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St Mary’s Church Woodford Annual Review for 2010

including the Annual Report and Accounts for 2010

Welcome to the St Mary’s Annual Review for 2010. The formal annual report with the accounts and all the information we have to provide by law are in the middle section. The rest of the review tells the continuing story of St Mary’s as we follow in the footsteps of the faithful worship, witness and service of hundred of years in this place. It is a story of our ongoing life, of changing circumstances, of farewells, fond memories and welcomes. Individual reports pay tribute to some of our members who have died during the year and whose memory we will always cherish, and also to those who have moved away but with whom we will always remain firm friends. In the summer we were delighted that the Revd Annie McTighe joined us as our new Curate; we enjoyed welcoming Annie and her son Simeon at a special parish lunch. And to all who have joined us during the year - wherever you are on your Christian journey, you are most welcome. The reports tell a story of continuing and growing work with our children and young people; of engagement with sister churches and other faiths to develop partnership and mutual understanding; of outreach to the community ranging from Easter gifts to welcoming visitors to the church at local and national events such as the Woodford Festival and the Big Draw. Our Home groups continue to nurture friendship and spiritual understanding within the church community, while a new church based midweek course: ”Just Looking” attracted a growing and enthusiastic membership. We supported mission and charity partners in the UK and abroad through the annual bazaar and special collections. A parish trip brought back welcome news about the growth of our partnership with the Church of the Good Shepherd in Muchunguri. Kenya. During the year, a number of PCC working groups looked in depth at many aspects of church life; various changes already made and in the pipeline will help ensure that St Mary’s continues to serve its members, and develops its Christian witness and service through many more years. Viveca Dutt PCC Secretary St Mary’s Guides play a big part in our church life. The cover picture shows the Guides after they had helped make the candles we gave away on Easter Saturday as part of our witness and outreach to the people of Woodford. Developing our witness, worship and church life to respond to life in the 21st century was important this year and Ian Tarrant tells us about the work of various PCC Working Groups. The PCC set up working groups to review our long-term financial investments, and also to look at opportunities afforded by the Olympic games. A PCC Away Day in May set up further groups to review four specific areas of our church life: worship; children and young people; teaching and discussion; and outreach. Each of these researched and discussed their designated aspect of our life together, and then brought proposals to the PCC. Among the proposals accepted were On Sunday worship: that we have two morning choral Eucharists, four non-Eucharistic main morning services, and four evening services in Taizé style in the following year. On children and young people: that we relocate the children’s carpet in the church; that


we manage better the timing of the children’s entry to morning service; that we create a new group for older teenagers; and that we employ a part-time youth worker. On teaching and discussion: that there should be occasional midweek opportunities for members of the whole congregation to learn about and discuss a particular topic; and that we should have a series of Sundays when preachers are available to discuss their sermons with those members of the congregation who wish to. On outreach: that members of the congregation should be encouraged to strengthen and augment their links with the wider community, so as to share God’s love; that board games be introduced after the Friday lunches; and that some specific events be organised to attract local people. But we never forget that the heart of our life is worship and growth with God. Our regular Sunday services are the centre piece of that worship but we have many other opportunities for Communion and quiet times with God.

Midweek worship At 9am most Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, there is a service in church, usually of Holy Communion. These are not well-attended, but valued by those who do come. More popular is the 10.30am service on Wednesdays, with around a dozen participants on average, many of whom stay on for refreshments. The 7.30pm service on Wednesdays provides an opportunity for those who are busy during the daytime. A monthly Thursday evening service, with prayers for the sick, was also provided. Special midweek services were also held for major festivals. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, thought-provoking dramas were performed, followed by said Compline. The Church continues to remain open on Saturday mornings for anyone who wants to come and enjoy some quiet time and prayer. Thank you to those who are making this happen. Ian Tarrant

Contemplative Prayer We meet every third Wednesday of the month and follow a watchword or theme. These have included 'the Vine and the branches, 'Blessed are the poor in spirit' and 'The Lighthouse'. Although following a simple theme and format; over the year, the Contemplative prayer group, in its varied and lively leadership, has given a rich, thematic, depth and tapestry of prayer; renewing us and unifying us in the Spirit; and also strengthening our intercessory prayer. Janet Roberts

Quiet Times Fifteen people took part in a quiet day in June, held at Pleshey and led by the Rector, based on a book by the (then future) Bishop of Chelmsford: The things he said. A quiet morning in Advent looked at the fruit s of the Spirit.


St Mary’s is also a place for learning and exploring for adults and children Just Looking A series of Tuesday morning sessions was held in the autumn, intended to present the Christian faith to those new to the church, or just curious about the faith. 9.30am was thought to be a good time for parents who had left their children at school or playgroup, but none of these came in! However, a few inquiring minds did show up, and were welcomed by a friendly team of old hands. All appreciated the opportunity to discuss some of the basics of faith, in the first six sessions; and then some thorny issues in three extra sessions after half-term.

A summer holiday club for children aged 5 to 12 was held on four mornings, and

All action at the Holiday Club

welcomed a total of 27 children, some of whom we see on Sundays, and some not. A range of activities was organised for them by a team of helpers almost as large. We greatly appreciated the assistance of Simon Lloyd from Woodford Methodist Church, who was recruited at the last minute to play the piano for us and also participated in other ways. The theme of the club was "Exile in Egypt the story of Joseph", and we saw how God can bring good things out of bad.

Ian Tarrant Our music is integral to our worship. We are grateful to Martin Seymour for all he has done to support and develop our musical life and wish him well in his new role. Martin tells us about the adult choir and Linda Wiskin reports on the thriving junior choir. Another year has flown by as the choir - adults and juniors - have continued to make a notable contribution to leading the worship from Sunday mornings to plainsong at Compline and contemporary music and Taize style services. Choir Farewells St Mary’s choir has seen a number of farewells in 2010; firstly one of our choral scholars, Matthew Light, who has gone to York University. We are thankful to him for his contribution to our choir over the last year. Matthew has certainly gained a great deal from his time with us and is thankful for the opportunity of discovering a whole new area of music and the church that he had not previously encountered.


