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THE PARISHIONER Newsletter for The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, Johannesburg.

JUNE 2018

Prophetic Witness & Celebrating the Cathedral’s Vision & Mission.

Editor’s Note... What a privilege it has been to join the Cathedral family at this time as Communications & Stakeholder Relations Officer, and putting together this edition working closely with Kamohelo Potloane, head of the Marketing and Communications Ministry. As I work on developing a Communications Strategy for the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, I’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of the design and production of the Cathedral’s newsletters. Prior to putting together this edition, Kamohelo and I considered questions such as: what information should the newsletter contain and how many pages should it be? How frequently should it be published? For some time now, I’ve been collecting and reading examples of past newsletters and bulletins for ideas and inspiration to help with producing an enhanced and effective newsletter as Dean Xolani Dlwathi mentions in his opening statement in the Dean’s message on page 3.


Whether the Cathedral should print and send out its newsletter or distribute electronically. A newsletter conveys essential information about our ministry and facilitates connection between members of our congregation, staff and community. It must be attentively managed, carefully thought out, and meticulously reviewed so that it always meets our objectives in a concise and interesting manner.


In this edition, there is a bit of everything for everyone. We start by reflecting on the Cathedral’s Strategic Implementation Plan which was accepted and adopted by the congregation at a special vestry meeting in 2017. Our Churchwardens and Parish Council members give us a glimpse of who they are and outline the key focus areas and functions of their portfolios, we are so glad to have such an amazing team, making sure that the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin achieves its vision, mission and objectives. Sit back and relax as we also take you through the amazing events that took place since the beginning of 2018. It was an honour hosting the Lady Day service in honour of Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela (South African anti-apartheid activist and politician, and ex-wife of former President Nelson Mandela), with Dean Xolani Dlwathi delivering a powerful sermon, Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula (South African Minister of Defence and Military Veterans) and Minister Nomvula Mokonyane (South African Minister of Communications) sharing their messages for Mama Winnie, not forgetting former President Kgalema Motlanthe and Mr. Sonwabile Ndamase (the gentleman who made attire for Mama Winnie) who spoke very well about the Mother of the Nation. Our very own Mr. Moss Mashishi shares his reflections on the life and legacy of Mama Winnie, follow the article on page 6. It was sad that when I joined the Cathedral family, it was time for Father John Warren to venture into a new journey...nevertheless, the few days that I spent with him were amazing, farewell Father John Warren! I’d like to pass my gratitude to the Marketing and Communications Ministry team, especially Zoezoe Radebe, Muzi Mazibuko and Moses Kelly for making sure that we have stories to cover. A big thank you to the Ministry leader, Kamohelo Potloane for his tireless contributions towards the production of this edition, making sure that we indeed produce a coherent newsletter...Happy reading!

In this issue... 

Editor’s Note

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Message from the Dean

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Lenten & Easter Journey — 2018

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Special Events

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Corpus Christi

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Youth Of Virtues Revival

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Celebrating Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela

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Father John Warren’s Farewell

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Social Civil: A Re Sebetseng Project

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Profiling the Parish Council & Churchwardens

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Profiling the Clergy Team

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AWF— United in Prayer, Service & Love

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St. Martin-in-the-Fields Visits SA — September 2018

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 2



It is of critical importance that we therefore reflect on the newly-revealed Vision and Mission of our Cathedral; VISION:

The Very Revd. Xolani Dlwathi

The Anglican Cathedral of the Diocese of Johannesburg, St. Mary the Virgin seeks to be; A SPIRITUALLY ENRICHED AND LOVING DIOCESAN COMMUNITY WITH APROPHETIC PRESENCE IN JOHANNESBURG.

Dear Beloved, It is with great joy and excitement that I share my reflections with you on the Cathedral visionary process as we re-launch the Cathedral newsletter in a much more enhanced version, as a tool to communicate and not only with the members of our Cathedral but also with all our stakeholders and partners in mission locally and internationally. We are indeed greatly indebted to the Marketing and Communications Ministry together with Ms. Queen Mlangeni - the Communications and Stakeholder Relations Officer who has been entrusted with the responsibility of producing these newsletters. Following my appointment as Dean in December 2015, we as a Cathedral community, as influenced by the Charge I delivered at my Installation Service in December 2015, began a process of discernment on God’s mission and purpose for our Cathedral within the current context of our city and country. There were conversations that took place between myself and the various ministries and formations within the Cathedral in 2016, which culminated into a Cathedral Conference held in two sittings in April and in June 2017, facilitated by Mr. Mandla Letlape. This conference was attended by the Cathedral community and various other stakeholders and partners from within and outside the diocese. The outcome of this process was the production of the Cathedral Strategic Implementation Plan which was overwhelmingly accepted and adopted by the congregation at a special vestry meeting held in October 2017. This plan clearly outlines the Purpose, Vision, Mission and the Strategic Goals of the Cathedral for the years 2018 to 2028. Furthermore, the plan outlines the various portfolio ministries entrusted with the implementation of the various goals and their key focus areas and functions. The year 2018 marks the beginning of the implementation of the strategic plan and thus would primarily focus on the capacitation and strengthening of the various portfolio ministries with human resource and related skills. This will ensure that we would be directly achieving the diocesan vision – the Practice of the Ministry of all believers. This means as a Cathedral community we strive to take our spiritual growth, enrichment and development as a major priority so as to enhance our relationship with God. Thus our worship, sermons, teachings, sacramental preparation classes, and various other formational initiatives and activities are aimed at achieving the ongoing formation of our communities. The fruits of the spiritual growth should be the expression of God’s love within our surroundings, city, province and beyond. Through our mission and ministry, the people of God should encounter the real meaning and presence of God’s love through the holistic transformation of their lives. We as a faith community are the only institution that exists for non-members. This means the impact of our mission and ministry should also benefit those outside of our parish roll being the ordinary people of God from all faith communities and denominations. Maxi Dunnam holds that the church should individually and collectively become the “One in whom Christ is felt to live Again…” (1986:153-154) which means what Christ has been and done for us, we must be and do for others.

