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2 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

A guide to good deeds T

he simple meaning of the word of “mitzvah” is deeply rooted in history: a biblical connotation that embraces many interpretations. Among those definitions, “mitzvah” means a good deed. Included in these good deeds are charity and philanthropic projects. Involving children in such work helps bring the family together over a common goal to serve others and the community. The opportunities are countless for children to help other youth around the world. Mitzvahs are perpetually revered, especially in Jewish households when 13-year-old children celebrate their bar or bat mitzvahs. “They’re really just at the beginning of their journey,” said Julie Newman of the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Section, an organization that is featured later in this magazine. Newman said the bar or bat mitzvah, “really means that you’re taking on the responsibilities of becoming a Jewish adult.” One way some families choose to honor this important step is by undertaking a mitzvah project. Some children incorporate a mitzvah project as part of their bar or bat mitzvah celebration.

“We have a bar and bat mitzvah program,” said Stuart Nitzkin who is the national executive director of the Deerfield-based American Friends of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled (AFISCD). “A lot of kids pick charitable projects as their bar and bat mitzvah project,” Nitzkin said. “We offer our organization as one of those places.” The AFISCD creates a mitzvah project website for each child going through this process. Some bar/bat mitzvah celebrations may have table centerpieces, for example, which contain elements of mitzvah project goodwill. Photographs of each child are featured at with a synopsis of mitzvah project goals. The purpose of this Mitzvah Guide is to honor awareness about the wealth of charitable organizations welcoming bat/bar mitzvah families. A good deed is similar to a pebble tossed in water. The ripple effect is endless. Read more about the mission of the two organizations Stuart Nitzkin and Julie Newman represent. Ask questions of other charitable providers in your community.




GOOD SPORTS Israel Sport Center for the Disabled


MITZVAH PROJECT Beautifying Belmont-Cragin Elementary School

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Israel Sport Center for the Disabled raises spirits and changes lives Lori Komisar and Stu Nitzkin BY KARIE LUC For Sun-Times Media

Karie Luc is with Lori Komisar and Stu Nitzkin in Winnetka as they explain the philanthropic mission of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled.


ori Komisar of Winnetka, and longtime supporter of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled (ISCD), is a philanthropist who prefers staying behind the scenes. Going about her day with cell phone handy, her calls are frequent. Often, Morrie Silverman, her life partner, gives her a shout. Walking the grounds of her riparian 4 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

residence, Komisar is used to having a cell phone glued to her ear. As landscapers work, Komisar artfully navigates a mower’s path. Poise and grace are mandatory within shouting distance of Lake Michigan. “That was Morrie,” said Komisar, with a smile, finishing a conversation before besting ravine steps to a private patio overlooking her backyard. Silverman, also a supporter of numerous charitable causes, equally prefers to go about his work quietly. The two would prefer deserving children be featured on the society pages. The mission of the ISCD, the only service provider of its kind in the world, prompted

Komisar to grant a rare interview. The conversation with Komisar took place on a spectacular early autumn morning. Her backyard is a Lake Michigan beach. “It’s a beautiful day,” Komisar said. “I do feel fortunate I live in this environment but I have to say, it doesn’t define me.” What does define her, she said: “It’s a smile on a face; it’s a medal on a kid.” Stuart Nitzkin, who serves as national executive director for the American Friends of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled (AFISCD), accompanied Komisar. “The center is a place, in my opinion, that God kissed and never left,” said Komisar, gesturing with her left hand to demonstrate a higher power’s path.


“That’s how I feel about the center,” said Komisar. “For me, it’s totally emotion.” Nitzkin, known as Stu to colleagues, is proud of the ISCD, located in Ramat Gan, Israel. “We head up the American Friends of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled,” he said. “Our responsibility is to raise as much money as possible to help the 3,000 kids who go through the center each year.” “Of those 3,000 kids, some have been born with a disability, a congenital disability like spina bifida or cerebral palsy; some have come to us via accidents or a terror attack, loss of limb or they’re paralyzed,” Nitzkin said. The ISCD staff includes occupational therapists and social workers.

“The beauty of what they really do is they take these kids, and they don’t just physically rehabilitate them, but it’s the mental rehabilitation,” Nitzkin said. “It’s giving them some life, giving them the chance to succeed in their life, to make something of themselves and to contribute back to the society at large which is really special and unique.” The ISCD opened in 1960, and it uses sports such as basketball to boost stamina and confidence. “We like to say the center is performing miracles every day, it’s incredible,” Nitzkin said. One teenager — Caroline Tabib of Israel — travels around the world as a table tennis champion and future Paralympic contender.

Eye on the ball: At the American Friends of the Israel Sport Center for the Chicago Golf Classic at Twin Orchard Country Club in Long Grove on July 15, Morrie Silverman and Lori Komisar hosted internationally ranked table tennis athlete Caroline Tabib of Israel. Tabib was born with spina bifida. | KARIE LUC ~ FOR SUN-TIMES MEDIA “What we do at the center builds a nation because, if you think about it, disability is looked at, in most places, as almost contagious,” Komisar said. “You know: you can’t get too close to it; it might rub off on you.You don’t know what to do; the people are different. But, at the center, everybody is the same.” Children served often come of age while being mentored by the ISCD. Tabib, who has SEE ISRAEL, PAGE 6 MITZVAH GUIDE 2013-2014 | 5




a spinal condition, started her ISCD journey as a 3-year-old. “She’s never been out of a wheelchair. She sits very tall, has a face that lights up the room and really feels like she’s lucky,” said Komisar, of Tabib who is becoming a young adult. Nitzkin believes all families with children turning the age of 13 can celebrate globally. The website — — features a Mitzvah Project option. North Shore families have used bar/bat mitzvah parties to raise money for the ISCD. Some

have gone as far as staging separate fundraisers such as basketball shoot-out tournaments. “What I think a huge draw to a lot of these kids is they’re helping kids their age,” said Nitzkin, who says the AFISCD makes the bar/ bat mitzvah charity process easy. “They can relate really well. That, ‘Wow, there’s someone just like me in Israel who’s in a wheelchair, that I can help.’ ” “It’s some very cool stuff,” Nitzkin said. “I love knowing that we’re helping to make a differ-