We also said farewell to a long-standing member of the bass section - Geoff Jones who has moved to West Mersea. The back row has been deprived of a larger than life character and a useful voice. I would like to thank Geoff for his many years singing and dedication and wish Geoff and Jill many happy years in East Anglia. We hope to see them on regular visits. Finally, James Bishop, one of our tenors also moved St Mary’s Choir and friends at Westminster Abbey onto pastures new. James will be much missed and I would like to thank him for his superb skills in the tenor section. Welcome to his replacement, Bob Ponds Choir Visits The year saw two visits to sing in Cathedrals, the first being Southwark in January and by far the highest profile so far, Westminster Abbey, on August bank holiday. They were super occasions for the choir and congregation. Our numbers were boosted by extra singers and friends of mine which make all the difference at occasions such as these. The choir CD has continued to sell after the initial influx of orders after its release in 2009, and this has helped to cover some of the cost that the choir paid out for their new cassocks. Copies are still available from the parish office. Thanks The junior choir has continued to grow in confidence and make a valuable contribution to our worship. You will see the separate report from Linda Wiskin regarding this group and our thanks go to Linda for her continued work with the juniors. Thanks also to Graham Dixon and John Bradley for their accompanying help throughout the year as well as all the choir members and extras for their commitment to continuing the good work of the group and music within St Mary’s. And Finally Lastly I am leaving St Mary’s to take up a post as the Director of Music at All Saints’ Church, Marlow. This was not an easy decision but a new challenge awaits at a church with men and boy choristers a separate girls’ choir and an adult choir. Overall, I have had a very happy time at St Mary’s and would like to thank you all for your kindness and commitment over the last seven years, how time seems to fly by! Martin Seymour


Junior Choir During the year, the junior choir took part in the all age services, singing anthems by themselves and with the adults. Emma Pamplin, Hannah Smith and Laura Walker also sang at an evensong with the senior choir, and at a wedding. Another member joined us during the year, and one left. We took a major part in the Christmas festivities singing at Christingle - those of us who could get there - the nine lessons and carols service, and at Christmas Eve. Our repertoire is now well established and all the choir members are developing well as individuals as well as a blended choir. It has been increasingly difficult for teenagers to be available on Friday nights for rehearsals and so in order to continue as a group, a decision was made to rehearse on two Sundays a month after the morning service. It is early days for this format, but we hope to continue and then hopefully, with the appointment of a suitable new organist, to start growing again. Our horizons are broadened by working with our local churches, other denominations and faiths. Rowena Rudkin reports on Deanery Synod meetings, One World Week and the Three Faiths Forum. And Mark Lewis reports on a stimulating year for the Faith and Image Group Deanery Synod There were new appointments to the Deanery Synod in 2010: Paul Harcourt of All Saints is the new Area Dean; Jonathan Evens, Stephen Pugh and our own Rector are the Assistant Area Deans. Much of this year has been devoted to the cluster groups into which the Deanery is divided and reports from some of those clusters. St Mary’s is in the cluster group with St Barnabas’ and St Paul’s Woodford Bridge, and we united last year in a Songs of Praise service in February and a quiz night in September. The November Synod meeting on Religious Education was a topic requested by St Mary’s and Deborah Weston, the Associate Adviser for Religious Education in Redbridge gave a lively description of the philosophy underlying the Locally Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education with an insight of what takes place in the Borough’s schools. The Syllabus is entitled, “Exploration and Response”, starting in the lower years with ideas of what is done in the various faith communities. Religious Education is a subject that has been transformed since the 1988 Education Act, and has grown in popularity with an increasing number of people choosing to take it at “A” level. In contrast to past years, Redbridge had only paid 93% of its commitment to the Common Purse in November. Nor have all parishes responded the request for a contribution to the salary of the Youth Officer after 2011.


One World Week St Mary’s has hosted the One World event for the past two years. Unfortunately, this year no other church felt able to undertake this. In recent years there has also been a lack of activity at HQ,; they seem to be more interested in asking for ideas than giving them. These two trends have meant limited activity in Woodford although there does seem to have been some in universities. This year, the Rector came to the rescue suggesting an evening event in the context of a Taize service on the evening of United Nations Day; this was attended by members of all local churches. A retiring collection of £140 was sent to Christian Aid. Three Faiths Forum The year opened dramatically with Rabbi Hulbert tramping round in the January snow to tell as many people as possible of a “scratch meeting”, because there were in the area two ladies, an Israeli and a Palestinian, both of whom had lost a loved one in the conflict between their peoples, and who belong to an association seeking to provide mutual comfort and support across the divide. It was a well attended and most moving meeting. The Reverend Robert Hampson arranged a visit Israel and Palestine—a bridge to peace to Oberammegau, an event in which many people participated either in that party or another. The group included our local Iman, Dr Mohamed Fahim whose presence gave great pleasure to his host; they could not recall an Iman attending previously. At a subsequent meeting the pilgrims described their impressions of the visit. The themes of other meetings have included one at the Barking Mosque at which our Bishop promoted the pre-election “Hope not Hate” campaign, asceticism at the Newbury Park Synagogue, and weddings at the Ilford Mosque. In the autumn a second Three Faith Trip to Israel took place. Unfortunately, perhaps because of late notice, few Christians went. Photos of this trip were shown at the Christmas Social. Faith and Image Working on the basis that ‘less is more’, Faith & Image has had an interesting year. We have now tried to establish a pattern of talks, followed where appropriate, by a visit to London exhibition or relevant venue. Faith and Image is now operating as fellowship rather than a membership and events are truly open to all. Highlights of the year included talks on Van Gogh, followed by a visit to the Royal Academy Exhibition, a look at drawing as a spiritual activity and a journey into early medieval art. We also enjoyed stimulating visits to the Lambeth Palace Library 400th Anniversary exhibition in July.