James Howel quoting the words attributed to Teresa of Avila said; “Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ is to look out on a hurting world. Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good. Yours are the hands with which he is to bless now.” (1998:9-10). It therefore became crystal clear that the church was called by God to become the following: Eyes

to look & see the suffering and brokenness


to listen & hear the cries


to feel the pain & express the love of Christ


to reflect on what we see, hear and feel


to walk & go about becoming Christ’s presence


to be a blessing through works & touch of lives


to become the prophetic voice


to pray & intercede for God’s people i.e. communication with God.

It is in light of the above that we as the Cathedral community are therefore called and must commit ourselves to being the prophetic presence within the City of Johannesburg. Our spiritual enrichment and love for God should make us feel very restless and give us sleepless nights in light of the many social ills of our time, corruption, institutionalized discriminations and oppression of God’s children and thus requires that we join in the various social advocacy initiatives within our city and country and beyond. Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane in his book entitled Faith in Action wrote that the church is the only institution with a social conscience that is called by God to always be there for the poor and vulnerable. This can never be found in the political formations of our era or in history. The church should always be consistent in its prophetic ministry as displayed by our spiritual fathers in the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Ndungane, Revd. Frank Chikane, Revd. Moselane and many more. We are therefore called upon and must commit ourselves as the Cathedral community to becoming a church with a social conscience and prophetic presence. As a church, we must not only preach about individual sin but must also do so about institutional sin committed by various institutions and which leads to the suffering of God’s people within our city, country and beyond. We cannot and dare-not be silent in the midst of such suffering and misery worldwide. Also, we cannot afford to take the easy way out as church leaders and promote the joys of heaven whilst our people are suffering. Dr. John Kani once said; “what’s the point of telling me about heaven when I am already living in hell.” Indeed, I concur. Through our mission and ministry, the hell moments of God’s people should be transformed into heavenly moments here on earth. Our mission therefore must be for God’s kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven.


Lenten & Easter Journey — 2018

The journey began on Ash Wednesday with two services, lunchtime and evening. The theme for this year was “Transforming Discipleship” which was outlined by the clergy during the sermons on Sundays in Lent and then followed by the daily personal reflections and culminating in the companions group reflections on Saturdays.

During the five weeks there was a weekly theme being reflected upon as follows: Knowing who we are – focused on the need and significant importance of understanding ourselves individually in relation to God, self and community. Changing from within – focused on the need for personal transformation and transfiguration of self internally so as to impact our livelihood. Listening to the groans – focused on our life journeys and the challenges we experience but most importantly the saving grace of God. Experiencing a God who heals – focused on the continued healing power of God in our lives especially the healing of memories and health. But also on the restoration of relationships. Discovering Community – focused on the importance of building relationships within communities including the need for warm hospitality within our church. It recognised that many people are longing for acceptance and belonging. Thus we were encouraged to become intentional about welcoming visitors and those joining the Cathedral community. The other exciting highlight during this period was the hosting of a special healing service at the All Souls Chapel which was full to capacity. During this service there was anointing of the sick and those who needed healing in various aspects of their lives. Also there was the blessing and distribution of holy water to members of the congregation. The journey of Holy Week began with the celebration and remembrance of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem but also included the uplifting services on Maundy Thursday. The celebration symbolized and displayed the teaching of Christ building the community and caring for one another as we recalled the call of Christ to follow his example of washing the feet of his disciples during which the clergy washed the feet of the congregation members.

The Easter Vigil as always, is one of the most glorious symbolical services as we celebrate the transition from Lent to Easter – Darkness to Light. The blessing and lighting of the Paschal candle and its procession into the church in darkness is one powerful symbolism – that the light Christ always shines no matter the amount of darkness in our life journeys. Below we hear from Ayanda Kgomosotho about her experience of the Lenten course and journey:


I wasn't going to attend the Lenten course. I came to

church one Saturday for the A Re Sebetseng clean-up campaign project, where I teamed up with Mama Mathabo Dlwathi. After a few hours spent with her, I agreed to attend the course. The introduction to the course alone was enlightening, as you get to experience the different personalities, one is able to identify with other people, and the course highlighted that you are not alone in situations you go through. With the coming weeks, I got to experience tears, laughter and love from the sessions. One week it would be so gruelling and painful, and the other it would bring forth a grateful heart. The thing I loved the most was how we reminded each other that, "you are a beloved of God." The course is great for spiritual growth and helps in putting one at place with the Christian journey. You go into the course seeking answers and come out with an identity to plant your feet in God's work. (It's like you were watching a train pass by daily, and now you want to be inside the train to see the destination). The course brought fellowship and a sense of belonging as well amongst us. By the time it ended, most of us felt it was too soon.”