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Ping-pong: Internationally ranked table tennis athlete Caroline Tabib of Israel is officially included in the Israeli National Paralympic Team that will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Tabib was born with spina bifida. She has been a member of The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled since early childhood. | KARIE LUC ~ FOR SUN-TIMES MEDIA

ence in the world.” Komisar summed it up with her perpetual smile. “So that’s what it’s all about,” Komisar said. “It’s a beautiful world when you can do this.” The American Friends of the

Israel Sport Center for the Disabled is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operating under Federal Tax ID #27-5126671. Visit Email


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Play sports: Left: Lori Komisar (right) of Winnetka is a philanthropist and longtime supporter of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled. Stu Nitzkin (left) of Highland Park is its national director. Below: Komisar, national president of the American Friends of the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled smiles with her kids (from left: Miriam, 22; Komisar; Randi, 22; and Davey, 18). | KARIE LUC ~ FOR SUN-TIMES MEDIA


Beautifying BelmontCragin Sabrina Morris BY TERRA COONEY


For Sun-Times Media

abrina Morris learned early on what it felt like to give back. This year, for her birthday, she wanted to spread that feeling around. The Glencoe 12-year-old and her family have been very involved in fundraising, in particular for the cause of curing and controlling cystic fibrosis, an ailment that Sabrina and her 14-year-old sister, Sophie, share. Each August, their father, David, runs an event where the sisters speak about how cystic fibrosis has affected their lives and how the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is moving forward to find a cure. The entire Morris family, including mother, Jamie, and sister, Amelia, have seen the effects of philanthropy and do what they can to make their marks. This year, instead of having a party for her bat mitzvah, Sabrina and her family launched a full day of projects to give back to one Chicago Public School. On Oct. 5, a crew of about 100 Glencoe kids and 20 teenagers and adults went to work under the leadership of Chicago Cares to work on various projects to help beautify BelmontCragin Elementary School. Due to CPS cutbacks, the group of K-8 kids moved to co-locate with Northwest middle school, into their current shared building, which was lacking certain things.

8 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

Just keep digging: This year, instead of having a party for her bat mitzvah, Sabrina and her family, under the leadership of Chicago Cares, worked on various projects to help beautify Belmont-Cragin Elementary School. | SUPPLIED PHOTO “The idea was Sabrina’s,” said her mother. “She wanted to take the mitzvah, a worthy deed, and do something meaningful alongside her friends.”

The result was a thoughtful, hands-on group project that allowed the children involved to see what their hard work could accomplish. The focus of the work

was based upon the needs of the school, which included building benches, cubbies and planters as well as a plywood mural reading “Welcome to Belmont-Cragin.”


Mosaics and landscaping were also among the top things on the school’s wish list. “We hope the kids walked away proud of their efforts and that maybe they make a commitment to continue the cycle,” Jamie said. Sabrina has always wanted to initiate ways to give back to the doctors and organizations that help her and her sister. In trying to stay busy during sick time spent at home, she started her own business making bracelets for kids like her who were going in for hospitalization. The jewelry started selling by word-of-mouth before she started a website ( to sell the bracelets. All proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation or The Cystic Fibrosis Institute.

A little help from my friends: “The idea was Sabrina’s,” said her mother, Jamie Morris. “She wanted to take the mitzvah, a worthy deed, and do something meaningful alongside her friends.” | SUPPLIED PHOTO “Cystic Fibrosis is what has made [my kids] the strong, independent people they are today,” said Jamie. “For Sabrina, [Breathe Jewelry] is a way to embrace her disease and be a part of raising awareness.”

MITZVAH GUIDE 2013-2014 | 9


Local businessman doing good abroad Rick Glickman

‘You’ve got to be a mensch all day long... It starts when you get up and ends when you go to bed.’



For Sun-Times Media

ick Glickman tries every day to be a mensch and live a life of mitzvah. That’s not easy, he said. “It takes a lifetime, but you’re working on yourself every day,” said Glickman. Glickman, president of the Northbrook-based Dream Kitchens, Inc., which specializes in kosher kitchen design, said he learned that from his father, an Orthodox rabbi. Perhaps the most well known of Glickman’s mitzvahs is the way he helps travelers to Israel. For the last few years, Dream Kitchens has been the only pickup location in Illinois for phones rented through Israel Phones, a company that lends cell phones

RICH GLICKMAN, Dream Kitchens, Inc.

Phone home: Rick Glickman’s Dream Kitchens is the only local pickup location for phones rented through Israel Phones, which lends phones to travelers going to Israel. | SUPPLIED PHOTO to people visiting Israel. “It used to be the only way to get a rental phone was to rent one from New York,” he said.


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings & Special Events

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M MOTION AND EEMOTION! 847-624-3752 8

image by Bar Mitzvah ography ot Diamond Ph

je ww

uniquely discreet & omnipresent 10 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

Glickman said he is happy to help make the trip easier for people traveling to Israel and to also save them some money. He said renting a phone is far cheaper than paying American carriers’ international rates. “It’s dollars per minute versus pennies per minute,” he said. “We have 60 phones in stock at any given moment. It’s a mitzvah.” Glickman said he grew up in

small towns without many Orthodox Jews and said he sometimes stood out from the crowd. “I was the only yarmulke in my high school,” he said with a slight laugh. “It really was a great opportunity to be an example.” Earlier this year, the Skokie Community Kollel, a Jewish education center, honored Glickman with the Torah V’Avodah Award. In his speech introducing Glickman, Rabbi Kalman Worch said the perfect word to describe Glickman is the word “mensch.” Glickman said that while his life of mitzvah may manifest itself in the form of allowing his company to be used as a pickup location for Israel Phones, he really wants to be known as someone who does mitzvahs every day. “You’ve got to be a mensch all day long,” he said. “It starts when you get up and ends when you go to bed.”

