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Autumn 2016

Keep Calm and

C a r ry O n Caring


Coming Up At St Michael’s

Welcome to St Michael’s

Hugh MacKay Book Launch 6pm, Wed 11 May

Hear one of Australia’s most respected authors and social researchers talk about his new book. Beyond Belief: How we find meaning, with or without religion. A Cockroach’s View After 45 Years 6pm, Thu 26 May Dr Francis Macnab explores the remarkable renewal of a city church. Interview With Prof Kathryn von Treuer 10am, Sun 29 May Dr Francis Macnab interviews the newly appointed Executive Director of Cairnmillar during Service. St Michael’s Music Gala 12.30pm, Sun 5 Jun Celebrate the music that has inspired Dr Francis Macnab for over 45 years in this special concert.

St Michael’s is a unique church in the heart of the city. Unique for our relevant, contemporary preaching that embraces inner wellbeing as our core message. Sunday services include a mix of traditional and modern presentations. Inspirational music is integral, and most Sunday services include guest musicians, who perform in-between readings. In short, you don’t have to be religious to attend a Sunday service at St Michael’s. One of our congregation recently stated that she had “been coming to this church since 1984, and I wouldn’t call myself a Christian. I love the feeling of hope and the conversations that are started each week”. St Michael’s offers a wide variety of experiences for growth and change. It is a place which affirms and encourages the best expression of who you are and who you can be, not only through the Sunday service but numerous wellbeing programs and our commitment to counselling and psychotherapy. We believe faith, spirituality and a meaning to life are vital ingredients for our health and wellbeing and that there is a need to get hold of a more authentic religious understanding and to express it more confidently and diversely. Sunday services commence at 10 am.

A Blessing For You

May you find good friends and be good friends. May you enjoy the good things of life and share the good things in life with others. May you hear good stories and may you be carriers of good stories. Every day.

- Francis Macnab

This edition of Intersection Newsletter is printed on 100% recycled paper. We would like to thank Snap LaTrobe for their assistance in printing this newsletter at reduced costs. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Celebrating the Opening of Programs On Sunday, 31 January, we celebrated the opening of the St Michael’s 2016 programs. The church was decorated in light blue, a colour symbolising caring which Dr Macnab announced as the theme for 2016. This year we will be publishing four program booklets; this first booklet covered programs in February, March and April 2016. The second booklet covers May, June and July. Collect your copy from St Michael’s Church, Hall or visit our website to read it online.

The St Michael’s Brass Ensemble led by Bruno Siketa

Enjoying the inspirational music 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Guest organist Dr Gordon Atkinson

Festive light blue and white balloons adorned the church

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Celebrating the Opening of Programs

Thank you to everyone who celebrated the opening with us

Joe Chindamo (piano) and Zoe Black (violin)

After the service we celebrated with wonderful refreshments catered by Heather Martin

Blue and white petals were scattered on the Mingary, The Quiet Place, fountain for the occasion

Dr Macnab spoke about the discovery and recovery of our caring capacities, the kind of caring that can change lives 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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The Coracle of Caring

The theme for 2016 at St Michael’s is Caring and, in 2016, the Mingary Coracle will be the Coracle of Caring - A vessel of good news and hope. During the Opening of Programs, Dr Macnab invited members of the St Michael’s community to be apart of our Coracle of Caring by writing down your thoughts on how you will care in the future or how you plan to care. These ideas will be published on the website (where appropriate) and St Michael’s may take on some of these initiatives in the future.

How Are You Going To Care In 2016? How Would You Like St Michael’s To Care? An abundance of thoughtful suggestions to the above questions have been left in the Coracle of Caring in recent months. The notes range from simple, important pledges such as “be a better listener”, “develop empathy” and “bring colour and care into lives around me” to more personal goals focusing on family and friends. Suggestions for how St Michael’s can care include focusing on the treatment of asylum seekers and continuing to offer “a range of interesting events and groups”. We thank you all for your contributions, we will continue to build a supportive, caring place for all.

Some of Your Caring Thoughts “I will forgive quickly”. “By remembering all the good words Dr Macnab has spoken”. “With compassion and empathy – for my family, for my friends, for the people who come, often in distress to the Family Court (where I volunteer). And self care, too”. “Help expand the awareness of domestic violence to include emotional abuse (women towards men – men towards women – parents towards children)”. “To listen to others needs”. “Give unresentful, open and generous care to those around me. To care for myself ”. “Less spending on food and drink. More support of chosen charities through the year”. “Do a little more for St Michael’s tours”. “Spread the good word that all are acceptable”. “To listen to others needs”.

