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January 2017 1

Ashford Lodge Private Nursing Home

1 Gregory Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8AE Telephone and Fax: 0115 930 7650 A friendly and inviting atmosphere ensures that all our residents feel at home. The highest standard of nursing care and attention is provided twenty-four hours a day. Derbyshire Premier Quality Nursing Home. We use Derbyshire County Council banded rates. ‘QUALITY CARE FOR THE ELDERLY’

Graham Greenhalgh Gas Services 226024

Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer

GAS INSTALLATIONS, SERVICING and REPAIRS Domestic Gas Boilers, Cookers and Fires Safety checks and Landlords Certificates Competitive Rates – Free Quotations Ring Graham Mobile 07927 181611 Or 0115 930 3990 2

Who’s who at St. Mary’s……. Vicar:


Rev. Michael Petitt St. Mary’s Vicarage, 63B Manners Road, Ilkeston. DE7 5HB

Tel: 932 8540

Andrea Swarbrick, Tel: 932 6523 7 Drummond Rd, Ilkeston email: John Puxty Tel: 930 1601 32 Summerfield Way, Shipley View email:


Peter Hodson Mary Hawkins

Tel: 932 2974 Tel: 854 2634


Sue Attenborough

Tel: 930 4140

Cantelupe Centre: James New Tel: 932 1329 email: Contact Magazine Editor: Stella Petitt Tel: 932 8540 St. Mary’s Vicarage (see above) email: Archivist:

Trevor Beighton Tel: 932 0480 email:

Website: 3

Letter from our Reader, John… Dear Friends I begin by wishing you all a happy and peaceful New Year. I write this as preparations for Christmas are still going on but, of course, by the time Christmas arrives there is just one week left of the ‘old’ year. At this time we reflect on the events of the last twelve months, joys and sadnesses, and we look forward to the New Year with both expectation and trepidation. For me there have been the joys of the birth of my second grandchild and meeting my cousin in Canada for the first time. You will no doubt have had joys in your lives during the year but also causes of sorrow; maybe the loss of a loved one or difficult circumstances to contend with. It has been a strange year in some respects, the result of the EU referendum, the American presidential election result and, on a less serious note(?) Leicester City Football Club winning the Premiership! And then there are all those areas in the world where deadly conflict seems to have continued undiminished, families being driven out of their homes and so much cruelty and bloodshed. The weeks before Christmas are marked by the season of Advent. Advent is a time of waiting, watching, preparing, looking forward. In our imaginations we go back to a time before Jesus was born and try to capture something of what the anticipation of the Messiah who was to come would have meant. Alongside of this there are all those lovely Advent readings from Isaiah – here are two examples: ‘They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.’ (2.4)


‘The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child will lead them.’ 11.6 Are these just what we would call ‘pipedreams’? We celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace and we have to believe that peace will come to our troubled world. For me, for Christ to be ‘born in us today’ must make us agents of that peace. We cannot solve all the problems of the world but we can through our lives of love, faith and prayer bring that peace into the areas of our lives where we live and meet with people. As we go into the New Year let us trust God with the future and continue to pray for the needs of the world but also be prepared, each in our own unique way, to be a witness to the presence of Christ in our world – which is after all what the season of Epiphany is about. Every blessing to you and all your loved ones

John Puxty

Some tips for your relationships in the year ahead... It is what we do with our solitude that makes us fit for company. CS Lewis Friendship flourishes at the fountain of forgiveness. - William A Ward There is nothing stronger than gentleness. Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind. Speak your kind words soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. 5

Ilkeston Sewing Centre Market Street, Ilkeston

Janome Main Agent

Tel/Fax 0115 9307664 New & Used Sewing Machines Repairs, Servicing & Accessories Ironing Presses, Tapestry Kits, Wools & Silks Buttons, Zips, Dyes, Patterns, Fur Fabric

Plus Loads Loads More 6

January dates for your diary‌ (in addition to the regular Sunday & Wednesday Services)


JC Club meets during the 10am Service



IACT meeting in the Cantelupe Centre at 7pm


PCC Meeting at 7.30pm in the Cantelupe Centre


Presentation of Christ at the Temple

IT picnic Looking over the log-book kept by the computer support staff at my office, I noticed several entries stating the problem was PICNIC. I asked one of the technicians what PICNIC meant. He laughed as he told me it meant "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer." 7

From the registers….. Sunday 27th November Bobby Smith

Funerals Wednesday 14th December Derek Little

(Service taken by Rev Geoffrey Halliday)

Thursday 22nd December Alan Mundell (Service taken by Rev Geoffrey Halliday)

We were very sad to have had the funerals in December of two well known people at St Mary’s, Derek Little and Alan Mumdell. Although neither were regular members of the congregation themselves, their wives, Ceril and Joan, are. They were, however, both great supporters ‘from the sidelines’ and we will miss them. We send our love to both Ceril and Joan and remember them in our prayers in these very difficult months.