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Technology for Humanity

bridges the digital gap Andy Vass BY JESSICA NIKOLICH For Sun-Times Media


ndy Vass sees the key to improving a fragmented society resting in one object: the computer. The retail wholesaler-turned insurance broker realized it in the early 1980s when the economy was on the brink of change and then again in 1996 when the Internet world turned on its head. Way before smartphones and Google,Vass recognized a divide. The core family might come out fine. The broken families, the impoverished, the underserved? “Technology could be wonderful for humans on the planet or terrible,” he said. “It may separate people rather than bring them together.” Technology for Humanity — a charity spearheaded by Vass that he runs out of

his Northbrook home office — is his effort to bridge that digital gap with gently used computers, monitors, keyboards and printers. He collects five- to seven-year-old equipment from companies refurbishing their collection and adorns schools and computer labs most in need. He focuses on minority groups, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities. Vass said the desire to do good is tied to his upbringing. He was raised a Reform Jew and now attends a Glencoe congregation where social action is always stressed. His parents were both Holocaust survivors from Hungary, his father placed in Mauthausen and mother in Auschwitz. “People like me, the next generation of survivors … The need to fix things is there,” he said. “The progress of humanity: it’s always two steps forward, one step back.” It took time for the charity to catch on. Now, the pipeline has been cracked open enough on both ends where businesses looking to donate computers reach out to Vass, and those coming up short are aware of a resource. Re-

“The need to fix things is there... The progress of humanity: it’s always two steps forward, one step back.” ANDY VASS, Technology for Humanity

True Italian True Celebrations

Spread the love: Technology for Humanity, spearheaded by Andy Vass, collects gently used computers, keyboards and printers and gives them to organizations and people in need. | SUPPLIED PHOTO cently, in the span of two weeks, a Bronzeville computer lab received 15 computers and another 15 found a home in a north side Chicago school where kids — many of whom were special needs — hailed from all parts of the globe. Dry spells still crop up where two weeks can pass without the exchange of a single computer. “We need ten times the computers we can get,” said Vass, who wants to figure out a steadier monthly stream. “The bottom line is if a kid comes out of high school today and doesn’t have a computer or know how to use one, they’re screwed. But we’re also screwed.” If your company or organization is looking to donate equipment or would like to place a request to receive some, contact Vass at andy@, call (847) 9097500 or visit

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Wedding Receptions Bridal Showers Rehearsal Dinners Birthday Parties

1899 Second St. Highland Park, IL. 60035

Anniversary Parties

Private Parties Room(s) for 200 + people


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C H I C AG O ’ S






25 years ago choices for event entertainment were limited There were only two categories: 1) a band with a band leader, or 2) a DJ service (complete with a DJ, 2 turntables and a microphone). After years of stagnant outdated options, the Chicago entertainment industry saw some much needed changes. The early 1990’s brought the New York model to Chicago. This new format transformed the DJ into a charismatic Master of Ceremonies that acted as equal parts hype man, dance leader and program director on the floor. The DJ was then free to focus on delivering the

best beats for the party. Dancers were added to the mix to add to the hype, along with staging and nightclub lighting. Over time, iconic shtick was added: Line Dances (remember the original electric slide and the Macarena?), costuming (who could forget the sombrero for “Hot Hot Hot" and Rumba sleeves for Latin dance sets) and party favors (think big glasses, hats and maracas). This new format was interactive, designed as a catalyst to get the audience up and dancing. Personalities Inc., a Northbrook



12 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

based interactive entertainment group, founded in 1995, was at the epicenter of Chicago’s entertainment transformation. Since the mid-1990’s Personalities has added its own stylings and innovations to Chicago’s interactive entertainment business. Lou Loiben, founder and DJ/ MC of Personalities, has seen it all. For over twenty years, Loiben has brought his own innovative approach to parties. Blending the perfect balance of energy, humor and warmth to his events (all the while staying on top of new trends, and creating his own).


Loiben has worked in diverse environments, big and small.

He has worked with huge musical acts such as Journey at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and One Direction at a live Good Morning America interview in front of 5,000 screaming fans. Throughout his career, Loiben has a passion in performing for all types of audiences: “No matter the party, big or small, I am always in the moment and reacting to the guest’s energy. I roll with the punches to deliver the best entertainment I can.” THEIR CONCEPT IS SOMETHING THAT NO OTHER COMPANY HAS YET TO ACHIEVE. WITHOUT CONSTRAINTS AND WITH A WEALTH OF TALENT AND ENERGY, THE CHICAGO PARTY INDUSTRY WILL BE CHANGED AS WE KNOW IT.

Enter the creative mind of Personalities newest partner, Entertainment Specialist CJ Koenig.

Working with elite consultants from Miami to LA (including Larissa Goldenberg, whose budgets range anywhere from five thousand to over a million dollars). CJ, along with Wizz Kid were booked as an entertainment duo for 25,000 concertgoers at Milwaukee’s annual Summerfest celebration this past summer. It is no surprise that the entertainment industry is changing once again. The newest trend in Chicago’s interactive entertainment scene is having radio station DJ's and MC's for private events. This concept doesn’t always translate smoothly, however, because this type of DJ doesn’t always know how to orchestrate a party in an interactive style. Staying on the cusp of change, Personalities found a solution.