During October we facilitated a hugely successful Big Draw event in the Church – perhaps our busiest yet! A more recent development has been the design and initiation of a website for Faith and Image which will offer information on our events (with a link to St Mary’s website), other related activities in London and hopefully, selected transcripts of talks. This is still in the development stages but will be live in early March 2011. The biggest challenge for Faith & Image is publicising our events to a wider Too busy too pose. All generations at the Big Draw. audience. The present committee have many demands on their time and we need some new blood to help promote our activities. So here is a plea! We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be willing to join our happy band and help with publicity, perhaps liaising with churches and the local press. Our links with the community take many forms. Richard Walker tells us about our ever popular Bazaar. The 2010 annual Charity Bazaar went off successfully again and seemed as popular as ever, particularly the delicious lunches that Lesley and her team of helpers served up. All the favourite regular stalls attracted plenty of interest, and some big spenders too with several stalls selling out well before the finish. No Father Christmas this year, but we did have our own Pearly Queen Valerie Geller offering her button count to paying guessers. Visitor numbers were up on last year thanks to better weather; thankfully receipts were up too. Plenty of volunteers kindly gave up their Friday again to help set up and dress the stalls, while ladies that bake spent the day producing lovely cakes to sell and puddings for lunch. The scene was set for another exciting Saturday; our traditional style bazaar always seems to hit the mark. A big thank you to all the congregation members, families and friends that help make this the successful pinnacle of our social events calendar. Having organised this for the second year running I’m obviously still relying on Bob for crucial tips, but I’m also amazed at how efficient and reliable the many people involved prove to be with little or no input from me; for all the worry it does strangely seem to run itself. For weeks, even months beforehand preparatory work happens behind the scenes by our own ‘special ones’, an essential prerequisite to a successful day; gallons of marmalade to be made, toys to be cleaned, CDs to be sorted, knits to be witted, bottles to be numbered, and advertising to be booked. Then on the day there’s dozens of tea cups that get filled, then washed, programmes sold, raffle


tickets folded, books straightened, bric-a-brac sold onto new owners, Rainbows painted, gifts gifted, jewellery persuaded to be bought, and finally pennies counted while an efficient mass tidy everything away again for another year. A horde of helpers sharing the load in admirable fashion. Lastly, but not least, a special thank you to dear Dierdre for the loan of her garage to store everything in when there’s no other room at the inn. Congrats to you all; as the saying goes, ‘You all know who you are’. Puddings are always popular

Bazaar takings are distributed by the Mission Committee. Wendy Littlejohns tells us about their work and the annual Lent Lunches which also support charity. Mission We have had our usual varied and interesting year. The enjoyable annual quiz evening provided funds for Hospital Teule at Muheza in Tanzania which is supported by both USPG and Medicines for Muheza. We continue to support our CMS Link Mission Partner Dr Ruth Huelser managing a Health Centre in Tabora, Tanzania Mission Visitors We welcomed Frances Johnson from Sightsavers in June who gave us an insight into life without sight in the developing world. In November Revd Martin Davies from The Leprosy Mission (TLM) was a speaker when he gave us an excellent and informative update on its work. We supported a range of charities We supported the Bishops Lent Appeal 2010: ‘Growing learning living’. The appeal helped work to improve the communities in South India, the Amazon and Kenya, including IT equipment at St Andrew’s College at Kabare in one of our link dioceses in Kenya. We have supported the library there for a number of years. We welcomed Bishop Moses Nthukah Bishop of Mbeere Diocese Kenya (our Link Diocese) as preacher in November when he came to the UK for the installation of Bishop Stephen Cottrell. Special Collections The Committee arranged coffee mornings in aid of the Bazaar Fund and the Manna Centre, while special collections were taken for the earthquake victims in Haiti, the floods in Pakistan, and at Harvest for Christian Aid.


The collection at the memorial service for the recently bereaved went to the Royal British Legion and Haven House, while the retiring collections at Christmas were shared between the Church Army homeless centre in Marylebone and the orphanage at Makutano. Our Christmas appeal for Send A Cow continues to be a popular way for members of the church to greet each other while supporting African farmers to grow enough The boys of Makutano Supported by the Christmas appeal food to feed their families. The Committee recommends to the PCC the distribution of the charitable funds raised by the Bazaar and other events to many different charities balancing the needs of local, national and overseas bodies. The list of charities we supported in 2010 and information about the special collections we made during the year are on the back page of the review. Lent Lunches We joined once more with our friends from St Anne Line to serve simple lunches on Fridays in Lent. Though the numbers were down on 2009 we were able to send ÂŁ470 to Jubilee Lodge.

Talking of Food Our regular monthly Lunch Club continued to attract visitors for food and fellowship while we were pleased to arrange a Parish lunch to help welcome Annie McTighe to the Parish. Bridget Webb tells us about this happy occasion: About 120 of us sat down to a magnificent feast. Special thanks are due to the Blackers for all the home made cooking and to Sue Baxter and her team of girls who made treats for the large group The Hall transformed of children who came. The lovely sunny weather allowed the youngsters to enjoy the garden with games and puzzles; table quizzes were organised by Kay Pamplin and Valerie Howard-Gibbon. A large team of muscular Christians, led by the Sainsbury family, had given up their Saturday morning to set up the back hall and soften its appearance. Table and wall decorations completed the transformation. Thanks to all who helped make this a truly memorable parish occasion.


St Mary with St Philip and St James High Road South Woodford E18 2PA Registered Charity No: 1127596 PCC and Clergy Report for 2010 The PCC meets every other month; the Standing Committee meets in the alternate months to transact business subject to any direction given by the Council. The Standing Committee membership is made up of the Rector, Wardens and Deputy Wardens, Secretary and Treasurer. The PCC also receives periodic reports from the Mission, Fellowship, Communication and Fabric Committees, Trustees of the Memorial Hall and Deanery Synod members. The major risks to which we are exposed have been fully reviewed and systems established to mitigate these risks. This included: continuing our child protection policy: ongoing discussion about the issues relating to church finances and investments. This included discussion about how to meet annual running costs in the current economic climate. We were delighted to welcome the Revd Annie McTighe to St Mary’s as our new Curate. During the year the PCC set up a number of working groups to discuss ways to develop and enhance our work in the areas of: worship, teaching and learning, young people’s work, outreach, the opportunities afforded by the Olympics 2012 and appropriate investments of funds. These groups all sought the views of the congregation in various ways and made recommendations to PCC meetings. A number of changes have already been made to the format of our worship and the way children interact with the main Sunday services; these will be developed further in 2011 along with proposals on enhancing our outreach and developing the teaching Ministry within the church., These activities build on the ways we have already developed our outreach and fellowship through regular events such as the Bazaar, The Big Draw, the Holiday Club for children, the Easter Eve giving of candles to the people of South Woodford, and keeping the church open on Saturday mornings. We were delighted to be once again the focal point for the opening of the Woodford Festival and hosted a highly successful afternoon Jazzathon as part of the Festival. The PCC continued to support our partnership with other churches and faiths. We supported events with our Deanery Cluster Churches including hosting a joint Songs of Praise event, and taking part in a Cluster quiz.. We hosted a One World Week service, attended Three Faiths Forum events and continued to support Rowena Rudkin as a representative on the LB of Redbridge children’s service subcommittee. The PCC also supported proposals to improve the fabric of the church through improvement to the crèche which will make it suitable for small meetings, endorsed proposals for a new internal notice board and supported work on repairing and improving 33 Elmhurst Drive.