St Mary’s Fellowship Group Our December meeting turned out to be a very small gathering as many of those who would normally come along were either booked to do other things or were away on holiday and we were also very sad to know that Alan Mundell had passed away just a couple of days before. The group had a long chat followed by Janet Reeve playing some wonderful carols on her piano accordion. There were cheese nibbles, chocolate cakes, provided by Janet, and Andrea had provided some delicious cupcakes as a special treat. We all probably ate more than we should but enjoyed it! It has been decided that we will not meet in January as the weather is usually not good and puts people off coming. We will then discuss the future of the group, as the numbers remain very small. Thank you to all those who have come along throughout the past nine months while Andrea and I have been organising the afternoon get-togethers.

Stella Petitt & Andrea Swarbrick

Talking about the weather…. some silly Weather Jokes… Q. Have you heard about the avalanche warning? A. It says avalanches are snow place to be. Q. Why did she break up with the meteorologist? A. It was a stormy relationship from the start. Q. What did you think about your date with the snowman? A. Chilly personality; really an absolute zero. 9

The JC Club A huge thank you to Sue Baker who has continued to offer a JC Club once a month during the whole of 2016. It is very important to have a JC Club to offer to people and we congratulate Imogen who hasn’t missed one – even when she wasn’t too well! Sue has said that she is willing to carry on providing JC Club on the first Sunday of each month in 2017.

G.T.EDWARDS (ILKESTON) LIMITED FUNERAL DIRECTORS Incorporating S. Trueman An independent family owned business since 1936


(0115) 9325469 PERFECT CHOICE PREPAID FUNERAL PLANS 126, Nottingham Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5NW 10

Petals Flowers Beautiful blooms for all occasions Fully qualified florists 60 years combined experience Wide selection of gifts All budgets catered for All major credit cards accepted

131 Bath Street, Ilkeston DE7 8FF

Tel: 0115 932 9368

RM Plastering Domestic/Commercial/Restoration New plastering, Renovations Covering Derby and Nottingham areas. All aspects. Free quotes.

Tel 07863 274363 Tel 0115 808 9458 Email.

NVQ/City and Guilds Trained Challenge It was the beginning of term at a primary school. The teacher asked the children their names one at a time, and for each to spell their name out loud. When she came to a young boy and asked his name..... ‘Ravashanka Vankatarataam Bannerjee,’ he replied. ‘Ah - how do you spell that?’ gulped the teacher. ‘I don’t,’ said the little boy, ‘but my mother can.’ 11

ADRIANNE Bed & Breakfast 6 Nesfield Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8AY Quiet/Central Location En-suite Rooms - Ample Off-road Parking Free Fibre Broadband Wifi - 32” Flat Screen TVs To make your booking:Contact: Annie Tel: 0115 930 8596 Mob: 07749218025 Email:

George Moulds Painter and Decorator 07939572339 / 01159303609 45 whitworth road ilkeston derby

George Moulds Decorating NVQ Level 3 Qualified Professional

Cantelupe Centre Rooms for Hire Groups – Clubs Ring the Centre on 932 1329 for more information (email – 12

BOOK REVIEW by Franklin Bishop THE INVISIBLE MAN by H. G. Wells I was and still am a great fan of the science fiction novels by H. G. Wells and 'The Invisible Man' is now more topical than ever in our generation. I read it as a young schoolboy and was thrilled by the adventures of the 'invisible man' and when I say 'thrilled' the sheer pace of the story in which an inventor manages to make himself invisible simply makes you want to read it in one go. The possibility of becoming invisible would to most of us seem a wonderful opportunity for all kinds of activities but in this tale the burden of being invisible becomes a terrible attribute and the invisible man meets with the very worst aspects of human nature and is shunned by everyone and cruelly treated as he journeys across the country seeking solace. One can only feel for him. The tale has even more relevance to the world in which we live today when many humans become 'invisible' to others often because they are homeless, or a refugee from a war torn country or they are not treated as human beings by totalitarian regimes. How often do we ignore beggars as we walk the high streets when shopping? We think nothing of spending considerable amounts of money in a coffee shop just to satisfy our ego whilst ignoring a homeless person in the street asking for money. In effect the unfortunate in our society become 'invisible' to the rest of us with money to spend particularly at Christmas. The character in 'The Invisible Man' suffers the fate of many people who often due to unforeseen circumstances find themselves no longer a part of the 'consumer society' and become invisible to us. It is a moral tale and never more pertinent than in the world today. 13

