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Amid a crash Arielle Coambes

Writing and Linguistics, Senior

A large dining room table, mahogany with a deep cherry stain, sat in the middle of the room. A lace table cloth was draped over it, leaving only the bottom of the legs visible. Two children were secluded from the adults and unnoticed at the end of the table. They whispered to one another, both of their eyes darting from wrinkled to aged face, avoiding being overheard. “How worried do you think they are?” Mabel asked her cousin Liam with wide eyes. Liam said, “They can’t suspect anything. And she may still show!” Both looked at Aunt May’s empty seat near the head of the table at the same time. Someone had pushed the empty bowls onto her place setting, out of the way. Just that weekend the children had been enjoying Aunt May’s home, running in and out of her spacious closet and through her long rows of frilly dresses, pretending they were explorers weaving through hanging vines in the Amazon. 36 Spring 2014

Their play led outside, up the hill, around the fountain, and into Aunt May’s garage. Her antique silver Volvo sat shiny and casting flecks of light into the children’s eyes. It was the first in a row of the family’s expensive things; there was Uncle Marvin’s boat, and next to it was Grandpa’s fixer-upper, the ‘59 Chevy painted cherry red. The children climbed the trailer’s tires trying to reach the deck of Uncle Marvin’s boat. But even standing on tiptoe, they couldn’t quite pull their weight over the edge, so they snagged the captain hat before settling into Aunt May’s Volvo. Each pretended to steer while wearing the hat. Liam tugged a metal stick under the wheel until it came loose. He pointed it to the horizon, bellowing “Land ho!” as Mabel steered. When Liam tried to put the stick back, though, it hadn’t quite fit right. Liam and Mabel hid it in the back seat and hoped that no one noticed they had been in the garage at all. At the dinner table now, neither

Miscellany Digital Edition, Spring 2014  
Miscellany Digital Edition, Spring 2014