Treasurer’s Report 2010 has been a year which improved as it went along. As a result of two special appeals and an increase in commitment to the Church Maintenance Fund (CMF), including 13 new members, our General Fund income was £12,000 higher than 2009. We have also benefitted from a most generous legacy of £60,000 from the estate of Helen Muspratt, £12,000 of which has been earmarked for the Clergy House Fund for use in connection with 33 Elmhurst Drive. A PCC decision was made to invest £100,000 in CBF Fixed Interest Securities Fund Income Shares as deposit interest rates were very low. At the year end this investment had a market value £2,229 below cost and an annual income yield of 5.64%. Excluding the legacy monies the General Fund Reserve covers approximately 2.5 months expenditure. My thanks to the wardens who assist in the management and authorisation of expenditure, to Clive and Hazel Mears who so efficiently administer the planned giving and tax recovery work and to Michael Lovejoy for banking services throughout the year. Jane Fone

Church Contact Details Rector:

The Revd Canon Ian Tarrant The Rectory Chelmsford Road South Woodford, E18 2PL 020 8504 7981

Parish Office: `

Lay Readers : PCC Secretary:

Independent Examiner:


Revd Annie McTighe 33 Elmhurst Road South Woodford E18 020 8530 7217

Assistant Clergy:

Revd Alison Clarke

St Mary’s Church 207 High Road E18 2PA 020 8505 3000 Sally Barton, Mark Lewis, Rowena Rudkin Viveca Dutt 37 Beechwood Park London E18 2EH


Mr Yusuf Dedat FCA Suite D The Business Centre Faringdon Avenue Romford Essex RM3 8EN

Jane Fone 11 Broad Oak Woodford Green IG8 0LH

Bankers: HSBC George Lane London E18 2LX

ST MARY WITH ST PHILIP AND ST JAMES WOODFORD Balance Sheet at 31 December 2010 Note

2010 £

2009 £

179793 97771




1,233 201397 4403

1,420 235484 9241











417793 53213

367801 44299







FIXED ASSETS Tangible Investments

4a 4b


LIABILITIES Amounts falling due within one year



FUNDS Unrestricted: General Purpose Earmarked Total Unrestricted Funds Restricted Funds TOTAL FUNDS


3 March 2011


Ian Tarrant Rector Jane Fone Treasurer



366128 367801



Loss on Investment Revaluation NET MOVEMENT IN FUNDS



Interfund Transfers



-2229 49992







44299 53213

-2229 58906


129525 43 9123 138691

113075 76229 1317 6778 2427 199826

Unrestricted TOTAL £






204 204


£ 113075 76229 1317 6778 2223 199622



124235 43 9123 133401

106981 16012 985 8631 2923 135532

2009 GP Fund £

122103 28 8728 130859

Activities Directly related to the Work of the Church Fundraising and publicity Church Management and Administration TOTAL RESOURCES USED




INCOMING RESOURCES From Donors Other Voluntary Income Income From Charitable Actviities Other Ordinary Income Investment Income TOTAL INCOMING RESOURCES

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES For the year ended 31 December 2010








30 4764

80 4654






-2229 59311


129584 43 9123 143050


113155 80883 1317 6778 2457 204590







124644 28 8728 138700


107298 20299 985 8631 3623 140836

2009 TOTAL £

ST MARY WITH ST PHILIP AND ST JAMES WOODFORD NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS NOTE 1. Accounting Policies The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Church Accounting Regulations 1997 and 2000 together with applicable accounting standards and the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice. The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention except that the Curate's House is stated at insurance valuation.

Income from investments Interest on deposits is accounted for when receivable and any related tax recoverable is recognised at the same time. Resources used Grants Grants and donations are accounted for when paid over or when awarded if that award creates a binding obligation on the PCC. Activities directly related to the work of the church The diocesan quota is accounted for when payable.

Funds Fixed assets Unrestricted funds represent the funds of the PCC which are not subject to any legal restrictions regarding their use and are available for application to the general purposes of the PCC. This category includes both the General Purposes Fund and funds earmarked for a particular purpose by the PCC. Restricted funds are those funds which may only be used for the restricted purpose for which they were given or otherwise obtained. The accounts include all transactions assets and liabilities for which the PCC is responsible in law. They do not include the accounts of church groups that owe their main affiliation to another body nor those that are informal gatherings of church members. Incoming resources Income from donors and other voluntary income. Planned giving is recognised only when received. Collections are recognised when received by or on behalf of the PCC. Income tax recoverable on gift aid donations is recognised when received as the effort required to estimate it prior to receipt is considered to be disproportionate to the information gain. Grants and legacies to the PCC are accounted for as soon as the PCC is notified of its legal entitlement and the amount due. Funds raised by the Charity bazaar and other events are accounted for gross unless related expenses are immaterial in amount. Charitable trading Fees for weddings are included in this caption and are accounted for when due.