Well done… Garth Newton produced a lovely Calendar this year, of local beauty spots, in aid of the Cantelupe Centre Roof Appeal. At the time of going to press this had raised in the region of £110 and a few more calendars had been requested… Also…. Janet Reeve put together a book of her Advent and Christmas poems which were also sold for the Roof Appeal. This raised another excellent £150! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who bought one, or both, of these items. There is an update on the Appeal in general from Helen Crisp on page 17. If God does not exist An outspoken atheist went on a tour of a local monastery during his vacation. 

At the end of the tour, he remarked sarcastically to the monk who had been his guide, “Imagine, if God doesn’t exist - and I believe He doesn’t - you will have wasted your whole life here in this place.” 

The monk replied: “If I am wrong, I shall have wasted only 60 to 80 years. But if you are wrong, you will waste eternity.” 


Best wishes….

John Sears

All at St Mary’s Church would like to send our love and very best wishes to our organist, John Sears, who was struck down with a stroke at the J26 Concert at the end of November. He was taken to the Nottingham City Stroke Unit and spent several days there before being sent home. He is now recovering well but still has some way to go. Please remember John and his wife Barbara in your prayers. Thanks go to Ruth Bedford and Ian Massey for playing the organ for us at the services at short notice – we are very grateful to them both.

Financial situation... (Can’t believe this was a quote from 55BC!) ‘The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.’ Cicero - 55 BC

Muesli My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in. 15

We, three kings? Canon David Winter considers the role of the Magi They’re there in most Nativity plays, resplendent in regal gowns and cardboard crowns, carrying their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Actually, the Church celebrates the coming of these exotic people to the stable at Bethlehem not at Christmas but now, in January, in a season called ‘Epiphany’. The word means ‘revealing’, and it reminds us that the Saviour was a gift to the whole world – even Gentiles from ‘the East’ were welcome at His coming. The story of the Wise Men, as we usually call them (but more accurately the Magi), is a ‘revealing’ – the ‘new king’ was to be the Saviour of the world, ‘good news for all people’, as the angels proclaimed to the shepherds. The name ‘Magi’ should alert us to their true role. They were ‘wise’ in the sense that they knew and studied the stars, but their primary trade was fortune-telling. ‘Magi’ is the root of our word ‘magic’, and people like them held the ancient world in thrall to their predictions. In the Greek and Roman world of the time no major decision would be made without their sanction. Think of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the superstitious fear that dominated people’s lives. Yet when these powerful representatives of the world of magic, portent and fear came to the stable, they prostrated themselves before the infant Jesus, as they gave Him their gifts. Thus, as the first Christians saw it, the old world of fear and superstition gave way to the new world of love, grace and faith. That was the ‘revealing’ that we celebrate in Epiphany – not some elderly men bringing gifts to a baby, but a baby bringing to the world the greatest gift of all, a Saviour. 16


£20,000.00 by the end of this year. This is a tremendous achievement in quite a short space of time – if you remember - the launch date was the 30th July – so in 5 months we have reached this amazing figure. This is due to a huge effort, with people from all over the place helping us, either by donation, raising money for us, or helping out at the many events we have held. We have worked hard (VERY hard at times – Cream Teas immediately spring to mind!), we have had fun and… most importantly… we have the strength to carry on! £20,000.00 is great but it is only ONE THIRD of our target figure of £60,000.00, so lots to do still.

Once again, very many thanks to everyone for their efforts so far and please STICK WITH US !!! WE NEED YOU !!! May we wish everyone a Happy New Year. Here’s to a very successful fundraising 2017!