The Coracle is a beautiful, handmade piece created by NSW artist Harriet Goodall. It is made of a rattan frame, cowhide skin and reclaimed timber bench. It has been placed in the Church close by the tapestry next to the Mingary Book. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

You can see more of your caring thoughts on our website

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Mingary The Quiet Place - New Plaques

The experience of being within the St Michael’s gardens and Mingary, The Quiet Place is one of calm and peace. Surrounded by quiet, the sound of the city indistinct and muffled, one can forget for a time that they are sitting on Russell Street. To further enhance the experience of the gardens, two new plaques have been laid in the rocks with excerpts of poetry to reflect the meaning of the Mingary garden. In the Mingary Waiting Garden (to the left of Mingary) a verse from The St Michael’s Suite poem by St Michael’s Medallion recipient Chris Wallace-Crabbe is embedded in the rock. Across the steps in the Mingary Garden by the rock fountain are words by Dr Francis Macnab. Both these inscriptions provide extra inspiration for quiet meditation and reflection and another reason to stop in the gardens. New plaques can also be seen in Mingary, The Quiet Place. These offer any visitor to the Quiet Place further explanation of some of the significant symbols within the sanctuary: the rock, the water, the light. Each plaque leads us deeper into the sanctuary and allows us to come to a greater and deeper understanding of this distinct and unique space. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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St Valentine’s Day

A Special Thank You “In January 2011 Dr Macnab gave a service on acceptance regardless of sexual preference. I have always been a religious person, but had struggled to reconcile my happiness with my sexuality and the happiness of my religious experience. The two worlds operated in isolation of one another, never entwining, but both are central to my being as the limbs on my body.

St Michael’s celebrated Valentine’s Day and with a special Sunday Service dedicated to love. The LGBTQI and the Melbourne community were invited to aspire for a future where love matters, no matter your sexual preference. There are many forms of love and many kinds of relationship. “Our institutions can become so fixed and fixated that we start calling one form of relationship normal and the other form of relationship abnormal,” said Dr Macnab during his St Valentine’s Day Address. “Human beings search for love,” said Dr Macnab. But love has conditions, and it doesn’t last forever. Love as it was can be “lost beneath obligation, necessity and need.”

I attended the 2011 service with my female partner and I openly wept to see the rainbow flag feature in the service. Dr Macnab spoke of community, of love, of the hurtfulness of homophobia, and of acceptance of ourselves and each other. My partner and I attended tea and coffee following the service, and debated fearfully whether it was safe to attend holding hands (something we still unfortunately have to consider on a daily basis). We were overwhelmed by the open warmth and kindness shown by the congregation, who were genuine in their acceptance of us as a couple. We discussed homophobia, love, thriving under adversity, our hopes for the future, and the ingredients for the perfect cup of tea! It was a wonderful experience. I wanted to write to let the church know that this experience has had a long-lasting positive impact on me. I have re-connected with my faith in new and interesting ways, and openly speak about my spirituality with others in the LGBT community, in the hope they too can see that these two pillars of their being can coexist. I also no longer dread attending a Sunday Service, as I'd always felt like an imposter, or that I had to be somehow untrue to myself to attend. It is now as if all pieces of the puzzle have finally come together in their rightful order.

Dr Macnab spoke of three unconscious comforts, perhaps long buried in some of us, that need to be brought back to the surface.

I applaud St Michael’s for being so welcoming, and for demonstrating that true faith is about love and acceptance of the rich tapestry of humankind, and not about the exclusion of what we fear, or what we feel is different. Thank you.”

You can watch the full Sunday Address on our website

- Christine Todd

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Exhibition Openings at St Michael’s Gallery Keep Calm and Continue Caring

The afternoon of Sunday, 14 February, saw the sun shining upon the congregation and members of the public who attended the opening celebrations of the first art exhibition of 2016 at St Michael’s Gallery. This exhibition was inspired by the theme of Caring and showcased work by members of the St Michael’s community.

“Nothing is Missing” Patsy Worledge Exhibition Opening

We celebrated the opening of Patsy Worledge’s exhibition, “Nothing is Missing” on Sunday, 20 March. Patsy’s bright paintings brought a burst of colour and excitement to the gallery with many paintings selling on the first day of the exhibition. For more information about the St Michael’s Gallery visit our website

The wide array of works displayed demonstrated the many artistic talents within St Michael’s and the community. Thank you to all the artists who helped make this event a wonderful success.