THE CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP OF CJ, WIZZ KID AND LOIBEN BRINGS A NEW ERA OF INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT TO CHICAGO. The three are working collaboratively to bring new faces to the company, retraining their staff, and incorporating brand new entertainment concepts to all of their events. Are you Ready, Chicago?! Author: Shaun Sperling Art Direction: Jeanie You/AFU Productions Photo Credits:Tell Draper



Loiben’s experience speaks volumes to the ever changing world of entertainment. “I’ve been

in the business for over 20 years learning every aspect of event production. From concept through completion. In this ever changing industry, learning never stops. I love that every day I go to work and learn something new while collaborating with the most talented artists around.”



Hailing from New York City, CJ is one of the original architects of the interactive entertainment concepts. CJ has built successful

dance studios in the North Shore, modeled and acted in Los Angeles, and was featured in Platinum Weddings on the WE Network. Over the last several years CJ has traveled the country producing award winning corporate shows and private events.

D J WI ZZ K I D WALT ER Wizz Kid is one of the most sought after party DJ’s in the country. Not only does Wizz Kid have

a deep knowledge of all musical formats and styles, but his skills as a turntablist are unsurpassed. Loiben states that “having a music producer on Walter’s level, in-house, is an invaluable asset. From designing the perfect Flash Mob mix (and after party-set) for the Purple Reign Show at The Chicago Theater, to all the custom proprietary audio and video tracks he creates for our events, Wizz Kid gives us an advantage over our competitors.” MITZVAH GUIDE 2013-2014 | 13

FEATURED HUMANITARIANS Advocacy: Julie Newman is membership and programming diretor for NCJW, the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Section. The organization’s three priorities this year are immigration reform, gun violence prevention/legislation and reproductive justice. | KARIE LUC ~ FOR SUN-TIMES MEDIA

National Council of Jewish A Women

Julie Newman BY KARIE LUC For Sun-Times Media

Karie Luc is in Northbrook with Julie Newman of the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Section.

strives for social justice and turns progressive ideals into action 14 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

s membership and programming director for the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Section in Wilmette, Julie Newman is used to putting others first. This includes her dog, Gizmo, a plush pup of a cockapoo who accompanied Newman to the interview on a crisp, fresh air day at Northbrook Village Green Park. There, Newman spoke of family, fellowship and the NCJW, a national organization. “It’s a progressive advocacy group,” said Newman, as Gizmo seemed content resting on the grass. “Our mis-

sion is to improve the lives of children, women and families by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.” The NCJW offers many programs with an advocacy goal. The three priorities this year are immigration reform, gun violence prevention/legislation and reproductive justice. “We are involved in trying to end human trafficking, a big national initiative this year as well,” Newman said. “It is a horrendous, worldwide issue.” Affordable, accessible health care is another priority, including independent and fair judiciary practices. “It’s a phenomenal group of people, and we’re all just working toward the same causes and issues that we feel are important,” Newman said. Volunteerism is a big piece. All ages are encouraged to participate where appropriate. Children entering the bar/bat mitzvah age are welcome to volunteer their time and/or select NCJW missives as mitzvah projects.

appeal to teens that enjoy working with children. In October, the organization holds an annual project, which literally touches the hands of parents and children in crisis, called Luggage for Freedom Pack and Delivery Day. “We pack and deliver backpacks and luggage to mothers and children filled with necessities to start out their new lives upon leaving domestic violence shelters,” Newman said. As a mitzvah project, this domestic shelter initiative has year-round need. Suitcases and backpacks always need new linens, toiletries, school supplies and other preferred items appealing to children and parents.

Placing an empty backpack or small suitcase in the center of a table at a bar or bat mitzvah celebration would be a stunning centerpiece, said Newman. “People who are leaving these shelters really have just gone through unbelievable trauma,” said Newman. “We hope that having them leave with a suitcase, in lieu of a plastic bag, with their belongings gives them a sense of dignity.” “So that would be a great project for a bar or bat mitzvah child and their family to participate in or to donate,” she continued. “It’s the idea that you could transform people’s lives.” Call (847) 853-8889. Email info@ncjwcns. org. Visit

“People who are leaving these shelters really have just gone through unbelievable trauma. And we hope that having them leave with a suitcase in lieu of a plastic bag with their belongings gives them a sense of dignity.” JULIE NEWMAN, National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore Section

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“They’re really just at the beginning of their journey,” said Newman, of the coming of age years. “It’s really the idea of helping others.” “A big message in Judaism is ‘Tukkum Olan,’ which is repairing the world, and it’s just about performing mitzvah and helping others,” Newman said. Newman and her husband, Brent, have one son, Daniel. Teens are encouraged to volunteer at the organization’s Encore & More thrift shop at 1107 Central Ave. in Wilmette. “Teens could absolutely help merchandise in the shop,” Newman said. “We always need help so that would be a great project.” A Highland Park childcare facility might


GOOD DEEDS DIRECTORY Local businesses help create your ideal mitzvah celebration A L’Amour Bridal

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entertainment, live music and preserved Etch-A-Sketch portraits by the World’s Fastest Etch A Sketch. Artist: Christoph Brown, The Amazing Etch Man. Category: Party Fun & Favors

Fancy Thattt

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(847) 624-3752 Professional quality video of bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings and special events at affordable pricing. Fully edited. Category: Video

Jewish Community Center of Chicago

5050 Church St. Skokie, IL 60077 (847) 675-2200 Dedicated to ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish community. Through education, recreational and cultural activities, JCC enriches the lives of individuals, families and communities. Category: Social & Educational Programs

Jewish United Fund/ Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Ben Gurion Way 30 S. Wells St.