Good Friday was the glorious reflection of Jesus’ words or messages on the cross led by the clergy including the melodic music rendered by the choir.

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 4


Thursday, 31st May marked the Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin word for Body of Christ), a celebration of the tradition and belief in the body and blood of Jesus Christ and His real presence in the Eucharist. It emphasizes the joy of the institution of the Eucharist, which was observed on Maundy Thursday, in the somber atmosphere of the nearness of Good Friday. The feast is liturgically celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday or, where it is not a holy day of obligation. At the end of Holy Mass, there is often a procession of the Blessed Sacrament, generally displayed in a monstrance. The procession is followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The Diocese celebrated the festival of Corpus Christi with the renewal of commitment to ministry by deacons, priests, the Bishop and laity and blessing of the Holy oils led by the president of the mass & preacher, Bishop Steve Moreo, Bishop of Johannesburg. The deacon of the mass was Revd. Sibonelo Mkhabela from St Stephen’s Parish, Sunninghill. The sub-deacon of the mass was Mbekezeli Ntombela from the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin.

Bishop Steve Moreo (Bishop of Johannesburg) anoints the priests.

The Holy Cross Anglican Church Choir from Orlando West together with the organist Mr. Sidney Place opened the ceremony with the Hymn “who will save our land people” as the procession entered the church. Bishop Steve Moreo delivered a very powerful sermon deliberately touching on the call to minister and serve with love.

The Bishop followed by addressing the congregation to renew their commitment to ministry and vow to work together as partners in the mission of the church to reconcile all people to God through Christ. The deacons also renewed their promise to bear witness to Christ wherever they may be and the Bishop blessed them. Lastly, the priests renewed their promise to be Christ’s priests, sharing with Christ the cure of souls, and as pastors to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world, and the Bishop anointed the priests. Mbekezeli Ntombela led the prayers for the ministry of the church.

YOUTH OF VIRTUES REVIVAL The Youth Revival was held on the 19th May 2018 under the theme: “Remain in Jerusalem”- Taken from Luke 24:49.

Dean Xolani Dlwathi together with Youth from St Cyprian’s Doornkop.

Many young people in the Diocese do not know the Cathedral, therefore, the Youth Ministry leaders saw it fit to organize the youth revival with the aim of exposing young people to the beauty of the Cathedral— the Diocesan Mother Church, and allowed them to break the perceptions they had about the Cathedral. Indeed the Cathedral doors are open for others to grow spiritually and become servants of God. Vuyo mentioned: “I believe that we all left there being revived souls as we were united in song and the theme spoke to the souls of the youth and broadened fellowship within the youth.” The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 5

Celebrating Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela—Mandela MAY HER SOUL REST IN POWER! MAMA WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA: 1936 - 2018 MAMA WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA is no more. The tapestry of the testimony of her life is a rich, colourful, and contested one. In the fullness of time, history will judge her kindly. In time, what will remain is a story of a true patriot of our country who always displayed unquestionable loyalty to South Africa and its people. A tried and tested revolutionary in her own right. A woman with striking beauty, recognizable presence, immense dignity and extra-ordinary courage. It is without question that it took phenomenal courage for Mama Winnie to confront and stand against the vicious apartheid regime. It took great fortitude to endure countless personal humiliations, torture, alienation from her marriage; and most painfully, the inhumane and despicable anguish visited to her family, especially her young children at such a tender age. Despite it all, Mama Winnie gallantly persevered in the darkest hour of apartheid and held the torch of liberation firmly and resolutely. She kept the fire of struggle burning in the hearts of many Freedom Fighters who mostly passed through her custody and care whilst in transit to and from exile in the cold face of war. She fought the regime toe to toe inside the country, acting as an inspiration and a magnet for the recruitment of many young cadres into the ranks of the Mass Democratic Movement. She exemplified the true spirit of resistance and defiance; the embodiment of the mantra: ‘Asijiki...victory is certain!‘ To many of the oppressed she became the very embodiment of the spirit of liberation. Ultimately as a product of the furnace of struggle she deservedly attained the title; ‘Mother of the Nation.’ It is a matter of cruel irony that almost always the true meaning and impact of the legacies of the most selfless, the most heroic, and the most valiant of our revolutionaries are only fully appreciated posthumously.