“Fruit of the Spirit” - Ingrid Wilson Exhibition Opening

We celebrated the opening of Ingrid Wilson’s exhibition, “Fruit of the Spirit” on Sunday, 24 April. Ingrid’s moving artwork is inspired by all the things she loves; people, stories, children, travel, animals, dreams, Jesus and much more.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Celebrating 45 Years At St Michael’s

Paul Tillich Lecture

Sunday, 21 February, marked Dr Macnab’s 45 years at St Michael’s. A banner was hung in the church and we celebrated with coffee and cake with a twist. Each of the tiny cupcakes arranged for the event had an edible printed image of Dr Macnab. All who attended enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

On Thursday, 3 March, over 200 people attended Dr Francis Macnab’s public lecture exploring the work of Paul Tillich, one of the most comprehensive theologians of the 20th century. This year marks 51 years since Tillich’s death but his work still echoes in modern day psychology. Many people expressed their thanks for Dr Macnab’s investigation of this fascinating topic. “Thank you very much for the thought provoking lecture on Thursday night. Plenty to ponder on and also ‘luxuriate’ in! You are indeed making a difference. And I am blessed to be able to latch into and benefit from your words”. - Sue Roschach “A belated thank you for your wonderful and inspiring Tillich lecture. Much food for thought. I will be reading more of his work in coming months”. - Professor Joseph Camilleri You can watch the address on our website at 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Easter at St Michael’s

The 2016 Easter celebrations at St Michael’s were centered around Dr Macnab’s Address “Released: A new phase of life. Every person needs to be released from ‘something’.” “There comes a time when we know we need to release ourselves from our anger, our fear, our anxiety, our troubling memories, a lesser self. We need to find that release. We need to release others from the ‘grip’ we have on them, the demand we make of them, from what they must do to please us. ‘Release’ is like rolling away a huge rock that is blocking the flow of new energy and new life. Release brings freedom”. Val Gill decorated the church with colourful Easter eggs in baskets festooned with purple ribbons. The Processional Staff was carried by Graeme Adamson to celebrate the joyful news that is the Resurrection. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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The beautiful Easter decorations that coloured the chancel 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Easter at St Michael’s

Glorious Easter Music We were honoured to have The St Michael’s Brass Ensemble led by Bruno Siketa perform during the Easter service. The congregation lifted their voices along with the music to create a spectacular sound that reverberated throughout the church. Some of the music performed included: • Music between the readings: Paraphrase - A. Guilmant (1837-1911) arr. Rhys Boak • Music during the offering: Awake the trumpet’s lofty sound from ‘Samson’ - G.F. Handel (1685-1759) • The Postlude: Prelude in Cannon for brass and organ - Pierre Max Dubois (1930-1995) The moving music of Handel’s “Dead March of Saul” was performed as part of the Good Friday Service. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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S.A.G.E. in 2016

Amir Farid Concert

Julijana Chochovski speaking at a recent S.A.G.E. Seminar

On Sunday, 10 April, the St Michael’s community enjoyed a free concert by one of Australia’s most creative and loved pianists, Amir Farid.

Business as usual. And better!

Dr Macnab will continue to be a major contributor to the S.A.G.E program in 2016. His S.A.G.E Assistant Psychologist Julijana Chochovski will also take a strong leadership role. Julijana has been working with Dr Macnab for four years and will continue to be active in S.A.G.E programs, working with St Michael’s, The Cairnmillar Institute and several Aged Care Homes throughout Victoria to create an engaging program of events. During the S.A.G.E seminars we explore how to age successfully and enjoyably, including: • The benefits, challenges and joys of growing older. ‘Inside an old person is a young person wondering, “What happened?”’ • How to start taking control of your own ageing. How to make decisions and develop new directions. “What other people think of you is none of your business.” • Better manage your thinking, emotions and behaviours that can lead to fear and anxiety. “Whatever you can laugh at you can survive.” • Find ways to rise above troublesome memories and discover new possibilities for the future. “You can’t always get over the past, but you can get past it.” For more information


120 Collins St Melbourne 3000



As winner of the Australian National Piano Award in 2006, Amir has been described as “a highly creative musician – a pianist of great intelligence and integrity”. Amir wowed the audience with a beautiful piece of music, taking the audience on an enchanted journey through his music. His performance was highly commended and enjoyed by all.

