhart Daniel Carison a bass-baritone from Melbourne is the recipient of the 2015 Opera Society Vocal Scholarship and the Beleura-Tallis Opera Scholarship, through the Dame Nellie Melba Opera Trust. He will present a program of song accompanied by Geoffrey Urquhart. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Calling All Artists!

2016 ST MICHAEL’S WEEK ART COMPETITION Artists from around Australia are invited to enter this competition with artworks that respond to the theme of this year’s St Michael’s Week, Compassion. The winner will receive $1000 and a 2017 solo exhibition in the St Michael’s Gallery. Download an application form from our website or collect a form from the Church. IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER Application due: 5pm, Monday 5 September All artwork to be delivered to St Michael’s Office by 5pm, Monday 12 September Opening Celebration: Sunday 18 September after the Sunday Service EXHIBITION GUIDELINES One artwork per artist will be exhibited Size limit of 40cm x 40cm ENTRY FEE $25 per entry (restricted to one entry per artist)

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


Professor Joseph Camilleri September Lectures

THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT AND THE PROMISE OF SPRING We are delighted that Professor Camilleri will be presenting a fascinating series of lectures at St Michael’s during September. In these four lectures, Professor Camilleri will address one of the most critical yet poorly understood ailments of our time: The psychology and culture of violence, and its remedies. The lectures will consider both the global and Australian contexts. The violence to be explored will range from family violence to gang warfare, from the narcotics trade to rising military budgets, from civil unrest to conflicts in the Middle East and Asia, from escalating nuclear dangers to the plunder of our natural environment. The lectures will also examine the many efforts, often far removed from the public gaze, that are aiming for a more peaceful and harmonious world. New trends and creative initiatives are under way – locally, nationally and internationally – which hold the promise of more cohesive and caring societies committed to human flourishing. The lectures will help to make sense of a world in profound transition where forces, old and new, are contending to shape the human future. DATE AND TIMES: 6pm, Tuesday 6 September - The Age of Extremes: From the ‘Great War’ to the killing fields of Syria 6pm, Tuesday 13 September - Ghosts of Violence: Australia at home and abroad 6pm, Tuesday 20 September - Repairing the Breach: Personally, politically, corporately and with the Earth 6pm, Tuesday 27 September - An Emerging New Spirit: Prophetic voices, proactive movements, promising initiatives TICKETS: $15 per lecture or $50 season pass (all four lectures) BOOKINGS: or call 9654 5120 Please note that there is limited seating available and we recommend you book tickets early. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120


CDs and DVDs

Carry the Processional Staff

Do you have a favourite service you would like to have a record of? Perhaps you or a loved one would like to catch up on a service you have missed. Recordings of Dr Macnab’s addresses can be ordered in the hall after service or by contacting the office. Recordings of individual services are available for purchase or alternatively you can purchase a whole month of services. Payment is required with the order: $10 per DVD ($7 Pensioners) for one address. $25 per DVD for the addresses of one month. $8.50 per CD ($5.50 Pensioners) for two consecutive addresses.

The Processional Staff has become The People’s Staff and is carried each Sunday by a person who is wishing to remember an occasion or person in their lives. Carrying the Staff is a great way of participating in the Sunday Service. Those wishing to volunteer to carry the staff are encouraged to put their name down at the Enquiries Table in the Hall any Sunday.

Book Sale

Gumnut Crèche

Dr Francis Macnab’s books are on sale for $5. Gumnut Crèche is located on the first floor of the St Michael’s administration building. It’s open for children aged 0-6 years of age whose parents or caregivers are attending the church service. The crèche is free of charge and is open between 9.30am-11.30am every Sunday.

Purchase these at the Information Table on Sunday, by visiting the office or our website: Get in before they all go!

St Michael’s Library

Gumnut Crèche delivers a safe and nurturing environment for children and the highly qualified staff are committed to providing the safest care possible. Please bring necessary items such as water bottles, healthy nut-free snacks, formula, nappies, wipes and spare clothing. All children must be signed in and out from the crèche. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Open each Sunday after service, there is a wide selection of books about psychology, theology and spirituality. Drop in to browse or borrow and enjoy the best views at St Michael’s.

(03) 9654 5120



Our Pillars of St Michael’s

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of long-time members and friends of the St Michael’s congregation: • Stewart Goodman • Deirdre Jeeves • Christine Stephenson We offer our condolences and support to their families and friends at this time.