On the occasion of the special Memorial Services for Mama Winnie at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, the Dean of Johannesburg, Dean Xolani Dlwati, made the central point of his sermon that the church has to leave the wellbeing of people in heaven to God and rather and more urgently concern itself with the wellbeing of people right here on this earth. In that spirit he called on all congregants and by extension, all South Africans, to honour Mama Winnie’s legacy by heading the call by President Cyril Ramaphosa…‘Thuma Mina.’ The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin Johannesburg, held two special services in honour of Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela. On Sunday 08th April 2018, the Cathedral held a special Sunday service whereby former president Kgalema Motlanthe was the guest speaker and Mr. Sonwabile Ndamase also gave a tribute to Mama Winnie. Also present was Mrs. Sheila Sisulu. The Sunday service was televised live on SABC. On Thursday 12th April 2018, there was the second service led by the Diocesan Mothers Union as they celebrated Lady Day. The tributes came from Minister Nomvula Mokonyane and Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula celebrating a life lived with purpose to serve in all its colour and splendor. Friday 13th April, the Dean led the evening prayer at Mama Winnie’s residence in Soweto, together with Revd. Jesse Jackson (American civil rights activist) also sharing a beautiful message for Mama Winnie. In conclusion, Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela ran a good race. She has fought a just course. She has fulfilled her mission. The most important way we can honour her legacy is to ensure that her lifetime of deep pain and untold suffering cannot be in vain. We can do so by striving to ensure that in our own ways and in our daily lives the fruits of freedom reach all, especially the poor of the poorest and the downtrodden. In particular, as Christians, in the words of the Dean; “we can do so by concerning ourselves with the true emancipation and well-being of all, right here in this world.” Finally, even though she has now transitioned from this life, each one of us must continue her mission and through our deeds still ensure that Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela has not in fact died; that indeed she multiplied.

LALA NGOXOLO MAMA! Excerpt from article by: Mr. Moss Mashishi

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 6


FATHER JOHN’S FAREWELL... Father John Warren noted: “I am a non-dancing South African. Born in Brighton, England – educated in England – achieving a Masters degree from Cambridge University. During this time, I was influenced by Trevor Huddleston’s book “Naught for your Comfort.” After University I came to South Africa to work at Vecor in Vanderbijlpark as a graduate engineer.”

Let’s take a look back on Father John Warren’s journey in the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin… Following his move to South Africa, Father John got involved with the local Anglican church, All Saints. In 1965, he got married to Irma and the newly wed couple were blessed with 3 children Susan, Richard and Helen who were all born in Vereeniging. His journey with the Cathedral began in 1992, when he was appointed to serve as assistant priest under the then Dean - The Revd. Canon Godfrey Henwood. During his tenure at the Cathedral he was requested by the then Bishop – the late Duncan Buchanan to be involved with the National Peace Accord and thus he served on the Johannesburg Local Peace Committee. The Dean asked him to take over the care of St Mary on the Limpopo. In October 1996, he moved to St Gabriel’s in Florida as Rector – a church which was starting a demographic shift in the congregation – a difficult thing to manage. He then left St Gabriel’s in 2004. After some months of being unemployed, he went to serve as an assistant priest at St Margaret of Scotland in Bedfordview for a year, after which he retired in 2005.

Father John Warren

In December 2006, while on retirement, Dean Gerard Sharp appointed him as a full time assistant priest at the Cathedral and thus started in January 2007. His initial mandate was to look after the weekly early morning services and “to pick up anything that fell through the cracks” - This he had tried to fulfil – from taking confirmation classes, when Pinky Barnett left, to writing parish council minutes and other administrative functions. During the 11 years at the Cathedral, Father John also assisted during the two inter-regnum periods (the time between one Dean leaving and the next one being installed). In 2013, Irma and Father John moved to reside at St. Michael’s Village. Father John, despite being on retirement was also graciously allowed to serve as a full time assistant priest at the Cathedral, during the tenure of office as Deans of Dean Charles May (now Bishop of Highveld) and Dean Xolani Dlwathi (current Dean). As he now officially retires from ministry, we give thanks to God for his ministry within the Cathedral and the Diocese over the years. In his own words; - “I have enjoyed my time worshipping at the Cathedral – in the 60’s, the 90’s and these last 11 years. The many friends I have met have been a special delight.” — Father John Warren.

Thank you all! The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 7

A RE SEBETSENG: CLEANING UP AROUND THE CHURCH SURROUNDS EXECUTIVE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF JOH A N N E S B U R G , Mayor Herman Mashaba embarked on a city clean-up campaign called A Re Sebetseng. Loosely translated this means Let’s Get Working. Launched in 2017, the campaign seeks to encourage residents to clean-up the city, townships and surrounds and to take pride in their surroundings. Residents are encouraged to roll-up their sleeves and partner with the City in this volunteer clean-up campaign which takes place on the last Saturday of every month. The Mayor says; “the heart of the project is about dealing with the huge filth and litter around the city.” We as congregants at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin know this filth all too well. We are confronted by this filth every time we make our way to the Cathedral to worship on Sundays or for any other activities on other days. The surroundings of the Cathedral are in direct contrast of this magnificent, majestic structure which our church leadership has ensured is well-maintained throughout the years. Members of the Cathedral heeded the call and joined forces to partake in the clean-up campaign. This was not the first time that they were participating in the clean-up campaign. Those involved in the campaign were provided with gloves and refuse bags by Pikitup, which is also responsible for removing the waste after the clean-up. By participating in this event, Cathedral members directly took charge of matters affecting their house of worship whilst also building on their sisterhood and brotherhood during the clean-up activities. These conditions that we find in and around the city are a contrast to the positioning of Johannesburg as an “World Class African City”, also colloquially known as the City of Gold. A Re Sebetseng is modelled on the existing models of clean-up city campaigns in Rwanda and Uganda, which are also monthly campaigns where residents come together to clean their city. It is through this campaign that the city of Kigali is now known as the cleanest city in Africa.