Chicago, IL 60606 (312) 346-6700 The organization funds a vital network of agencies that act upon core Jewish values, including caring for people in need and sustaining the Jewish community. Category: Social & Educational Programs

Judith Joseph Studio

1215 Wendy Dr. Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) 204-4043 Art and calligraphy for weddings (ketubahs) and bar/bat mitzvahs. Invitation design; personalized kiddush cups, candle-sticks and hallah covers. Category: Invitations


A Rainbow of Hope for Individuals with Special Needs 3210 Dundee Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) 205-0274 The Sandy and Glenda Mason Keshet Administrative Office 617 Landwehr Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) 205-1234 Premier provider of educational, recreational, vocational and social programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Operating according to traditional Jewish values. Category: Social & Educational Programs

Marcello’s Father & Son Restaurants

Northbrook: 1911 Cherry Ln. Northbrook, IL 60062 Catering Office: (847) 201-3100 Restaurant: (847) 498-1500 Lincoln Park: 645 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60610 Bakery: (312) 654-2576 Catering Office: (312) 654-2550 Restaurant: (312) 654-2550 Logan Square: 2475 N. Milwaukee Ave.

North Suburban YMCA

2705 Techny Rd. Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) 272-7250 The NSYMCA offers a unique celebration for your guests. Parties can accommodate special requests including rental of the indoor pool, gymnasium or x-zone. Category: Party Fun & Favors

ORT America

The Claire and Bob Mazer Family Metropolitan Chicago Region Office 3701 Commercial Ave., Ste. 13 Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) 291-0475 www. Jewish organization committed to strengthening communities against all odds and obstacles. Category: Social & Educational Programs

Personalities, Inc.

3328 Commercial Ave. Northbrook, IL 60062 (847) A-PARTY-2 or (847) 272-7892 Personalities offers DJs, MCs and dancers that utilize a fusion of audio and video technology along with interactive concepts for special events: mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, birthdays and more. Personalities also features room up-lighting, custom backdrops and staging configurations, personalized CD giveaways, karaoke, game shows and corporate teambuilding. Category: Party Fun & Favors

Pinstripes, Inc.

Northbrook: (847) 480-7676 South Barrington: (847) 844-4810 Oak Brook: (630) 575-8744 Edina, MN: (952) 835-6437 Coming soon: Georgetown, D.C.: (202) 625-2800 A distinctive entertainment and event venue. Celebrate sophisticated fun in its warm and inviting 45,000-square-

foot indoor/outdoor facility. Complete with 18 bowling lanes, six bocce courts, exceptional Italian-American bistro and wine cellar. Outdoor patio/fireplace and beautifully appointed event/party rooms that can accommodate 20-600. Category: Banquet Hall & Restaurant

Robin Elliott’s Special Occasions

6740 W. Dempster St. Morton Grove, IL 60053 (847) 470-9400 www. Womens store featuring ladies formal wear, wedding attire, prom and bride dresses and beauty pageant gowns. Category: Retail


ORT Party Planning Showcase

Sunday, January 26, 2014 10:30AM-3:30PM Lincolnshire Marriott Resort FEATURING OVER 100 PARTY PLANNING PROFESSIONALS Open to the public ♦ Exhibitor contract deadline 12/27/2013 Call (847) 291.0475 for more information. ORT America is a Jewish organization committed to strengthening communities throughout the world by educating people against all odds and obstacles.

Stationery Station

610 Central Ave. Highland Park, IL 60035 (847) 432-3044 For more than 36 years, Stationery Station has offered a huge selection of invitations, stationery, gifts, party goods, wrap, ribbons and more. Its ongoing pledge is to inspire dedication, creativity and a desire to exceed your expectations. Category: Invitations


The Amazing Bottle Dancers

(800) 716-0556 Add a touch of tradition and excitement to your b’nai mitzvah or wedding. Category: Music & Entertainment

The Bank Band

(847) 274-8016 One of the best party and dance bands on the North Shore. The Bank Band plays concerts, parties and special events. Friend the band on Facebook. Category: Music & Entertainment

� �

Fall in Love with Fabulous

Teddie Kossof salonspa

281 Waukegan Rd. Northfield, IL 60093 (847) 446-9526 Teddie Kossof supports nonprofit organizations locally and nationwide. Visit for more information. Category: Salon

A L’Amour has an amazing collection of stunning dresses for Bat Mitzvah! You will LOVE the newest looks from Sherri Hill and our other top designers! Let us WOW you with our selection for both Mothers and Daughters as you prepare to celebrate this very special day. If you have a passion for fashion, you will love what you find.

A L’Amour.... Dressing Dreams for 23 Years!

Check for a map, directions, hours & events.

236 W. Northwest Hwy, Barrington 847-381-5858

Closed Tuesdays and Sundays

MITZVAH GUIDE 2013-2014 | 17


Chicago, IL 60647 Restaurant: (773) 252-2620 Three restaurants, party rooms, an onsite-bakery and a full service offpremises catering and event team offer flavor, convenience, value and options. Category: Banquet Hall & Restaurant


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Repairing the world one good deed at a time

A Safe Place provides shelter, court advocacy, referrals and counseling programs for victims of domestic violence. (Children, Domestic Violence, Housing and Shelter, Women), 847-249-5147. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is a 617-bed teaching, research and referral hospital and a Level 1 trauma center. It is home to Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital, the only children’s hospital in the greater north and northwest suburban region. (Adults, Children, Health, People with Special Needs) www., 847-723-6105. American Cancer Society (ACS) is looking for volunteers to drive cancer patients to their chemotherapy and radiation appointments. The ACS is

also seeking cancer survivors to provide support to those currently facing a diagnosis. (Adults, Health, People with Special Needs), 847328-5147.

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) alleviates poverty, hunger and disease among the people regardless of race, religion or nationality. (Health, Housing and Shelter, Nourishment, Poverty) www., 800-889-7146. American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) serves as the overseas arm of the American-Jewish community. JDC sponsors programs of relief, rescue and renewal and helps Israel address its urgent social challenges. JDC is committed to the idea that all Jews are responsible for one another. (Israel and Other Jewish Communities Abroad)

ARK provides opportunities for Jews to volunteer and perform mitzvahs (good deeds). ARK delivers medical, social welfare, legal and similar human services in the spirit of tzedakah (charitable acts) and chesed (loving-kindness). (Adult, Children, Community Resources, Elderly, Families, Health, Housing and Shelter, Jewish Community in Chicago, Nourishment), 773-943-1000.

information for people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. (Adults, Community Resources, Families, Health, People with Special Needs), 847-509-9595.