Consecrated land and buildings and movable church furnishings Consecrated and beneficed property is excluded from the accounts by s.96(2)(a) of the Charities Act 1993. No value is placed on movable church furnishings held by the churchwardens on special trust for the PCC and which require a faculty for disposal since the PCC considers this to be inalienable property. All expenditure incurred during the year on consecrated or beneficed buildings and movable church furnishings whether maintenance or improvement is written off as expenditure in the Statement of Financial Activities and separately disclosed. Other land and buildings held for use in the work of the church. The curate's house is included under this caption. It is stated at insurance valuation. Equipment Equipment used within the church premises is depreciated on a straight-line basis over four years. Individual items of equipment with a purchase price of ÂŁ1000 or less are written off when the asset is acquired. Current assets Amounts owing to the PCC at 31 December in respect of fees rents or other income are shown as debtors less provision for any amounts that may prove to be uncollectable.


From Donors CMF + Regular Donations Income Tax recovered Loose Collections Sundry Donations Donations Earmarked

Other Voluntary Income Fund raising income Churchyard Income Floodlighting Income Appeals Appeals/Bazaar Legacies

Income from Charitable Activities Fees - weddings etc

General Fund £

Earmarked Unrestricted Funds Total £ £

76893 21756 7545 6881 0 113075

Restricted Funds £





76893 21756 7545 6881 0 113075

76893 21756 7545 6881 80 80 80 113155

72189 20336 6473 5733 2567 107298

4525 1530 467 9707 0 60000 76229

4525 1530 467 9707 0 60000 76229

4525 1530 467 9707 4654 60000 80883

3628 1530 375 1979 4287 8500 20299

1317 1317

1317 1317

1317 1317

985 985

6778 6778

6778 6778

6778 6778

8631 8631

2457 2457


4764 204590


4654 4654

Other Income Rent - Curate's House

Investment Income Interest Received


2223 2223

204 204

2427 2427




30 30


General Earmarked Fund Funds £ £


Unrestricted Total Funds £

Missionary societies Church societies Charities e.g. Night Shelter Activities directly related to church work Ministry: Diocesan Quota Rector's Expenses Clergy Expenses Music, Organ and Choir Service Expenses Vestments Premises


Heating/Light/Water Cleaning Routine Maintenance Memorial/Lift Expenses Clergy House Expenses Churchyard Expenses Insurances Link/Seekers/Quest Lay Training Memorial Hall Contributions Altar Carpet Printing and stationery Stacking Chairs Sundries/interregnum Fabric Expenditure Outreach expenses

Total directly related to Church work Fund Raising and Publicity Stewardship Expenses Church Management and Admin Parish Office and Telephone Treasurers/Secretary Expenses Audit Fee TOTAL RESOURCES USED

88008 1487 566 6074 1074 0 97209 4145 5016 1526 4522 1543 2415 19167 333 7 4164 0 1112 0 400 0 1843 7859 124235

297 4894


99 99 5290

88008 1487 566 6074 1074 0 97209 4145 5016 1526 297 9416 1543 2415 24358 333 7 4164 0 1112 0 400 99 1843 7958 129525

Restricted Funds £ 2200 1350 750 4300

59 59



TOTAL 2010 2200 1350 750 4300

TOTAL 2009 £ 2800 1300 1200 5300

88008 1487 566 6074 1074 59 97268 4145 5016 1526 297 9416 1543 2415 24358 333 7 4164 0 1112 0 400 99 1843 7958 129584

80802 306 313 6727 767 3180 92095 4091 5005 1655 492 4857 1504 2359 19963 479 590 3952 2250 1012 2360 229 -868 2582 12586 124644

43 43

43 43

43 43

28 28

7865 59 1199 9123 133401

7865 59 1199 9123 138691

7865 59 1199 9123 143050

7840 67 821 8728 138700


0 4359

NOTE 4 FIXED ASSETS FOR USE BY THE PCC Note 4a Freehold land and buildings comprise the “Curate’s House” at 33 Elmhurst Drive. The gross book value is based on the insurance valuation at 05.01.06 and is considered to be a fair estimate of the value of the property. Revaluation is normally considered at five year intervals or as circumstances dictate. Valuation at 1.1.10 and 31.12.10: £179793 Note 4b Investments 2010 £ CBF Fixed Interest Securities Fund Income Shares Purchased During Year


Market Value at 31/12/10

97771 2229

Loss on Revaluation


Prepayments Other Debtors





















NOTE 7 RETIRING COLLECTIONS Restricted retiring collections for which the PCC acted solely as a post-box amounted to £6269 (2009 £4914)


General Purpose Fund











Earmarked Funds Fabric Fund



Clergy House Fund





Lift, Kitchen, Office









Organ Fund



Vestments Fund



Service, Hymn Fund













(a) The Pinney Fund is restricted to maintaining a War Memorial Plaque on the North Wall


Salaries Social Security TOTALS









During the year the PCC employed an organist and secretary. Employment costs are included in the respective expenditure heads. No present member of the PCC received remuneration or expenses.


General Fund General Fund Property Fabric Fund Clergy House Fund Lift/Kitchen/Office Choir Fund Organ Fund Vestments Fund Service and Hymn Book Fund Pinney Memorial Missionary Giving Fund TOTALS

Fund Name



2000 12000

£ -14000

Outgoing Transfers

brought forward resources resources £ £ £ 188008 199622 133401 179793 38742 195 99 4370 9 4894 1187 297 2100 91 2146 11 291 59 215 1 200 4305 4661 4300 421357 204590 143050

Fund balances

SUMMARY STATEMENT OF FUNDS For the year ended 31st December 2010


and Losses £ -2229


carried forward £ 238000 179793 40838 11485 890 2191 2157 232 216 200 4666 480668