Prahran Presbyterian Church Visit In February 1961, Dr Francis Macnab was given the opportunity to establish The Cairnmillar Institute. He did this involving the properties and people of the Prahran Presbyterian Church. It became an unusual - perhaps, unique - practical extension of community mental health. Over the following ten years, it embraced many hundreds of people in a wide variety of programs. On Sunday, 10 April, a group of the former members of the Prahran Church were in attendance at St Michael’s. Dr Macnab welcomed them as a group and the St Michael’s congregation warmly acknowledged their presence. Visitors from Prahran included Jill and Jim Sykes, David and Nancy Price and St Michael’s Medalionist Neil Roy.

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Carinmillar Graduation On Thursday, 14 April, students from The Cairnmillar Institute graduated during a ceremony at St Michael’s Church Their family and friends gathered to celebrate their achievements and hear an inspirational address by guest speaker Bishop Dr Ian George AO.

Students gathering in the colonnade before the ceremony

Students and their families gather in the church

Australian Girls Choir filled the church with spectacular music as part of the graduation ceremony 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Emeritus Professor

Recently appointed Executive Director of Cairnmillar Professor Kathryn von Treuer

Bishop Ian George addressing the gathering

During the Cairnmillar Graduation ceremony Acting Chief Patron Professor David Loader OAM conferred on Dr Francis Macnab the title of Emeritus Professor of The Cairnmillar Institute in recognition of his being the founding Director of the Institute in 1961; his leadership in psychology, psychotherapy, and education nationally and internationally. As well as his many achievements including his intellectual contribution to religion, psychology, and the community. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Prof Joseph Camilleri April Lecture

On Thursday, 7 April, Professor Joseph Camilleri presented a sold out lecture exploring Terrorism and the ‘War on Terror’. The United States launched the war on terror at 9.30pm on September 11th 2001. Since then, over 61,000 terrorist attacks have killed more than 140,000 people. Many more have died in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. Many millions have had to flee their homes. You can view the PowerPoint he presented at the lecture on his website

Prof Joseph Camilleri September Lectures

In September Professor Camilleri will present a new series of four lectures which will put the spotlight on the psychology and culture of violence in the contemporary world, including Australia. The violence to be explored will range from family violence to gang warfare and crime syndicates, from the narcotics trade and private armies to rising military budgets, from conflicts in the Middle East and in our region to the continuing nuclear threat. The lectures will also examine the many efforts, often far removed from the public gaze, that are striving to create a more peaceful and harmonious world. New trends and creative initiatives are under way – locally, nationally and internationally – which hold the promise of more cohesive and caring societies committed to human flourishing. The lectures will help to make sense of a world in profound transition where forces, old and new, are contending to shape the human future. Dates: Tuesday 6, 13, 20 & 27 September Tickets: $15 per lecture - $50 all four lectures Bookings: or call 9654 5120 Please note that there is limited seating available and we recommend you book tickets early.

120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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ANZAC Day Service On Sunday, 24 April, we marked the 101st anniversary of the landing of ANZAC troops at Gallipoli. During the service Dr Macnab made a dramatic connection between the many tragedies of ANZAC and Gustav Mahler’s 2nd symphony - The Resurrection Symphony. We commemorated the courage and sacrifice of those who have served Australia during periods of war and peace.

Celebrating St Michael’s New Members On Sunday, 3 April, during a Communion Service, sixteen people were inducted into the Membership of St Michael’s. They were welcomed by Dr Macnab and the Chair of the Church Council, Richard Siegersma. Prior to the congregation being served Communion, the New Members were served Communion by Dr Macnab, to mark this special occasion. Following the service a special morning tea was held for the New Members, their families and friends. Each New Member was presented with a framed certificate of Membership. A copy of the group photograph was later given to each person.

Beautiful native flowers decorated the church in celebration of ANZAC Day

Back Row: Left to right Jim Denyar, John Milne, Stephen Ngaa, Steve Austin, Pamela Brady, Philip Dillon-Gibbons, Robert Savage Front Row: left to right Margaret Connors, Jan Hart, Rhonda King, Patricia Austin, Dr Franic Macnab, Elizabeth Scott, Garry Radley, Helen Robinson Absent: Marjorie McPherson, Romayne Fabbri We were delighted to have Donna Coleman perform during the service 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Exhibitions in the St Michael’s Gallery

St Michael’s Online

We have two exciting new exhibitions coming up in the St Michael’s Gallery in the coming months. We invite you to celebrate the opening of each exhibition after the Sunday service on the dates below.