Let us do our bit in ensuring that we clean-up our city. We can either choose to look the other way, complaining about the palpable sight and stench from the filth whilst we wait for Pikitup to clear the litter whenever; or we can choose to roll-up our sleeves and participate in the A Re Sebetseng clean-up campaign, thus opting to do something about it. Just as we take pride in the cleanliness of our homes and our surrounds, similarly we should take pride in our house of worship and its immediate surroundings. Let’s start by making sure that we do not throw rubbish in the street when walking or driving no matter how small. Similarly, we should aim to conscientize others we catch taking part in this abhorrent activity. We cannot just afford to look the other way. As Christians, we are called upon to be stewards of our environment and of our planet. We have been entrusted with this earth and its resources for our livelihood and enjoyment. However, we also have a duty to protect, preserve and care for it for future generations. This is a simple act of love not only for ourselves and our neighbors, but also for future generations who are yet to follow in our paths.

The Cathedral of St. Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 8

PROFILING THE PARISH COUNCIL AND CHURCHWARDENS... KAMOHELO POTLOANE MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller. This is the quote that Kamo lives his life by, and he prays that God gives him more energy and strength to carry out his work in his church and beyond.

Kamohelo Potloane, fondly known as “Kamo”, was born in Bethlehem in the Free State. A true child of the African soil, he grew up in Ficksburg, Lesotho and Johannesburg; attended primary school in Mooi River and Bergville (KZN) and completed his high school in Bloemfontein. Fast forward to today, Kamo has been a member of the Parish Council since 2017 and also leads the Marketing and Communications Ministry. However, his duties in the Cathedral started long before serving on the Parish Council. His duties included counting the offering, reading of scripture and preparation of the communion rail at the 8am services.

Marketing and Communications play an important role for any organization, without marketing, businesses & organizations would have very little means of communication. It is an essential part of promotion and growth. “The same is true within the church. Churches often stray from advertising for a variety of reasons, but marketing and communications can be a very effective way of ministering in a new, unique, and modern way.”

The Ministry was established in 2017 with the aim of providing marketing and communications support for all Cathedral activities & events. The Marketing and Communications Ministry has the following key focus areas; coordination & management of the Cathedral’s website, production of publications i.e. pew leaflet, newsletters, photography & recording, media liaison, social media management, branding & signage, corporate gifts & IT infrastructure development & services.

(Conrad, 2008)

YOLANDE MOKHANTSO INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS MINISTRY Yolande Mokhantso hails from the small town of Barberton in Mpumalanga. A granddaughter of an Anglican priest from All Saints Anglican Church — Barberton, she started worshipping at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin after relocating to Johannesburg in 1993. Yolande is a member of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship (AWF) and holds the position of treasurer at parish level. She represents the congregants of the Cathedral at Parish Council in the role of International Partnerships Leader, a portfolio whose role is to foster relationships with organisations and churches outside of the borders of South Africa. Since the introduction of this ministry in 2017, the Cathedral has successfully resuscitated relations with St Martin-in-the-Fields, London (SMITF) and Westcott Seminary, UK. A delegation of nine representatives from SMITF visited the Cathedral in 2017 in preparation for the SMITF choir visit towards the end of 2018. In turn, the Cathedral sent a delegation of six representatives to SMITF in 2017. Yolande enjoys spending time and travelling with her family and even though leisure time is a luxury, she creates the time to indulge in a good book. The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 9

YOLANDA ISHAKA CHILDREN'S MINISTRY “Being a Vessel of God’s Healing Touch” – Yolanda Ishaka Yolanda Ishaka has been worshipping at the Cathedral for 20 years since the age of one year. It is no surprise that she leads the Children’s Ministry. This ministry entails representing the children of the church and educating them in their spiritual and holistic growth, with the aim to guide the children to grow in the journey of faith and ensure the effective functioning of Sunday school. Yolanda’s focus areas include the coordination & management of Sunday School, admission to communion, children's services and soliciting formational tools. Mindful that we are living in a world of broken children, Yolanda does her bit in addressing this major societal issue by extending that touch in the ministry just by being present and caring. Yolanda mentions; “very often I think I am there to teach but most of the time I am the one who walks away with a new lesson. Therefore the ministry itself assists me in my daily work.”

ELSIE MCBASON CHURCHWARDEN(ALTERNATE) COMMERCIAL ENTITIES MANAGEMENT MINISTRY Elsie McBason is one of the recently elected churchwardens (alternate) and heads up the Commercial Entities Management Ministry. A member of the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin since 1978, and a familiar face of the Cathedral choir. Elsie initially attended St Nicholas Parish in Newclare for 2 years following her relocation from Cape Town where she attended St George’s Cathedral. The Commercial Entities Management Ministry is responsible for the management of the Cathedral’s commercial entities e.g. Darragh House, tourism and other future commercial initiatives. This ministry aims to explore and develop more ways of creating financial sustainability for the Cathedral. It is in this regard that Elsie understands the current challenges with regards to the occupancy of the flats in Darragh House and the competition within the CBD to get sustainable income from tenants. It is against this context that she and the leadership of the Cathedral continue to engage with the City of Johannesburg on heritage issues that will allow for the recognition of the Cathedral as a heritage site and enable development of a tourist attraction strategy for the future.