Fund balances

Independent Examiner's Report to the PCC of St Mary's, Woodford I report on the accounts of the PCC for the year ended 31 December 2010, which comprise the Balance Sheet, Statement of Financial Activities and related notes. Respective responsibilities of trustees and examiner. The PCC's members are responsible for the preparation of the accounts. The PCC's members consider that an audit is not required for this year (under section 43(2) of the Charities Act 1993 (the 1993 Act)) and that an independent examination is needed. It is my responsibility to: • examine the accounts (under section 43(3)(a) of the 1993 Act); • to follow procedures laid down in the General Directions given by the Charity Commission (under section 43(7)(b) of the 1993 Act); and • to state whether particular matters have come to my attention. Basis of independent examiner's report My examination was carried out in accordance with the General Directions given by the Charity Commission. An examination includes a review of the accounting records kept by the PCC and a comparison of the accounts presented with those records. It also includes consideration of any unusual items or disclosures in the accounts, and seeking explanations from you as members concerning any such matters. The procedures undertaken do not provide all the evidence that would be required in an audit, and consequently I do not express an audit opinion on the view given by the accounts. Independent examiner's statement In connection with my examination, no matter has come to my attention: (1) which gives me reasonable cause to believe that in any material respect the requirements • to keep accounting records in accordance with section 41 of the 1993 Act, and • to prepare accounts which accord with the accounting records and comply with the accounting requirements of the 1993 Act. have not been met: or (2) to which, in my opinion, attention should be drawn in order to enable a proper understanding of the accounts to be reached. Mr Yusuf Dedat FCA Clay Ratnage Strevens and Hills Suite D, The Business Centre Faringdon Avenue Romford Essex RM3 8EN

Secretary’s Report The PCC supports the Rector and Clergy in their Parish Ministry and has certain legal responsibilities for the Church. Members of the PCC are either ex officio or elected by the Annual Meeting of the Church in accordance with the Church Representation rules. During 2010 the following served as members of the PCC: Rector:

Revd Canon Ian Tarrant


Revd Annie McTighe from June 2010

Lay Readers:

Sally Barton, Mark Lewis, Rowena Rudkin

Church Wardens:

Wendy Littlejohns, Jill Jones

Deputy Wardens to April 2010

Mark Spencer-Ellis Peter Webb, from April 2010 Anne Jones


To 2010 To 2011

To 2012

To 2013

Deanery Synod

To 2011

Treasurer: Secretary: Resigned from the PCC during 2010

Rebecca Rollinson Janet Benson Chris Bradshaw Geoff Jones John Sainsbury David Nunn Richard Walker Linda Wiskin Bob Pamplin Philip Swallow Chris Meikle, Jean Morgans, Jane O’Regan, Rowena Rudkin, Jean Russell Jane Fone Viveca Dutt

Church attendance. In April 2010 there were 286 names on the electoral roll of which 157 are resident in the Parish and 129 non resident. This compares with 281 in 2009. The average number of communicants at 10.00am Sunday Services at St Mary’s was 122 compared with 118 in 2009. The average number of communicants at the 8.00am service on Sundays was 8. Viveca Dutt PCC Secretary

Our regular activities continue faithfully through the year

Woodford Wives Our ladies group is open to all women; we meet monthly in the Gwinnell Room every second Wednesday . We also have monthly coffee mornings every fourth Wednesday in private houses – just to chat and put the world to rights. We have speakers most months, last year included ‘A Film Night’ with the Woodford Cine Club which was very entertaining and a talk on the YMCA which was very informative on their activities and the help they give to the under privileged. In January we intended to hold a fun evening including a raffle and bring and buy. This had to be postponed because of the snow, although we finally made £85 for our charity the ‘Chigwell Riding Trust’, and in the year sent a total of £160 . We had a meal out for everyone; this year at The Station House Hotel in Chingford – a very enjoyable evening. In December the Scouts cooked and waited on us for our Christmas meal. We had a relaxing evening with a lovely meal so thank you to them. So why not join us each month for great fellowship, we would love to see you. Joan Ware

Fellowship Our monthly ‘Friday Lunches’ are greatly appreciated although with slightly lower numbers in 2010. We mostly have salads in the summer but try to have some hot meals in the winter, sometimes with soup. In December this became a special Christmas lunch which was well attended with great fellowship. Lunches are on the first Friday in every month except during Lent when we become the Lent Lunches. We helped with the Big Breakfast and in March with the newcomers supper. Seventy people came and it really brought new and old church members together. Our Mini market and Race Evening day in February made a really good fellowship day and raised over £1,000 for the Church. The Newcomers Supper The May Day event with a meandering quiz and lunch good fellowship led to a great day for all. We ran the coffee and tea stall together with cakes and scones at the Food and Fun Day – another well attended day. In September we organised a shared harvest lunch which led to great fellowship. We were also pleased to do the refreshments for Lee Noble & Chris Whitfield’s Wedding in October which was really lovely. Joan Ware


The flower arrangers have had another busy year. We have been very fortunate to have had many kind donors making our floral creations possible. We are a small group but are fortunate to be able to call upon others to help us on festal occasions. Should anyone be interested in helping please make yourselves known to us. Hazel Lovejoy

Social Transport It would seem that either the congregation is healthier than in other years, or more have their own transport, as there have been very few calls on the transport service. However, we have been able to fulfil the calls that have been made. Many thanks to the several drivers who give lifts to others week after week. Heather Harston

Keeping Church buildings going is a never ending task. Peter Webb reports on the work of the Fabric Committee and Ian Tarrant tells us about the Memorial Hall Church Fabric This has been a busy year with work inside and outside the church and in the clergy houses. Generally we are working on the recommendations from a comprehensive risk assessment for all parts of the church; specific work has been undertaken on parts of the church: Foyer The design for the new noticeboard has been improved and the process of approval and construction has begun. Sound System Throughout the year, various faults in the sound system have been remedied, including a re-routing of wiring round the dais, and provision of wearable microphones for the clergy. We have a good sound system, but speakers still need to be able to use the