St Michael’s online presence has increased over the past few years and 2016 is no exception.

Blue Series by Casey Freeman Opening Sunday 22 May

The St Michael’s website has seen over 20,000 page views since the start of the year. Many of those hits are people watching Dr Macnab’s Sunday Addresses which are uploaded weekly. People from 149 countries have watched Dr Macnab’s Sunday Addresses online. Many tweet and re-tweet images of St Michael’s and quotes from Sunday Service.

With over 3000 views each week, our online congregation continues to grow on Facebook. Together with the connections we make via our website we are building a diverse congregation around the world.

I Found Happiness by Christine Minter Opening Sunday 26 June 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Visit our website to watch Sunday Addresses, special events and enjoy all our inspirational content. (03) 9654 5120


Wedding Thank You

“Just wanted to extend our gratitude for making everything run so smoothly leading up to and on our wedding day... We had the most beautifully memorable day of our lives. Many of family and friends were very impressed by the beauty of the church, the calm yet delightful way David conducted the ceremony as well as the sounds and sight of the organ. Some guests said they wished they had known about the church earlier, and another couple said they want both their children to be married at St Michael’s. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts once again!”

Book Sale

Dr Francis Macnab’s books are on sale for $5.00! Purchase these at the Information Table on Sunday, by visiting the office or our website Get in before they all go! 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Our Pillars of St Michael’s

The Smeeth Family John Arthur Lewis Hart Rev. Bonnie Bradley Marie McVeigh Abe and Gwen Grutzner Hannah Bedford-Lee Judy and Ian McNally Marilyn and Norm Cobain and Family Catharine McKean Marlene Drysdale Donald, Sonia, Alex & Emily Marshall Laurence Frederick L’Estrange Kay and Klaus Wiegel Sylvia Rhodes Patsy Stubbs Gladys Barker Paul and Sandra Fowler Heather & Ron Martin & Family Max Nelson (Deacon and Elder of St Michael’s) Mrs Isabel Marguerite Garrett Mother of Dr Margaret Garrett In Gratitude for the Ministry of Dr Francis Macnab and the Inspiration to Live Joyfully. Judy Bruce If you would like to become a Pillar of St Michael’s call the office on 9654 5120 or download an application form from our website

(03) 9654 5120


A story about St Michael’s We asked people to send in their stories of St Michael’s and we are delighted to share with you Ann Brown’s account of St Michael’s. “The hidden delights that unfold before me at St Michael’s are astonishing. The tapestry is one such example. At first glance, the vivid colours capture my imagination. I am fascinated by the way in which the meticulously woven threads create a shimmering, iridescent aura, suggesting a three dimensional effect, as if the tapestry were reaching out to us.

Iona is far removed from the distractions of urbanity. It has the peace and tranquillity of a sanctuary. This helps one to re-focus. Simply being in the presence of this beauty can nurture healing. There is a tremendous spaciousness in this natural beauty. I also find this spaciousness in the beauty of the tapestry and in the beauty of Mingary. Among the rocks in Mingary there is a small rock from Iona. I find it of great comfort to know that it is there. It anchors me.” - Ann Brown

This extraordinary achievement kindles my curiosity, compelling me to repeatedly return to the tapestry and re-view it. It has a soft glow that I find welcoming and embracing, like a friend. When I try to pull away, I sense that the tapestry gently tugs me back, saying, don’t rush! Your time is now, instead, pause a while and contemplate. Often, I find myself transfixed by the sulphur yellow dimension of the luminescent chartreuse. In my mind this radiance echoes the natural beauty of sunrise when the opening of each day brings invigorating warmth that touches my skin like a velvet cloak and is invariably accompanied by a chorus of twittering birdsong including the muffled sound of fluttering wings and the raucous chirps of ravenous chicks. Simultaneously many blooms are majestically uncurling their delicate petals in the soft light as if yawning while releasing their fruity and floral fragrances, of lemon, rose, buttercup, thistle, eucalypt and lavender among many and evoke in my heart a sense of expectation, possibility and fulfilment. It tells me that every day is a new day, brimming with opportunity. This dynamic hue also ignites my memory of the wild yellow irises that I saw in Iona, growing in a field of emerald green grass beneath a peacock blue sky. Iona is a small island within the Inner Hebrides, off the western coast of Scotland. It has stunning natural beauty. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

If you have a story about St Michael’s or Mingary, The Quiet Place that you would like to share please contact the office

(03) 9654 5120



Vale Rev Eric Gowers 24.12.1920 - 18.3.2016 Dearly loved by Margaret. Father of Anne, Helen, Douglas, Stuart, Rory and Sally. Dr Macnab met Rev Gowers in the mid 50’s as he trained for the ministry. After his retirement as minister of the Brunswick Church, he became a member of St Michael’s.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of long-time members and friends of the St Michael’s congregation: • John Morey • Julia Louisa de Waart • Dr Henry Hammond • Valerie Millest We offer our condolences and support to their families and friends at this time.