CENTER for Enriched Living serves people with developmental disabilities or special needs. (Young Adults, People with Special Needs, Recreation) www., 847-9487001.

CASA (National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association) supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in safe, permanent homes. (Children) www., 847-808-9154.

Chai Lifeline offers comprehensive services to address the needs of children suffering from serious illness and their families. (Children, Health, Jewish Community in Chicago) midwest, 847-763-1818.

Cancer Wellness Center provides free supportive services and health

Chicago Action for Jews in the Former Soviet Union is dedicated to the


A New Generation of Parties


Don’t Delay! Plan your Party Now! BOOK YOUR EVENT BY DECEMBER 31, 2013 AND RECIEVE A FREE IPAD! 2855 N. Milwaukee Avenue Northbrook, IL 60062 847.509.7010 | 18 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

Chicago Botanic Gardens promotes the enjoyment, understanding and conservation of plants and the natural world. Volunteers monitor butterflies, plant annuals and help in classrooms and the Café. (Environment), 847-433-0144. Chicago Christian Industrial League provides clothing, shelter, counseling, training, life skills and affordable housing opportunities for the homeless. (Adults, Children, Housing and Shelter), 312-421-0588. Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired provides education, clinical vocational and rehabilitative services for children, youth and adults who are blind or visually impaired including deaf-blind and multi-disabled. (People with Special Needs), 312-666-1331. Chicago Public Library’s Talking Book Center (TBC) provides Chicago residents with visual or physical impairments a free library program for the Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The TBC provides specially designed equipment to residents who are unable or have difficulty reading standard print materials. (People with Special Needs) www., 312-747-4001. Children’s Memorial Hospital is Illinois’s only freestanding hospital exclusively for kids. Volunteer opportunities are available in many programs. (Children, Health, People with Special Needs), 773-880-4000. Children’s Research Triangle (CRT) improves life for children with special needs or those who are at risk for developmental, behavioral, psychological or educational problems. In addition to clinical services, Camp SOAR (Special

Outdoor Adaptive Recreation) is a weeklong overnight camp for children with extensive cognitive or physical special needs, including those who require total care. (Children, People with Special Needs, Recreation), 312-726-4011.

are blind or visually impaired so that their lives can be healthy, dignified and stimulating. (Housing and Shelter, People with Special Needs) www., 773989-9800.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life (COEJL) helps Jews make a connection between Judaism and the environment. (Environment) www.coejl. org, 212-532-7436.

Ginkgo Organic Gardens grows, using organic methods, approximately 1,000 pounds of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers each year and donates them to Uptown-area nonprofit organizations. (Environment, Nourishment) www.

Council for Jewish Elderly (CJE), through its commitment to Jewish communal values, provides communitybased and residential programs and services for older adults and their families. (Community Resources, Elderly, Health, Housing and Shelter, Jewish Community in Chicago, Recreation), 847-929-3064.

Glenview Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers compassionate skilled nursing, rehabilitative, Alzheimer’s and respite care. (Animals, Elderly, Health, Jewish Community in Chicago), 847-729-9090.

Direct Relief International provides medical assistance to improve life for people victimized by poverty, disaster and civil unrest at home and throughout the world. (Health), 805-964-4767. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries. (Health) www.doctorswithoutborders. org, 212-679-6800. Emily Dorfman Foundation for Children raises fund to support those who will find cures and provide needed supportive services for seriously ill children. Miles for Smiles is its annual fundraiser. (Children, Health) www.emilydorfman. org/miles, 847-291-3690. Ezra Multi-Service Center secures resources that keep community residents from falling through the cracks and promotes active participation in community affairs through linkages to other organizations. (Adults, Community Resources, Families, Nourishment, Poverty), 773-275-0866. Friedman Place provides housing and supportive services to people who

Greater Chicago Food Depository, a food distribution and training center, provides food for hungry people while striving to end hunger. (Nourishment, Poverty), 773-247-3663. Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent, affordable housing for people in need. (Housing and Shelter) www., 847-623-1020. Heifer International works with communities to end hunger and poverty as well as to care for the earth. The goal of every Heifer project is sustainability and project partners achieving self-reliance. People create an expanded network of hope, dignity and self-reliance when they share their animals’ offspring — along with their knowledge, resources and skills — with others. (Animals, Families, Nourishment, Poverty) www., 800-422-0474. Inspiration Corporation (the Inspiration Café and the Living Room Café) helps people who affected by homelessness and poverty to increase self-sufficiency. (Community Resources, Nourishment), 773-878-0981. International Center on Deafness and the Arts (ICODA) provides access to educational resources and professional

arts opportunities to children who are deaf and hard of hearing. (Arts, Children, People with Special Needs) www., 847-509-8260.