Thenji Stone was born and raised in a strong Anglican background, and has carried God with her since her very existence. Thenji has been a parishioner at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin since 1991, and is one of the churchwardens. She heads up the Financial Growth & Management Ministry. Her portfolio facilitates, manages and coordinates all financial transactions and activities of the Cathedral. Her ministry focuses on the coordination and management of the financial affairs of the Cathedral - bookkeeping, financial stewardship and fundraising initiatives. E.g. DG Sunday, development of cash and financial management policies, production of financial reports for the executive & council, facilitation of the financial investments, exploring and developing ways of creating financial sustainability for the Cathedral. Thenji Stone enjoys being a mother to her three beautiful children, and enjoys the company of her grandson. Having worked at Avis Car Rental for years, she joined her husband’s business and currently also runs her own business. Thenji is happy to be leading this portfolio and is very grateful to have this church as her home away from home. The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 10

Profiling (continue) KELVIN GUAR RADEBE CHURCHWARDEN— FACILITIES MANAGEMENT & UPKEEP MINISTRY “I firmly believe that God will not put you in a position and not equip you to perform in that role. I would therefore urge anyone willing to serve in this, and any other role within the church, to listen to what God is calling them to do and follow.”

Kelvin Guar Radebe is a qualified electrical engineer and is currently working in a consulting engineering company called Lebone Engineering which he co-founded in 1995. Kelvin, who has been actively involved in the Engineering industry since 1989, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering, management consulting and project management; having worked at key prominent South African companies. Kelvin has been worshipping at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin Johannesburg since 1993 and is one of the churchwardens. He is responsible for the newly-established Facilities Management and Upkeep Ministry (FMUM); which, as the name suggests, has to do with the upkeep of physical church and Deanery facilities. The portfolio also encompasses all church assets (movable and immovable) and the insurance thereof.

As an engineer, Kelvin works in the built environment; which includes working with different systems within buildings. These systems comprise the electricals, the ventilation, heating, security and others. The FMUM portfolio is responsible for exactly these within the Cathedral.

SIPHAMANDLA MANTSHULE YOUTH MINISTRY Siphamandla quotes David in Psalm 119 verse 9: “How can young people keep their lives pure? By obeying Your commands.” (NIV) “If you keep the word of the Lord, it will be your foundation and your guide in living a clean life.”

The Youth Ministry was re-established last year following some years of absence. It aims to equip the youth with the word of God as a spiritual armour to grow and protect themselves as they face everyday challenges. Issues affecting the youth of today and how to live as a young Christian are some of the key themes explored in the youth discussions, with the aim of building the spiritual fortitude of young people so that they know how to handle themselves when faced with difficulties. Siphamandla Mantshule, Chairperson of the Youth Ministry explains, “we aim to contribute to the spiritual growth of the youth. By youth we mean fellow worshippers who are between the ages of 16 and 35 years old; as well as those who may fall outside this category but feel young at heart. You find that some people come to church on a Sunday to get a weekly shot of spiritual upliftment, however in between that they fail to acquaint themselves with the word of God and to live a fully Christian life. Ours is to compliment the spiritual messages as shared in the church services and shine the light on how to go about living your life as a young Christian and have a positive impact in the world.” Two meetings are held monthly after the 09:30 Sunday services; with bible studies held in the first meetings and praise and worship sessions take place in the third week of each month. In the later instance, participants share different interpretations of messages from the bible and how to apply the teachings in their daily living. A successful workshop was held on “Anglicanism” and what it means to be an Anglican including in today’s context. Siphamandla elaborates that assisting young people to understand and appreciate their spiritual home will contribute to their commitment to the Cathedral instead of being lured by other churches. He appeals to all youth to consistently attend youth services; the Cathedral community to support and encourage the youth in every way possible, and to encourage youthful members in our families to be part of this ministry; and lastly to avail ourselves for all youth activities. The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 11

Diaspora Anglican Community


Established in the mid-1990s, the Diaspora Anglican Community is one of the Specialised Ministries of the Cathedral. The aim of this ministry is to provide a “home away from home” for its members who are parishioners of the Cathedral and originate from the African diaspora. Under the leadership of Onyeka Okechukwu, the ministry provides support to its members and their families in the event of sickness, bereavement as well as during celebratory events such as baptism and weddings. The ministry also assists with welcoming new members from the diaspora whilst seeing to the general welfare of its members. One of the most visible events of the Diaspora Anglican Community is the Harvest Festival usually held during November. Onyeka explains the concept behind Harvest: “In Nigeria, at the start of the planting season, Christian farmers make their pledges to the church in anticipation of a good harvest and to thank God for the blessings throughout the year.” He further adds, “Although Harvest was not that well-received by all members of the Cathedral during its early years of inception, it has now been adopted as one of the key programmes in the church calendar of events and receives widespread support amongst congregants.”