Helen Crisp 17

Crossword for January… NIV version of the Bible used - Answers - p27

Across 1 Protective covering recommended to the Ephesians (Ephesians 6:11) (6) 4 The number of apostles (Matthew 10:2) (6) 8 Tenth-century Bishop of Augsberg for 48 years, who became the first saint to be canonized by a pope (5) 9 ‘Do not — what is evil but what is good’ (3 John 11) (7) 10 Reading desk in a church (7) 11 ‘He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like — walking around”’ (Mark 8:24) (5) 12 One of the qualities that Paul exhorted Timothy to pursue (1 Timothy 6:11) (9) 17 One of the meaningless pleasures acquired by the Teacher (Ecclesiastes 2:8) (5) 18

19 ‘Like — babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation’ (1 Peter 2:2) (7) 21 Jesus said that Moses allowed this only because men’s hearts were hard (Matthew 19:8) (7) 22 Girl’s name (5) 23 Most sagacious (Judges 5:29) (6) 24 How Stephen, the first Christian martyr, died: after being — (Acts 7:59) (6) Down 1 A Jew whom Paul met in Corinth, whose wife was Priscilla (Acts 18:2) (6) 2 For example, turning water into wine, feeding the five thousand, walking on water (John 7:21) (7) 3 Abram’s relationship to Lot (Genesis 14:12) (5) 5 ‘Jesus answered, “It is —: ‘Man does not live by bread alone.’”’ (Matthew 4:4) (7) 6 ‘Peace I — with you; my peace I give you’ (John 14:27) (5) 7 ‘May the Lord deal with me, be it — — severely, if anything but death separates you and me’ (Ruth 1:17) (4,2) 9 Lack of knowledge (Acts 17:30) (9) 13 This woman ‘followed Paul and believed’ after his words to the Areopagus in Athens (Acts 17:34) (7) 14 Or noise (anag.) (7) 15 ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the — of death, I will fear no evil’ (Psalm 23:4) (6) 16 ‘ — Christian soldiers, marching as to war’ (6) 18 Saver (anag.) (5) 20 ‘Unless a grain of — falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed’ (John 12:24) (5)

I know where I am. I've been lost here before. 19

Nathalan - an early farmer in Scotland remembered on 8th of January Many saints have fed the poor, but not many were interested in actual food production. Nathalan (died c.678) was, so perhaps he might be the patron saint of anyone who produces food – and gives most of it away to those in need. Scotland in the 7th century must have been a hungry place, especially as far north as the Aberdeen district. According to his Legend in the Aberdeen breviary, he was a nobleman who decided to cultivate his land as a way of serving God. He wanted to feed the people in times of famine. It is not known what food he managed to grow so far north, but Nathalan was well-loved for providing what he could.


Beattie Moulds Accountants and Registered Auditor Accounts Preparation, Taxation, Business advice, Payroll, VAT, Book Keeping 20 Burns Street Ilkeston Derbyshire DE7 8AA

Tel: 0115 944 4190

MARTIN OGDEN BUTCHERS Ltd Locally farmed, Traditional Beef, Pork & Lamb    

Dry Cured Home Cured Bacon Hand made Sausages Home made Curries Cooked Meats

Serving Ilkeston since 1979 61 South Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire Telephone: 0115 932 5341 21

New Year Prayer 2017 Lord of the Years, At the start of this New Year we ask for your presence, protection and guidance for every minute of every day of every month ahead. Thank you that we do not go into this New Year alone. Thank you for loving us so much that you gave us Jesus to lead us to you. May we commit ourselves afresh to serve you, to love you and to share your love with those who don’t yet know you. May we make a difference for your Kingdom in 2017. In Jesus name. Amen By Daphne Kitching

Franklin has provided this cartoon from his book published in 2006 entitled ‘The Cartoonist's bible - An essential reference for the practising artist’ by Franklin Bishop published by Search Press.


For the Children……


A very successful evening !!! Friday November 25th was a really good evening… The Ilkeston Christmas Lights were being switched on in the Market Place and there were fairground rides outside the church. But also… The church was open and full of activity. Mary Hawkins had organised Christmas bauble decorating for the children and there was an ecumenical group of singers, accompanied by Ruth Bedford on the organ, who sang lots of traditional carols. There was a raffle and leaflets about our Christmas services to give out. The Christmas bauble decorating raise £53. There was also a gazebo set up outside the church to house our friends from the various other Ilkeston Area Churches and their information. 24

The Cantelupe Centre was open too‌ There was tea, coffee and squash, mince pies and cakes on sale. Both kitchens were used as it was very busy. There were stalls, including Pot Luck Gift Boxes. Even our MP Maggie Throup paid us a visit. The money raised was, of course, for the Roof Appeal and Helen and her helpers worked extremely hard all day as they had their ordinary work to do and then had to prepare for the evening! A marvellous £500 was raised. Thank you to everyone who helped Helen, including our church members and others from the Arena church who also helped.