International Rescue Committee serves refugees and communities victimized by oppression or violent conflict worldwide. The IRC is committed to freedom, human dignity and selfreliance. This commitment is expressed in emergency relief, protection of human rights, post-conflict development, resettlement assistance and advocacy. (Health, Housing and Shelter, Nourishment, Poverty), 212-551-3000. Jewish Big Sisters assistis Jewish girls ages 9-18 with special social needs. (Children, Recreation), 773-764-4759. Jewish Child & Family Services offers therapeutic, educational and preventative programs and fosters personal growth and dignity in individuals, couples and families. (Children, Community Resources, Families, Health, Housing and Shelter, Jewish Community in Chicago, People with Special Needs), 312-357-4800. Jewish Council on Urban Affairs combats poverty, racism and anti-semitism. Guided by prophetic Jewish principles, JCUA pursues social and economic justice by promoting a vision of empowering communities from within. (Jewish Community in Chicago, Poverty) www., 312-663-0960. Jewish Funds for Justice invests in healthy neighborhoods, vibrant Jewish communities and skillful leaders. (Jewish Community), 212-213-2113. JUF TOV: The Tikkun Olam Volunteer (TOV) Network places members of the Jewish community with Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation affiliated agencies and community service projects, in accordance with tikkun olam — the Jewish concept of repairing the world one good deed at a time. (Other) www., 312-357-4762. SEE VOLUNTEER, PAGE 20 MITZVAH GUIDE 2013-2014 | 19


sustenance and security of the Jews in the third largest Jewish community in the world. (Israel and other Jewish Communities Abroad) www.chicagoaction. org, 847-433-0144.


Looking for a Special Mitzvah Project? Keshet’s Kesh shet’s goal sh g l is goa to enable children with disabilities to participate as fully as possible in the mainstream of community life. You can ca help help by b teaming team amin ing up with wit w ith it h Keshet K for the following volunteer opportunities: Sunday School, Buddy Baseball, Buddy Bowling, Special Olympics, or…give us a call, hear what Keshet is all about, and we will work with you to create a unique project of your very own!

For more information, please call (847) 205-1234 or visit



JUF Uptown Café is Chicago’s first kosher anti-huger program for the needy. In addition to providing hot meals in a restaurant-style setting, the program brings dignity and hope to people in need. (Nourishment) uptown_cafe.aspx, 773-275-0866. Jewish Women International (JWI) finds and heals victims of abuse and break the cycle of violence in Jewish relationships and homes. (Children, Domestic Violence, Women) www.jwi. org, 847-373-3535. Kagan Home for the Blind provides a home and therapy to the blind and visually impaired citizens who are unable to live independently. (Elderly, People with Special Needs) www.kaganhome. org, 773-478-7040. Kids Can Free the Children: To help free children from poverty and exploitation, Free The Children implements four specific Education for All Children programs: education, alternative income, health care, water and sanitation and peace building. (Children, Health, Poverty), 416-925-5894. Lake County Forest Preserves preserves a dynamic and unique system of diverse natural and cultural resources. Every weekend, volunteers are needed for land management, brush cleaning, seed collection and planting, weed control, tree planting and other projects. (Environment), 847-968-3329. LifeSource, Chicagoland’s Blood Center supplies blood and blood products to 94 percent of Chicago’s hospitals. (Health), 847-298-9660. Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. (Children, Families, Health, People with Special Needs) Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago searches for the best and most reason-

20 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

ably priced Kosher products. Products are packed and delivered at Pesach and Rosh Hashana. (Jewish Community in Chicago, Nourishment) www., 847-674-3224.

NA’AMAT, Hebrew acronym for “Movement of Working Women and Volunteers,” strives to enhance the quality of life for women, children and families in Israel, the United States and around the world. (Children, Israel and other Jewish Communities Abroad, Jewish Community in Chicago, Women) www., 847-675-7275. National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) takes a progressive stance on issues such as child welfare, women’s rights and reproductive freedom. (Children, Jewish Community in Chicago, Women), 847-853-8889. Night Ministry serves homeless, runaway youth, working poor adults, uninsured and underinsured individuals seeking medical assistance, children who are unsupervised and need a place to gather in safety and others who have fallen through the cracks. (Housing and Shelter, Youth) www.thenightministry. org, 773-784-9000. North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ) was founded with four mandates: to help Ethiopian Jews survive in Ethiopia, to assist them in reaching Israel, to aid in their absorption in Israel and to help preserve their unique and ancient culture. (Israel and Other Jewish Communities Abroad), 212-233-5200. Northfield Township Food Pantry is sustained entirely by local individuals, community organizations, schools and churches that generously donate canned food, food certificates and/or funds. (Families, Nourishment) www., 847-724-8300. OneFamily provides direct financial, legal and emotional assistance to victims of terrorism in Israel. (Israel and other Jewish Communities Abroad) www., 866-913-2645.

Palliative Care Center and Hospice Center of the North Shore promotes independence, wellness, comfort and quality of life for the ill, aging and dying. (Elderly, Health) www.carecenter. org, 847-467-7423. Project Hamotzi, at Beth Emet Synagogue, combats hunger and poverty. Activities include a weekly soup kitchen, annual High Holy Day food drive, food stamp application program, Council of Jewish Elderly Shabbat lunch and Interfaith CROP Walk Against Hunger, as well as educational workshops and advocacy programs. (Nourishment, Poverty) www., 847-869-4230. Project Linus supplies handmade security blankets to comfort children

who are critically ill, traumatized or otherwise in need. (Children, Health) www., 847-498-3959.

Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism (RAC) educates and mobilizes the American Jewish community on legislative and social concerns, advocating on issues from economic justice to civil rights to religious liberty to Israel. (Legal), 202-387-2800. Response Center’s supports adolescents and their families in the Jewish and general community by providing prevention, outreach, counseling and medical services in a teen-friendly environment. (Health, Youth) www., 847-676-0078. REST (Residents for Effective Shelter Transitions) provides safe, quality, permanent and emergency housing options and supportive social services. (Adults, Community Resource Center, Housing and Shelter, Nourishment) www.restweb. org, 773-784-0909.

Ronald McDonald House is a temporary respite near a medical facility where family members can sleep, eat, relax and find support. (Children, Health, Housing and Shelter, Nourishment), 773-784-0909. Sarah’s Circle offers welcoming, safe refuge for women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. (Nourishment, Community Resource Center, Women), 773-728-1991. Save-A-Pet is a no-kill animal shelter dedicated to finding loving, quality homes. (Animals), 800-728-3273. Shalva provides services to help victims and survivors of domestic abuse in the Jewish community. Free, confidential clinical services include 24-hour help line, individual and group counseling, legal information, referral services and rabbinical court support. (Domestic Violence, Women) 773-583-4673.

