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but lost her grip and slid down the side,

What’ve you got there?

landing facedown in the dirt. She felt

Katherine offered the box. Her

a searing pain and bit her lip against

mother pulled the necklace out and ran

a scream. She got up slowly, brushed

her fingers over the links. Oh, I remember

some of the dirt off and started back for

this, she said. Your father gave it to me.

the house.

I was allergic to the metal though. Gave

Slipping in through the back door,

me a horrible rash whenever I wore it

she made her way to the bathroom down

for too long. It’ll probably turn your skin

the hall. She passed the hatch door to

green. You should throw it away.

the attic, which had been closed. She

She dropped the necklace back in

made sure to close the door quietly

the box and gave it back to Katherine.

behind her. Under the sink she washed

Maybe it’s time to go back outside, she

the dirt from her hands and face before

said and got up from the table. She

pulling off the ruined fabric to inspect

smoothed some of Katherine’s untidy

the damage. A long scrape ran down

hair before going back down the hallway.

her right side, the skin ripped in uneven

Katherine did as she was told. She

patches. It had left a large red stain on

made her way back to the boulder and

the shirt. She grabbed first aid supplies

sat on the ground, leaning against the

from the lowest shelf in the closet and

cold rock. She pulled out the box and

got to work on the damage.

turned it over in her fingers for a moment

After changing and stowing the ru-

before taking out the necklace. She ran

ined shirt, Katherine found her mother in

her fingers over the links, gently working

the kitchen. She was sitting at the table

some of the slack into loops. Some of

with a glass of water, leaning her head

the gold began to rub off onto her fin-

against one hand. Her mother didn’t no-

gers. The metal looked as though it had

tice her until she was on the other side

been burned.

of the table. Hey, her mother said. She forced

She slid her thumbnail between the taut strands in the center and tried to

a smile and tried to wipe her puffy red

widen the gaps between them. As the

eyes. Did you play outside today?

knot loosened, a piece slid out and fell

Katherine said, Yeah but I fell and

into her lap. A lump grew in her throat.

got a scrape. I fixed it myself though,

She carefully pulled at the knot again.

she said. She felt something digging into

Two more separate pieces came free.

her leg and pulled out the necklace box

She twisted them between her fingers,

from her pocket.

feeling where the thin links had been

That’s good, her mother said.

stretched and disconnected.


Miscellany Digital Edition, Spring 2014  
Miscellany Digital Edition, Spring 2014