Donate Flowers

The Smeeth Family John Arthur Lewis Hart Rev Bonnie Bradley Marie McVeigh Abe and Gwen Grutzner Hannah Bedford-Lee Judy and Ian McNally Marilyn and Norm Cobain and Family Catharine McKean Marlene Drysdale Donald, Sonia, Alex & Emily Marshall Laurence Frederick L’Estrange Kay and Klaus Wiegel Sylvia Rhodes Patsy Stubbs Gladys Barker Paul and Sandra Fowler Heather & Ron Martin & Family Max Nelson (Deacon and Elder of St Michael’s) Isabel Marguerite Garrett Desmond Thomas Garrett Judy Bruce

Each week there is a beautiful display of flowers in the church donated by people like you. If you would like to donate the flowers for a Sunday service in celebration or remembrance of a special person or moment please contact the office on 9654 5120. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

If you would like to become a Pillar of St Michael’s call the office on 9654 5120 or download an application form from our website:

(03) 9654 5120


Victorian Doctors Health Program

What People are Saying About St Michael’s

Dr Sandy Youren accepted the St Michael’s medallion on behalf of The Victorian Doctors Health Program (VDHP) in 2015. Since then they have continued to work with doctors and medical students who struggle with their own health and emotional concerns. Doctors are people too, and can experience emotional and mental health difficulties like anyone else. Working in medicine can be very demanding, pressured and stressful work; high expectations are placed on doctors by many, particularly themselves. Doctors often find it hard to consider their own wellbeing and if they do acknowledge that things aren’t going well, they can be reluctant to seek help from someone else. VDHP provides an accessible confidential way of talking with an experienced clinician, who can work out what sort of assistance would be helpful, and assist in connecting with appropriate people to help. If the situation is complex, and if there are several treating practitioners or others involved, they can provide ongoing longer-term support as things progress. VDHP assist doctors and medical students who have depression or anxiety, stress-related concerns, alcohol/substance-use concerns, relationship or family difficulties and work-place problems. Doctors find it helpful to be heard and supported and not judged (at a time when they often are judging themselves very harshly). To find out more about VDHP visit their website: or call (03) 9495 6011. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

“You folk do amazing work, you are a part of the fabric of Melbourne. Thank you.” Liz “The church council has done a fantastic job of keeping the maintenance up on such an historic building. The amount involved is often overlooked by the public.” Bruce D Watson “Thank you Dr Macnab. You are such a good minister of faith. I really get a lot out of your talks. And I love all your cross referencing.” Miriam Hillenga “Thank you, again, for being an agent of hope.” Judith Osborne “Francis’ words are always encouraging and kind.” Julie Shaw “This is a very special place I visit whenever I’m in town. I’m not quite sure what happens to me but I know I feel much less tension within myself after being in this place! I feel quite balanced and relaxed.” Marianne Miriklis “A brilliant, thinking, compassionate man and mind. We are a successful, married couple because you cared. Many thanks.” Marie-Louise Hekel

(03) 9654 5120


Trivia 11.45am, Sun 21 Aug Join in the fun in the Waratah Room for this excited Trivia Challenge hosted by John and Val Little. FREE EVENT

SAGE - Healthy Ageing 11am, Fri 26 Aug It’s All About Choices. Presented by Dr Francis Macnab $20 (includes refreshments)

Philosophy For Beginners 11.45am, Sun 28 Aug A lively, interactive discussion group presented by Dr Peter Kingsbury. FREE EVENT

Professor Camilleri Lecture Series 6pm, Tue 6 Sep Exploring the psychology and culture of violence and its remedies. $15 per lecture or $50 for all four.

French Conversations 11.45am, Sun 11 Sep Beginners and fluent speakers are welcome to join in this fun group with native speaker Johanna Hersey. FREE EVENT

Guided Awareness And Meditation 12pm, Sun 11 Sep Join meditation practitioner Sian Ellett and discover the energy of your body through guided awareness.

St Michael’s Week Art Competition 11.30am, Sun 18 Sep Celebrate the opening of this inspirational exhibition in the St Michael’s Gallery.

St Michael’s Week Sounds of Compassion 1pm, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Sep A series of musical events part of our St Michael’s Week celebrations. FREE EVENTS

HOPE Environment Group 11.45am, Sun 11 SEP Explore environmental issues for the wellbeing of our planet. FREE EVENT 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

(03) 9654 5120

Mingary Counselling Service Confidential, low-cost counselling If you are seeking relief from painful or stressful experiences, assistance with major life changes or help reducing anxiety, fear and uncertainty, call Mingary Counselling services to make an appointment today. Or visit The Quiet Place (pictured above): a peaceful, nondenominational sanctuary for people of all religions and cultures. Open 9am to 5pm weekdays and 8am to 1pm Sundays; enter from the Russell Street side of St Michael’s.

St Michael’s Place, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne | (03) 9654 5120

Winter 2016 Intersection  
Winter 2016 Intersection