microphones properly and to speak forcefully, clearly and slowly. The introduction of pew runners or cushions will help improve the acoustics of the church as well as produce more fundamental comfort. Crèche Refurbishment is almost complete, with new carpeting, lighting , cupboards and chairs about to come together to provide a lighter and more pleasant space which will be adaptable to a wider range of uses. Outside We have suffered two thefts of some of the lead skirting on the plinth at the base of the walls; the damaged plinth will be repaired with a good lime mortar. Vandals also destroyed one of the doors to the tower, and a much stronger door has been made to replace it. Garden A dedicated team of gardeners, including the late and sadly missed Anne Snowdon, put in a large amount of work to keep the churchyard a joy to look at, and free of unwanted ivy, acacia and superannuated shrubs. The hedges on the Memorial Hall side have been trimmed and partly lowered. After repeated requests by the fabric committee, the conservation department of Redbridge Council has still not been able to act on its promise to restore one Spring flowers brighten up our of the damaged tombs at the side of the church front garden steps. Housing The curate's house has benefited from some improvements, including new double glazing in the front rooms, a loft access ladder, painting of the hallway, new garage doors, removal of an old tree, and a new lawn mower was purchased. A generous sum of money has been set aside for future maintenance work on the house. A small team of garden enthusiasts has undertaken to upgrade the rectory garden. Memorial Hall The Memorial Hall had a good year with slightly increased income from bookings than in the previous year, despite the state of the national economy, and this reflects the hard work and high standards of all the staff. The rear kitchen was refurbished, using a grant from the Council, applied for by the Pre-School Playgroup, which uses the rear Hall five mornings and two afternoons each week. The Hall Handyman, Barry Mingay, made an excellent job of refurbishing the middle kitchen, recycling some of the hardware from the rear kitchen. Barry has done significant work in other parts of the building, also to a professional standard. Long term maintenance issues have been a concern of the Trustees for some time,


and it has been decided to hold an appeal in 2011, to raise funds to replace the original floor in the front Hall, and at the same time, to improve the toilet facilities at the front of the building. A series of special events will take place, and approaches will be made to grantmaking trusts. This year’s Annual Lecture, given by Peter Lawrence, as part of the programme of the Woodford Festival, was attended by over 100 people, and much appreciated. The Memorial Hall—a valuable resource for many years Both Jill Jones and Edmund Booth left the Trustees on moving away from the parish. Each will be missed for their wisdom and commitment; but Edmund will be particularly missed for his technical expertise. Gerald Curtis and Gerry Everett have joined the Trustees, each bringing different talents. Debbie Kelly has become Clerk to the Trustees, with the main responsibility of taking minutes at meetings. Communication of all sorts is critical. Viveca Dutt reports on the Parish magazine and website and Wendy Littlejohns tells us about the work of the Communications Group. Parish Magazine Our normal rhythm was interrupted this year, when Geoff Jones our editor for many years moved away. We will miss his enthusiasm, commitment to getting contributions and meticulous proof reading—no flying apostrophe ever slipped past his eagle eye! We had to put the Christmas edition on hold but look forward to reappearing in 2011. Thank you Geoff

Web Site We hope the web site continues to be a useful tool for the church community and beyond. We have experimented this year with online ticket booking and more interactive publications and are developing a way to make it easier for more people to add new content without compromising the design.


Communications Committee

Easter Gifts for Woodford

For the second year running we gave away Easter Candles in George Lane on Easter Eve and supported the showing of Mr Darwin’s Tree in May. The Jazzathon, held as part of the Woodford Festival was hugely popular, and it was good to see folk enjoying the jazz and vocalists in the church and the excellent food. Some excellent dancing was on display, enjoyed by participants and onlookers. We continue to co-ordinate the publicity of St Mary’s through the internal and external notice boards, the website, magazine, monthly diary and weekly notice-sheet.

Our partnerships go far afield. Wendy Littlejohns describes how our partnership with Kenya continues to prosper. In August a parish group from St Mary’s spent a week visiting our link parish, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Muchunguri, in Mbeere Diocese. There we saw the progress of the dispensary. which is now open. We keep in contact by sending the parish magazine, and exchanging emails, text messages and phone calls, and with yet another new Vicar, Revd Geoffrey Ndwiga. We also visited the Orphanage at Makutano and saw for ourselves how our support is enabling the boys to continue with their education. Two are now boarders at secondary school where one child lost all his

Ian with the Revd Geoffrey Ndwiga at the Church of the Good Shepherd

belongings when arson destroyed his dormitory. We were glad to be able to help replace some of the lost items. Sadly one of the older primary school boys died from meningitis less than a week after our visit. A new dormitory is currently being built at Makutano with money from the Bishop’s Lent Appeal. The new Makutano dormitory


Children and young people play a big part in the life of St Mary’s. Mums and Tods We have adjusted to the younger intake age of children at Churchfields Infants School. The age of the children attending the group is now noticeably younger with only one or two children over three. More parents are coming to the group now and we have some families attending the monthly communion and our weekly worship session in the chapel Parents are more discerning as to what they want from the group and how they use the facilities the A talented substitute Father Christmas group offers. Some adults see it as quality time for themselves, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend and a chat while the children play happily in a safe environment. Other adults welcome the opportunity to sit with their child helping them to do puzzles or playing with playdough which is vital for developing skills required in pre-school and infant school. In 2010, the group donated £75 to Barnardo’s Toddle; with members’ contributions this became £109. Heavy rain forced us to bring our teddy bears and picnic into the Gwinnell room, however it gave us the opportunity to use our ride-ons which we can’t normally use due to the lack of space. We are now using the choir vestry on a regular basis giving us more room for sticking activities with the children and to display seasonal objects. Thanks to Bridget Webb for this and to Adela Kay who is leading singing and rhythm sessions with the toddlers. The highlight of the year was the Christmas Party. Father Christmas cancelled at the last minute so Father Ian filled the role and a brilliant job he did too. Our Rector has hidden talents. Jan McGown

Seekers After many years with us, Chris Meikle retired in July. She is very much missed but we are grateful that she has offered to help us out in the occasional session. Bev Alderson has kindly stepped forward and we are delighted to have her as part of our team. We are also fortunate to have some of the older members of Quest helping us and Laura Walker and Emma Pamplin have become integral parts of Seekers – thanks to both of them.