Previously attended by the High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to SA, Chiefs and Traditional Authorities representing some of the local territories as well as other dignitaries from the African diaspora, the Harvest Festival is indeed a day that many in the Cathedral look forward to. On this day, the Cathedral gets transformed as the pews get filled to full capacity; the vibrancy of the music and colourful attires can be felt and seen all around; whilst taste buds are tantalised with traditional meals of the continent. The Cathedral benefits from the significant contributions that are made by members of the diaspora and visitors on this day, with contributions also received from other ministries.

PROFILING THE CLERGY TEAM REVD. TSEPO PLESSIE PASTORAL CARE MINISTRY. “I got actively involved in church life from a young age. This was influenced by the fact that as a child in our community it was impossible not to go to church, because any adult attending a church service would take their children along.” - Revd. Tsepo Plessie

Revd. Tsepo Plessie was born and raised in Sterkstroom, a small town approximately 60 Kms from Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. He is married to Mrs. Koleka Plessie and they are blessed with two kids, Iminathi (daughter) and Khaka (son). His journey started when he was serving as an altar boy at St James Church. Revd. Tsepo moved to the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin in March 2017 and currently leads the Pastoral Care Ministry which manages & coordinates the pastoral care activities for the Cathedral. He is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and providing leadership to the parish ministers, counselling ministry, and chaplaincy ministry to the Cathedral Bernard Mizeki Guild, Anglican Men’s Fellowship (AMF) & Evangelical Guild. His ministry mainly focuses on overseeing prayer chains, clergy & lay pastoral visits, ministry to the sick, ministry to the bereaved and offering grief counselling courses. The Pastoral Care Ministry offers social and emotional support for pre-marital classes, relationship support for couples, individual counselling, marriage seminars, couple’s breakfasts, divorce counselling & support and Anglicare counselling.

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 12

CLERGY TEAM CONT... REVD. MAPHELO MALGAS PASTORAL CARE MINISTRY “I was baptised and raised in the Anglican Church tradition. However, it is at university that I got involved in the ministry of the church where I became the founding member of the Anglican Student Society (ANSOC) Port Elizabeth University branch— now Nelson Mandela University).” - Revd. Maphelo Malgas.

The ministry provides pastoral care & conducts worship for Wits University, University of Johannesburg (UJ) and other educational institutions in the City of Johannesburg.

Revd. Maphelo Malgas began his journey in ministry at the University of Port Elizabeth during the time of Revd. Diana Nkesiga who together with her husband were doing missionary service in South Africa, and was later allocated by the Bishop of Port Elizabeth to be the chaplain of the Anglican Student Society at the Port Elizabeth University branch (ANSOC). After university, Revd. Malgas moved to Johannesburg and joined St Monnica’s Anglican Church and that is where again his calling to “ordained ministry” became more persistent. Under the guidance of the then Rector (Revd. Dlwathi), he became a lay minister at St Monnica’s for about six years performing all the duties of lay ministers including visiting the sick, conducting evening services at homes of parish members, assisting with wedding & burial services, conducting faith formation classes and conducting baptismal classes. The Diocesan School of Ministries moved him from St Monnica’s to the Cathedral where he completed his pre-ordination training. Maphelo was ordained Deacon in December 2017, and thus began his post ordination training in the Cathedral. Currently, Revd. Malgas leads a component of the Pastoral Care Ministry focusing on pastoral care and spiritual growth for the Anglican Students Federation at Wits & UJ. He is also the chaplain for the Gauteng region of the Anglican Student Society.

CURATE MBEKEZELI NTOMBELA TRAINING FOR THE ORDAINED MINISTRY “Challenges, negative seasons, setbacks and inconveniences will remain, one cannot avoid them, that is a fact of life. Nonetheless, tough times never last for long, they are seasonal, but tough people survive and through the Grace of our Lord they live on through thick and thin.”

Mbekezeli Ntombela was born and raised in Newcastle (KZN) and became a bona-fide member of the local parish, Epiphany Anglican Church Osizweni, where he served as an altar-server and a lay-minister.

- Mbekezeli Ntombela.

During this period he was groomed and given strong mentoring by The Revd. Oscar Shange (currently the Rector of St Philip’s Umlazi). After 13 years of dedication and hard work, Revd. Shange recommended that Mbekezeli join the Fellowship of Vocation in the Diocese of Natal. When Mbekezeli matriculated in 2004, he preferred to explore his call in a different context, and Revd. Shange suggested that he move to either the Diocese of Johannesburg or to Kimberley and Kuruman. Mbekezeli chose to move to Johannesburg, and later in that year he joined St Paul’s Anglican Church, Jabavu, under the guidance and oversight of Revd. Tim Mncube. During 2016, Mbekezeli was invited to attend a second Discernment Conference and it was at this conference that a calling was discerned to the ordained ministry on a full-time basis. In addition to this discernment, a calling was also discerned for Mbekezeli to be sent to the College of Transfiguration in Grahamstown for 1 year of Spiritual Formation, which he completed during 2017. In 2018, the Bishop of Johannesburg, Bishop Steve Moreo, in consultation with the Rector of the school for ministry and chapter, placed him at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin as an ordinand (trainee student for priesthood). He currently serves there under the Dean of Johannesburg, Dean Xolani Dlwathi.