TELEPHONE Ilkeston (0115) 932 1431


We aim to provide quality legal services to the local community in a friendly and efficient manner, including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate, Leases, Conveyancing, Matrimonial and Family. We also offer full Estate Agency Services and our ALL INCLUSIVE FEE :  Includes free Legal Costs in selling your home* Estate Agents and Solicitors for One Fee – Saving You Money We provide free Valuations, no sale no fee, a Professional service with eye-catching sale boards. Energy Performance Certificates prepared at a competitive price.

✜ OFFICES IN ILKESTON AND EASTWOOD ✜ 6 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 8FB Tel : 01159 305070 5 Alexandra Street, Eastwood, Nottingham NG16 3BD – Tel : 01773 535535 E-mail: * more details on request


Adult colouring-in has become a very popular trend. Now there are Christian versions of the same pastime.

A calendar to colour in Reach for your pencil case! Bible Society has launched a calendar of hand lettered Bible verses for you to colour in each month during 2017. The calendar was designed by illustrator Emma Skerratt, who started hand lettering Bible verses to help her commit them to memory. She found that the actual act of lettering helped her reflect on the verse and ultimately, to remember it. Perhaps colouring the verses will have the same effect for you – and give you something beautiful to enjoy. For details of how to get one, go to: I’ve had a look on-line and they do look lovely – the Ed. Church reopens in Iraq A church in northern Iraq has recently reopened after two years under Islamic State control. The bells have rung out after two years of silence in the Mar Korkeis church in the town of Bashiqa, around 15 kilometres north of Mosul, Islamic State’s last major city stronghold in Iraq.

It was 30 years ago on 20th Jan 1987 that Terry Waite, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s special envoy in the Middle East, was kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon while on a peace mission to negotiate the release of hostages. (Released November 1991.) 27


Overheard on the Wise Men’s journey to Bethlehem The camel is definitely the ship of the desert. I know it because I’m getting seasick. OK, we got the gold. We got the frankincense. We got the myrrh. Think we should get something more practical, like nappies, maybe? At least this gold has doubled in price since we set out from home.... Why should I always have to be in the rear? It's somebody else's turn to get sand in his face. I need to stop at the bazaar in the next town and pick up one more gift.

Solution to the Crossword


Rotas for January Please swap with someone if you are unable to make any of these dates - Thank you

Sunday Service at 10am Date 1st Jan 8th Jan 15th Jan 22nd Jan 29th Jan

Reader Sue Attenborough Franklin Bishop Hilary Pearce Janet Reeve Stella Petitt

Intercessor Andrea Swarbrick Janet Reeve Mary Hawkins John Puxty Sheila Spencer

Sunday Sides Persons Rota 1st Jan 8am 8th Jan “ 15th Jan “ 22nd Jan “ 29th Jan “

B Spibey G Henshaw Peter Brown Frank Pinder G Henshaw

10am “ “ “ “

Coffee Janet Reeve &Margaret Turner Sue Bell & Anne Evans Graham & Sandra Neep Sharon & Charles Topping Mary Morton & Val Rennie

G & S Newton V Rennie S Bell S Baker G & S Neep

Wednesday Service at 9.30am Date 4th Jan 11th Jan 18th Jan 25th Jan

Reader John Bell Patricia McHale Mary Hawkins Sandra Neep

Coffee Sue Attenborough & Janet Reeve Stella Petitt Sue & John Bell Margaret Turner & Val Rennie

Tuesday - Mother and Toddler Drinks & Snacks Date 3rd Jan 10th Jan 17th Jan 24th Jan 31st Jan

No meeting Betty Murphy Janet Reeve & Rita Cooper Stella Petitt Mary Morton & Joyce Rich

Saturday Coffee Bar (Coordinator for January is Val Rennie) Date 7th Jan 14th Jan 21st Jan 28th Jan

Sheila Spencer, Ceril Little & Val Rennie Sue and John Bell & Helen Crisp Sue Attenborough, Patricia McHale & James New Sandra and Graham Neep & Stella Petitt



Services at St Mary’s Church Sunday 8.00am

Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)


Main Service - followed by Coffee and Fellowship First Sunday of the Month - J.C. Club and Creche

Wednesday 9.30am

Holy Communion (Common Worship) Followed by Coffee and Fellowship

Thursday 7.30pm -9.00pm Bell Ringing Practice Contact: Colin Shaw – 0115 932 7072

Last Saturday of each month at 10am

Friends of St Mary’s Churchyard - Working Party (Mar-Oct)

Uniformed Groups

Rainbows Contact: Candy – 0115 932 8244 Brownies Contact: Brown Owl - Lynne Cresswell – 0115 877 1592 32

Contact - Januray 2017 edition  

The Parish magazine of St Mary's Church, Ilkeston, Derbyshire

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