The Seekers children enjoy being involved with St Mary’s all age services; the responsibility makes them feel a real part of the church family. Seekers time covers Bible studies taken mainly from the Scripture Union Syllabus. When time allows we have held fund raising events, alongside festival activities which we all enjoy. The children’s collage work is displayed in church so do take time to have a look at it. Through our regular giving we have given nearly £100 to various charities. As ever very grateful thanks to all Seekers staff, helpers, Mums and Dads, grandparents, congregation and clergy who give us so much support. Shirley Lealman From Seekers to Quest In addition to our regular programme of Bible study, games, craft, prayer and participation in allage services (April & December this year) Quest has been busy with various special projects. With Peter Webb, the group created dramatic illustrated panels for display in church on Good Friday, which gave members the chance to practice drawing hands - difficult, but ultimately very effective! In June we joined with Seekers to circle the church with prayer, and thanks to extra ‘donations’ from the congregation, achieved a total of 137 prayers - can we beat that in 2011? In September/October, we spent 3 sessions exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity, with the assistance of Quest helper Tessa Theron, who taught us the Shema Yisrael (‘Hear, 0 Israel’) in Hebrew. We made tiny scrolls and containers (mezuzot) to hang in our homes, and also feasted on apples and honey to mark Rosh Hashanah. Later in the autumn we embarked on an art and calligraphy project, creating a beautiful ‘illuminated’ manuscript, aided by senior Quester Jessica Baxter, the group’s official calligrapher. Martine James visited us twice during the year to lead ‘foodie craft’ sessions, which as always went down extremely well, and Bridget Webb helped us make lovely Pentecost doves. We asked Questers for their own favourite memories of the year - here is a representative selection of their replies, showing a proper balance of the temporal and spiritual: • ‘Circling the church with prayer’ • ‘Learning how to do calligraphy’ • ‘Writing prayers on hand and foot cut-outs and animal cut-outs, and making leaves’ • ‘Making biscuit-trees with Martine at Christmas with everyone’ • ‘Learning that Jesus is the most important person in our lives’ • ‘Teaching everyone how to write in the style of calligraphy’


• ‘I enjoyed the path to enlightenment due to the Bible stories - calligraphy was also exquisite’ • ‘ l liked making and eating cake’ This was our last year as a 10-15+ age group. We will miss the Senior Questers as they move ‘onwards and upwards’ into their own group, but we wish them well for the future. Thanks are due to Martine James, Peter & Bridget Webb and our Quest helped wrap the church in prayer regular back-up team of Tessa Theron, Jean Russell and Kathy Wiltshire. Although we have their valuable support, we are still in need of a co-leader to take charge of the group on one or two Sundays in the month. Please pray for the success of this particular ‘quest’. Roberta Flynn Guiding Guiding at St Mary’s was as popular as ever during 2010 with all units fully subscribed, always with girls waiting to join as well as girls ready to move up through the different sections 2010 was our Centenary year and we soon got into our stride and celebrated by staging our own Centenary Gang Show in the Memorial Hall. The Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Guiders took to the boards, all worked extremely hard and much to their delight all performances were sold out. The guiders and all the girls have contributed in some way to social and fund raising events at St Marys. They cooked eggy bread and acted as waitresses for The Big Breakfast; made hot dogs, ran games, and this year attempted to tell 100 jokes at the Food and Fun Day and ran various activities at the Charity Bazaar. They also enjoyed their usual fund raising Bingo Evening to contribute towards the Memorial Hall costs. This year, as well as working tirelessly, with the 1st Woodford Rainbows, the Rainbow Guiders have also been acting as recruitment officers – Penny Freeston and Sue Baxter, stood down through pressure of other commitments n December. Despite much publicity, no one came forward to take on this commitment, although some general interest was shown. However, Angela Walter, the Division Commissioner, stepped in to help run meetings, and Jan McGowan has volunteered to stay on to help until September 2011. As well as working towards and achieving numerous Brownie interest badges the 1st and 9th Woodford Brownies joined together on several occasions this year. In April they competed in a Road Safety competition staged by the London Borough of Redbridge.


In June they held a very noisy sports evening with traditional sports like sack race, potato and spoon and welly throwing. They also went into Church for a whole evening learning about weddings and Revd Ian Tarrant guided them through the wedding service. In July we held World Cup Football Brownie Revels and Sally joined us for the evening to lend her expertise. 1st Woodford Guides went to a St Mary’s guiders representing all generations Centenary week long celebration camp from Rainbows to the Trefoil Guild at Cudham in Kent. It was part of an huge event with many activities. In the X Factor competitions they produced the winner and runner up out of 1000 girls! They enjoyed a Take That tribute band and also took a day trip to Brownsea Island where some girls made their promise at the BP Memorial Stone. In September all units got the opportunity to take part in Chigtenary at Chigwell Row. All sorts of activities and crafts for everyone to enjoy and some splendid arena activities including the release of doves, an amazing dog handling demonstration and some fantastic cake to celebrate our 100 years of Guiding. The final event of our Centenary was Vision – when at 20:10 20/10 2010 all guides took time to renew their Promise. We renewed ours on St Marys Church steps. Of course, none of this would be possible without the continued enthusiasm and commitment of Guiders, Unit Helpers, Young Leaders and anyone who helps out from time to time. Our thanks to everyone who makes this happen and long may such co-operation continue. Martine James Shirley Lealman wrote this to accompany the Seekers report: “It is such a delight to see the late Anne Snowdon’s snowdrops and early spring flowers blooming under the trees, Her little garden is much appreciated by Seekers children and adults as we pass by before entering the church” Most of us would agree with this sentiment and we are pleased to have these pictorial reminders of the delightful spring garden Anne created.

A year in pictures


Mission and Charity Giving 2010 Mission Societies CMS

1,000 Send A Cow

£ 1352

Leprosy Mission

400 Bishop’s Lent Appeal



300 Makutano Orphanage


200 CMS - Good Shepherd Church 200 CMS 100 Muchunguri Dispensary 2200 DEC- Pakistan Floods


Mathieson Music Trust Medicines For Muheza Good Shepherd Church Mission Societies

Church Societies Bible Society Children’s Society Church Army Manna Society Essex Clergy Charity Christian Aid Church Urban Fund Church Societies


Christian Aid 300 Haiti Earthquake 200 Christian Aid Harvest Collection 250 Haven House 200 Church Army 100 USPG 200 Medicines for Muheza 100 Sightsavers 1350 Royal British Legion

Macmillan Cancer Support

100 Leprosy Mission

Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind


Marie Curie Cancer Care


Royal Association for the Aid of Deaf People










£ Special Collections


393 301 471 258 763 370 190 190 240 155 330


St Mary's Annual Review  

Our Annual Review for 2010 with details of all our worship, activities and finances for the year

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