Mbekezeli’s area of focus is confirmation classes — forming part of the Nurturing & Formation Ministry. This ministry organizes & coordinates activities and initiatives for spiritual formation & growth, life enrichment & empowerment, leadership development, baptism & confirmation. Mbekezeli enthusiastically testifies that he thoroughly enjoys his time at the Cathedral where he is surrounded and inspired by positive people who give him their full support and love.

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 13


We have all seen the AWF Members in the Cathedral, in their white shirts and black skirts, possibly one of the most visible ministries (specialised) alongside the Mothers Union. However, interestingly the black and white outfit is not their official uniform. Charity Ntuli, chairperson of AWF, explains that AWF, short for Anglican Women’s Fellowship, is an Anglican group of women serving and promoting God’s work. Members of AWF are identifiable by the “pin” that they wear which they consider to be their uniform. Charity elaborates on the symbolism of the pin which consists of the following colours and elements:

White for peace. As Jesus said; “peace is what I leave with you, it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does…” (John 14:27)

Blue for loyalty

Gold for wealth and resources

The cross is symbolic of our faith which is centred on the cross; and

The circle which is a symbol of unity and God’s unending love for us

The objectives of the AWF Ministry are to promote prayer and worship, mission and witness, fellowship and study, as well as service and stewardship by and amongst its members. The members lead different portfolios that are found within AWF which are prayer and spirituality, marketing, human resources and finance. Charity explains that with the Cathedral now having a marketing and communications ministry, which was previously non-existent, AWF will need to find ways of working together with the marketing and communications team to avoid duplication and for joint impact. Furthermore, during the early years of its formation, AWF differed from Mothers Union, in that it provided a home for unmarried people to be members, although this has since changed as unmarried people can now choose to join either ministry. AWF membership is open to women who are 18 years and older. It is also open to men who associate with the objectives of AWF, and has previously had male members. As part of their fellowship, AWF members meet on the first Sunday of every month for prayer meetings, whilst “business” meetings are held on the third Sunday of each month. Some of their key activities have entailed assisting the Cathedral with fundraising thereby enabling the Cathedral to help the needy and to reach out where help is needed most. Past projects include donating blankets to the elderly at the Cathedral, donating a wheelchair for use by the infirm in the Cathedral as well as donating some plates which are still being used when there are functions at the Cathedral. Furthermore, AWF joined forces with members of the Mothers Union to donate sanitary towels to disadvantaged girls at a school in Malvern, Johannesburg. Charity concludes, “our mission as the Anglican Women’s Fellowship is not just to grow our members in numbers, but spiritually too. It is only when we contribute to each other’s spiritual growth that we become disciples in spreading the word of God through our actions and feel spiritually fulfilled too.”


AWF hosted a High Tea in May to celebrate Mother’s Day, and funds raised from this event were channelled to helping the needy. For greater impact, AWF plans to join forces with the Cathedral Outreach group in providing a soup kitchen for the homeless. The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 14

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin - Newsletter I page 15

UPCOMING EVENTS DEAN XOLANI DLWATHI BURSARY FUND LAUNCH The Dean Xolani Dlwathi Bursary Fund will be launched in September 2018. It’s purpose is to ensure that there is access to quality tertiary education by young people who come from families unable to provide the relevant financial resources. A lot of brilliant talented young people within our country are deprived from accessing tertiary education due to poor socio-economic backgrounds. Thus many resort to unpleasant forms of survival. The Bursary Committee will be lead by Canon Thandi Chaane, who has been entrusted with the responsibility of dealing with the process of finalizing the requirements and the process of awarding these bursaries. There are two events planned for the launch of this Fund at which the St Martin-in-the-Fields Choir will be performing during their visit to SA in September 2018. St Martin-in-the-Fields will share the stage with the following choirs:

St John’s College

The Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin

Soweto Melodic Voices

University of Johannesburg

Holy Cross Church

St Martin-in-the-Fields Visits SA—September 2018

The fundraising events will be held as follows:

Concert at St. John’s College (Wednesday, 26th September 2018 @ 18h30)

Concert at the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin (Sunday, 30th September 2018 @ 14h00)

PATRONAL FESTIVAL – FAMILY THANKSGIVING 19th August 2018 @ 9h00 Venue: Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin

ST MARTIN’S CHOIR VISIT & CONCERTS 26th September 2018 @ 18h30 Venue: St John’s College 30th September 2018 @ 14h00 Venue: Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin

CATHEDRAL FAMILY DAY & PICNIC 08th Sep 2018 @ 9h00 Venue: To Be Confirmed

CONFIRMATION SERVICE 20th October 2018 @ 10h00 Venue: Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin



21st — 24th September 2018

25th November 2018 @ 9h00

Venue: Rocky Valley Christian Camp

Groups Thanksgiving Venue: Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin

OFFICE CONTACT DETAI LS: Office Hours: Mon—Fri: 8am—4pm


Tel: +27 (011) 333—2537 Fax: +27 (011) 336—1347


Office: 2nd floor, Darragh House 13 Wanderers Street, Johannesburg, 2000 Email:

@Cathedral of St Mary JHB

The Parishioner  

Newsletter for the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, June 2018 1st Edition.

The Parishioner  

Newsletter for the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin, June 2018 1st Edition.