Soles 4 Soul impacts lives with the gift of shoes. (Adults, Children, Poverty), 866-521-7463. Special Olympics empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. (Children, People with Special needs, Sports) index.php, 847-478-0935. United Power for Action and Justice provides training and development opportunities for the current and emerging generation of leaders. The organization seeks to build power systematically and wield power effectively. This power — the ability to act — enables the institutions to operate with more impact and success with other power figures and power institutions in the private and public sectors. (Children, Health, Housing and Shelter) SEE VOLUNTEER, PAGE 22

Sweet Treats for your next event! Order our “Famous Blizzards” for your dessert table or really impress your guests with a “Make Your Own Sundae Bar” including nine greatt toppings to choose from! Call ED for more information

847-498-2571 2770 Dundee Road Northbrook, IL

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PADS of Lake County (Public Action to Deliver Shelter and Supportive Services) provides emergency shelter, permanent housing and services to those experiencing homelessness. (Adults, Community Resource Center, Housing and Shelter, Nourishment), 847-689-4357.


Art education, community connection for youth through the Evanston Art Center BY WENDY ALTSCHULER For Sun-Times Media


ounded in 1929 by civic and cultural leaders, namely Alice C. Riley, the Evanston Art Center (EAC) has been supporting diverse artists and enriching the community for more than 80 years, which makes it one of the oldest and most accessible art centers in Illinois. Beyond teaching, public lectures and art exhibition endeavors, the EAC, a nonprofit organization located right on the lake at 2603 Sheridan Road in Evanston, is also involved in various outreach initiatives. “Our ArtReach program served the community at Evanston’s Family Focus for a number of years,” said Norah Diedrich, executive director at Evanston Art Center. Family Focus is an advocacy


organization that offers education, mentorship, social activities and support services to lowincome families. “Our community outreach is a priority, and the Evanston Art Center will continue to provide high-level afterschool programs and visiting artist opportunities,” said Diedrich. Offering complimentary arts activities, the EAC participates in neighborhood events such as: Ethnic Arts Fair, Fountain Square Arts Festival, Citizens for a Greener Evanston Weekend and a weekend-long celebration of street arts and hip-hop. Recent programs where kids had the opportunity to get involved include: High School Week, a program that allowed kids to build their artistic portfolio in an intensive one-week studio experience at the end of the school year, and Evanston Public Library Collaboration, a summer initiative that promoted visual literacy and helped kids to become better readers. “This past summer the Evanston Art Center offered several new classes for itsYouth Arts Camp,” said Diedrich. “Classes like Mathematics in Art, Toy Making and Architecture were over-subscribed. These classes ran alongside the usual favorites of Gaming, Observational Drawing and Fashion Design. It was such a joy to visit these classrooms and observe how creative these young


West Deerfield Township operates a year-round food pantry for needy residents. (Families, Nourishment), 847-945-0614. WINGS (Women in Need growing Stronger) helps homeless and abused women and children by offering shelter, education, guidance and support. 22 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

(Children, Domestic Violence, Housing and Shelter, Women), 847-577-4668.

Women’s Residential Services (WRS) is a residential treatment program for chemically dependent women and their children. Mothers and children live together and receive treatment jointly for the family disease of chemical

DYI art: ArtReach serves more than 500 children in the after-school child care program. | SUPPLIED PHOTO artists are at such an early age, especially knowing that recent research tells us early exposure to the arts translates into a enjoying the arts as an adult.” “Over the course of the Evanston Art Center’s history, many free programs and projects have been provided to public schools and community organizations throughout the communities we serve,” said Diedrich. Needs-based scholarships are given to youth each session. EAC allows free access to all galleries and is open to the public every day of the week. Arts administration internships are also offered to kids through Evanston’sYouth Job Center-a career training, placement and support center for young adults. Diedrich goes on to say that for many young adults, the arts increase self-esteem, self-expression and a feeling of accomplishment. “Young creative minds are nourished and challenged at the Evanston Art Center with classes in various mediums taught by an experienced faculty of teaching artists,” Diedrich said. For more information on how to better the world by making art a part of your life, visit

dependency. Individualized treatment focuses on two main areas: developing a chemical-free lifestyle and improving parenting skills. (Children, Housing and Shelter, Women) health/bhs/SubstanceAbuse/wrs.asp 847-377-7950.

Yad Sarah, the largest voluntary organization in Israel, provides free or nominal-cost services for sick, disabled and elderly people and their families. (Elderly, Health, Israel and

other Jewish Communities Abroad, People with Special Needs) www., 212-223-7758.

Youth Services of Glenview and Northbrook promotes positive mental health for young people by aiming at prevention and/or intervention in all types of environmental stress and juvenile delinquency. (Youth) www., 847-724-2620. Courtesy of

When You Have a Party at the Y,

It’s Your Mitzvah.

The North Suburban Y delivers the parties that make the whole family happy! The perfect setting for all small and large events: mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate trainings …and much more! Elegant Parties Planned by a

Beautifully Renovated Public Spaces

Professional Party Planner

Outdoor Party Tents

Large Indoor Event Rooms

Free & Ample Parking

80,000 square feet facility

Affordable Party Packages

Contact Dawn Dillon to plan your special event. 847. 272. 7250

NORTH SUBURBAN YMCA 2705 Techny Road Northbrook, IL 60062 847. 272. 7250 MITZVAH GUIDE 2013-2014 | 23

24 | 2013-2014 MITZVAH GUIDE

Mitzvah Guide 2013  

The purpose of this Mitzvah Guide is to honor awareness about the wealth of charitable organizations welcoming bat/bar mitzvah families. A g...

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