Donate Flowers

Rev Gowers was part of the St Michael’s family for more than a decade. Always a good presence. “When I saw him last, he knew he was at the end of his time, but he was feeling warmth and kindness, excited for what he had found at St Michael’s, grateful for the friendships made”. - Dr Francis Macnab.

Vale Henry (Harry) Hammond

Dr Henry (Harry) Hammond, retired surgeon, a well-recognised presence in St Michael’s, has died. He was 94 years old. His warm personality will be greatly missed on Sunday mornings at St Michael’s. On Sunday, 17 April, the congregation stood in remembrance of Harry as Dr Macnab honoured the ways he had done so much for people over many years.

Anniversary Congratulations Each week there is a beautiful display of flowers in the church donated by people like you. If you would like to donate the flowers for a Sunday service in celebration or remembrance of a special person or moment please contact the office on 9654 5120. 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

The Rev Dr Noel Schultz, who was Director of Pastoral Care and Community Education at St Michael’s during 1981-86, celebrated the 60th anniversary of his ordination at the 9am service at St John’s Lutheran Church, Southbank, on May 1.

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Hugh Mackay Book Launch 6pm, Wed 11 May Hear one of Australia’s most respected authors and social researchers talk about his new book. FREE EVENT

Trivia 11.45am, Sun 15 May Join in the fun in the Waratah Room for this excited Trivia Challenge hosted by John and Val Little. FREE EVENT

Casey Freeman Exhibition Opening 11.45am, Sun 22 May Celebrate the opening of this inspirational new exhibition. FREE EVENT

A Cockroach’s View After 45 Years 6pm, Thu 26 May Dr Francis Macnab explores the remarkable renewal of a city church. FREE EVENT

What Matters in The End 11.45am, Sun 29 May Discover your end-of-life options in this, the first of three, informative sessions. FREE EVENT 120 Collins St Melbourne 3000

Interview With Prof Kathryn von Treuer 10am, Sun 29 May Dr Francis Macnab interviews the newly appointed Executive Director of Cairnmillar during Service.

HOPE Environment Group 11.45am, Sun 15 May Explore environmental issues for the wellbeing of our planet. FREE EVENT

S.A.G.E. Healthy Ageing 11am, Fri 27 May Focus on the Things That Can Lift Your Enjoyment of Ageing. $20 (includes refreshments)

St Michael’s Music Gala 12.30pm, Sun 5 Jun Celebrate the music that has inspired Dr Francis Macnab for over 45 years in this special concert. FREE EVENT

(03) 9654 5120

A Cockroach’s View After

45 years under the Pulpit Pillow

ST MICHAEL’S 1971-2016. THE REBELLION, REVERBERATION, RELUCENCE, RESHAPELESCENCE The cockroach has seen it all. 45 years of reshaping the direction, purpose and passion of a unique church. 45 years within one of Australia’s most innovative churches. Dr Francis Macnab will present this free lecture that will tell of the remarkable renewal of a city church and its people. It is a tale of “the phoenix rising from the ashes”. This evening will be of interest to all who would like to hear how a worn-out church has reinvented itself, ready for the next era. It will also be of interest to the many who over the years have been part of this story. A FREE PUBLIC LECTURE Refreshments at 6pm, lecture starts 6.30pm Thursday 26 May. St Michael’s on Collins, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne RSVP online at or call 9654 5120

Mingary Counselling Service Confidential, low-cost counselling

If you are seeking relief from painful or stressful experiences, assistance with major life changes or help reducing anxiety, fear and uncertainty, call Mingary Counselling services to make an appointment today. Or visit The Quiet Place (pictured above): a peaceful, nondenominational sanctuary for people of all religions and cultures. Open 8am to 5pm weekdays and 8am to 1pm Sundays; enter from the Russell Street side of St Michael’s.

St Michael’s Place, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne | (03) 9654 5120

Autumn 2016 Intersection  
Autumn 2016 Intersection